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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled to Arizona for a battle with the Coyotes. The home team jumped ahead first 1:59 into the contest. Vegas had a chance to tie the game on the power play but Paul Cotter committed a penalty that negated the man advantage. After 20 minutes Vegas trailed 1-0.

Arizona doubled their lead early in the middle frame. The Coyotes ripped a shot by Logan Thompson to give themselves a 2-0 edge. Arizona committed some costly penalties in the period and Phil Kessel took notice. The Iron Man collected his 8th goal of the season to bring his team within one. 

Trailing 2-1, the Golden Knights made a final push but the Coyotes regained their two-goal lead midway through the 3rd period. With five minutes left in the game, coach Bruce Cassidy pulled his goalie which led to Arizona’s 4th and final goal. The Golden Knights lost 4-1 and left Tempe empty-handed. 

The Golden Knights’ record drops to 29-17-2 falling to the Coyotes 4-1. Vegas will continue the road trip next in New Jersey on Tuesday. Puck drop against the Devils is scheduled for 4:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The first few minutes of each period were a big problem and that put them in a hole. From there, Arizona read the book on how to beat the Golden Knights and they put it into action at 5-on-5. When the other team has good gaps and make VGK forecheck, they just can’t seem to generate with any consistency. It happened again, and Clayton Keller did the rest. That loss really sucks because it erases last night’s big win. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes at Mullett Arena.

  • Past Bruce Cassidy teams follow similar season arc to this year (Monday)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** William Karlsson
** Phil Kessel
* Paul Cotter





Season Arc Following Familiar Pattern For Bruce Cassidy Teams


  1. knights fan in minny

    big time let down buckle up boys and girls it could be a rough weak ahead

  2. Walk proud boys – congratulations you just got your asses kicked by the worst team in the NHL. If you are not embarrassed, you should be – frankly its surprising you can even look in the mirror. Just because you won last night did you just think Arizona was just going to lay down as that is how you played – no Zip no nothing. Ken you were kind they sucked than more than the first few minutes of each period you eluded too. If this is any indication of the road trip ahead, they should consider just how badly they need to win if they have any chance moving forward.

  3. Richie-Rich

    There are 32 teams in the NHL, Arizona is in 29th place. You just lost in “Mullet Stadium” boys.

    Not a playoff team at this point. That lack of effort in the first few minutes of period 1 came back to bite you hard.

    Eichel remains a ghost.

  4. DeezNutz

    This team is hot garbage. They can’t shoot pucks for shit and their passing is some of the worst in the league. If Eichel wants to constantly be a no show then he can pout when he misses the playoffs again because at that point it will have been some of his fault. This team is spinning their wheels and going nowhere. They need to sell at deadline and start re-working the roster because what they have now is pathetic.

  5. Richie-Rich


    It’s bad ice at Mullet Stadium…….I bet he’s pondering posting it.



  6. Tim

    I wasn’t surprised this team has become so predictable every from now on will be a struggle. We beat a tired Washington team fine a win is a win but to come back and play like they did is the new norm. Theadore coming back isn’t going to move the needle but they’ll pump that up to keep the fans interested. I’d like some other opinions on my observation. Am I wrong or is Paul Cotter outplaying Jack Eichel my eye test tells me so chime in and tell me I’m wrong. We’ve got a tough 5 road games coming and is Cassady’s speeches going in one ear and out the other.

    • Nothing wrong with your eyes concerning Eichel – you mean the 10-mill shadow!

      • SMH

        Well, “The Shadow” does lead the team in shots (shots!) despite missing a lot of games with injury, leads the team in points per game, has a +/- rating of +11 which is 2nd only to Theodore on the team, and was not one of the 3 centers whom Cassidy called out for blown defensive assignments on Arizona goals tonight. But I know it’s much more fun to pick 1 player to whine about when the team is not playing well, so everybody please carry on if it makes you feel better…

        • Tim

          SMH, It was a simple question since Paul Cotter has been inserted into the lineup does your eye test show you that Eichel is playing Cotter. Look at Cotters passes and then look at how many Eichel gives away, look at the board work and who gets to the dirty area’s and who gives hits and scraps. You never see Eichel mix it up. Like I’ve said he is a nice piece but by no stretch of the imagination is he a star.

        • Blitz

          Eichel only is behind Theodore in +/-. That’s a good point. Eichel has played about as well as Theodore lately.

        • Blitz

          Oh and Eichel in the month of January is -6. Since we are using a useless stat I want to make sure we use it correctly in terms of the latest skid.

    • Buckeye63

      You’re not wrong there. Eichel hasn’t shown up the past few games. And we’re paying this guy 10m a year? Pretty bad when you’re getting more production from guys like Cotter and Amadio who make considerably less

  7. Frank

    Eichel and misfits need to show up. Can’t rely on third and fourth lines to get things done. Especially eichel. Dude is not 100% or is not putting in 100%…. One or the other.

  8. Sorvino

    Arizona has beaten the Leafs twice this season, have beaten Colorado, have beaten the Bruins and have beaten Carolina. It’s a parity league where anyone can beat any team at any time.

    So stop crying and whining like a bunch of bitches.

    I’m only in my mid 40’s and I know that some of you are in your 60’s and 70’s. Can you gentlemen tell me of a time when men were men and they didn’t cry and bitch about everything. I’ve heard that such a time once existed. What has happened? Is it the preservatives in our food or something? When Vegas wins it is apparently because the other team was tired and when they lose it is because they suck.

    They have 34 games left and will go something like 20-13-1 to finish with 101 points and around 2nd or 3rd in the division.
    About 13 more losses for you guys to lose your shit on.

    THEY ARE IN A SLUMP. It happens. It’s going to sound cliche but they weren’t as good as they looked at the beginning of the season and they are not as bad as they look now. They are somewhere in between:

    Let’s go Knights!

    • Tim

      Sorvino, The different between you in your 40’s and me in my late 70’s is this. Growing up in my era a team would give out one trophy for most valuable player and maybe a most improved trophy for whatever sport that was it. You had to earn it. In your generation when you played sports as a kid everyone received a participation trophy so that’s the different mindset. My era you cut through the bull=shit and call a spade a spade and when a team performs the way the Knights have at home losing 50% of there games your OK with that? If you look closely the word get’s around on what a team can and can’t do and the word is out on the Knights they can’t score and pressure them they have no balls. Paul Cotter makes 775,000 dollars, Jack Eichel 10 million is Eichel 9 million 250 thousand dollars better then Cotter?

      • Sorvino

        Then how in the fuck is this franchise second in the league in playoff games since 2017. You have been non stop whining the entire time.

        It happened. I’m not making it up

    • Mister Mister

      It make no sens complaining, Vegas will make the playoff for sure and get eliminated. You are not winning a cup with Logan or Hill in the net. So we can stop complaining, enjoy the ride until we get eliminated in the playoff. 🙂

  9. Jailbird

    Embarrising and discusting effort. I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m lost and so disappointed !

  10. THE hockey GOD

    and the loser , whiner bunch is out again in full force.

    Anyone making an apples to apples comparison to last year’s injury decimated team to this year’s team would find
    that all the losers complaining about PDB and RL are clearly wrong, demented ,and obviously delusional.

    I expect better results when , and if, the injured players return.
    If not, then expect some salary relief and big trade at deadline.

    THG aka voice of reason, levity, not a band wagon jumper.

    • THG Sux

      STFU, idiot before HDbiker gets on your ass.

    • THE hockey God

      It would also help if we could more local tards to motivate the fellas before a game

      • THG Sux

        Wow, you really know how to use the English . “Tards”, give us a break you fucking idiot. No wonder nobody likes your pathetic ass. Always shit talking and nothing really to say

        • THE hockey GOD

          that is fake hockey god , you moron, look at the icon

          before you post garbage on internet

  11. TS

    Sorvino, damn right! There ain’t NO WHINING AND CRYING IN HOCKEY. The team is depleted, 8 starters down. The remaining veterans are shouldering the team, with youngsters trying to fill the gaps. Of course other teams have a few guys out at this stage of the season, but we are BURIED in injuries. It seems DEJA VU is a real thing, and I see the frustration/ desperation creeping in again. Fans are obviously frustrated, me included. But: I DO realize what the losses of so many starters is doing to their confidence. Blame always gets thrown around. Agree on Eichel, though…he’s a real disappointment. His attitude sucks, and his play reflects it. He KNOWS he’s underperforming. I honestly think he’ll NEVER fit in here. If I were a veteran Knight, and this 10 mill guy comes along with little to add to the team’s success, my attitude would probably SUCK, too. Maybe some resentment in the locker room?
    Having said that, the only way to get over the hump of the slump is to get our starters back. That’s the Solution. Until then, hold your breath…

    • TS

      Re: Eichel: the 1st yellow flag I saw was the moment Eichel scored his first goal as a Knight. Instead of celebrating immediately with his new teammates as a Knight, he held his own self- congratulatory celebration around the ice. I think that was a window into the mind of the man….it’s all about HIM, not the TEAM.

  12. Sorvino

    TS, if injuries took a Stanley Cup Champion team like Colorado and made them into a team that is currently out of a playoff spot then injuries is indeed a real thing.

    As for Jack Eichel, I think we knew that he wasn’t going to be the guy to lead this team into a championship. The idea was to bring him on to a team that already has a leadership and culture in place and for him to be a part of the puzzle. He hasn’t been great lately but he is still a point a game player. He needs to be better and I think he will. We seen it at the beginning of the season.

    • TS

      Sorvino, I sure hope Eichel rises to the occasion. When he sees his bank account, he damn well SHOULD step up.

  13. THE hockey GOD

    ohyeah, forgot to mention

    the refs really sucked bad in that

    really bad

    • THE hockey God

      And the bad ice was in play only for Jack Eichel

      • Arnold Rothstein

        first you say bad ice doesn’t exist\
        then you say both teams play on it

        get lost you useless pOs

        go back and see all the posts and announcers commenting on bad ice, sticky ice, bad surface conditions

        what do you think they people who come on the ice in breaks with their shovels do ?

        do you even know what a zamboni is ?
        do you know why they use a zamboni in between periods?

        Boy are you stupid or live in a come all your life?

        dumb shits post here all the time, back to your cave troll.

        • Blitz

          OHHHH there he is. THG pulling out the other account to defend himself. You know the Arndold Rothstein bit was kind of humous, THG, when you were just doing your betting odds/gambling stuff, but somewhere along the lines you felt you had to defend yourself cause you couldn’t do it on your own, with your crap reputation.

          Oh sure you are going to deny it, but I have personally witnessed you fuck up logging in with this account several times where it had your icon or vise versa.

          • Blitz

            ..and that would be “humorous”, because while “hummus” is delicious, “humous” isn’t a word. Just for those kids at home learning how to spell from this site.

          • THE hockey GOD

            not me Blitz, a hacker !!

            icons are not the same !!

            Why are you getting on my case?? I didn’t say a word against you.

          • Arnold Rothstein

            Ok I admit it, I like dozens of other fake Hockey God posters hacked the account and I broke the code.

            Mea Culpa

            Decipher password as someone’s password isn’t rocket science.

            Arnold the Brain

          • TS

            Blitz, you guys are a hoot!! Hilarious! Thanks for the chuckles, boys!

        • knights fan in minny

          arnold is there a over under in vegas on rodgers becoming the raiders QB

          • Arnold Rothstein

            I don’t think so, if I find one I will let you know

      • Richie-Rich

        There you go, I knew you could do it. Hook, line and sinker! Good job.

        I am no bandwagon jumper. I’ve been consistent about the front office and McCrimmon. He’s churned this roster too much and changes coaches like he does his underwear (probably pretty accurate since the smell of his performance is so bad).

        I don’t blame Eichel, and I don’t blame Cassidy. All 3 Head Coaches were fine, but I would rank them Gallant(1), Cassidy(2), PDB(3).

        A bad back is serious business, especially for any professional athlete. At Stone’s age he is likely finished. Once that reality sets in the C should be handed to Marchy.

        • THE hockey GOD

          you are a perpetual complainer and whiner

          last year it was PDB and RL

          this year FO and no. 9

          next year it will be someone else.

          take your negative waves and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

          LOSER ]

          let see here based upon your posts , your team would still be the one
          in 2017
          you would have Derek on D, where is he now ? GONE
          you would have MAF in goal, where is he now, GONE
          you have Neal as forward! GONE
          you would have Thomas Hykda – ??
          brendan lispsic – gone
          oscar lindberg – gone
          steffan Matteau – ??? Where is he now, oh yeah, done and gone
          brandon pirri -gone
          luca sbisa – gone done
          nate schmitt – sucks now
          and your back up goalie would be SUBBAN

          your team sucks dude

          • THG Sux

            STFU, moron. Go spew your crap somewhere else. If you can’t say anything remotely close to nice, then shut up.

          • Richie-Rich

            No, my current team would consist of

            Haula, Perron, Stone
            Smith, Karlsson, Marchy
            Tuch, Roy, Amadio
            Carrier, Kolesar/Krebs, Carrier

            Petro, Martinez
            Whitecloud, Theodore
            Hague, Pachal/Korczak
            ***I also think that trading Nosek and Schmidt was a mistake.

            Logan Thompson
            Marc-Andre Fleury

            Head Coach Gerard Gallant

            This team roster would be just as good as the current version. I’ve bitched about McCrimmon since the firing of Gallant and dumping of Fleury. I was very skeptical about Eichel, especially the cost to get him and I am beginning to see that I was right.

          • THE hockey GOD

            “no my current team would consist of ….”

            no it wouldn’t

            and you know it.

            You don’t know the difference between dollar loan center and dollar store. Pathetic loser.

  14. Tim

    Jack Eichel as I’ve said is a nice piece but not a star. What poster here thinks we got the best of the trade with Buffalo? I believe in hindsight Tuch and Krebs should have been enough but as usual our management team threw in a first and second draft pick which in my mind Buffalo picked our pocket. Lehner cost us a second round pick and a 5 year commitment hows that working out? Janmark cost us a second round pick shall I go on with how many picks we gave away and why our prospect pool is so weak. With all the advantages we had after the initial selection process to end up where we are has to fall on someone and that someone is management.

    • THE hockey GOD

      is it management’s fault that the team is in first place for most of the season ?

      is it management’s fault that players get injured ?

      do you blame your wife when you shit in your depends and you have wipe your own smelly butt ?

      • Richie-Rich

        Yes, the current state of the VGK is that it is an average NHL team, significantly worse than the team originally put together and made it to a Stanley Cup. The Misfits played hard for Gallant. They had some bad luck in Season 2 and the front office decided to throw the baby out with the bath water. Massive churn on this roster has resulted in the VGK being barely in first place in the weakest division in hockey.

        That’s the truth.

        You are mired in your own delusional opinions of this team.

        Your silly stupid attempts at mockery are also pretty low brow. Do you sit up late at night thinking this shit up? It’s truly embarrassing to read and lowers your status on this site.

        • THE hockey GOD

          your status on this site
          is one of loser
          and never ending whiner and complainer.

          you only come out of your deep dark hole
          when the team is in a slump

          i have no use for negative nillies like you

          get lost punk

          your brain cells consist of bad ice, it lives in your mind, like TDS


          seek therapy, you need it. lots of it.

          • Richie-Rich

            Sorry to disappoint. But I’m America 1st MAGA, TRUMP 2024!

          • THE hockey GOD

            “I’m America 1st MAGA, TRUMP 2024!”

            that is smartest thing you ever said on this board !

        • Tim

          Richie-Rich, Very objective post we like Rome have fallen and some posters still don’t see it. After this road trip they’ll be a lot more with the understanding of where this team is.

      • Tim

        Is it managements fault were playing 500 hockey at home. Stone is the catalyst with him out bringing all the rest back off the IR and your still not going to make the playoffs. Right now there lost without him.

        • Richie-Rich

          Losing Stone is a big hit for sure, but his back was definitely a major concern coming into this season and unfortunately for the team it is going to have a negative impact. This is the risk when you have a FO that is trying to buy championships.

    • NEal

      So, you think the management of the team just gives away the extra picks to the other team involved in the trade for shit and giggles? That the other team isn’t demanding those picks as part of the package? Guess what, there are other teams out there trying to make the same trade and it’s a game of who can give the most to get the piece they are looking for. Let me guess….you think trading Patches away for nothing was a bad move? The answer to that question will reveal a lot about what you don’t know.
      Judging a trade in its first full season after the trade is not the way a trade can be judged EVER. Look how bad Petro was his first season with the Knights. Right now, if we didn’t have him, we’d be screwed. Judging Eichel, 2/3’s of the way into his first full season under a radically new head coach and system coming off an injury that seemed pretty significant is way premature. The guy was lighting it up at the beginning of the season and playing some really great hockey. He by far is our most talented player and is most likely still fight a nagging injury. You can tell this by his inability to create space around himself on the ice like he did earlier in the season before the injury. Look how badly this website and its band of followers who think that everything written here is fact in lieu of opinion, crucified Petro his first season and a half here. Go back and look. That guy is a rock and probably our most valuable player. He just eats up minutes and is a machine.

      It’s quite a bit premature to be giving up on Eichel.

  15. Henderson's Finest

    Just wondering why Thompson played both games of the back-to-back? This isn’t the AHL, where it is somewhat common.

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