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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled north for a three-game set in Western Canada. The reigning Stanley Cup champions began their trip in Calgary to face the Flames. Vegas was forced to kill off an early penalty but held together and later got their chance on 5-on-4. William Karlsson scored on VGK’s first power play. The Golden Knights were awarded two other power plays but couldn’t convert another into a second goal. After the opening 20 minutes, the visiting team held a 1-0 advantage. 

 Vegas was shutout in the middle frame for the fourth straight game but it wouldn’t matter. The Flames were unable to come up with enough quality chances to find the back of the net. Heading into the second intermission the Cup champions led 1-0. 

Calgary evened the score 2:30 into the final period. Both teams couldn’t generate any further offense in regulation and needed overtime to decide a winner. Vegas took a late regulation penalty but fortunately killed it off in OT. The home team eventually ended the game late in the extra frame.

The Golden Knights record drops to 14-5-3 falling the Flames 2-1 in overtime. Vegas will get right back to work tomorrow night in Edmonton. Puck drop against the disappointing Oilers is scheduled for 6 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Yet another game in which the Golden Knights don’t do enough offensively. They had plenty of opportunities to score and Dan Vladar was good, but they overpassed far too often and couldn’t bear down on the few breakaways. The effort in OT was awesome for the penalty kill, just didn’t generate anything once it got to 4-on-4. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Calgary Flames at Scotiabank Saddledome.

  • 13 straight periods without a 5-on-5 goal

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Nic Roy
** William Karlsson
* Michael Amadio



What It’ll Take To Break The Recent Scoring Slump


211 Minutes And 14 Seconds Since VGK’s Last 5-on-5 Goal


  1. oyster

    is this a joke?

  2. Richie-Rich

    ***I am now officially worried about this team and it’s 3-5-2 record in its last 10 games. They are well under 1 goal per game on offense and they are getting their asses handed to them in the OZ and NZ***

    Out hustled and outplayed. Poor puck management and handling and giving up way too much space in the DZ.

    The VGK goaltending remains FUCKING ELITE! Period. Sure, you can blame Hill for that OT goal, but shut the fuck up.

    Pachal got stripped in Arizona for the eventual GWG that was deflected off McNabb to Keller. Tonight it was Korczak who had an opportunity but instead Greer got a rebound off of McNabb for the game winner. Maybe we aren’t ad deep on D as we think.

    Roy called for a trip after being cross checked from behind to the ice with about a minute left in the 3rd period (could have made a difference). Fucking piss poor call if you ask me.

    I could go on and provide some more insight but FUCK IT.

    This team needs a fucking gut check right now before the points and standings get out of hand. They are lucky to be sitting tied with 2 other teams atop of the NHL due to that hot start they had.

    Another Back-Up Fucking Elite goaltender beats the VGK. UnFreakingFuckingBelievable.

    Good Fucking Night.

    Opportunity for Redemption tomorrow night.

    I almost feel like a New York Jets fan right now.
    Well, no, not that bad.

    • Pistol Pete

      R-R you need to navigate better through the tough stretches. Yes there are issues but there always are at various points in the season. Where did we stand last year heading into the All Star break? Sure it might stay bad for even longer which changes the discussion but for now we remain tied for the most points in the league with the other two of those teams getting their fannies whacked tonight 5-1 and 5-2. With the rest of us, hang in there buddy!

      You conservatives lack optimism lol!

      • Richie-Rich

        I hear ya PP, but we have seen this team regressing now for 10 straight games. It’s official now, time to get concerned. I fully expected 5 or more goals tonight with Calgary’s back up in net.

        I actually wonder if we could have even beat their emergency backup, Dustin Nickel who has never played an NHL or AHL game.

  3. Pistol Pete

    Hill 32/34 nothing wrong with that.

    If it makes anyone feel better Bruins lose to Sabres 5-2 and Rangers to the Blue Jackets 5-1. Sure can be hard to win in this league which we saw in Calgary tonight. Not sure how the line shuffle went. In any case, not great to be without Theo the last couple games though we should be able to manage without him.

    • Richie-Rich

      The two called up defensemen were involved in the losses the past two games. Pachal vs ARI and Korczak vs CGY. Beginning to question the depth of this D.

      It’s now time to test Dorofeyev, Brisson, or Denisinko. Cotter needs to sit for a bit.

      Really tough game to lose with our great goaltending effort the past 10 games. Under 1 goal per game PP. <1. Wow.

      • Pistol Pete

        Agree on Cotter. 12 games without a point. I’d almost try Dorofeyev up there with Eichel and Stone if Stephenson can’t land a shot for goodness sakes! Yeah, Denisenko and Brisson are waiting in the wings.

        I am expecting another battle tomorrow. Oilers are beginning an upswing.

  4. DeezNutz

    This team lacks good shooters. Besides Eichel there really isn’t any other players on this team who can shoot with any sort of accuracy to beat backup goalies. It’s been an issue for many years now with our magical playoff run being the exception. They lack ability to finish on their countless prime chances. They can’t finish on breakaways, they can’t finish on 2v1, they can’t hit open nets and they lack the talent to pick corners and beat goalies like good players do. That Stone contract will be an anchor for the next 3 years (but totally worth it to win the cup) I think we need to start looking for players that can actually shoot good to solve the issue. They do everything good enough to win except puke all over themselves when that puck hits their sticks. That should be enough to embarrass any professional athlete.

  5. OT + not a whistle – interesting to never get to 3 on 3 – nice penalty kill given two of them out there with out sticks. Flames were better at passing and moving the puck – l don’t recall a wack at a rebound all evening – the struggle continues so will see what tomorrow has in store. Very frustrating to watch so imagine players are rather aggravated or should be. A point is better than none but not being able to find the back of net is a huge issue. Here’s to a win in Edmonton.

  6. Hans

    Seems like VGK is on fire! A dumpster fire. wow whats going on with our team. Seems like total lack of wanting to play hard

  7. Richie-Rich

    Someone please check that OT game winner by Weeger and tell me whether or not #11 was guilty of interference against Petro or not? Used his shoulder to push him off the chase. Close….

  8. Richie-Rich

    Come on Ken —–

    Edmonton has won two straight and have 13 goals for and just 2 against with a shutout victory over the Caps 5-0 and 8-2 win over the Ducks.

    Disappointing? Their overall record is, but I would say that one of these two teams is rising while the other is falling.

    • DeezNutz

      Edmonton is going to smoke this team tomorrow night you can book it now.

      • Pistol Pete

        I would not count on that. EDM -130. Looks like the bettors are leaning your direction. VGK as the dog is not always a good bet!

  9. Tim

    Brutal, 2 periods were enough for me switched to a Christmas movie much more enjoyable. When does a bad stretch become more then a bad stretch? It looks like whatever goalie a team uses he shuts us down which I find astounding with the quality of players we have. We better score more then one or Edmonton will smoke us then Vancouver with Demko in net be prepared for more misery.

    • ThG

      i agree ELF and Home Alone 2 (especially the cameo by Trump half way through the movie) , not to mention Fred Claus movie.

  10. Pistol Pete

    Heading into the All-Star break last season following game 51, the VGK had 18 regulation losses (29-18-4).

    I want to remind everyone once again that William Nylander will be a free agent and imo he would make a winger Eichel has never seen the likes of. McCrimmon knows this. Yes some/many will say he would never ever trade Marchy at this juncture in his career but he has the future to think about and repeating as SC champion this season. Marchy would really have to head south in offense this season for this to happen, probably. He did have a little bit of a slow start in the playoffs and when he did get going Eichel played a pretty big part in it.

    I also think Nylander can become a really decent 200 ft. player like Eichel, another consideration likely not lost on McCrimmon. By the way
    Eichel may be as much as -5 this season with the VGK goaltender pulled. He’s been excellent on the PK though.

    • Richie-Rich

      Nylander is an interesting topic. He’s 27, and is scoring .84ppg, and .34gpg.

      He’s young and a cornerstone of that team. Toronto is 10-6-3 (23pts) and 5th in their division. The question is whether or not Toronto will be a seller at the deadline or not. If they’re in the mix, they won’t be. So, I wouldn’t count on this, but definitely something to keep an eye on. That’s part A of the equation.

      Part B is whether or not the VGK is willing to ship Marchy out. Two things will likely have to happen.

      Part 1B is the VGK is likely going to have to be out of contention; and
      Part 1B is that Marchy’s production warrants Toronto being a buyer.

      Part C is that Toronto is going to want a lot more than just Marchy for Nylander.
      The chances of this happening a slim to none. Are we willing to send Densinko, Brisson, and possibly other pieces off to Toronto for Nylander? The answer better be no.

      Probably not happening. Getting a Kessel-like player might be doable, but why?

      Marchy’s a free agent at the end of this year. That’s your point, and it is a valid one. Get something for him. But Nylander isn’t likely.

      The best scenario is that VGK wins the CUP again and Marchy takes a haircut to stay.

    • Richie-Rich

      The ideal situation wold be that Barbashev picks up his game so that it makes it easier for us to let Marchy shop during the offseason, or someone else, Dorofeyev?

      • Pistol Pete

        I tend to agree Nylander is a long shot. Could be best hope is Toronto busts out or misses the playoffs and Nylander becomes a free agent. If they do well in the postseason they may find room to re-sign him but they are already maxed out which is why they won’t give him the 10 mil he wants now. If they miss the playoffs or lose early and he’s a free agent may be another team’s best shot to sign him.

        My assumption from the beginning stands however. Eichel needs at least one young elite winger and he’s never had that here. It’s a good thing against some odds that Barbashev and Marchessault came through for him to win the Cup.

        • Richie-Rich

          It would be nuts to have another $10 million dollar player. That strategy isn’t working well for Edmonton with Draistl and McJesus. Don’t get me wrong, Eichel has turned out to be worth every dollar, but they did just fine with him and Marchy making $5.5mil. I am not saying Nylander would be offered that, but the key to success in this league is rolling 4 lines with offensive threat for defenses to worry about. It’s too early for this discussion. I’d bring up Dorofeyev and possibly Brisson/Densinko and give them all some quality ice time to evaluate before looking at Nylander.

  11. LVsc

    an optimist sees the glass half full.

    a pessimist sees the glass half empty.

    and a realist just uses a smaller glass.

    for Vgk fans right now, that would be a shot glass

  12. Pistol Pete

    Sharks take out the Caps in regulation for the fourth upset of the day, two by last place teams, one against the Rangers. Tough league to win in on certain nights.

    Knights have their work cut out for them against the Oilers and the Canucks. Would be nice to start finding the back of the net again.

  13. Jailbird

    Regular season about points. We got one tonight. Is there anyone out there that still thinks Hilly is not worth the 5 mil a year? Not sure if the new line combos are the answer. Still getting good scoring chances, that is why I am still confident. Our defense certainly missing Theo and Marty.

    • Pistol Pete

      Offense misses then too, especially Theo.

    • knights fan in minny

      wow jb the peter panics are out in full bloom there is enough pride in that locker room things will be fine

  14. Hockeydiva

    I KNOW BUT REALLY….must we lose to these bottom feeding teams

  15. Pistol Pete

    Want to see what Dorofeyev is made of? Maybe not as much as we would hope or maybe as much and more. This is the guy who came in last year, got 7 G and 2 A in ten games, got as impressive a shoot-out goal as the team has ever seen, and overall contributed to the run to the playoffs. This season he has a respectable 5 pts in 12 games and was robbed of an assist by the NHL score keepers on a goal he set up from behind the net. With that he’s a half a point a game this season. His .41 pts/game for his NHL career (32 games) ties him with Roy and places him ahead of Cotter, Anadio, Howden, Carrier and Kolesar. And that a mere 32 games in. A run will improve his career stats dramatically.

    Scratch Cotter.


  16. Jailbird

    Edmonton players and crowd will be looking for some revenge/payback. This will be a tuff one. LT will have to stand on his head for us to have a shot.

    • Pistol Pete

      Defend as they have been and they have a shot! Defending we know is not the Oilers’ forte and until it is they will not go all the way, with or without McDavid and Draisaitl!

  17. ThG

    and the Biden curse continues, even crossing international borders this time !

    Goal posts, cross bars, two on nones, three on ones. It’s not for lack of chances. Roy is pulling a Hague and can’t lift the puck into 75% of open net !

    as genocide , dementia Joe says COME ON MAN.

    It’s the dog days of schedule, and VGK style of play is haunting them. A goal off a shin pad form a blocked shot !!

    Even a sharp shooter can’t break this curse !

    Meanwhile we have dementia joe telling the IDF how to fight a war, not saying a word to HAMAS not warning them not to use humans as shields. Genocide Joe is not fooling anyone.

    • TS

      And Trump isn’t, EITHER.
      ,thg. His corruption is as clear as the threats against judges and court employees. Clear as his multiple Fed pardons for career criminal buddies like HIM. Clear as the REVENGE and RETRIBUTION Trump has planned for this country
      Plans to indict and imprison his ” enemies”, AKA ” the Others”. Plans to gut the DOJ, FBI ALL COURTS, installing HIS Hand- picked cronies, in order to exact his REVENGE and RETRIBUTION.
      But, you go ahead and blast Biden for having a stutter, for having a short gait. For using a teleprompter, as SPEAKERS HAVE DONE SINCE TELEPROMPTERS WERE INVENTED! FYI: Using TELEPROMPTERS is Standard Operating Procedure to ANYONE giving a damn SPEECH, YET YOU BLAST BIDEN for it?? Double Standard? YES, YES IT IS.
      2- tiered justice system?? DAMN RIGHT!!

      • THE hockey GOD

        **creepy karen psycho stalker alert filled with hate , giberrish and bull shit as usual ^^^

        • ThG

          Clearly a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, psycho creeper needs therapy a lot of it !

        • TS

          Well, how do YOU like hearing the kind of BS YOU launch at the fans here?? Truth hurts, buddy. If YOU stop, we ALL stop.

          • ThG

            i am not the one with hate and TDS, nor do I stalk people or harass people like you do

            seek therapy lots of it, psycho creep

      • Pistol Pete

        TS, lies and propaganda such the election was stolen, January 6 was not an insurrection, weaponizing the DOJ , and now Genocide Joe is a throwback to 1930’s Germany things like blaming the Jews for WWI and the suffering of of Germany brought on by the Treaty of Versailles. Not saying Trumpism is Nazism for it really is not per se but the parallels abound in terms of how the mass of followers are either too delusional to see past the lies or have their own reasons for perpetuating them. I yearn for Watergate where Republicans had the morals and courage to line up against Nixon and impeach him because it was the right thing to do. If Trump is voted in for a second term and he attempts any strongman authoritarian shit he’ll face court challenges at every turn.

        • THE hockey GOD

          another post by a delusional person with severe TDS

          waaa waaa waaa
          this site is about hockey

          the hypocrisy abounds in these clueless wankers.

          • THE hockey GOD

            the real insurrection was after midnight on Nov 3 2020 when massive cheating by swing state DEMS happened right before our eyes. There were 130 million registered voters in USA two weeks before the election. Biden got supposedly 81 million ballots , trump 70 million. The math doesn’t add up.

            breaking, right now !

            Revelations from Pelosi’s Daughter Shatter January 6th Insurrection Claims

            In a stunning turn of events, new footage has surfaced featuring the daughter of a prominent political figure, which casts significant doubt on the prevailing narrative surrounding the January 6th protests. Alexandra Pelosi, a filmmaker and daughter of a high-profile politician, was captured on tape making statements that contradict the widely accepted insurrection narrative.

            The video, which has been circulating among select audiences, shows Alexandra Pelosi in conversation with a defendant from the January 6th events. During this exchange, she openly refutes the idea that the protests constituted an insurrection and expresses her belief that the courts in Washington, D.C., are too biased to conduct fair trials for those who supported the former president.

            Alexandra Pelosi’s presence at the Capitol on that fateful day, equipped with a camera crew, suggests she anticipated the historical significance of the unfolding events. Her subsequent comments in the video reveal a perspective that diverges sharply from the mainstream portrayal of the incident.

            One of the key moments in the video includes Pelosi’s dismissal of the actions of the so-called “Shaman,” questioning what he actually did besides standing there. This moment, among others, highlights her skepticism about the severity of the protestors’ actions.

            Further into the video, Pelosi can be heard laughing off the notion that the January 6th protests were an insurrection, calling it “the sorriest insurrection in history.” She also suggests that if the trials were moved out of D.C., the outcomes would likely be different, implying that the current jurisdiction is inherently prejudiced against the defendants.

            Pelosi’s candid remarks extend to the political ramifications of the events, predicting that public interest in the January 6th committee would wane once the Democrats lose power. She even goes as far as to speculate about the political landscape post-Biden, questioning who would care about the proceedings then.

            The video also captures Pelosi discussing her friendship with controversial figures and mocking the idea that certain groups are white supremacists. These interactions provide a glimpse into her personal views and the circles she moves in, which may surprise many given her family’s political stance.

            The emergence of this footage raises questions about the authenticity of the official story presented to the public. It challenges the media’s portrayal of the January 6th protests and suggests that there may be more to the story than has been acknowledged.

            As the video gains traction, it serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding the January 6th events and the importance of scrutinizing the narratives fed to the public. The implications of Pelosi’s statements could have far-reaching effects on the perception of that day and the individuals involved.

            In light of these revelations, it becomes increasingly clear that the discourse around the January 6th protests is far from settled. The footage of Alexandra Pelosi not only provides an alternative viewpoint but also underscores the need for a more nuanced understanding of the events that took place at the Capitol.

            With the GOP release of balance of 40,000 hours of J6 tapes , we also see DC police men intermingling with antifa groups in the crowd. DC cops inciting the crowd to riot, and other incidents that tear into the “insurrectionist” false narrative

          • Alex

            Jan 6 was worse than 9/11, you porn star turned fake preacher worshipping POS

            Trump is heading for prison and I can’t wait for that day!

        • TS

          Pp, those parallels you speak of are truly Scary Stuff. From the Neo- Nazi movement within Trump’s Party, to the Authoritarian WET Dreams, adoration for dictators, and high aspirations of Trump, to the REVENGE and RETRIBUTION Promises, jailing opponents, installing puppet judges, Puppet FED Agency Heads, as he did during his term ( most EVERY Agency Director in his Admin were ACTING heads, which allowed ZERO vetting), his” Enemy is the Press” is classic Hitler talk. ” ” Don’t believe the Press”. VERMIN”?? Classic Hitler and Putin. We have real cult- level Trumpers who have, and will again, be activated to Attack, if Trump loses again.
          Yet, Trump is STILL their man for our White House?? This is MADNESS!

          • Alex

            You’re spot on, TS…

          • ThG

            what you just described is Genocide Joe’s administration, from head of DHS to head of energy dept. , nearly every single cabinet member is an unqualified idiot.

          • TS

            Btw: trump’s ” acting “heads of agencies not only UNVETTED and UNQUALIFIED, but MANY were hand- picked by TRUMP, knowing these picks would take their chosen Depts and GUT THEM. . As these ” acting heads”, like the Education Director, who was ALL for private, charter schools, and despised Public Schools— THIS is the woman Trump had as Education Head!! She is one of MANY who were not only unvetted and unqualified, but the LAST people who should have been installed !!
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      • Jailbird

        Right on TS!

        • Richie-Rich

          Let’s just be factual about the state of government provided (public) education, okay? The system has failed children, failed parents, and it has failed communities. Continuing to pour trillions of taxpayer dollars (federal, state and local) into this collapsing system is insanity.

          Why is it failing? Like every federal, state, and local government agency there is no competition and therefore incompetency and a lack of challenge breeds poor performance. Making matters worse is the fact that our government run schools are controlled by leftist leaning unions that care more about communist idealism than they do about educating our children.

          Go ahead, dispute the facts of the performance. You cannot.

          Rock the Boat? Damn right it’s time to rock the boat. Our children deserve no less than that and a hell of a lot more than what they are getting from the Department of Education in this country.

          This isn’t me attacking you or anyone else. It’s simply a factual post about the state of education in America.

  18. Pistol Pete

    Admittedly the downside to this calculation is the tough games remaining notably Bruins and Rangers each twice but here goes:

    82 game points pace through 22 games = 116 (115.55)

    As for this scoring slump what is to like is the five man defensive structure and the special teams. Offense has been there just not finding the back of the net.

  19. Pistol Pete

    Denisenko/Brisson update:

    Denisenko: 19 pts (11 G/8 A) in 18 games (+3)
    Brisson: 15 pts (8 G/7 A) in 18’games (+3)

    Denisenko was +15 vs. Brisson #29.

    Denisenko is I believe faster and better with the puck, Brisson may have a harder shot and quicker release. Definitely a smart move by McCrimmon
    claiming Denisenko off waivers as he appears to be the equivalent of or more than Brisson. Both men know they will have to defend like a VGK player. God is it hard make this roster.

  20. Pistol Pete

    Does not matter how well McNabb, Korczak and the others were defending, that deflection off the McNabb blocked shot was indefensible. Have not seen the OT goal but from what I heard the mistake there was in not tripping the attacker with 10 sec. or whatever remaining for it would not have been a penalty shot and would have assured a shoot-out.

    • ThG

      PP stone was hacking like crazy, but in order to get a penalty call you have to gain position of puck, and VGK never gained possession so….not a point to make at this time

      • Pistol Pete

        Somebody tweeted Ken that they could have broken up the play with a penalty move and Ken agreed. Now that I watched the goal I acknowledge your point although after Stone was out of the play it may have been possible for another VGK player to halt the attacker with a penalized move. It’s hard though for a player to make that quick decision. I bet they review the video with the group and point to that possibility for the future. There is really only a very small window to make that play like no more around 20 seconds left to begin the PP.

        • ThG

          the only thing VGK were reviewing on the bench on that whole OT goal scenario was whether or not the other Flames player was off sides before the the goal was scored, it was pretty close call.

          but the refs were turning a blind eye, especially with interference earlier in game with Greer was riding Carrier all way to bench trying to goat him into a fight. If that wasn’t interference I don’t know what is.

          • Pistol Pete

            Yeah it’s definitely a tough call to say any VGK player could have stopped Weegar but if they could have there would not been enough time for a CGY PP. As I said someone tweeted that possibility though and Ken agreed. Not involving Stone someone else. Seems worth preparing the group for. Using an infraction to prevent a goal in the last few seconds without drawing a penalty shot. Anything short of a breakaway.

    • Richie-Rich

      It was indefensible only because Korczak lost the puck and control of it behind the net.

  21. Pistol Pete

    So many freakin’ high danger chances. Again. I say they start going in tonight. Eichel vs. McDavid. Should be fun.

  22. Alex

    They stink worse than the dumpster behind Red Lobster day after mothers day…

    • knights fan in minny

      they stink worse then all them empty malt liquor bottles behind your couch

  23. Pistol Pete

    Sources have Kane signing a one year deal with Detroit. What I came to expect.

  24. ct

    OK. So the away games are as bad as the home games.. The wins just quit, why? Is there a new team doctor medicating the boys with the slow down special health juice? They play like a team possessed with sleep apnea.
    I love this team spend a small fortune on trips and tickets but come on guys wake up call!!

  25. Henderson Knights

    the practices should be very simple.. Put a board in front of the nets, with holes only in the upper right and left corners. Force the players to concentrate on putting the puck where it needs to go, upstairs, and stop this bs of shooting all these close in scoring chances right into the pads every game. Roy and Eichel could have give them a 3-0 lead. It has been the same story every game. notice that the winning go-to shootout move of both Roy and Theodore is deke and then go upstairs for the goal.

    I fully understand that it is tougher to lift the puck with a defender on you, or if you are in too close, but many of these chances have been open chances with time and space. It looks like the Vgk players have the yips right now. they are overthinking it, hesitating, and you know what happens to he who hesitates.

  26. Jailbird

    Some very ungreatful and forgetting fans here. This is the same group of boys who won the pacific division, the western conference, the Stanley Cup annnnnnd are in first place right now, this new season. Quit being babies and whiners!

    • knights fan in minny

      give them hell jb the peter panics will come around sometime

    • ThG

      “This is the same group ”
      not quite
      we have had a spat of more than expected
      injuries to a number of players impacting the roster capability
      to work together on the ice as a team. Has nothing to do with
      the “sniper” bull shit.

      no. 20
      no. 21
      no 23
      no. 27
      no 2
      no 10
      no 14
      That is nearly a third of team.
      Seven key players, and they are all not 100%

      It takes awhile to get timing back, and the minor leaguers like cotter, pachal,
      rondberg, no. 6 – kaedan, toothless Doro, Hutton are , let’s face it plainly not good enough at this point in time.

  27. Elijah Hutchison

    Let’s go Flames!
    Vegas you suck!

  28. Elijah Hutchison

    Zary is so good!

  29. Elijah Hutchison

    Flames have been playing good against the top teams.
    5-2 against Vancouver
    7-4 against Dallas
    And now 2-1 against Vegas

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