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VGK Used 75 Different Forward Lines In Regular Season

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Hockey is easier when there’s continuity. Players who get to play with the same linemates tend to have more success than those that are bouncing all over the lineup. In many ways, this concept is the Golden Knights’ number one stated reason for not defeating the Dallas Stars in the playoffs this season.

This year the Golden Knights deployed 21 forwards and 13 defensemen in the 82 game regular season. They used 75 different line combinations and 26 unique defense pairs. The most commonly used line was Ivan Barbashev, Jack Eichel, and Jonathan Marchessault who played 43 games together while the most common D-pair was Brayden McNabb and Shea Theodore for 48 games, or every game Theodore played this year.

Michael Amadio played on 26 different lines in his 73 games this year while Nic Hague led all defensemen playing with nine different defense partners.

Lines Played OnNew Line (1 in X Games)Most Common
Amadio262.8Cotter-Karlsson-Amadio (16)
Stephenson243.1Cotter-Stephenson-Stone (24)
Howden213.4Howden-Roy-Kolesar (10)
Cotter203.8Cotter-Karlsson-Amadio (16)
Karlsson175.4Cotter-Karlsson-Amadio (16)
Kolesar136.1Carrier-Roy-Kolesar (20)
Roy116.4Carrier-Roy-Kolesar (20)
Stone105.6Barbashev-Eichel-Stone (16)
Dorofeyev104.7Dorofeyev-Karlsson-Amadio (13)
Marchessault99.1Barbashev-Eichel-Marchessault (43)
Carrier94.3Carrier-Roy-Kolesar (20)
Brisson91.7Brisson-Karlsson-Marchessault (4)
Mantha72.6Dorofeyev-Karlsson-Mantha (8)
Barbashev613.7Barbashev-Eichel-Marchessault (43)
Denisenko51.05 Different Lines Onces
Eichel512.6Barbashev-Eichel-Marchessault (43)
Froese53.2Rondbjerg-Froese-Kolesar (7)
Hertl51.2Stephenson-Hertl-Dorofeyev (2)
Rempal51.8Morelli-Froese-Rempal (4)
Morelli42.3Morelli-Froese-Rempal (4)
Rondbjerg45.0Rondbjerg-Howden-Kolesar (8)

The 75 separate lines the Golden Knights used this season is not even close to the most they’ve ever deployed. In 2021-22 Pete DeBoer used 108 different lines including 25 players.

Chandler Stephenson’s 24 lines in 75 games is surprising considering his standing in VGK’s top-six. His linemates were constantly shifting into the postseason as well as he played on four different lines and swapped from wing to center with the same linemates in another game. Contrast that to the 16 lines he played on in 81 games last season and it’s not terribly surprising his production dipped.

Grigori Denisenko’s five different lines in five games made him the first Golden Knight since the inaugural season to play every game of the season on a unique line.

Pairs Played WithNew Pair (1 in X Games)Most Common
Hague98.1Hague-Whitecloud (38)
McNabb810.3McNabb-Theodore (48)
Martinez69.2Martinez-Pietrangelo (39)
Pietrangelo610.7Martinez-Pietrangelo (39)
Hutton66.8Hutton-Whitecloud (13)
Whitecloud415.3Hague-Whitecloud (38)
Korczak38.7McNabb-Korczak (18)
Pachal35.7Hutton-Pachal (12)
Hanifin29.5Hanifin-Hague (14)
Miromanov22.0McNabb-Miromanov (3)
Theodore148.0McNabb-Theodore (48)
Bjornfot11.0Bjornfot-Hague (1)
Cormier11.0McNabb-Cormier (1)
*Note: VGK used 7 defensemen in one game, this game is not counted amongst the stats

In addition to playing all 48 regular season games with the same partner, Theodore was also partnered with McNabb in each of the seven playoff games. In fact, Theodore has played with McNabb in every single game he’s been available since Bruce Cassidy became the Golden Knights’ head coach. The last time Theodore played with a different partner was March 26th, 2022.

Alec Martinez and Alex Pietrangelo played most of their games together, but nearly half the season one or the other was out injured. That led to each of them playing with five different partners or nearly a new partner once every 10 games. Like Stephenson, there’s a strong argument for both as to why statistically 2023-24 was not either of their best season.

**To see the entire history of the VGK’s lines, click here.**

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  2. Vic

    How does the 75 different line statistic compare against the other teams?

    • Emmanuel

      That was the first question that popped in my mind. Also its assumed “continious” lines are better, why not match customized lines at home?

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    Must have been during the injury plague….

  4. Ken, my man – you have way to much time on your hands. Not sure any of the info makes one bit of difference in how the season turned out. One goal and Dallas would have been eliminated in first round and both Marchy and Eichel had the chance. A couple of stupid penalties by a veteran defenseman didn’t help – of course this is all history as not sure had they beat Dallas they could have beaten Edmonton. I know a number of posters on here believe Eichel to be an equal to McDavid but after what he has done in the last couple of games they might think differently by now. Let us know when they resign Marchy!!!!! It’s going to be real interesting when Edmonton wins tomorrow night. It would be nice to see Lord Stanley back in Canada where it all started since Vegas is not in the picture.

  5. JB

    There’s no question that McDavid has taken over the series . I’m not sure that means they will win the series. Game six is still an elimination game for them, not for Florida. A couple mistakes by Edmonton and it could be over?

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