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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled to Anaheim for their first game out of the Christmas break. The Ducks didn’t take long to breakout for four goals. Anaheim opened the scoring at the 3:23 mark of the 1st period and rattled off three more before the intermission. Vegas trailed 4-0 after 20 minutes of action.

Alec Martinez scored Vegas’ first goal of the game 7:23 into the 2nd period. Vegas’ captain Mark Stone got his team within two but Anaheim scored before the intermission.

Trailing 5-2 to start the period, the Golden Knights couldn’t generate anymore offense.

The Golden Knights record drops to 21-10-5 losing 5-2 to the Ducks in Anaheim. Vegas will head back home for a matchup with the LA Kings. Puck drop is scheduled for 7 PM.(Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights got blitzed to start the game, falling behind by four goals before they generated much of anything on their own. From there, it got better, but certainly not enough better to erase a four goal deficit. Not a good loss coming off the break after losing all three going in. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Anaheim Ducks at Honda Center.

  • Podcast (recorded before this game)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Mark Stone
** Paul Cotter
* Pavel Dorofeyev



Golden Knights Time On Ice In Each Situation

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  1. niggles

    LA Kings have to be licking their chops for tomorrow’s game.

  2. Pistol Pete

    Unfortunately the Ducks did not blow a 4-0 lead on the Knights like the Avs did on the Coyotes!

    Do we have a goaltending issue with Hill out? LT was good to start his season, right? Not sure what to make of it. Fwiw Saville’s AHL stats for 22 games are far better than Patera’s for 74. Not sure Patera is the answer right now.

  3. DeezNutz

    Logan Thompson only plays good when he’s in direct competition with Hill. Whenever he has to step up and be the starter he folds because the pressure is just too much for him and with Adin Hill historically being a walking band-aid I would say that this team is in trouble. The defense has been a disaster since Theo went down they look old and slow out there plus Pietrangelo has absolutely ZERO offensive upside and possibly one of the worst shots on our roster. So now that we are getting Toronto Maple Leaf caliber goaltending and defense I would love to see our offense outscore their problems just once for a change. It took them 17 shots and about 8 high danger chances to score their first goal and that’s pathetic. I’ve been saying their shot accuracy and finishing ability is total fucking bush league. They can generate tons of chances but lack the finish our best offensive player is a 90 point player and our next best offensive players are about 60 and 50 point players this is a major problem if your defense and goaltending is shit. LA Kings are going to embarrass them tomorrow if they can’t start finishing their chances like NHL caliber players.

    • TS

      DEEZ, harsh. But admittedly pretty realistic. The in trouble, I fear…

      • knights fan in minny

        stop the panic that is for mumbles joy to do oh wait he is on vacation again while illegal invaders are pouring over the border on the taxpayer dime joey wants to turn the usa into a 3rd world country remember kate stienly killed by a illegal

    • Mel Hallerman

      One comment on Pietrangelo – not in this game, but he seems to do a lot of Delay of Games when trying to clear the puck.

      And, Theodore – when he is back – turns over the puck when challenged

  4. Realistically speaking one word pretty well describes their play again this evening pathic. Christmas hangover to much egg nog apparently. Sad to see what’s happening. Four straight losses doesn’t speak well. Cassidy is being kind concerning their play – when chasing a fast 4 goal lead it’s tuff to catch up. Maybe they can get their shit together for tomorrow night against LA

    • David T

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Too much turkey, ham… and spiked eggnog. They are playing without energy or urgency. Sad to see.

  5. David T

    VGK had better get it together. They have been playing lackluster for awhile now. Too much turkey and ham on Christmas, maybe?

  6. Richie-Rich

    Game 36 Analysis?

    Logan sucked and the team gave up too many turnovers in the NZ, gaps sucked and the D getting caught has become a theme rather than the exception.

    Dorofeyev made a fabulous move but Gibson made a great save on him.

    I don’t care who you are, you don’t spot any NHL team a 4 goal lead.

    BEAT LA!

    • pistol pete

      Coyotes spotted Avs a four goal lead (0-4) on Wednesday and came back to win 5-4 in OT.

    • TS

      Rr, turnovers in the Neutral Zone and in our own zone has been an issue for awhile, I think. What happened to our great D?

  7. Frank

    I usually will step in to defend the goalie…. But not tonight. LT was the major reason we lost. Yes, the first period was bad defensively, but was made much worse by inept net minding… He got slightly better as the game wore on, however… Very poor performance by LT tonight.

  8. Richie-Rich

    I’m starting to believe that we should have kept Quick and moved Thompson. I am not quite there yet, but the thought has come to mind.

  9. TS

    Vegas, we have a problem…..

  10. Pistol Pete

    AHL stats:

    Patera: 74 games-GAA 2.94–SV% .907
    Saville: 22 games–GAA 2.46–SV% .919

    Far fewer games for Saville however his numbers are way better. He was good again last night vs. Bakersfield: 2 GA–31/33. He’s also up to 207 lb. (6’1″). One wonders what Burke thinks. Less experienced than Patera but could be more talented.

    • THG Sux

      Over 70 comments and probably 2/3 are about politics and other shit irrelevant to hockey. Fucking pathetic.

  11. JB

    Nothing positive to say. A bunch of PP chances and just one goal. LT didn’t look good at all. Well, this stretch has to end sometime. Doesn’t it?

  12. ThG

    all minus threes, marty on ice for first three of four goals. LT gave up two soft goals, one bouncing puck, one he didn’t see, and a big fat rebound on goal number five.

    Team looks mentally and physically tired. Coach is jumbling up hit D pairs.

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    • TS

      Thg, Is that a anyting like Genocide Trump, who sat back for months, denying Covid was a problem, as tens of thousands of Americans died a horrific death?? You know THAT GUY?? Now THAT was Genocide, mister!!
      OR is he the guy who spread the BIG LIE, conspired, planned and incited the insurrection to overturn the Fair and Legal Election?? THAT guy??
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      • knights fan in minny

        more died under mumbles joey did you forget

        • TS

          Well, he inherited the mess that Trump left behind, after all. Trump was derelict in many duties as POTUS, but his lethal Covid Denialswere Genocide for Americans everywhere. Trump refused the normal Transition that ALL POTUSES have done for the incoming POTUS. Biden’s team was intentionally left in the dark about ALL things that he should have been informed of in that Transition Period. Trump left a trail of sickness and death. He hosted multiple events on the frigging WH lawn during the worst of Covid, and he also held MASS Covid Spreader Campaign rallies across America, when thousands were sick and dying! ( how many ended up DYONG because of Trump’s Super- Spreaders??) Trump made a point of spreading Covid everywhere! He got Covid, left the hospital still sick, gave his SS agents Covid as they rode in the Limo with the SICK man— he spread Covid to his OWN supporters, for God’s sake!! Did Trump care?? HELL NO. He intentionally infected alllll those rally- goers, as the madness followers yelled ” Heil, fuhrer”!!
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          • knights fan in minny

            how about another dm cuomo putting covid old people in the nursing home with well people how did that work trump sent the hospital ship to ny and it was refused because it was trump

          • TS

            Cuomo was Also derelict. Dereliction has no color, minny. Any human can do dangerous, deadly things. This is not about Party
            This was about disease and death, and how our ” leaders ” responded and dealt with it. Trump did NOTHING for months as COVID ravaged Americans everywhere. Cuomo ignored those extremely vulnerable Senior centers, which was ALSO derelict, and he paid the price with his Ouster
            Just as Trump paid the price in his 2020 loss!

          • David T

            Man, do you listen to yourself? To your incessant ranting? This as a VGK blog, not your X feed. Stay on point with hockey and stop trying to incite anger with your political jabs and insults. Stay focused on HOCKEY!

        • ThG

          correct KFIM

          that is why his own liberals are labeling him as GENOCIDE Joe, Trump fast tracked the VAX for covid, and BIDEN even had the VAX still more people died under Biden than Trump in same time frame . Biden also botched up another VAX roll out when he was supervising it as VP under Obama. Anyone blaming Trump for this is clearly brain damaged. Mental case.Delusional , Suffering from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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      • knights fan in minny

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      • Nunya

        Can we just stick to Hockey!?!? Seriously got to X, Reddit, Facebook, etc. with your politics, pride crap, etc. I do not come… yeah yeah you have freedom of speech, take that freedom to your Republican and Demoncrat echo chambers.

        • Tyler Durden

          Nope. This is the content that Ken wants.

        • David T

          Exactly. TS is suffering from TDS. He needs to take Midol and chill out. As for the VGK, they need to solve their goalie problem. Thompson is not cutting it.

          • TS

            David, all the political Bs started several years ago, when Thg chose to HATE the ” others”. He has blasted HIS politics for years. I just decided to give it BACK. I did not start this bs, but i’m.not going to continue being bashed by a stra ger who doesn’t even know me. Maybe you agree with him, that’s why you refuse to call him out for the same crap…Trumper, tyler??.it would make sense….

          • TS

            Davis, I am way past the Midol stage, but I AM a woman who knew what a corrupt man Trump was years before his Potus term. He has been corrupt his entire adult life. How he duped the Republican voters is as deranged as how he duped New York City for decades
            But, thanks for the Midol!!

          • TS

            Btw, david: I congratulate your remission!! No harm, no foul. I’m happy for you.

    • TS

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      • knights fan in minny

        you have to stop listening to chicken little the sky is falling remember when phony al said florida would be completely under water still waiting

        • TS

          Minny, the destruction.of Earth will not happen overnight. Be realistic. Did you know that the ocean waters off Florida were SO hot this summer that there was a mass die- off of coral and animals?? That is a taste of the near future. Islands across the Globe are now underwater, entire populations forced to relocate. Did you notice how massive wildfires are now? How fresh water and food is more scarce in many countries? Has anyone noticed??? I HAVE, AND I CARE. Trump flat out told scientists to theor faces at the WH, that he doesn’t believe them or their Climate Crisis!! Trump always thought he was a Genius. That “only HE can fix it”
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          • David T

            Please. Go fishing or something. You’re a walking, talking, mouthpiece for the left. Nobody cares. This is the wrong blog for that.

      • knights fan in minny

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        • TS

          ” bath house obama”?? Really, must you stoop to Thg’s level?? Come on….

        • ThG

          correct KFIM

          you can’t talk to these people, when you present them with real facts; their faces cloud over like indoctrinated fascist nazis. They counter with brain washed “talking points” that have nothing to do with the facts thrown into their faces. They spin and twist with bull shit. FACT Biden signed EOs in his first two month targeted the domestic US energy industry.

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          They have made over 50 predictions, and they were all WRONG !

          • ThG

            and there is more !!

          • David T

            You will never convince the left that they are wrong… about ANYTHING. They are mindless drones that continue to drop in intelligence with each generation. Now we have Gen Z. What a joke.

          • TS

            Are those the ” alternate facts” hat WH Kelly talked about?

          • TS

            Hey, thg, did you do your homework and Google ” Fascist” yet?? Look closely, you’ll see Trump’s name listed as examples, along with Putin, Mussolini and Hitler. ( HOW very curious that Trump now uses that name to describe the ” others”…master projector, he is that.

      • TS

        Btw: all those pricey oceanfront properties across America have seen their ice of the beach disappear with time. Many of these homes are now being flooded and destroyed in the increasingly more devastating storms we see every year. Storms stronger, winds stronger, drought more widespread, fires more damaging, weather more extreme everywhere. Mass extinctions sure to follow. Do we really have time for APATHY??

        • TS

          ..slice of the beach. Not ice..

        • knights fan in minny

          you dont mess with mother nature weather will do what ever it wants have you walked out side and passed out from the air if you haven’t what’s the problem liv your life stop worrying about things that are out of your control

          • David T

            So true. Hell, I just was told today that my throat cancer is in remission. I stayed positive, knowing that some things are out of my control. Too many good things in life to focus on. If he’s worried about the weather, let him live 1 day in my shoes and he’ll realize how trivial his concerns/fears are.

    • TS

      The election was 3 1/2 years ago!! Get over it, already!

  13. Tim

    We looked slow last night compared to the Quackers. Tonight it’s l.A.’s turn to take us to the woodshed. I have confidence sooner or later we will get off 47 points I’m a little tired of looking at that number.

  14. Bobby

    Trade deadline moves. Time to shake the tree a little. You may not like one of the moves.

  15. knights fan in minny

    i guess the boys did not get the message the season started again how come logan did not get the hook after the first

  16. TS

    Other news: Toronto may be courting MAF soon. Could another move be in the works for the 39 yr old? Here I thought he’d be retired by now, yet he’s still relevant!

    • knights fan in minny

      i know he won’t be here next year the keeper we have in the ahl is suppose to be a can’t miss goalie flower is playing pretty good right now toronto you say that’s interesting minny is playing well now i dont see it happening but you never know

  17. ThG

    what the real experts are saying, and we are not talking about a teenager named Greta who doesn’t know squat ,about, well squat.

    What We Really Know About Climate Change
    By Peter J. Wallison | Benjamin Zycher

    Law & Liberty

    September 20, 2021

    The sixth Assessment Report (AR6) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) continues a long history of alarmist predictions with the deeply dubious statement that human-caused climate change has now become “irreversible.” President Biden and many others have called climate change an “existential threat” to humanity; and Biden claimed in his inaugural address to have heard from the Earth itself “a cry for survival.”

    Hurricane Ida also has brought new claims about the dangers of climate change, but those assertions are inconsistent with the satellite record on tropical cyclones, which shows no trend since the early 1970s.

    Yet the headline on the front page of the New York Times of August 12, 2021 was: “Greek Island Burns in a Sign of Crises to Come.” The accompanying article, continuing the multi-year effort of that newspaper to spread fears about climate change unsupported by evidence, argued that this was “another inevitable episode of Europe’s extreme weather [caused] by the man-made climate change that scientists have now concluded is irreversible.”

    Almost every word in that sentence is either false or seriously misleading, continuing a multi-decade campaign of apocalyptic warnings about the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. Data on centuries and millennia of climate phenomena, constructed by scientists over many years around the world, show that the severe weather that the Times attributes to “man-made climate change” is consistent with the normal weather patterns and variability displayed in both the formal records and such proxy data as ice cores. In fact, there is little evidence that “extreme weather” events have become more frequent since 1850, the approximate end of the little ice age.

    Increasing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases have yielded detectable effects, but “scientists” in general have not, as the Times falsely stated, concluded that “extreme weather” is now “irreversible.” The statement itself comes from the “Summary for Policymakers” published as part of the most recent IPCC study of climate change; it is deeply problematic given the analyses and data provided in the scientific chapter (“The Physical Science Basis”) of the report to which the Times referred. Scientists disagree sharply about the significance of climate change and the analytic tools used to evaluate it, let alone whether it is “irreversible.”

    There has been no upward trend in the number of “hot” days between 1895 and 2017; 11 of the 12 years with the highest number of such days occurred before 1960. Since 2005, NOAA has maintained the U.S. Climate Reference Network, comprising 114 meticulously maintained temperature stations spaced more or less uniformly across the lower 48 states, along with 21 stations in Alaska and two stations in Hawaii. They are placed to avoid heat-island effects and other such distortions as much as possible. The reported data show no increase in average temperatures over the available 2005-2020 period. In addition, a recent reconstruction of global temperatures over the past 1 million years—created using data from ice-sheet formations—shows that there is nothing unusual about the current warm period.

    These alarmist predictions almost always are based upon climate models that have proven poor at reconstructing the past and ongoing temperature record. For example, the Times article implies that wildfires will increase in the future as the earth grows hotter. But there has been no trend in the number of U.S. wildfires in the 35 years since 1985, and global acreage burned has declined over past decades.

    Unable to demonstrate that observed climate trends are due to human-caused (anthropogenic) climate change—or even that these events are particularly unusual or concerning—climate catastrophists will often turn to dire predictions about prospective climate phenomena. The problem with such predictions is that they are almost always generated by climate models driven by highly complex sets of assumptions about which there is significant dispute. It goes without saying that the predictions of models that cannot reconstruct what has happened in the past should not be given heavy weight in terms of predictions about the future, but that is exactly what many analysts are doing.

    Extreme weather occurrences are likewise used as evidence of an ongoing climate crisis, but again, a study of the available data undercuts that assessment. U.S. tornado activity shows either no increase or a downward trend since 1954. Data on tropical storms, hurricanes, and accumulated cyclone energy (a wind-speed index measuring the overall strength of a given hurricane season) reveal little change since satellite measurements of the phenomena began in the early 1970s. The Palmer Drought Severity Index shows no trend since 1895.

    Rising sea levels are another frequently cited example of the impending climate crisis. And yet sea levels have been rising since at least the mid-19th century, a phenomenon unlikely to have been caused only by human activity. The earth has been warming due to both natural and anthropogenic causes, resulting in some melting of sea ice, and a thermal expansion of sea water; the degree to which rising sea level has been caused by man is unknown. And the current rate of sea-level rise as measured by the satellites is 3.3 millimeters per year, or about 13 inches over the course of a century. Will that yield a crisis?

    The data reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration show that temperatures have risen and fallen since 1850, with an overall upward movement of about 1 degree C for 1850 through 2020, with an overall upward movement of about 1 degree C for 1850 through 2020. The 1910-1945 warming—which was very roughly the same magnitude as that observed from the mid-1970s through about 2000—is of particular interest in that it cannot be explained by higher greenhouse-gas concentrations, which increased from 300 parts per million to 310 parts per million over that period. This reinforces the commonsense observation that temperatures result from some combination of natural and anthropogenic influences, but alarmist reports seldom if ever suggest that there is any cause of warming other than the latter.

    Changes in the extents of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice also raise questions about the importance of moderate warming. Since 1979, Arctic sea ice has declined relative to the 30-year average (again, the degree to which this is the result of anthropogenic factors is not known). Meanwhile, Antarctic sea ice has been growing relative to the 30-year average, and the global sea-ice total has remained roughly constant since 1979.

    It is important to recognize that the assumption of many politicians, environmental groups, media sources like the New York Times, and no small number of scientist-activists—that humans are the single most significant cause of climate change—is unsupported by the available science. Such an absence of evidence should produce humility among this group, but it seems to foster more alarmism. At the very least, it should make Americans think twice before embracing radical solutions to a supposed problem that may not be important.

    Much of the mainstream press has touted, loudly, the alarmist conclusions of the latest IPCC report—amusingly, the IPCC AR6 provides a “Headlines Statements” link to assist alarmist politicians and media—but that reporting has obscured its problems, very real and very large. The report concedes that the mainstream climate models on the whole overstate warming for any given set of parameters and assumptions, but it then relies on those models for predictions about the future.

    The report concedes as well that the most extreme among its alternative scenarios— “RCP8.5”—has a likelihood that “is considered low,” but then uses RCP8.5 more than any other scenario. The report pretends to measure separately the magnitudes of natural and anthropogenic warming, but in reality does not do so (see Figure SPM.2); instead, it assumes away natural influences, which are asserted to have an average effect of zero. The IPCC models in summary have only two important variables: greenhouse gases, which have a warming effect, and sulfate aerosols, which have a cooling effect. That is why the IPCC models cannot explain the warming observed from 1910-1945. IPCC assumes, but does not attempt to model, a zero effect of sunlight variation, volcanic eruptions, and other such natural phenomena.

    The fact is that we don’t understand all the elements in the complex climate system—the effects of clouds alone are understood poorly—and it is beyond irresponsible to adopt policies on the basis of flawed model projections that would slow economic growth in the US and elsewhere. That is a senseless and dangerous policy, which will only hurt people around the world who are striving to create better lives for themselves and their families.

    Peter J. Wallison is senior fellow emeritus at the American Enterprise Institute. His most recent book is Judicial Fortitude: The Last Chance to Rein in the Administrative State.

    Benjamin Zycher is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

    • knights fan in minny

      greta needs a toy you know what i mean

    • TS

      Thg, humans didn’t cause the climate crisis. They accelerated it with 100 years of toxic emissions from autos, factories, and burning all that Fossil fuel, which warms the Earth. This is cumulative through time…and now it’s time to REVERSE it. Humanity has the tools, the ability to do it. Humanity only needs the desire and commitment to saving our planet to halt, then reverse this. Key word: DESIRE
      Do you care about Humanity and our Planet?? I DO.

      • TS

        Ii am remi dedicated of the ” great flood” of the Bible. This flood was global. Historical accounts have been recorded across earth, during this time period, roughly 12,000 yrs ago. There is also a distinct layer of ash in geological layers across earth, which might hv been a meteor strike which burned the planet up. There have been global natural catastrophes through history. This current warming has accelerated dramatically by Human actions. Our Fossil Fuel Frenzy for over 100 yrs, poisoning earth. We didn’t create this mess, but we SURE as HELL have the duty, obligation to TRY to reverse the Warming! Do you want another global flood?? Are you willing to “stand back, stand by” as it happens?? We owe our descendents a healthy planet!!

      • knights fan in minny

        we all have to parish some time why worry about it

        • Tyler Durden

          @knights fan in minny,
          It’s “PERISH”, nor parish you dumbfuck. Keep displaying your ignorance.
          You people must make Ken so proud.

          • knights fan in minny

            fuck off you piece of shit loser turden

          • ThG

            more spin out and TDS on full display by resident Hater and KAren. Can’t read or comprehend extensive videos, links, articles by experts. Being brainwashed by fake media and climate cult is no way to go through life.

        • TS

          Minny, that is precisely why the planet is in trouble now— folks not caring, not concerned.Not lifetime, so why should I care? Apathy is not an option here.

      • In all due respect you guys and lady you will never solve the world problems on this hockey site or any other as far as that is concerned so let’s do our best to focus on hockey. True we may not know all the answers just like the world crises we are living in but it might be a more useful conversation. Most of the political, and other world problems are opinions and like everything else the are like assholes – everyone has one.

        • TS

          HD biker, I accept your compliment– at least you called me a lady. I’ve been called

          Wrll, i’m.not going to repeat Thg’s vile names
          Thank you for showing respect, whether we agree or not. You are a gentleman.

    • David T

      Who cares? I just was told I’m in remission from throat cancer. Climate change (an idiotic concept created by the left) is trivial compared to the very real threat I was facing. I could care less about their concern for the planet. They are elitists, flying private Jets, paying money to push their personal agenda onto the middle and lower middle class Americans.

    • TS

      But Trump doesn’t believe Scientists or experts. Unless…’s what HE wants to hear…

    • TS

      Thg, Do you think anyone reads your cut- and- paste 1000 word essays? Not an original thought by you, just post- it BS. You could at least post your own thoughts— or don’t you have any?

  18. Pistol Pete

    This season Marchy is running exactly at his career average .75 pts/game however he’s on an 82 game pace of 39 goals which would be a career high. Very reliable production. Not a point game like Eichel and not career .89 pts/game like Stone, but reliable, in fact his playoffs average is .76 pts/game.

  19. Even though Shea is nowhere near what would be considered a shutdown defenseman… his offensive talents and leadership on the power play is sorely missed… not to mention his vision on the ice to energize the transition game..petro is not the answer on the PP…ironically I’d rather have Whitecloud out there as is shot is clearly more accurate than petro…probably just a coincidence… but we have struggled a lot more since Korczak went down.. but as Cassidy alluded to …your last line of defense has to be stronger and help bail out mistakes that inevitably occur!!

  20. Jim

    LT’s crease technique simply does not fit the Vgk style of play… the Vgk Cassidy defensive structure works well with a goalie who is a butterfly guy with a big upper frame and blocks shots with less crease movement, like Hill, and it does not work as well for an athletic skinnier goalie who is a hybrid and does not look comfortable or effective in the butterfly technique, like LT.

    • knights fan in minny

      logan will be fine the boys are going through a rough patch they don’t have to win the division to make the playoffs

    • knights fan in minny

      why is it different from last year then?

    • ThG

      LT reaction time, mobility, and side to side is considerably slower than last year. Even the home team announcers mentioned he was “slow” (being kind away announcers) moving from one side to other on one of the quacks goals.

    • Niggles

      Logan is fine. He was injured recently and surely isn’t 100% so he’s not as effective. He will get there. Defense needs to step it up.

  21. Sorvino

    Potential trade targets for the VGK at trade deadline.

    I have tried to be reasonable. Not looking at 8 million plus dollar players however anything is possible if Martinez is traded to a team that would take on his entire salary or if a current high salaried player were to incur a serious regular season ending injury. I’ve included players from teams that are out of playoff spots or teams that are currently in the playoffs but not likely to sustain that like the Washington Capitals.

    Sean Monahan. Has had an up and down career but has had a resurgence in Montreal. He is a natural center but can also play on the wing which is a characteristic that the VGK front office values. Current cap hit is just 1.985 million and he is on an expiring contract.

    33 GP, 9 G, 11 A, 20 PTS

    Elias Lindhom. Calgary will try to resign him but if they can’t they will most definitely deal him. That organization will not want to lose him for nothing like they did with Johnny Gaudreau. Current cap hit is 4.985 million and he is on an expiring contract.

    36 GP, 8G, 15 A, 23 PTS

    Kaapo Kahkonen

    San Jose goaltender on expiring contract. Quite simply this is a goaltending depth trade scenario. This years Jonathan Quick. Current cap is 2.75 million and he is on an expiring contract.

  22. knights fan in minny

    what’s wrong with carrier is it the shoulder

    • ThG

      yes, upper body; he crashed hard , not once but twice into the boards in the last game he played.

  23. knights fan in minny

    third most points in the nhl get a grip people have another cocktail this team has enough pride in that locker room to steer the ship right

  24. ThG

    liberalism is surely a mental disorder, the guy doing his job will probably
    feel the pain; wait for it.

  25. Danny Gallivan

    fact—the Vgk went 11-0-1 in their first dozen games

    they have since then gone 10-10-4

    that is NOT Gary Bettman .500

    that is 10 wins and 14 LOSSES

    iow, it is a 41% pace.

    they have lost to Anaheim twice, Buffalo, Arizona etc

    they have been shut out 3 times, by backup goalies, AHL veterans

    they have given up 54 goals in those 14 losses, almost 4 per game.

    they have been outscored 54-25 in those 14 losses

    rough patch? more like terrible 2 months, worthy of non-playoff teams like SJ, Chi, Ott, Columbus, Anaheim

    if they play the same win % the rest of the 46 games, they will finish with 94 pts, which is right on the bubble of likely missing the playoffs

  26. ThG

    world juniors under way, let’s see how VGK prospects are doing.
    Sweden game today, VGK player got two assists.
    in win over Germany.

    Edstrum or Edstrom.

    yesterday Sapovaliv got a goal and assist , in win against Norway 8 to 1.


    Artu Karki was minus three with no points, he’s a D man, in 3 to 4 loss against Germany yesterday. Germany has been upping their game sending more talent
    to NHL in recent years.

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