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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to make it a clean sweep on their five-game road trip by taking on the Buffalo Sabres. Both teams had extra motivation going into the game; Vegas wanted to pick up the win for teammate Jack Eichel and the entire city of Buffalo were hoping to send their former captain back to Nevada empty-handed. Chandler Stephenson set the table for the Golden Knights with a power play 5:44 into the game. Buffalo later evened the score with a PP goal of their own.

Phil Kessel snapped the tie early in the 2nd period giving Vegas a 2-1 advantage. The Sabres added another PP goal, but Paul Cotter gave the Golden Knights a 3-2 lead heading into the second intermission.

The 3rd period was the Jack Eichel show. He assisted on the first goal and then scored three straight to net his first hat trick as a Vegas Golden Knight.

With the 7-4 win, the Golden Knights record improves to 13-2-0 and sweep their five-game Eastern Conference road trip. Vegas will travel back home and prepare for the struggling St. Louis Blues on Saturday night. Puck drop against the Blues is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Eichel. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Buffalo Sabres at KeyBank Center.

  • Maybe something about Eichel

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Jack Eichel
** Jack Eichel
* Jack Eichel


Best Road Trip Ever


VGK Team Chemistry On Full Display In Buffalo


  1. Bobby

    Hope Sabres fans enjoyed that one.

  2. DL

    #9 #9 #9

    The Number of the Beast

  3. Pistol Pete

    Jack’s hat trick “drought” comes to an end.

    That four pointer reduces his points gap to career point a game from 28 to 25.

    Nice to see Cotter come back in and get his first career multi pointer. Cotter/Roy/Kessel produced but at the expense of the 4th?

    Still say Kessel will go on a run. Multiple ones actually,

    • Richie-Rich

      Kessel was wide open in the 3rd and Karlsson should have passed it to him. That was an opportunity missed. Not even I have anything negative to say about tonight’s performance. Excellent game. Have a great flight home boys. Maybe that chemistry is coming together. Team identity is forming.

  4. knights fan in minny

    nine in a row how far will they go 5-0 road trip makes a happy plane ride back to sin city logan another good game tending the twine forth line another good effort carrie r causing havoc out front all night jack was pumped cotts had a good game good to see phil get on the board 3rd line pitching in tage thompson a hell of a player flames and oilers got dumped tonight keep the train rolling

  5. DMR

    Boy, was that an awesome game to watch! The Buffalo Boobirds deserved the Angry Eichel show!

  6. Richie-Rich

    Tuch & Krebs were invisible.

    I have nothing negative to say about this game. Well played.

    For me, this was VGK’s best game of the season despite giving up 4. I am just now starting to become a believer. Very solid play and I did not see the sloppy passing and poor puck management in this game.

    Cotter! This guy should be starting almost all the time.

  7. Emmanuel

    Eichel’s gotta do more!

    Seriously, since that article a while back he’s been a beast.

  8. Jailbird

    Welcome back Cotter! Great game, Jack got his revenge against those booing fans. That was fantastic! 9 in a row, 13 – 2 . Holy cow!

  9. Sorvino

    What a player!!!!

  10. Vic

    Ken couldn’t resist the negative stuff. Saying Paul Cotter had problems on the defensive side is nonsense. He played for the first time in a long time, played 12 minutes, had a goal that some of the guys on lines 3 and 4 just can’t score, had an assist and was plus 2. Two of the Buffalo goals were the results of penalties, and Hague and McNabb were beat on two. Stick with the good stuff on a great night and forget about the minor things as there will be plenty of time for you to go on your rants when they lose. Martinez plus 5. Wow.

  11. JV

    The only thing that would have made this better was if Eichel skated to the bench, grabbed a hat, and threw it on the ice himself!
    Only negative thing was Tage Thompson 2nd goal. IIRC, one of the bad habits our Thompson has is not keeping his upper body more upright. If he had done that, I don’t think Tage scores his 2nd goal.
    Good win.

  12. Pistol Pete

    Eichel made up for missed empty netters on that one. It was like 195 ft. Reminds me of the game he scored all four Buffalo goals including an empty netter from center ice.

  13. Pistol Pete

    Hutchison was decent (28/30) in that 2-1 HSK loss. Manny needs to do a better job implementing Cassidy’s system because I confirmed it with the VGK, that is what they are supposed to be playing.

    Dorofeyev and Brisson remain out with supposedly minor injuries.

    • TS

      Pp, the HSK did practice with the VGK during Preseason.. working on Cassidy’s system. It would benefit the HSK to occasionally practice again with the VGK to reinforce the new system. Right their ship.

  14. Pistol Pete

    Will Jack become the VGK’s first 100 pointer this season? He’s on pace for it.

  15. Pistol Pete

    Have to comment again on Eichel’s empty netter. Watching it more closely, that took talent to lift the puck from the goal line above defenders. Perfect way to end the night against all the boos. Cassidy was spot on—Buffalo fans should root for their team and the young talent they have over there vs. booing Jack just because the FO would not let him have the surgery he wanted. Like to think VGK are more classy than that.

    P. S. Great Periscope Ken. You’re right. Eichel’s performance is a seminal event in VGK history.

    • Pistol Pete

      VGK fans are more classy is what I meant (left “classy” out of the sentence by mistake)

    • Scubas

      TBF, he probably deserved the boos this time after his comment following last year’s trip to Buffalo. That sort of thing will make you public enemy #1, and rightfully so. He seems to love that sort of thing, though.

  16. Richie-Rich

    Last night’s game went a long way as far as I am concerned in winning me over. While I am still remain skeptical, seeing this team build chemistry and form an identity is so much better than the alternative. This fantastic run goes a long way in the VGK’s chances of making into the playoffs. They really would have to have a huge collapse not to make it. If they can even just win half of their games between now and January they’re going to be in the playoff mix.

    I cannot wait until we play the Flames again. That’s going to further define this team one way or another.


    • TS

      Rr: Come on, you KNOW you’re a huge fan!! Glad you admitted your reluctant praise for the team!! The guys are ROLLING!

    • Pistol Pete

      Right now the VGK is defending better than the Flames is my hunch.

  17. THE hockey GOD

    i didn’t like how no. 9 was giving the business to fans after he scored.

    Some franchises know when they don’t have what they thought they signed in first place.

    Congrats to VGK, FO, coaches for run. Now have to figure out how to keep it going. No. 43 needs to learn to be more consistent on the ice.

  18. THE hockey GOD



    • TS

      Thg, I, too, applaud our brave, committed military! As a mom of a vet, I appreciate their often unreported, below- the- radar efforts to keep peace across the globe. HOO- RAH TO ALL VETS!!!!

    • knights fan in minny

      well said thg thanks to all of them

  19. vgk21

    Jack is back……an Eichel tower of strength and speed.

  20. Tim

    Today is November 11,2022, 57 years ago on November 11, 1965 I was discharged from the Army. Just thought I’d throw that in most of you weren’t even a glimmer in your dad’s eye as the saying goes. Back to hockey great road trip now come home and keep it going. I wonder are they going to wear there neon retro sweaters for the St. Louis game.

    • TS

      Tim, so grateful! The Vietnam War was such a cruel fight for our many didn’t make it. It was a very sad time..I remember crying during EVERY newscast, as they showed the count of the dead. Horrific. THANK YOU AND ALL VETS!!

      • Ts

        I dated a great Nam vet from Kentucky in the 70’s. He told me the draft took nearly ALL the eligible guys because they were so acclimated to dense forest, and were natural trackers/ scouts. They were deployed straight to the front lines. Tough tough war.

        • knights fan in minny

          you learn something everyday thanks for that i would have never thought that

          • TS

            It was shocking to hear, too. Most of my friend’s buddies didn’t make it home. He was lucky.

  21. Pistol Pete

    One other thing re: fans:

    Guarantee you Dec. 19 VGK fans will not boo Tuch and Krebs the way Buffalo fans did Eichel. Even though there was a rough patch for the VGK as far as how some fans across the league disrespected team for how the FO was perceived to treat certain players, anyone who has come to see their team play the VGK knows we welcome them and their team. This is a hospitality town.

  22. Pistol Pete

    Update on pieces traded to make room for Eichel. Only Tuch is doing well, others are horrible.

    Pacioretty (CAR): injured Achilles’ tendon during the summer—out all or most of the season

    Dadonov (MTL): 0 points -4 (10 games)

    Janmark (EDM): 0 points +/- 0 (1 game)

    Krebs (BUF): 0 G/2 A -2 (12 games)

    Tuch (BUF): 7 G/4 A +1 (14 games)

    Other than Tuch who has shaped up to be about a 50 pt/yr player based on an 82 game season, the FO is missing out on zilch this season.

    I like the Eichel deal.

    • Pistol Pete

      It is true VGK gave up a first and second pick in the Tuch/Krebs deal for Eichel. I still like it.

      • Pistol Pete

        Also in the deal we get Buffalo’s 3rd round pick in this year’s draft, a choice I expect the VGK scouting team to make the most of.

  23. THE hockey GOD

    Elliotte Friedman
    Brossoit clears. Balcers (FLA) on waivers to activate Ekblad

  24. JV

    I think if you’re going to include Patches, then you gotta include the cost to obtain him as well. A 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd round pick for Tatar, who was included in the trade to get Patches in addition to another 2nd, and Suzuki. Suzuki is doing OK so far as Captain of the Habs.

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