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The Golden Knights have traded Reilly Smith to the Pittsburgh Penguins for a 3rd round pick.

The 3rd round pick is in the 2024 Draft. It is VGK’s original selection which was traded for Teddy Blueger.


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  1. THE hockey GOD


    no way.

    FO is committed to winning after all. But a third round pick is garbage.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    barby stays now

    • Pistol Pete

      I would think Barby is locked up. Looks like this deal was predicated on it. We’ll see.

      This is very interesting. Dorofeyev, Howden, Amadio, Cotter. Who does Karlsson center?

  3. Frank

    Sad to see Reilly go…. what a stint he had here with the VGK. Will be missed. Hout out to one of the OG Misfits…… However, suppose that’s how business goes and I assume that it now looks like we’ll take a run at signing Barbashev……

  4. B-Rad-Lee

    That may free up some cap to re-sign Barbie
    AFP Analytics has Barbie at 4 * $4.2M.
    We may be able to afford $5.5M

  5. knights fan in minny

    loved watching smitty and wild bill kill penalties a thing of beauty good luck to rieley

  6. Jailbird

    Very surprised, but not shocked. IF this keeps Barby here, then I think it was the right thing to do. Love Smity and his play those six years. He hit his cup here. Wish hothead best in Pitt! Cotter and/ or Pavo can slide in right there!

    • TS

      Funny…the HOTHEAD remark had me saying ” Huh???? SMITH, hothead???

  7. Jailbird

    That should have said: He got his CUP here. And Wish HIM the best in Pitt.

  8. Pistol Pete

    “McCrimmon will never ever trade Reilly Smith” I eat my words lol. Looks like Barbashev stays. The point of Barbashev being younger (4 yr.?)…good point.

    • Pistol Pete

      Sad to see Reilly go. Tickled thay he won a Cup. Did he ever deserve it.

      Starting to realize what a smart trade it was though. Could not see it coming lol. Kudos to those calling for it to keep Barby. Good call.

    • Richie-Rich

      PP-I called this one already and now I am hoping the other foot falls with a 3 to 5 year deal for Barby. This deal makes sense with Dorofeyev and Cotter both also ready to fill the forward ranks.

      Smith will be missed. I will also say that there will be some concern about filling his role on the PK and being a 200ft defensive forward.

      • Pistol Pete

        Good point on the PK R-R and a great call by you on Smitty!

        Will we begin to see Eichel on the PK. Don’t see why not. With his speed, movement and stick? I say yes.

        • Pistol Pete

          R-R, Cassidy will make sure all his forwards play the 200 ft. game. Thanks to him it’s a big piece of the VGK identity.

  9. A VGK Fan

    Wow i am in shock. Reilly was the man. he was a complete player for us and did all the dirty work. i am just glad he won a cup with us before getting traded. still wish he was able to retire a Knight

  10. Pistol Pete

    McCrimmon may have something other than Barby in mind. We’ll see.

    • Pistol Pete

      Nope it’s Barby. Five years younger than Smitty for the same money and heavier hitter. Not as good defensively, however Cassidy should be able to improve on that. As I mentioned above it will not surprise me if Cassidy gets Eichel on the PK.

  11. Carl

    Fuck me for saying it but I think this is a good move. Barby is more valuable in the long run. Or is Draisaitl fed up in Edmonton and wants out?

  12. Richie-Rich

    Pachal signs 2 year extension! Things falling into place!

  13. Emmanuel

    It was reported this AM that LT is also on the block.

    • Skip

      Man, I hope not. Not when you could attach a pick to Lehner and send him out.

  14. Richie-Rich

    Barby 5years, $25 million!

    Nailed it!

  15. Eric Thompson

    Well that absolutely sucks . But payment is due on the win now management model. And it did win is the Cup

  16. VGK fan

    Wow a 3rd round same as we got for Ryan Reaves!

  17. Jailbird

    Just look at it like we got a 3rd round and Barby for Smity.

    • VGK fan

      Looks like it was Smith for Blueger, we got the 3rd round pick back we sent out to get Blueger.

  18. Edy Gaudioso

    I am so sad that he’s gone. One of my faves. I wish it was done a lil later so Reilly can revel in the championship. Ik it’s business, but i dont know if Barby can fill those shoes; maybe a lil down the line to b his best and grow with team. I’m sure MARCHY is bummed as ALL VGK prob r, but those two have been teammates for quite a while. Smutty will b missed dearly

  19. Huge mistake – they just gave up half the best PK couple in the league and the second highest goal scorer on the club. There were older and less effective 5 mill players to shed.

    • Richie-Rich


      You can only be talking about Stone, McNabb or Martinez. Out of these 3 you might think Martinez due to his age, but he’s the #1 shot blocker in the league. McNabb? Always pretty solid.

      Smith was 4th in total points on the team.

      But, let’s take a look at where the VGK forwards rank across the entire league. For example, you don’t see a single Golden Knight skater in the top 44 forwards in terms of points. Jack Eichel ranks 45th in the league with 66 total points.

      Chandler Stephenson #50 with 65
      Jonathan Marchessault #101 with 57
      Reilly Smith #110 with 56

      Don’t get me wrong. Reilly Smith is a very good player with a few good years left in him, possibly 2 or 3 at age 32. He’s been in the league 12 years. We all hated to see him go.

      The FO has made a few missteps in the first 6 years for sure, but I think they have found a great coach who can take a bunch of very good players and be competitive on the ice. Just think, Bruce Cassidy didn’t have a single forward in the top 49 skaters and won the Stanley Cup in his very first season with the VGK.

      I see the potential negative aspects of this trade. Smith was always in the right place at the right time. Rarely turns pucks over and is very good on the PK, especially in the NZ. He will be missed.

      The positive? Smith wasn’t the type of physical forward that would take his game to the net. His performance was at times invisible during the season.

      He will always be a key part of our hearts, and is a Golden Knight Stanley Cup champion. Dorofeyev looks to be the next guy up to step into that role. Cotter and Barbashev are also two new skaters that are relatively young.

      • RR – yes, I agree, with all you posted, but I still stand by my original statement – huge mistake. Martinez missed most of last year when he got butcher by the skate – and yes he blocks shots – and yes he is 3 years older than Smithy – McNabb blocked a fair number of shots as I recall and was second to Martinez. My point was there was other ways to come up with the $$$ to sign Barby. Smithy wasn’t the flashy guy but always there when needed and a huge part in the locker room.

  20. RR – to your point Cassidy took a bunch of very good players and turned them into a TEAM that won the Cup. This goes along with what is necessary to win – TEAMS win individuals (Superstars) contribute but can’t do it alone – Edmonton is a perfect example of that. As you pointed out Vegas doesn’t or didn’t have but one forward in the top 50 which further points to the fact that TEAMs not superstars win the Cup. Vegas had few if any that were consistent go to the net type players until playoffs which was an issue pointed out all year long on this site and you are right that wasn’t Smity’s cup of tea. I guess we will see how things turn out – hopefully another winning year.

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