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VGK TV Ratings Through The Roof On New Scripps Sports Channel

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

When the Golden Knights announced their new TV deal with Scripps Sports, there were many questions from the fan base. From streaming to over-the-air to cable, you name it, fans in Vegas were concerned with how they’d be able to watch their favorite team play.

A little more than a month into Scripps’ first season, every single one of those questions has been answered and the new deal has been a smashing success.

Scripps Sports is available to every household in the valley via the over-the-air signal, it was picked up and activated by all cable providers before the first preseason game, and the new streaming service, KnightTime+, launched and worked out any kinks well before Opening Night.

Simply put, it’s good to be a Golden Knights fan, and they are proving it.

According to a recent press release from Scripps, ratings for the first five locally broadcast Golden Knights games are up 135% compared to VGK games on ESPN and TNT last season.

The reigning NHL Stanley Cup champions are drawing an average 8.5 household rating in Las Vegas, according to Comscore data. The Golden Knights games, which broadcast on Scripps’ new independent station Vegas 34 (KMCC), were played on Oct. 12, 14, 17, 19 and 21. The highest-rated game was Oct. 21 against Dallas (10.5 rating). -Scripps Press Release

For comparison sake, in 2017-18, VGK’s inaugural season, they had an average rating of 1.87. The numbers started off much higher with an early preseason game pulling a 5.0. Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final that year delivered an 11.1 rating. Yes, that’s right, a random regular season game against Dallas a few weeks ago almost matched one of the most historic games in the history of this sport.

The numbers jumped significantly in Year 2 to an average of 3.4. The highest game that year was a Tuesday night affair with Buffalo that drew a 4.7. In the playoffs, the Golden Knights vs Sharks series capped out at 11.1.

No matter how you slice it, the Golden Knights have become can’t-miss TV every single night on Scripps Sports. Obviously, you can thank the giant banner hanging in the rafters that says Stanley Cup Champions on it, but you can also thank Scripps Sports, who have made VGK games easier than ever to watch.




VGK Gearing Up For “Difficult Weekend Of Hard Hockey”




    • Jeff

      Over the Air? Is that free? What channel am I looking for. i.e. Fox is 5-1, NBC is 3-1.

      • Hockey nuts


      • THE hockey GOD

        yes it’s free. But you have to pay for one time fee for TV antenna. And it’s listed as 34.1, if you get it. If you live in apartment or beehive , you must pray that the reception is good.

        • Emmanuel

          Just moving the antenna a few feet can make a difference. Near a window is best.

        • Don

          Reminiscent of good ol rabbit ears. Move it around a little bit and you can see huge changes in reception. I go from nothing to perfect just moving our crappy little flat antenna around a bit.

        • Donald Huey

          Why is Dish no longer broadcasting Scripps Sports Network?

  2. THE hockey GOD

    i wonder how numbers compare to when the Lost Vegas loser Raiders
    are on local channel, Fox , I believe.

    That would be an interesting comparison to make. Or the Last Vegas (fat) Ace$$
    if they ever get on local TV.

    • RandomMelon

      The Aces also have a channel dedicated for themselves. They actually got it before the knights did.

      If I remember right, it’s one channel fives. Something like 5.2 or 5.3

  3. Henderson Knights

    the AT&T coverage was terrible. remember after an exciting game they would switch to the faces of the announcers and would completely ignore the 3 star selections going on in the background.

    • THE hockey GOD

      hknights, my favorite moment was when all the staff , in year one, was wishing each other a Merry Christmas, but when the “meet the quota” interviewer ALYSON, refused to say MERRY CHRISTMAS. It was pretty obvious why. By the way, Stormy was the best, Alyson second best (she is with AnaSlime now).

      Speaking of religion.

      It Took 34 trillion watts of ultraviolet radiation to color the Shroud of Turin
      Posted May 30th, 2019 by Calendar For Life & filed under Christian, Faith.
      The Shroud of Turin, revered by Catholics as the sacred burial cloth of Our Lord in His tomb, is considered by some to be a hoax or forgery. Scientists who’ve examined it, however, understand that what caused the image to form on the cloth can’t be reproduced with the current state of science.

  4. THE hockey GOD

    it’s official, after today’s White House remarks on pausing in Israel (note
    they didn’t ask for “pause ‘ in UK -Putin war), blocking the House bill
    for aid to Israel saying it’s dead on arrival, and now this news breaking


    The Demopedophile party is official now the Neo Nazi, anti Semitic Party.
    Make no mistake about it, they are catering to their voter base. Shame, shame
    shame after the most Hebrews are killed in single attack by the cretin Iranian
    backed local crazy haters since the Holocaust.

    Anyone supporting these nazi’s at this point in time is purely evil.

    • TS


      • THE hockey GOD

        typical lib tard comment, can’t deal with the facts and truth, and want to
        act like third world dictator and suppress free speech

        seems to me like you are in the HAMAS and anti Semitic camp, since you
        can’t handle the fact that your party has been exposed as being sympatherizers. They are doing much like Hitler and Nazi’s did. Or did you forget your history from the 1930s. No different now. The facts fully support this. The squad says so. As well as Jeffries. And you are member of this party ?
        Shame on you.

        • knights fan in minny

          this is a hockey site agitator is that so hard to understand

          • THE hockey GOD

            this is a free speech forum, is that so hard to understand ???

            and hockey is politics, the two are intertwined. From days of Russia = canadian summit series, to all the bull shit woke crap that the NHL
            shoves down our throats, to the far left wing ESPN TV broadcasts, etc etc etc.

            If you don’t think hockey is intertwined with politics than you all are clearly walking around in a coma.

        • Glenn

          Whoever wrote this article is a complete idiot ..scripps sports is garbage it ONLY WORKS IN VEGAS WHEN OVER AIR. Henderson the lakes Summerland pahrump can’t get the signal we have to but the knighttime app (yesvi said HAVE TO BUY..att sport picked up everwhere scripps is a joke just a scam to make people spend money that we don’t have on cabel or satellite or buy app it’s a joke this team should be shown free for EVERY RESIDENT IN NEVADA not just calrk County…. it’s all about money buy the app or cable to watch the game but sure as hell wpnt get it over air unless your clark county only !!!!!!!
          This bull crap article should be removed

    • TS

      This is NOT the time for false, dangerous accusations against fellow Americans, dude. You are a SICK man. Do NOT spread your DANGEROUS HATE-FILLED BULLSHIT here. You are NOT WELCOME to attack the ” OTHERS” with the HATE you carry… the ” OTHERS” have had ENOUGH. Put your big boy pants on and JUST STOP.

      • THE hockey GOD

        you have exposed yourself as operative of the anti Semitic
        demopedophile neo nazi party.
        Their actions out them.
        And your complicity is pretty evident.

        And this IS THE TIME to expose your real agenda.

        • TS

          Slander and libel AGAIN, THG?? DO YOU KNOW ME??? FUCK, NO!!

          • THE hockey GOD

            TS your posts out you,

            Pretty evident WHO you are. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

          • THE hockey GOD

            crazy KAREN person
            once again posting hate and garbage,
            after being exposed as democratic party sympathizer who has many neo Nazi antisemtic people in it. Can’t handle the truth.

            Mathew 12. 30
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            Luke 11 23
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            I stand with Jesus and Israel, you on other hand with your opposition to my posts and their message, stands against me. Your evil reeks, and Jesus will judge the neoNazi anti Semitic doers on judgement day. Be prepared, because it is obvious some people are not. Siding with Satan , the Devil, and evil.

        • TS

          MY agenda is simply to STOP THE MADMAN FROM HIS

          • THE hockey GOD

            you are the mad one, I am voice of reason.
            You on other hand can not even say anything about
            the current Nazi party, which says more about you than me.

            You can not stand free speech, and you call me names ? And then say
            I libel you? As usual you are delusional, just like the guy support
            in the WH.
            You sound like the madmen making war on Israel.
            Take your hate elsewhere, it won’t fly here.

            You have been outed.

  5. GMax

    Couldn’t find the game on my in-laws dish network feed last night. Anyone know what channel it comes through on Dish?

    • THE hockey GOD


      I found this on internet

      By way of a new multiyear deal with Scripps Sports, the team will broadcast 69 regular-season games and the first round of the playoffs on Vegas 34. The channel replaces AT&T SportsNet-Rocky Mountain after six years. AT&T was a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery, which ceased all business with regional sports networks at the end of last season.
      VGK 2023 Season Preview

      Longtime friends and VGK goaltending tandem Adin Hill and Logan Thompson are ready to run it back
      Vegas Golden Knights’ ‘Original Misfit’ William Karlsson will continue to be a key factor
      VGK forward Ivan Barbashev looks to build on the crucial role he played last year
      New ways to watch the Golden Knights this year
      How the Vegas Golden Knights’ four championship cornerstones could be even better this season
      Eight key games to watch during the VGK regular season

      Vegas 34 can be found on DirecTV channel 34, Cox channel 38 and DISH channel 32.

      Vegas 34 will be unavailable on cord-cutting options like YouTube TV, Fubo and Hulu. But fear not; the Golden Knights created KnightTime+ as an alternative for fans without traditional television providers

  6. JV

    At least on Scripps, you aren’t forced to suffer through Leah Hextall calling a game. I have NHL Center Ice (69.99 for the season). It was weird still getting the TSN feed from Canada last night since Center Ice usually blacks out VGK games.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Lean and girl from ESPN , Emily, are both wierd.

      I suppose they are taking a job away from a man who has a family, and children to feed, and vastly more qualified than these two clowns. But woke ESPN, the haters that they are, could care less.

      • TS

        Why do you detest women so much? Your remarks are soooooo derogatory, soooooo nasty. “WOMEN are a WASTE of good money and have ZERO PLACE IN SPORTS”, is a NASTY MAN’S HATE FOR ALL WOMEN..
        ” Women belong in the home, NOT out there in the REAL world, STEALING JOBS FROM MEN”— is that your MOTTO??
        JUST WHAT ERA ARE YOU LIVING IN?? Absurd, CAVEMAN, as usual.

        • THE hockey GOD

          once again don’t put words in my post that aren’t there, you make yourself look like a presumptuous ass. Which based upon your spin out and many KAREN like posts here, you clearly are.

          I detest the woke culture that promotes people based upon “identity politics”, and not based upon their ability.

          It’s a very simple concept, but one that seems to completely something that you can’t wrap your wherewithal around.
          Which says more about you, than me.


          • TS

            SEZ ME

          • TS

            Does GOD know how much HATE you carry around in your miserable life??? I BELIEVE HE DOES. YOUR JUDGEMENT DAY IS CLOSER THAN M-I-N-E, Mister— BEST YOU RECONCILE WITH HIM BEFORE SATAN GET HOLD OF YOU!!

          • THE hockey GOD

            Crazy TS Alert
            crazy KAREN person
            once again posting hate and garbage which is a reflection on you and your hate,
            after being exposed as democratic party sympathizer who has many neo Nazi antisemtic people in it. Can’t handle the truth.

            Mathew 12. 30
            “Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me.

            Luke 11 23
            ““Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

            I stand with Jesus and Israel, you on other hand with your opposition to my posts and their message, stands against me. Your evil reeks, and Jesus will judge the neoNazi anti Semitic doers on judgement day. Be prepared, because it is obvious some people are not prepared. Siding with Satan , the Devil, and evil. That says even more about your beliefs.

          • knights fan in minny

            your only on this site for one thing to irritate people still waiting for the fbi thg the nauseating

  7. There is only 1 difference between the broadcast channels that I care about…on AT&T they would rebroadcast the game the next day as well unless it was a back to back affair…Scripps being a non-sports affiliated broadcast partner only shows a replay usually around 11pm..which doesnt work very well for those of us that have jobs!

    • THE hockey GOD

      you are killing me Larry, go up to attic and get that Beta machine out, or is it VHS. And hit the auto record button, five times ! Make sure you don’t tape over your wedding or bar, oh never mind.

  8. Bobby

    After six years spending $3000 or more for AT&T sportsnet access, and 500+ channels I never watched anyway, what a RELIEF to have channel 34 free VGK broadcasts!!! A “MaxHD”antenna stick from the thrift store, (total investment 2 dollars) my Sony tv never looked better. Thank you Mr. Foley!!!

    • DL

      Bobby, please tell me/us more about this MaxHD Antenna Stick, and from a thrift store of all places. I’ve been through a few antennas from Amazon and get the same poor results. Vegas 34.1 has an extremely weak signal and the games come in very choppy if at all.

  9. Diggles

    Knighttime+ app on smart TV has been awesome for my family here in California! You can replay games anytime you like, plenty of pregame and post game talk, and it was only $60 for the entire season! Cheaper than a UFC fight PPV and much more entertaining. Go Knights!!!

  10. Tim

    If you don’t have channels 34 like we don’t have a fire stick and watch on streaming TV. Sometimes we get our announcers sometimes the other teams announcers. We have 2 TV’s and we pay 80 dollars every 6 months for our fire sticks and get everything you get on Cox, Dish, Direct TV and pay 150 or more a month been there done that but not anymore. Tonight I hope we get our announcers because there’s nothing worse then the Colorado Announcers believe me they are so one sided it sickening. Some team announcers are not as biased but I’ve found Colorado and Florida the worse.

  11. THE hockey GOD

    “Dems are AmOEBA blah blah blah Dems think for themselves”
    The nazi party followers said the same thing, and after the war they all got their just rewards. Every post you make, you dig yourself a deeper hole. And you say you are or were a history teacher ?

    As far as thinking for themselves, dems are zombies, goose stepping following orders like good little nutzis from herr biden and herr pelosi.

    It is known.

    • knights fan in minny

      the nauseating king strikes again this is a hockey site clown boy

      • THE hockey GOD

        and yet the forum continues to comment on non hockey items, so much for you and your girlfriend, crazy Karen posts. None of which are about hockey.

        wake up !

        • knights fan in minny

          you started the non puck comments dumb ass

          • THE hockey GOD

            “you started ..blah blah blah”

            hockey is politics, and your posts today are not about hockey

            so what is your point , again ? you can’t have it both ways.

        • TS


    • TS

      Wrong again. I was NOT a history teacher. But I know my German History. And believe me, I am NO Neo- Nazi. My mother, as you know, was a survivor of WW2, in West Berlin. I am a loyal American. And YOU?? You have been an INSTIGATOR. Just what does all your HATE and INCITEMENT TO RAGE do for America???

      • THE hockey GOD

        instigator ?
        I am not an instigator, another spin out; by karen whiner
        and spinner. You are
        trying to avoid that fact that you are complicit
        in same party as nazi anti Semitic , haters, and like after the war; we all know what happened to them when justice was served. And yet you remain a member of this party and can’t even come out and say that . You don’t know history, liar.

        shame on you.

  12. TS


    • knights fan in minny

      ts he is a nauseating piece of shit the day you pushed back on his political beliefs you hurt his feelings so he needs to attack you all the time it makes him feel like a big man he needs to grow up and be a human but we know that will never happen enjoy th big game tonight it should be good

      • TS

        Thanks for the post, Minny. IDK why he is so threatened by smart, informed women, but I feel sorry for him . My guess is he had an childhood teacher who called out his NASTY NATURE, and now he’s getting his ” REVENGE and RETRIBUTION” against ME!! He must have been a real piece of work as a kid growing up, to be so damn hateful now.

        • knights fan in minny

          mommy issues maybe

        • knights fan in minny

          dropped on his head as a kid maybe ate paint chips as a kid he is beyond help

          • TS

            …always get a laugh when you comment!! Enjoy the game tonight!

          • THE hockey GOD

            the people in Middle East aren’t laughing
            the people in Ukraine aren’t laughing

            Joe has put the world on fire, and all you clowns come up with are insults, spin out, and not addressing the real issues at hand.

        • THE hockey GOD

          smart and informed is far far far far away from truth based upon
          all your lame posts

          ego maniac, nazi sympathizer, karen
          whiner is more like it

          revenge against you ? You are the one who started this bull shit because
          you hate free speech, then you spin out with more bull shit, followed yet again by more bull shit.

          That’s all you have : whining, complaining, insulting, bull shit, spin more spin, and bull shit. That means , in summary, you stink.

          • TS

            Hey, smart guy— google” PROJECTION”, definition
            You will see EXACTLY WHAT Y-O-U do constantly!!

            ” I’m not an Instigator”, says the MADMAN. Google it, mister…

          • THE hockey GOD

            TS only person deluded here is you
            because you can’t handle the truth, and yet another in long line of bull shit posts about nothing.

    • THE hockey GOD

      only hate here is you and your nazi buddies in the party you belong too

      all you do is whine and whine some more, typical liberal that can’t
      stand our constitution, free speech, liberty and justice for all.

      waaa waaa waaa, cry babies. Can’t handle the truth. You can’t counter anything I say, what does that say about you ? As a teacher you should know better.

      • knights fan in minny

        blah blah the whiney bitch at it again

      • knights fan in minny

        instead of pissing and moaning on here gt out on the streets and drum up som new voters instead of boring us to death with your non hockey babble

      • TS

        How does one counter INSANITY??

      • TS

        Silly little man. We are ALL Americans. We ALL care about our country..DUH. You would argue with a ROCK!! Now, enjoy some HOCKEY. Thg. OH, SNAP, WE BOTH LIKE HOCKEY??? SAY IT AIN’T SO!! DWEEB….

        • THE hockey GOD

          yet another in long line of spin outs by the
          whiny Karen
          who can’t stand free speech or what Americans stand for, or our constitution. Exposing lack of understanding and ignorance, yet again.

          The fact remains, and more evidence coming out today as the squad is
          threatening to hold Biden accountable in 2024 for not supporting the squad’s nazi loving, and anti Semitic stance. The democratic party should kick out these clowns, but no. They tolerate them and their hate. As do people on this forum who can’t stand that fact that they have been outed. REal Americans are not Nazi sympathizers. So much , again, for you latest, bull shit post.

          Completely and utter decimated. Yet again.

          • knights fan in minny

            hey sybil when are you going to bring out your split personality arnold zifel brain

          • knights fan in minny

            whiney bitch the attacker

          • THE hockey GOD

            I like Arnold Ziffel, what’s wrong with Arnold Ziffel ?

            weren’t you the one who said
            Ken and Hockey God were same person??

          • TS

            Oh boy..Hey, lemme get your ROCK, thg..

        • knights fan in minny

          whiney likes to think he is king of the sin bin site

          • THE hockey GOD

            TS is the one whining here, try to get it right.

          • TS

            Minny, I like The ” Whiney” name! Dopey and Grumpy are already TAKEN, and so WHINEY it is!! ( he calls me Laren, better than Whiney!) What a DWEEB, he is!! lol

          • TS

            Minny, I’m convinced he’s a Russian Bot. He’s classic. Spreading this dangerous shit. Making enemies of many. Hating on anyone who challenges him. No insight, no humanity. A RUSSIAN BOT. Curious, when I posted my suspicions, he DID NOT RESPOND. He NEVER fails to attack in response, but NOT the BOT comment. Wonder WHY??

      • TS

        Seriously? Did you really just say that?Does your brain EVER process
        what comes out of your MOUTH. Dude??

        • THE hockey GOD

          Seriously? Did you really just write that?Does your brain EVER process
          what comes out of your posts here Karen ?

          • TS

            Thg, more childish behavior. Not surprised. Maybe you’re just a bored teenager, always looking to ROCK THE BOAT.. .you clearly enjoy calling others despicable names, falsely accusing others of unspeakable things, spewing inflammatory BULLSHIT on SINBIN. OR…MAYBE you’re a RUSSIAN POLITICAL BOT, INCITING AND SPREADING HATE IN AMERICA. YOU seem to be doing a lot.of THAT. SO, WHICH IS IT? WHO ARE YOU??

          • THE hockey GOD

            Seriously? Did you really just write that?Does your brain EVER process
            what comes out of your posts here Karen ? Same old bull shit from ego from arrogant egomanic calling themselves smart??

            just another stupid , self absorbed troll who has nothing better to do than troll people with bull shit posts.

      • TS

        Nope. Wrong. Again. The ONLY thing I object to is YOU and your constant HATRED for the ” Others”. Free speech is another of your default excuses, to justify your blatant attacks on ” others”. You use the very things that make our country great, and you SMEAR those freedoms with your attacks nd false accusations. YOU’RE STILL throwing around derogatory, libelous accusations, like Pedophile, Nazi sympathizer and worse. Yet you keep blaming others for your behavior and RAGE??
        These are the SURE signs of Mental Illness. Delusion, lies, false accusations, PROJECTION, Inflammatory rhetoric— ALL ON A HOCKEY SITE. YOU ARE A SICK MAN. WE ALL KNOW IT. Maybe i’m one of only a few who DARE challenge you, but SOMEONE has to CALL OUT YOUR HATE!

        • THE hockey GOD

          go troll someone else, you have nothing but hate and harassment, you can’t handle the truth and you go all ape shit, like a the typical whiny liberal that you are. Your large caps says it all.

          pretty obvious by your repeated trolling
          bull shit posts.

          Just another one is long line of smelly bull shit.

          • TS

            There you go again, PROJECTING. so Mature. So like you. The gift that keeps on giving. TRIGGERED, HUH??

  13. But on the hockey side of things which is why we are here…after 2 periods in Edmonton…Preds lead 4-2…go Preds go!!!…the more distance we can put between us and them the happier we will all be!!

  14. Oh by the way…Oilers lost 5-2!!

  15. THE hockey GOD

    “only on this site for one thing to irritate ”
    only people who are agitated are those that can handle the truth
    and can’t stand free speech, America, American constitution. And like
    to whine about it , aka KARENs

    shame on them

    • THE hockey GOD

      “only on this site for one thing to irritate ”
      only people who are agitated are those that can NOT handle the truth
      and can’t stand free speech, America, American constitution. And like
      to whine about it , aka KARENs

      shame on them

      • knights fan in minny

        your the one who starts it all bringing up politics on here when you know no on wants to here it youlove to start chaos on here you just wont admit it

        • THE hockey GOD

          no one is putting a gun to your head
          forcing you to read my posts or forcing you to reply to them

          • knights fan in minny

            your still the nauseating king

          • THE hockey GOD

            and you are still a harassing troll with nothing to offer here,

    • TS

      Whiney, find your pacifier and USE IT!!

      • THE hockey GOD

        all you have is hate and insults,

        people with a conscious would not post garbage like you do and completely ignore the fact that they are complicit with neoNazis in their party.

        Shame on you.

        • knights fan in minny

          so your saying you don’t post garbage are you mental just asking

          • THE hockey GOD

            no i post facts

            right now the DEMOCRATIC party is having a big problem with
            their Squad members, posing a major problem because they are
            clearly pushing the terrorists and spreading false information. As a matter of fact one of them faced a CENSOR vote in the HOUSE this

            They are clearly anti ISRAEL and pushing the anti Semitic HAMAS and IRANIAN agenda. They are NOT happy with the BIDEN proposed bill of sending BILLION$ to ISRAEL. They are NOT happy at all. Their supporters STORMED DC a few short days ago disrupting CONGRESS. Many were arrested. These party members include Ilan Oamr, a Somali HOUSE representative, who often X’s (formerly twitter) anti Jewish, anti Isreali, hate messages. Another is AOC who clearly supports “Palestinians (who really BTW weren’t really Palestinians historically until Yassfer Arafet called himself a Palestinians, when he really isn’t one. Palestine historically referred to Phillistines (who no longer exist as a people) and Romans named the area after them. Palestine) . AOC makes comments supporting the terrorists all the time. And yet another is Rahisda Taib, from Dearborne Michigan. A house Rep. who incited the DC riot with lies saying Israel IDF forces attacked a hospital in GAZA when clearly evidence showed that a local GAZA terrorist group fired it. And there is a video showing it, and they fired missiles from crypt behind the hospital. Then there is Biden WH called for a pause to placate the SQUAD.

            Make no mistake about it , the democratic mosslem voter base is the one calling for these policy changes. None of them voted for the HOUSEs bill for aid to Israel.

            Americans must wake up and see the enemy from within. Clearly these anti Semites are raising their voices. And Americans must now see that the democratic party harbors these neoNazi’s. And that is not something that true Americans never embraced. It’s time to hold the democratic party accountable for what is now being exposed. The neo Nazi’s within their ranks.

        • TS

          Does your brain know what your mouth is up to, dude?

          • THE hockey GOD

            TS does your brain know what you post here, Karen ?

        • TS

          Projection AGAIN?? Everything you accuse me of, is EXACTLY what YOU have done for YEARS! Are you really that SLOW of a learner?? Btw: your insults mean ZERO. you can’t BULLY me. Pick on your your BLOW-UP GIRLFRIEND!!

  16. This scenario could not have been drawn up any better …vgk putting lots of distance from the oilers!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      you are killing me Larry

      too early in season to be counting eggs, I mean chickens.

      Are the Canucks and Ducks for real ? Will Kracken survive their FO shake up of roster from last year.

      We know the Flames and Sharks are likely door mats.

  17. THE hockey GOD

    this is so sad, and it’s happening in america

    right now

    “Calls for violence against Jews rock DC amid massive pro-Palestinian protest
    The antisemitic graffiti calling for ‘Death to Israel’ was discovered as thousands of Pro-Palestinian protesters descended on Washington, D.C.”

    The rest of story is too painful to repeat here.
    Shame on these terrorist supporting people. Shame on them.

  18. We will experience our own doldrums during the course of the year for sure…but if you saw the looks of 29 and 97 on the bench as time was ticking away…they know they are in trouble…. early in the season or not!!


    HEY HOCKEY GOD…..where were you on January 6??? You seem like the perfect dumb ahole that would’ve been there. But you’re a pussy. No action, just weak words.

    Yeah yeah, free speech blah blah. This is a hockey forum you POS.

    And I thought you quit a few months back. Couldn’t keep your word. You are just like him.

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