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Recap: The Golden Knights were attempting to win their fourth straight road game with a victory in Carolina. The Hurricanes broke the scoreless tie 10:27 into the contest but the Golden Knights came right back with tying goal a few minutes later. After the opening 20 minutes in Carolina, the game was locked 1-1.

By the midway point of the second frame, the home team Hurricanes scored twice to extend their lead to 3-1. Carolina earned another goal on the power play carrying a 4-1 advantage into the second intermission.

Carolina waited very little to take a commanding 5-1 lead. The Hurricanes capped off their offensive explosion with a goal 0:10 into the final frame. The Golden Knights would pot two goals but far too little far too late.

The Golden Knights record drops to 21-7-5 losing to the Hurricanes 6-3 in Raleigh. Vegas will continue their road trip on Thursday in Tampa Bay. Puck drop against the Lightning is scheduled for 4 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The game was fairly close for the first 15 minutes or so but as it wore on the Carolina forecheck pressure ramped up more and more and the Golden Knights started to crumble. Couple that with their worst penalty killing day in a long time and you get a rare lopsided defeat. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Carolina Hurricanes at PNC Arena.

  • Computer model has Vegas in THIRD (!?!?) in the Pacific

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Brayden McNabb
** William Karlsson
* William Carrier



Golden Knights Can Not Ignore Goalie Injury Trend


Hockey Reference Model Places Vegas Behind Two Pacific Rivals


  1. Pistol Pete

    Next to Carrier’s nifty effort to tie the game1-1 and bagging his second late, best thing about the game was Jack extending his streak to 11. I’ll take it lol.

  2. Arthur

    I would like to know who was playing defense on each of the 6 goals by Carolina?

  3. knights fan in minny

    well, that was downright ugly at least the goalkeeper did not get hurt canes were beating the boys to the puck most of the night.

  4. DeezNutz

    Team needs to play almost perfect defense with LT in net or else this happens. They were total garbage tonight and got shit pumped on live TV. We need Hill and Theo back ASAP.

  5. One word pretty well describes their lack of performance this evening “Embarrassing.” and that is being kind. They had zero drive and little to no intensity pretty much the entire evening. Nothing was working including the PP or PK and often could barely get the puck out of their end. These things happen unfortunately, this evening was one of those times. Anyone know what DISH is up to no longer covering the Vegas games. They were up until tonight but apparently are not doing so now. On to Floridia and picking up the pace – hopefully the A team show up again.

  6. JB

    Toss this one in the trash. On to TB.

  7. Richie-Rich

    Game 33 Analysis –

    My first point is that I believe LT is playing through pain out there. He pulled something around the 10 minute mark of the last period against Ottawa.

    The VGK took the 1st period off against Ottawa, and they definitely took off most of the night tonight. There was very little energy in their skating and they simply didn’t look like they were themselves tonight.

    We are seeing a lot of injury roster movement lately. Despite that, and this horrible loss, the team is still doing better than last year. Those of you who are bitching at this point need to keep quiet. One bad loss isn’t something to get your panties all in a wad!

    We have 3 more road games this year before we face off against the Kings. Carolina should have been the easiest of those contests. Next up is the Lightning in Tilt # 34 at 4pm Thursday.

    Tampa is 15th in points (League Standing) and is a -4 in GF/GA. Kucherov (20G, 32A), Point (14G/20A), and Stamkos (15G/16A) are the point leaders with 19 power play goals between them. Then there’s Hedman (5G/23A) and Hagel (10G/17A) to contend with.

    The VGK will need to get back into their defensive mindset, stop taking dumb penalties, and play smart. The goaltending Johansson 8-6 GAA 3.47, .891SV%, 19 games, Vasilevskiy 5-5 3.02GAA .897SV% 10games.

    Play good defense and get at least 3 goals and we have a chance for 3 points. 4 or 5 goals would be nice.

    I hear a lot of LT bashing. The criticism is NOT warranted. The Forwards and Defense didn’t give him much cover and Carolina just the better team tonight. So, STFU and cheer your team. Believe me, if I thought there was something to bitch about I would be the first to do it.

    There’s nothing to be worried about after that loss. Keegan brings so much more physicality out there. Definitely missed him tonight.

  8. Frank

    That was a stinker all the way around… Lots to forget… These will happen in an 82 game season. Penalty kill is mildly concerning as are the injuries. Just need to fight through it.

    • Frank – it would be more benefit not to forget as that increases the probability of it happening again. I don’t mean dwell on it but don’t push it aside like it never happened. You learn from poor performance like this, and these guys are professionals who have a path to the Stanley Cup again based on their success last year. They just really were not engaged and many of the goals the Canes scored last night that took place Vegas were bystanders. On ward and upward

  9. TS

    THAT was ugly. I turned the channel in the 3rd… couldn’t watch any more. Surprised we bagged 2 more goals at the end, considering the pummeling…

  10. Sorvino

    Yikes. That was ugly. Burn the tape, video, hard drive, whatever it is that they used to look at these games. On to the next one.

  11. ThG

    well , vgk vs canes is not good match up; good thing they got knocked out of finals last year. They are most likely by most sports books to be favorite to win the Cup this year. The stahl vs eichel match up showed why Strat gave Eichel a 2, out of 4, on defense. Kolesar loss shows why he is X factor on this team. LT obviously beat high on many goals. Does not look as mobile as he was last year for some reason.

    meanwhile only five days left, well Genocide Joe now outlaw coal this season for those not on Santa’s good list ? HE seems to be banning just about everything via his draconian “green” EO mandates.

  12. Tim

    I have a simple philosophy with the Knights when they don’t come to play I don’t come to watch. Watching that second period is all you needed to see with the Knights last night zero effort could hardly get the puck out of the zone. That was enough for me it was movie time. It’s sad when you look forward to watching your team and then they lay an egg and now you wait a few more days to see if they can get by Tampa and their goalie or will it be another yawner. Have you noticed the Sabres haven’t won before they played us and haven’t won after they played us but looked like the 1985 Oilers against us. To play hard and lose is admirable to go through the motions as we do at times falls under the category of frustrating.

    • Jose

      I agree Tim. They suck. They just won the Stanley Cup and they currently lead all other 31 teams in points but they suck. I sympathize with your horrible plight. I can’t wait until baseball season so you get the opportunity to watch real athletes.

      • Tim

        Jose their’s no doubt baseball players are much more athletic then hockey players. The plays they make in baseball and throws are unbelievable at times. In hockey they all skate but after that its more luck then skill. Throw the puck at the net and hope not really an athletic move compared to baseball.

    • Jose

      And I also agree with Tim that there is nothing admirable about the Golden Knights. I think the Buffalo Sabres are the greatest team in the history of professional sports. I wish that Vegas had with the Buffalo Sabres have had for the past 12 years.

      If I had a magic wand and I could erase from Tim’s memory the past 6 1/2 years of the Vegas Golden Knights shit show I would but I can’t. I am truly sorry that Tim has had to endure this.

    • Frank Kasunic

      As a diehard fan, I’ll watch till the end, even if they suck. To each their own ;)

    • JB

      Tim, it’s gonna happen once in a while. So, have your movies ready, because we’ll have another stinker or two before the season is over!

  13. Jose

    I agree Tim. They suck. They just won the Stanley Cup and they currently lead all other 31 teams in points but they suck. I sympathize with your horrible plight. I can’t wait until baseball season so you get the opportunity to watch real athletes.

  14. ThG

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  15. Richie-Rich

    Look, I support Trump for a lot of reasons, but I have come to the point where this political discussion isn’t worthy of my time. ThG just rattles you guys and you attack back. What’s the point? Free speech? This is not speech, it’s noise. If you can make a cogent point about your positions then you should keep your mouth shut. Goes for both sides of the political spectrum. I’m done jumping in on this because it is ridiculous. Read my analysis about last night’s game and the upcoming tilt against the Lightning.

  16. LVsc

    The team needs to go back to square one, to the basics of their defensive structure. The mindset has to be 1-0 victories…..stop the poor puck management, get pucks deep and simplify.

    Stop the unnecessary turnovers that feed the opponents transition game.

    The forwards need to forecheck more effectively, and keep pucks behind the goal line, 200 feet from the Vgk net. Use the cycle game deep, keep pucks in the offensive zone, which is the best defense.

    and in the d zone the dmen have to do a better job in front of their own net, boxing out and clearing rebounds. and blocking shots from the circle on the PK.

    The special teams need to be emphasized more in practice, not just the PP and PK, but also the 6 on 5 and 5 on 6 at the end of games, and the 3 on 3 in OT situations as well.

  17. LVsc lots of really good observations were made… it’s a long slog of a season and with it goes the ups and downs regardless if one is a professional athlete … I have noticed even in our best of times… see the 5 minutes of absolute dominance in game 5.. that our recycling game is almost non existent as related to how I see other teams do it.. ours is a muck and chase.. others seem to have a formula they practice on where their players will be in a given situation…I’m sure Cassidy gave an earful to the players after last night and they had better adhere as we face the almost unstoppable kucherov tomorrow!!

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