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VGK Win A “Pete DeBoer Type Game” Against San Jose

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Last night, Pete DeBoer reached a milestone becoming the 28th coach in NHL history to amass 500 wins. He’s one of just seven active coaches to hit that number, but after the game, his focus was more on how his team got him number 500.

When I reflect back on the 500th win, I think what I’m going to like the most is that it was a Pete DeBoer type game. -Pete DeBoer

DeBoer has stood behind the bench of four different teams over his 15 years in the NHL and he’s always preferred the same style of play. A style that has led him to two Stanley Cup Finals, five conference championship appearances, and a .674 points percentage with the Golden Knights.

We didn’t give them a lot. I thought we smothered them, defensively we were really solid, we had the puck in the offensive zone and we looked dangerous all night. I just really liked how we played. -DeBoer

Last year, this smothering style was the hallmark of the Golden Knight’s game and helped lead them to the Jenning’s Trophy and a tie for the most points of any team in the league. But this year that type of game has been few and far between.

Vegas allowed the Sharks just 17 shots on goal, the second lowest shots against of the season, and San Jose mustered up just 1.14 expected goals, the least any team has generated against the Golden Knights this year.

According to, San Jose tallied just 13 scoring chances with six coming from high-danger areas. It’s just the third time Vegas has allowed six or fewer high-danger chances in a game, and the second time they’ve allowed fewer than 15 total chances.

Adding it all up, it meant win #500 for DeBoer. Now, if they want to give him the one thing missing from his coaching career (the Cup), they’ll have to start making that style of win a regular occurance. And against much better opposition.




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  1. Daryl

    Was PDB watching the same game as the rest of us? VGK played one of the worst teams in the NHL. SJS we’re without two of their best defenseman and they lost their starting goalie after the first period. Yet VGK still could not sustain any offensive pressure and the only way they could score was in transition. Defensively, they looked really good. For the most part RL wasn’t tested at all. He let in one goal he had no chance at stopping and was extremely luck on another when he out himself out of position, but overall, it was a good effort in the defensive zone. Once again, VGK failed to score on the PP. At some point, someone from the FO has to see that Spott is just not cutting it.

    Anytime you win, even against the worst teams, it’s a good win. And this was a much needed win. In order for VGK to make the playoffs they must win the games they should

    • I think that was like SJS’s 5th string goalie and he stood on his head to keep the Sharks in this game. Thankfully, The Walrus didn’t have to face that barrage of shots or VGK would have been down by 6 or 7 goals.

      The DeBoer style? What style is that? Inability to enter the zone and with difficulty getting through the NZ. A defense that has to rely on flipping the puck to center ice because they can’t pass it or skate it out on their own.

      And let’s not forget about the DeBoer power play.

      Go ahead DeBoer lovers, wallow in the absolute glory of defeating the lowly Sharks and their 5th string goalie.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    Congrats to PBD for 500 NHL win, not many coaches can say that !! And many more to come.

    Ignore the haters, they are clueless, “unsophisticated” and I hesitate to use the word fan. Haters would be more of useful term

    • SMH

      I am with you THG. The haters on this board are so deeply immersed in their hate for certain VGK personnel, that they are incapable of giving credit where it is due. I think that Ken’s quote (which uses facts by the way, and not subjective whining) says it all: “A style that has led him to two Stanley Cup Finals, five conference championship appearances, and a .674 points percentage with the Golden Knights.” If someone can’t support a coach with that type of track record, then they are indeed “unsophisticated”. Especially when you consider that their “Saint Gallant” has exactly 1 Cup final and 1 conference championship appearance in his first 9 seasons of NHL coaching.

    • I will continue to wallow in my “Unsophistacatedness” because I simply don’t think DeBoer has a clue. He’s ridden the coattails of previous coaches and rebuilds. I mean Foley is now into this roster for nearly $100 million dollars and DeBoer is struggling to even make the playoffs.

  3. Finally Finally Finally!

    VGK wins a DeBoering style game!

    This is something to cheer about?


    So, that makes VGK what in VGK-style games?
    1 and what?

    Wow, the over the top love for this guy is making me want to stick my fingers down my throat and heave.

  4. THE hockey GOD

    No one could credibly argue that America or the world are safer today, under President Biden and the Biden-Harris administration, than we were under Trump.

    • Daryl

      While you are 100% correct, none of that has anything to do with hockey and is completely useless

      But you should stick with politics over hockey. At least you aren’t completely clueless when it comes to politics

      • THE hockey GOD

        and all your posting is perverted stalking.

        go fuck yourself you loser hypocrite ! Exposed again. Yet you keep
        coming back for more.

        Putin = Hitler.

        • Daryl

          LMFAO Not only in a stalker, now I’m perverted also!!!! And then such language to go along with it. Someone needs their mouth washed out with soap. Ask trying to figure out what you exposed me as but I’ll keep working on that one

  5. Tim

    This Russian invasion has to ware on the Russian hockey players. Playing in North America with the freedom they have which they may not of enjoyed back home and to see what that nut job Putin is doing there torn between two worlds. They have to deal with Mother Russia and Mother fucker Putin.

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