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Recap: The Golden Knights looked to stay undefeated as they traveled to Alberta for a battle with the Calgary Flames. William Carrier gave the road team a quick 1-0 lead scoring his first goal of the season. Later in the period, Brett Howden doubled VGK’s lead 2-0.

The middle frame was plagued with Golden Knights penalties. The Flames were awarded six power plays in the period and evened the score 2-2 with two PP goals. 

Calgary broke the tie late in the 3rd period for their first lead of the game. Vegas had a few chances on net but couldn’t score the equalizer.

The Golden Knights drop their first game of the season losing 3-2 in Calgary. Vegas play their next three at home beginning with the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday night. Puck drop is set for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights got a great goaltending performance, they were gifted a goal by a Markstrom whiffed glove save, and they had multi-goal lead. They were not able to make any of that stand up because they simply were outplayed for the majority of the game. It was the first real test of the season, and they did not pass. But, there were some positives in that game including a great goal by Brett Howden working to get a stick on a shot from the point. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Calgary Flames at Scotiabank Saddledome.

  • Continued concern about how VGK score (probable)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** William Carrier
** Brett Howden
* Logan Thompson

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  1. Pundits will talk about the 6 mental mistake penalties in the 2nd period as the turning point in this game.

    But that wasn’t the turning point. It was a bigger, faster and better Flames team that turned up their game when they needed to.

    This was VGK’s first big test of the season and the only piece that stood up to the scrutiny was Logan Thompson in goal. The $20 million dollar line wasn’t good. In fact the 2nd and 4th lines were better in this game.

    VGK did not pass the test, they failed and it is quite obvious they are not the best team in the division. They are going to need quite a few pieces if they are going to be considered true Cup Contenders.

    The funny part of this entire analysis is that the Hockey Pundits all considered VGK goaltending as the weak link.

    Sure, it’s just one game. Blame it on road travel fatigue. They’re better than this, right? Still a long season ahead and it will all play out eventually. At this milestone, the first true test, they failed.

  2. Emmanuel

    The PK is whats concerning.

  3. Sorvino

    It was a complete and total domination by the Calgary Flames. The six straight penalties in the second period were all deserved as Vegas just couldn’t keep up with them.

    Logan Thompson was fantastic and that’s outstanding news.

  4. Except for Thompson it appeared the balance of the team forgot this was a hockey game, not practice. Yes, only one game – they didn’t deserve to win and frankly should be ashamed of themselves as they were outplayed when it mattered most. When you start getting penalties like they did in second period that gives you an idea what was missing. Looking at the replays it appeared Vegas scored on Vegas for the Flames first goal. Onward and upward hopefully it will open their eyes as to what they are up against. The test come Thursday will show if they learned anything and come and play 60 minutes.

  5. Can you say CHOKE?? If not for LT’S fantastic saves, loss could have been far worse. 2nd period meltdown. Sigh….back to work, boys…

  6. knights fan in minny

    tough loss logan deserved better he was fantastic stay out of the damm sin bin how the hell did that goal go in off of martinis high stick crazy goal

  7. TS

    I thought it was really mean to punish Logan at the end by taking him out – does our coach think nobody in goal is better than Logan? Go LVGK

  8. Henderson One

    Where is the 10 Million $$$$ Man?

  9. THE hockey GOD

    It appeared that the VGK were slow walking the whole game, except for LT. The Flames were faster, smarter, hitting more, etc. The VGK looked like they ran out of gas faster than an EV on a Florida turn pike trying to evacuate ahead of hurricane Ian. There were so many EVs causing traffic jams and endangering lives that they were all pushed to side of road. The electric companies purposeless turn off the power. Those that remained behind and had their batteries exposed to water later caught on fire or exploded! EV a concept not well thought out by the woke folk.

    • THE hockey GOD

      highlights of VGK game:

      – lanny mcdonald was in the BUILDING, and had a TV cameo !
      – 11 players on VGK are from western Canada, this had
      coach of Flames worried for some reason
      – LT and Hill , goalies for VGK, go way back in time. Both are from
      Calgary area, both played for same teams mostly growing up. They
      are long time friends.
      -the ice was fast, very good
      – the Calgary announcers have to be most arrogant in league next
      to Toronto. Maybe because Kelly Hrudy, the normal color announcer
      wasn’t in booth. All they talked about was Calgary this, Calgary that,
      telling story of every Calgary player going back to pee wee hockey. True homers
      in complete sense of the word. The play by play announcer, I don’t think he’s from Calgary. I think he travels with Hockey Night in Canada, forget his name. They should never show his face on TV because
      “some ” people will think he’s one
      of “those people” (mimicking Don Cherry, for using that term that got him fired “those people” from Hockey Night in Canada by stupid “woke folk” ) that blew up the world trade center on 9 11. I remember a co worker had to go to Toronto right after 9 11 and one of the custom officials was one of “those people” by the way he was dressed. He was waiting and said to people in line “hey he’s one of “those people” who blew up WTC on 911, I don’t want one of “those people’ checking my bags, terrorist scum” He got into all sorts of trouble, and he made a big fuss about it. He didn’t realize that there of “those people” and other “those people” who may dress the same, but are really not “those people” because of the way they dress.

  10. knights fan in Minnie

    Everyone knows that bad ice is what caused that hurricane

  11. Chuckles

    I still can’t follow only one measly goal, in the home opener against Chicago. For fans first 2022 outing HECK NO THAT DIDNT pass the test. One nothing are you kidding us!!

  12. Frank

    Simple, for the vast majority of this game we were out-worked, out-skated and out-physicaled. Calgary was simply the better team on this evening. Long season – we’ll work it out. 1st line needs to get in gear (hello Eichel). 4th line is a pleasant surprise. Thompson has been simply lights out so far.

  13. Sorvino

    The Hockey God, I haven’t the slightest clue what your last post was about, some mishmash of Toronto, Calgary and 9/11. I got dizzy reading it and I wish you wouldn’t bring politics here. However, I do appreciate your takes on everything VGK and NHL.

    The winless Vancouver Canucks will be going into Minnesota tomorrow to play the Wild. I’m assuming that Marc-André Fleury is going to be really bad because he’s old and he just sucks, but can you kindly provide an assessment of his performance on Friday morning. Of course if Fleury does play well then it’s okay to say so as well. It’s all about the truth.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Sorvino, yeah it was vague on purpose to avoid the wrath of people who wear trowels on their heads, moo slimes, radical terrorists here illegally trying to kill Americans; morning coffee did not kick in yet.

      As far as bringing “politics’ , the NHL are ones doing it with their “inclusvity” and “diversity” bull shit. Bring that up with Gary “hose bag (as in panty hose” Bettman.

      This guy never played a game of hockey in his entire life, and he’s on TV ??
      Announcing ? Give me a break ! He’s taking a job and career away from a real man with family to feed.

      tell me this doesn’t make you keep laughing until your eye balls fall out, what a joke ! Don Cherry was right. You know they don’t shower, ever, never, they put oils and scents. And less they forget or wear out. Peeee UUUU !

      Which reminds me of another story. A co worker about ten years ago had a terrible BO issue. When “they” would walk into room, people would actually leave. Finally someone smart took ‘they’ to HR department saying that “they” were spreading potentially harmful odor causing bacteria into surrounding area, so bad, people in work place where getting sick, vomiting, and couldn’t work with them because “They” created a toxic work place environment. “they” cleaned up their act.

      you tube watch?v=OV-btVd6bRU

  14. Jailbird

    Very disappointed in # 8 and# 9 ! Not sure what’s up with those two?

  15. So far, my analysis of #9 is spot on. He’s a defensive nightmare. On the winning goal he was seen lazily skating in a slow circle around in front of the net while Backlund made his move smashing Petro to the ice and putting in the game winner.

    Eichel just stood there watching.

    $11 million dollar man, a defensive spectator. Give me back Tuch & Krebs.

    • THE hockey GOD


      he was playing pressure points in Cassidy’s new “system”. That is trouble with systems, players are not free to adapt.

  16. TS

    I learned from someone on here that bad ice is to blame for many LVGK problems…

    • TS – That’s about the depth of Thg’s hockey knowledge or lack there of.. Why do you think he posts all the crap he does other than to cover up the truth identified in the first statement?

    • knights fan in minny

      I LEARNED from someone on here your a dumb ass fake ts are you obvious undercover

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