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Recap: The Golden Knights fought off the Boston Bruins for the better part of the opening period, but the scoring picked up with five minutes remaining. The Bruins scored three quick goals in a three-minute span to take a 3-0 lead into the first intermission.

The tables completely turned in the middle frame and the Golden Knights came firing back. Paul Cotter opened the scoring for Vegas and minutes later Alex Pietrangelo recorded his 600th career point, getting his team within one. The Bruins regained their two-goal advantage at the 16:32 mark of the period but Michael Amadio recorded his 11th goal of 2023-24 a minute later. After two periods of action, the home team held a 4-3 edge.

Early in the final frame, the Golden Knights tied the game 4-4 after Chandler Stephenson answered with a shorthanded breakaway. Boston was awarded a late-game power play and with under five minutes remaining the home team regained their lead.

The Golden Knights record drops to 33-20-7 falling to the Bruins 5-4 in Boston. Vegas will continue their five-game road trip on Saturday evening in Buffalo. Puck drop against the Sabres is scheduled for 4 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: A disaster in the 1st period put the Golden Knights in a hole that was ultimately too deep. They could not keep the Bruins away from the slot in the 1st and it meant three goals. Then, Vegas flipped the script in the 2nd and they were the ones throwing the kitchen sink at Boston. A shorty in the 3rd nearly rescued it but going down that much to a good team is a bad recipe. (Analysis by Ken)

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  1. Emmanuel

    That defense is worrying…….

  2. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    Recap. .. the VGK forget to show up until the 2nd and though valiant when they showed up, they were already in too deep of a hole. They have no consistency and something dire needs to happen to shake this team up. Total weak sauce play, no excuse at all for their play. None!

  3. Perro

    Probably gonna be fighting for a wild card spot soon

  4. David T

    With their sense of urgency non existent they are looking like a shell of the team from last year. Even if they go to the Playoffs, it’s unlikely that they will go very deep.

    • Pistol Pete

      Guess David T missed the Toronto game and gives zero credibility to the 0-3 comeback in this one. With Eichel and the captain out this team is not whole right now, obviously.

  5. Richie-Rich

    Game 60 Analysis BOS 5, VGK 4

    The Golden Knights didn’t feel like showing up until the 2nd period. By then the game was already out of hand. Sure, they came back to tie the game, but at the buzzer all the good work they did in the 2nd and 3rd periods was for nothing.

    They walk away from game 60 empty handed with a regulation loss.

    The Oilers could leap frog over the Golden Knights on Sunday. They play at 1pm PST against the Kraken with the VGK in Buffalo with a 4pm start. The VGK remain frozen on 73 points with the Oilers at 72 points.

    Buffalo is a MUST WIN on my list.

    26 2/22 H-TOR* LOSS 7-3 (0PTS, TOTAL 70)
    25 2/24 A-OTT (MW) LOSS 4-3 OTL (1PT, TOTAL 71)
    24 2/27 A-TOR* WIN 6-2 (2PTS, TOTAL 73)
    23 2/29 A-BOS* LOSS 5-4 (0PTS, TOTAL 73)
    22 3/02 A-BUF (MW)
    21 3/04 A-CBJ (MW)
    20 3/07 H-VAN*
    19 3/09 H-DET**
    18 3/12 A-SEA (MW)
    17 3/14 A-CGY (MW)
    16 3/17 H-NJD (MW)
    15 3/19 H-TBL**
    14 3/21 H-SEA (MW)
    13 3/23 H-CBJ (MW)
    12 3/25 A-STL**
    11 3/26 A-NSH**
    10 3/28 A-WPG*
    09 3/30 A-MIN***
    08 4/02 H-VAN*
    07 4/05 A-ARI (MW)
    06 4/08 A-VAN*
    05 4/10 A-EDM*
    04 4/12 H-MIN***
    03 4/14 H-COL*
    02 4/16 H-CHI (MW)
    01 4/18 H-ANA (MW)

    I don’t want to talk stars. The Bruins scored 3 goals in under 2 minutes in period 1. No stars will be given! I have spoken.

  6. DeezNutz

    The defense is too slow and old so we aren’t getting consistently good play from them anymore. Every once in awhile they put on a clinic like the Toronto game but they just have a hard time keeping up with younger and faster players.

    If VGK didn’t play like garbage with the man advantage they probably win that game.

    Hill wants the 5th goal back.

    Rempal needs to be sent down after that stupid penalty what a dumb sequence that was.

    Is Carrier ever going to be healthy again? It feels like he’s not even part of the team anymore with how many games he misses being injured.

    I could totally see them losing on Saturday but I hope I’m wrong. I guess we will have to wait and see how shit our defense plays that night.

  7. ThG



  8. Sad loss again. A lot of standing around waiting to see what’s going to happen as opposed to making something happen. They appeared in the first to have lead feet no speed whatsoever. The hole they found themselves in after one was just too deep to dig out of despite making a strong effort. Boston gave them the opportunity to tie it near the end but for not. One bright side of the last couple of minutes with the net empty Vegas didn’t give up a goal which in their case usually happens. On to Buffalo and see how it works out. It’s that time of year when 60 minute effort is essential if they expect to win.

  9. Pistol Pete

    Having a fourth line from Henderson including a guy who commits the dumbest penalty of the entire season tied 4-4 late in the game setting up the losing goal, tends to catch up with you, though that line was ok vs. TOR and even scored a goal. With Eichel, Stone and Carrier out a “shell of a team” is just what it is.The return of Eichel and a big TD can’t come soon enough. Nonetheless an impressive comeback tonight and an excellent Toronto game proves this team remains a contender in spite of the injuries (imo).

    • Pistol Pete

      Pretty much what I expected from some of the fans though. A loss to the Bruins and the excellent performance against Toronto would not matter.
      A throwback to last year’s sentiment heading into the AS break and we know how that played out.’Keep the faith!

      Personally I was expecting a loss in this game. We almost got a point and probably would have if not for that unfortunate late game penalty. 1-0-2 would be looking pretty good on this trip especially considering the players out of the lineup and 1-1-1 is not awful. The TD is going to be very interesting this time around.

      • pistol pete

        Boston is as usual quite a bit better team than Toronto overall. Vegas played a wonderful buttoned up game against Toronto but the Leafs reminded me in that game of the shit team that blows it in the playoffs and is unable to win in the games that count in spite of their scoring power. I knew the VGK injury-ridden roster would have an even tougher challenge in Boston, but despite that almost came back to force OT. Not a bad effort overall. Consider, missing two of the top three defensive forwards and as I mentioned above playing a fourth line from the minors.

  10. Pistol Pete

    Brisson btw (imo) is doing pretty damn well for himself picking up another assist vs. the Bruins. Five points in eleven games is not too shabby. Are we seeing a showcasing of his rookie talents heading into a possible TD trade?

  11. Pistol Pete

    Carrier is always injured it seems. If Cotter is able to stay on this team a permanent role on the 4th line should work. I can see him replacing Carrier eventually.

  12. Pistol Pete

    Wanted to remind folks in doubt over the vialbility of acquiring Buchnevich, assuming Martinez is not extended or is for far less like $1m and the cap goes up over $4m there will be room to carry Buchnevich’s $5.8m and extend Marchessault and Stephenson though not for crazy amounts. They can always jettison Howden if they need a little more space. The biggest question in my mind is if the Blues will even deal him. Guentzel will be more expensive.

    • Pistol Pete

      Will be surprised if they go for 34 year old Adam Henrique as the primary target. Sure a possible upgrade over an Amadio or Howden but he is really just a far lower scoring version of Phil Kessel. Maybe his two play is better (hopefully). As an upgraded depth forward he could make sense but they will need to land a higher end player as well. Acquire two forwards? Kind of doubt it. The cost for Henrique would have to be minimal.

      • Pistol Pete

        With respect to Henrique he is in fact having a season that eclipses those Kessel had in Arizona though Kessel’s overall career stats are way stronger.

        So…if the Mc’s can land Henrique cheap as a rental and get Guentzel or Buchnevich. If Stone is out for the playoffs that is their only chance for a deep run in the playoffs. A winger to replace Stone and one to fill in for Smith.

        • Pistol Pete

          Quasi fill in for Smith I should have added.

          • ThG

            maybe you should change your alias to rapid fire fred
            machine gun gus
            gatling gun grady

    • Rashaad

      You read my mind in regards to Howden. No disrespect to the guy, he was competent in the playoffs playing with Stone and Stephenson. However, we don’t really need him. I wouldn’t lose sleep if he was included in a deadline acquisition.

  13. Perro

    Not sure why my comment didn’t appear but let’s try again.

    I find it funny how much sunshiney BS I see from alot of people around here and especially from Ryan Wallis pre game and post.
    The old saying don’t pee on my back and tell me it’s raining is pretty fitting lol.

    The REALITY we find ourselves in is this.
    We are in a point in the season where we have to start winning some games or we will be forced to FIGHT for a wild card spot……SOON.
    we are 3 whole points ahead of a wild card spot. 2 losses more and we are no longer in a playoff spot. Edmonton is 1 point behind us for 2nd place and they have 3 games on hand on us. With a win for Edmonton on Sunday we fall to 3rd.

    The 2 teams in the west in wild card are the kings and Nashville and they are both only 3 points behind us and the kings have 1 game on hand.

    Injuries…. yeah yeah yeah
    Eichel coming back….. yeah yeah yeah, can Jack Eichel who hasn’t played since when gonna turn this bus around for us with some rust in the tank??

    This gonna almost guarantee we pay something extraordinary at the trade deadline which means we prolly gonna lose Marchy next year with free agency who has been one of a FEW veterans on the team who seems to try hard every night..

    Still hopeful, but we have Vancouver at home in a couple days lol

  14. TS

    Considering the Boston shock in 1st period, the boys found a way to get back into it, just one G short.
    A vexing question: if the PP is largely unproductive, then HOW is pulling the G, going 5-4, or even 6-4, going to produce a better result?? It hasn’t this season but a single time! If it ain’t workin’, DON’T DO IT! Why risk it??
    Btw: a hearty CONGRATS to Petro, hitting his milestone!

  15. JB

    Love all the comments, stupid or otherwise. Thankfully, what’s said on here will not determine our results on the ice. So a shitty 1st period cost us last night. We played well after that. As far as the AHLers. They WILL be inconsistent ! Hilly made some amazing saves, but then gave up that last one that should have been stopped? If we can win these last two road games then it will be a successful trip. The one thing that does bother me is not playing full out in first periods. We have this problem often and it needs to stop! When Jack gets back and we add a quality player or two we will be ready to finish strong. I still believe this!

  16. Tim

    Playing 500 hockey in February is that a surprise when your sending out the likes of Brisson, Cotter, Feoese, Morelli, and Rempal, not exactly household names. Brisson of the lot has a chance to be good Cotter is just a banger he’s like a run away train and the other 3 forget about it. I’m sure management is working the phones and certain teams don’t know if there in or out so I’m sure it isn’t east when one team has to tell there fans were packing it in. Columbus, Anaheim have been out of it since Christ was a corporal in the Jewish army. With Stone out I’m sure we could have made a deal weeks ago and saved us fans all this pain and agony. I know it’s the end result that counts so time will tell if the splash brothers can make it rain.

    • ThG

      another lame brained misfire of post, did you fall on your head again exiting the lazy boy

      CHRIST WAS GENERAL not a corporal, on his OWN ARMY

      get it right next time, Two Time Tim !

      • Tim

        THG your wrong the saying went Corporal not General and that’s a fact Jack. Please using Lame Brain when you don’t know what your talking aboutis just your way of fucking with people.

  17. Tim

    Everyone chime in on your opinion. Trade talk would you rather have Jake Guentzel and Riley Smith from Pittsburgh at 11 million with expiring contracts or Frank Vatrano and Pavel Buchnevich for 9 million with a year left on there contracts. I’d go for Frank and Pavel with a year left and cheaper.

    • Jim

      I would like to see them add Buchnevich and Vatrano, because it would add some punch to a miserable powerplay.

    • knights fan in minny

      frankie and pavel would be ideal

  18. ThG

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  19. Jim

    They played like shit in the first period, and then played well in the 2nd and 3rd periods, BUT the old bugaboo, the pathetic PP helped do them in again.

    It is a disgrace that the powerplay continues to turn the momentum in games from Vgk to their opponent.

    The Vgk were doing great in the 2nd and 3rd until they got the PP and then proceeded to give Boston several breakaways and near goals shorthanded on one PP. It demoralized the Vgk and fired up the Bruins, and turned the Momentum in Boston’s favor.

    Theodore is a good assist man 5 on 5, but he sucks at the point on the PP. He is slow and hesitant and indecisive in moving the puck, and because of that the opponents have time to readjust into the passing and shooting lanes, and the VGK PP then hands the opponent breakaways and grade A scoring chances while shorthanded.

    Sure, the PP is a bit better when Jack and Stone are playing, but this is an area that needs addressing, because it is a continuing problem for this team, one that does not receive enough attention

    • ThG

      actually on their last PP they could have had several goals, the boston goalie make a lucky save at stem of goalie stick, they were buzzing around the net pretty good; their goalie just happened to make one more lucky save than our goalie.

      should really complain about how VGK let in that , how yeah, that was on our PP !!

      my bad

      • TS

        Exactly! My point also..that was pathetic! I kept yelling ” OMG, this is OUR Pp
        and Boston has puck control and multiple shots on OUR damned Goal!#!

    • Pistol Pete

      Eichel will help the PP and for all I know Adam Henrique would. Guentzel and Buchnevich for sure.

    • Richie-Rich

      Karlsson & Eichel are probably the best to lead the PP. The D-men almost always pass it to the wrong guy. At least Theodore has some ability to juke and avoid getting poke checked. The best at passing pucks are Stone, Eichel, and Karlsson.

  20. ThG

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  21. Pistol Pete

    Goal: 46-27-9 = 101 pts

    Need: 13-7-2

  22. vgk21

    Uh-oh. game over.

    Mark Stone Questionable To Return During Playoffs

    MARCH 1, 2024 AT 8:30 AM

    Golden Knights captain Mark Stone is expected to miss the balance of the regular season and is questionable to return during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, TSN’s Darren Dreger said on Thursday’s episode of “Insider Trading.” Stone has missed four games with an upper-body injury, which, per multiple reports, is a lacerated spleen.

    Vegas placed the 31-year-old on standard injured reserve last week, meaning they aren’t receiving the potential long-term injured reserve relief provided by his $9.5MM cap hit. That will change before the March 8 trade deadline, though, and they’ll be able to use that space as they please to make deadline acquisitions for the second straight season.

  23. Pistol Pete

    I’m repeating myself but should Stone not be in the playoffs acquiring Guentzel or Buchnevich to fill in for him is essential for there to be any hope to repeat. Henrique is the best rental option to accompany either of them and would/could be a quasi fill in for Smith. Vatrano who like Henrique is having an excellent season has another year of term so he’s out of the question as a rental.

  24. JB

    Can Stoney make yet another recover and join team for playoffs. I think yes, but torn internal organs are no joke. I think the team will react at the TD as if he is gone for playoffs. For me, being an old man, I don’t care how many draft picks and such they use to get what we need. I’m all about now! I confused also about Pavo being out so long because of that hit. And Will? Injuries have been awful to us for three seasons now. It cost us missing POs in 22. We fought thru it in 23 . Can we do the same this year?

  25. JV

    Why not Tarasenko for a RW rental? Cheaper cap hit than Guentzal and more likely to cost less to obtain. Eichel when he returns and him would not be so bad.
    I believe Carrier will be gone. He’s your prototype 4th liner and gives 100%, but every season he misses significant time.

  26. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    Anybody else think the VGK need help in goaltending? Just a thought.

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