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VGK Shedding Cap Rumors Continue To Swirl

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights are not afraid to quickly erase their mistakes. As aggressive and encouraging as that is it usually ends up costing them a hefty price to do so.

Sort of like losing a deposit after terminating a timeshare you foolishly signed up for the day before. Of course, it sounded great at the time. The vacation club, the free drinks and lunch, the tour of the facility, heck they even threw in three free nights at Excalibur! How could you possibly say no to the guy pressuring you as if his life depended on your enrollment?!?

Now compare that to several notable subtractions made by the Golden Knights over the past few seasons.

It seems likely the Golden Knights will once again be wheeling and dealing for cap space this summer. Under their current situation, Vegas will need to rid themselves of several contracts this offseason.

It may be ridding themselves of contracts they recently signed (Martinez, Brossoit) one they traded for last Summer (Dadonov), or even a few that now look like overpays from the past (Karlsson, Pacioretty, Lehner). Whatever direction they head it won’t end well from a return on investment standpoint for the Golden Knights. Whether it be shipping expendable prospects, retaining salary, or most detrimental, trading away another draft pick with another unwanted player.

We’re not big into rumors here at and we don’t have much reason to believe either of these reports, but it’s hard to deny the fact that Martinez could be the next cap casualty for VGK.

The left-handed defenseman is 34, cost $5.25M and has limitations. Golden Knights fans are well-aware of the impact Martinez has had since his arrival in 2020. He added immediate leadership and intangibles that VGK desperately needed at the time. You could argue Martinez is paid in full to block shots. In that case, it was money worth spending. Sure, maybe a little too rich for his age and durability but the team found his services highly valuable. Less than a year after his inflated extension the Golden Knights are now in a position to move him.

Another potential cap casualty is a player the front office tried to move at the trade deadline. At age 33, Dadonov is another obvious choice to lop off for cap relief. It’s no secret Vegas would like to shed his contract based on their failed actions on trade deadline day. Now the front office can take their time to find a suitor willing to take on salary AND not on Dadonov’s no-trade list. Again, the departure will cost Vegas assets, making it another annual cap correction. It is possible teams would entertain adding Dadonov to their bottom-six but it’ll likely be a lopsided trade (probably worse than the one at the deadline that was voided).

With the late-season emergence of Logan Thompson, the Golden Knights will probably look to trim some fat off in net too. Assuming Robin Lehner has fully healed it’s much more likely they address backup than starter. Laurent Brossoit was signed last offseason to support Lehner as an experienced number two. Unfortunately, the front office paid too much for a position that should cost close to the league minimum. Brossoit could be shuttled out of Vegas for relief and create a backup position for Thompson. The Golden Knights would likely take a hit considering their backup is coming off surgery and is guaranteed $2.3M. Again, there’s a way to free up space but there will certainly be a tariff.

There are several other names you can throw into the mix. Maybe, the Golden Knights aim for cap relief and acquire desirable assets from another club. William Karlsson would be a possible target for teams searching for a second or third line center. Locked into a somewhat reasonable deal for another five seasons, other franchises could use Karlsson to upgrade down the middle of their lineup. More cap space and possibly a second or third round draft pick could heal some of the wounds. Of course it would weaken VGK’s center depth but that’s the risk when the team is constantly juggling the cap.

It’s also possible the Golden Knights are fearful of frivolously moving players because of another season marred by injuries. Last year they had months to address their cap stabilization but held tight and played the cap game every day of the regular season. In theory, they could do it again.

No matter which way they go, the roster on Opening Night won’t look like the one that took the ice for those fateful games down the stretch in 2021-22. And it won’t just be because of the new guy standing behind the bench.

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  1. Bobby

    Hopefully Lehner is at the top of the list.

  2. Nicholas R.

    The continued Lehner hate is bizarre. He performed admirably most of his tenure and has a lackluster season playing injured and people are ready to discard him. Honestly some of your are as bad as the front office.

    • SMH

      2021-22 regular season – Goals Saved Above Expected – 119 ranked goalies:
      #18 = Lehner +6.1
      #42 = Thompson +0.6
      #59 = Brossoit -1.3
      And just for fun:
      #116 = Fleury -17.6 (and another -1.5 in the playoffs before he got benched)

      The Lehner haters know nothing about hockey – they only know “I like this guy, but I don’t like that guy”.

      • Herby

        As you seem to like stats, I can explain to you what the problem with Robin Lehner is. He did only play for 3 teams longer than one season including the VGK.

        OTTAWA SV%
        1st season 0.888 rookie season
        2nd season 0.935
        3rd season 0.936
        4th season 0.913
        5th season 0.905

        1st season 0.924
        2nd season 0.920
        3rd season 0.908

        1 season 0.930

        1 season 0.918

        1st season 0.940
        2nd season 0.913
        3rd season 0.907

        Do you see the pattern?

        His stats decline from season to season when he plays for the same team. The sample size is 10 years…..

        This fact is probably a major reason why neither the Islanders nor Chicago wanted to sign him long term and this fact worries me the most beside his injuries.

        • SMH

          So, you seem to want to disregard Lehner’s 1st season with Ottawa because he was a rookie and played in 8 games, but keep for consideration his 2nd season when he played in only 5 games, and his 3rd season with 12 games played. Also, in his first season with VGK, he played in all of 3 games. Bottom line is all of these stats/seasons should probably be disregarded due to small sample size, which moderates the trend you are trying to show. However, it doesn’t fully discredit it, and I admit the trend is a bit interesting. My understanding is that GSaX is a much more advanced and informative stat than GAA (as GSaX is mostly independent of the team & defense around a goalie), but it would be a chore to dig up Lehner’s entire career of GSaX stats. Anyway, I am more concerned about Lehner’s recent injury history than I am his in-goal performance when healthy, which I think is pretty solid. I’m not saying that Lehner is an elite goalie – just that his performance from an objective/statistical perspective has been much better than many VGK fans choose to believe (simply because they don’t like Lehner). If there is a better realistic option for VGK in goal, I’m all for it – but I am not yet convinced that Logan Thompson is the answer (based on advanced stats, his low crouch style, and his recent mediocre performance at the IIHF Championships, although granted that was a small sample size). Kudos to you for responding to me with some legit & researched stats to support your argument though (whereas others have countered with things like number of shutouts and Stanley Cups won, which is just lazy and pathetic).

      • Galdom

        SMH, it’s true that Lehner was 18th in the league in that category but how dare you bring something up that is a fact to make an argument. ROTFL. It’s easier just to hear a guy say he is shit.

        I also appreciate Herby also using facts to make an argument as well that Lehner is not the guy to guide this team to a championship.

        I think you are both intelligent because you can make an argument based on facts and I think you would both agree that Lehner is neither elite nor terrible at this time.

        The question is what do you think about the entire team as a whole? I don’t think they are contenders anyways so I don’t care too much if their goalie is average at this point in time. I’m not giving up assets to get rid of them. I’m waiting until he is closer to the end of his contract and hoping that he is healthy and producing closer to his career numbers so then he actually have more value.


        If it continues then this blog in the next couple years will be about hoping we win the lottery to get the number one overall pick because we will be bottom feeders.

      • Don

        Lehnervhas been lucky because if the def play of the VGK and he came to a HOT TEAM If you’re going to a weaker team he would’ve done s*****… Just like for the past 2 years he has been the last goalie in the net in the playoffs

        • SMH

          I am sorry that English is not your first language. Please reply again after a few more Englilsh lessons (or a few less drinks)…

      • Daryl

        And the love for an average or maybe above average goalie in Lehner is astonishing! These people don’t know anything about hockey

      • Daryl

        Here’s another stat… RL only 1 SO. And since you want to bring up MAF, well he had 4.

        And here’s something else….RL has a total of 2 season playing over 50 games. I didn’t count up MAF but I guarantee you he has well over 2.

        How many Cups does RL have?

        • SMH

          Since you are someone on this board who claims to have a lot of hockey knowledge (cough), it is really disappointing that you counter a key advanced stat like GSaX (to my knowledge, this is currently considered to be the single most useful stat in comparing goaltenders independent of the team & defense around them) with shutouts (which represents a very small number of games, and ignores the rest of the season completely). Please try to do better in the future.

          As for # of Cups won, of course MAF has 1 to Lehner’s 0 (so far – MAF has had many more years in the league), as I’m sure you aren’t counting the 2 Cups that the Penguins won with Fleury riding the bench in the finals, when his main role was to wave a towel over his head whenever they scored a goal. Also, if Cups won is your main criteria for being a good goalie, then I suppose CuJo, Hextall, Luongo, and Lundqvist were all average goalies, just like Lehner.

          Anyway, the point of my original post was that Lehner actually had a pretty solid season, especially when you consider all of his injuries. His advanced stats were much better than Thompson’s, who is being christened by many as the savior. I am not saying that Lehner is an elite goalie, but I am saying (based on stats & facts – objectivity, you see) that if you think he is the main problem with VGK’s missing the playoffs and needs to be replaced ASAP (like the original poster “Bobby” does), then I believe you are more concerned with your personal player likes & dislikes than truly finding ways for VGK to be as successful as possible. By the way, your lack of objectivity (and extreme subjectivity based on who you “like” and “don’t like”) has always been your main problem, and why it’s hard to take your posts seriously – as evidenced by your leaping in to vociferously defend your boy Fleury, when I even said that I was including his (horrible) 2021-22 advanced stats “just for fun”, and it wasn’t the main point of my post.

          • VGS LEGN

            SMH…can’t say I agree with 100% of you opinions and that’s ok, but your stats and especially having no fear to whip out the hockey pimp hand, is a daily must read.
            PS…hope George has a ‘come to Jesus’ with Kelly or just simply bumps him down to HSK or hell ship him to Savannah for a few years. Or maybe we should have told Tampa we wanted Julien BriseBois in return for stealing our Manager of Sales/PR/Tickets Operations and their cust service crew took a poop across all 3 teams the last 6mo (insert SMH emoji)

          • Daryl

            And for someone who only relies on stats, as you do, it shows your complete lack of hockey experience. Stats, even the one you use GSaX has opinions put into them. The algorithm used to come up with those stats are influenced by opinions of former players, not all of which were goalies. Those stats take out the human eye test. Some goalies are better at certain things than others and GSaX doesn’t take that into account. It’s a flawed stat just like +/- is a flawed stat.

            And I don’t want to hear squat about injuries. That just further goes to show how one goalie is better than another. Would you rather spend $5m on a goalie who plays the entire season or $5m on a goalie who can only get thru half, even when their stats are identical?

            As for Cups won, you can say MAF only has 1 because he was the goalie all the way thru only 1 season but it shows your lack of knowledge in that area. MAF led the Pens to the playoffs and was playing great until he got injured. His replacement was playing absolutely amazing so they stuck with him. it had nothing to do with MAF playing bad and getting benched, as much as you wish it was. It was the perfect example of why you play the hot goalie and not necessarily your starting goalie just because he is your starter. You would be correct on the 3rd Cup where MAF played really good during the regular season and then looked bad and was replaced.

            As for your last post, I have NEVER said RL was the main problem why this team didn’t make the playoffs or the main reason for any issues. The ONLY thing I have said is that he is PART of the problem. I’ve also NEVER said he was a bad goalie. I have said over and over again that he is an above average goalie but one that can never complete an entire season.

            WHY would you even mention MAF??? He has absolutely NOTHING to do with this season or any other season since he left. I have yet to figure out why you MAF haters (and RL lovers) feel the need to inject MAF into every conversation!!! And then you feel the need to jump on the rest of us when we comment/defend MAF. Maybe if you want others to take you seriously, you would stick to the players at hand instead of always trying to put down MAF

      • JT

        Lehner can not handle the work load of a #1 goalie. whether you think he’s good or not. The bigger problem is that he is a cancer in the locker room. He quit on his team because he got benched to LT. He’s not a team player & management knows this.

    • Lehner is simply good. Not great. Very streaky, not consistent. Not a number one goaltender that can play consistent hockey night in and night out and steal games for you. With the current (or future) roster as configured, don’t see how we win a cup with him in net. So, yes, IMHO he is very tradeable. Doubt anyone would be takers at his current $5 mil salary. We’d definitely have to eat some of that to get rid of him…. We’re in a piss poor cap situation thanks to some not so great moves by the FO.

      • Galdom

        Frank, I feel like your comments are always reasonable and logical..

    • Galdom

      Nicholas R., you are correct and it’s sad what is happening to humanity. We are getting stupider every day. If anyone has watched the movie Idiocracy starring Luke Wilson the movie is actually becoming a true story. I have some issues with management but I’m glad that fans aren’t running the team. They would trade away Lehner covering half of his cap hit and also including a first round pick in the trade and replace him with a 39-year-old goalie who had the same save percentage as him last season and think that is progress.

    • Nicholas R – why do you refer to fans and knowledgeable poster as haters where Lehner is concerned. He wasn’t and isn’t the “elite” goalie that the FO peddled too all concerned and definitely not worth the 25 million they gave him. This is regarding his on-ice performance nothing else. IMHO I don’t believe he adds any value of the ice either which is another issue (locker Room) etc and is injury prone probably because of his size. You have to admit there were reasons others teams he has played for didn’t feel it wasn’t necessary to let him go. Stats don’t tell the entire story and certainly don’t equate to ROI where he is concerned. He was not and will not be the solution to the Knights goalie situation. There is a 5 mil cap reduction if they can find another sucker buyer like Vegas was.

      • Daryl

        We are haters because we don’t conform to HIS thoughts… uts that simple

        Just like SMH who says if we don’t like RL then we don’t know anything about hockey. Well, I guess there are a lot of teams out there who don’t know anything about hockey because VGK was the only team willing to give him a long term contract

    • Lehner is a head case, he’s not a cup winning goalie. In order to be a great goaltender you need you head in the game 100% of the time. He’s also a distraction to his team, let him go now please.

    • Blah

      Lehner is a career .500 goalie, journey man also who had one good season with Blackhawks cause Crawford got hurt. Knights awarded him a big contact and this season he showed the real goalie he is a back up need to start Logan Thompson

    • Lehner sucks big time.

    • Matthew

      I disliked the trade when rumored, I disliked the trade when it happened and have hated the signing every day since. Simply put, Lehner is not a good starting goal tender. And this has nothing to do MAF. Honestly right now, I think Thompson is a way better goal tender. At least for now. If you actually watch Lehner, not the game, just him, he loses sight of the puck all the time. His angels are always off leaving holes that the best of the best will exploit and the middle of the road player can easily see. At best, Lehner is nothing more than a glorified backup goaltender that always has an excuse when something goes wrong.

  3. knights fan in minny

    patrick needs to go unless you bbeileve in late bloomers i think he is past late blooming

  4. THE hockey GOD

    AVS 7
    OILERS 6

    says VGK have light years to catch up if they have to run and gun
    with top tier teams in their own conference.

    With PDB gone RL isn’t going anywhere, unless he wiggy biscuit’s out. Along with LT he can make a useful duo. Marty slowed down a lot when he came back. He could be useful in VGK after he retires, but I think he probably has at least one more season in him. That leave croissant , boris, and author didn’t mention Smith. Hoffman ? I don’t see it. He’s anti Smith type of player, no D. Would rather keep Smith if they can.

    Like MAF last year, VGK are going to end up PAYING to get rid of player. Last year they PAID by not GETTING another player in return. Well some could say they got back up goalie and Boris in return.


    the bleeding is still continuing.

    • Richie-Rich

      I think Lehner can be good if he’s managed well. He’s not the type of person who can play a starting goalie role as #1.

      RL should be 1A, Thompson 1B.

      Lehner has to be 100% healthy & rested in order to start. If not you play LT.

  5. knights fan in minny

    the king got it wrong the score was 8-6 are you having a stroke

  6. THE hockey GOD

    we should go for evander kane

    • Richie-Rich

      Kane is a UFA. But, can he stay out of trouble here in Vegas? I think he still owes quite a bit here to the casinos……

      Great player though. Tough and a better threat than Reaves.

  7. VGK2k2

    Priorities: Get rid of Lehner and hire Quenneville. It’s the recipe for success. Go Knights go!

  8. Carl Neptune

    During my many years in the US Army, we called situations such as the Bill & George & Kelly salary cap nightmare unadulterated clusterfucks.

  9. If we can get a team to take Lehner by eating half the contract and giving up a first round draft pick, I say we do it. We need to rid ourselves of this horrible goalie who will prevent us from ever contending for a Cup as long as he is here.

    • Galdom

      Genius move Dean. Get rid of a first-round draft pick and precious cap space for the next three years retaining half of Lehner’s salary (a injured guy who still had a .907 save percentage last year). That will make them better. Good help us.

      • Richard Santomauro

        I have to agree with Galdom. At this point, because of McCrimmon’s mismanagement, we’re probably better off playing Lehner/Thompson. We will get nothing for Lehner and likely will have to pay to dump him.

        Best to get him 100% healthy and figure out how to play him and LT as 1A/1B.

  10. Galdom

    Hey Ken, love your work but you are kind of all over the place in regards to next year‘s roster. You mentioned not too long ago that you think that next year‘s roster will be very similar to this year’s as they will be running it back. Now you are insinuating that it will be drastically different.

    I’m not saying that once somebody says something it should be carved in stone and they are not allowed to change their mind but is your change of opinion based on some information or more of a gut feeling.

    I personally feel that they will just move a couple of bodies to be cap compliant and run it back.

    Here are a some of my opinions which respectfully differ from yours. I believe that they will be very hesitant to move futures (draft picks) to move contracts. If there was a decision to just let Reilly Smith move on or move a high draft pick to move Dadonov to make room for a new Reilly Smith contract then I believe they will just let Reilly Smith go.

    Respectfully Ken I cannot understand why the fan base including yourself overrates the value of William Karlsson in relation to his contract, cap and term. I strongly believe that you value him more than opposing teams do. I am a little bit shocked that you find his contract to be reasonable for what he produces. Over his past three seasons which is a large enough sample size his value has been a strong defensive centre contributing 12 to 15 goals per season. That’s a nice player but not for 5.9 million per season with a ton of term left.

    Laurent Brossoit is definitely a guy that you will have to attach a draft pick to in a trade but nothing outrageous. He’s only got one year of term.

    I have posted my cap compliant roster many times on this forum and it’s not that difficult in my opinion. You only have to clear about 9-10 million. Letting Janmark (2 million) and Smith (5 million) go and moving a mid round draft pick to get rid of one year of Laurent Brossoit (2.325 million) accomplished this.

    There is your 10 million.

    I hate your plan of giving away a high draft pick to move Dadonov. I understand how they had no leverage at last year‘s trade deadline because everyone knew what they were trying to do with bringing Mark Stone back into the lineup but that isn’t the same situation now. The leverage isn’t the same now with Janmark and Smith’s expiring contracts knocking 7 million off the cap.

    I’m not opposed to moving Dadonov if another team wants an over priced 20 goal scorer all-be it with just one year of term left but if that deal isn’t there then keep him until the trade deadline and then he actually has more value. No one will care about Dadonov’s 5 million cap it at the trade deadline when there is only 1/4 of the season left and you are getting a 20 goal scorer for a playoff run, in fact you would be getting an asset back in a trade like that.

    Any thoughts of trading Max Pacioretty over the summer are asinine as well unless of course you get the right offer. His top value will be at next year‘s trade deadline if he can stay healthy and produces.

    It’s time for this organization to maximize asset management.

    Ken, in my opinion the correct play at this time by management is to run it back with the same roster minus Reilly Smith, Mattais Janmark and Laurent Brossoit. As for Nic Roy and Nic Hague they are both restricted free agents and I believe they both do not have arbitration rights and the team has most of the leverage here. You play hardball with Roy and if he decides to hold out then so be it and if you have to trade him you can actually get back an asset for him.

    Management is telling us that the problems last year were due to injuries. I’m not sure I agree but let’s find out. Run it back with the same roster and if they look good then let’s enjoy the playoff run with Pacioretty, Martinez and Dadonov part of it. If next year is a disaster you trade Pacioretty and Dadonov for assets at the trade deadline. If they are something in between like I think they will be then Pacioretty and Dadonov have expiring contracts and that will open up another 12 million in cap space after next season.

    Our best chance was this season and sadly we will not have as good of a roster next year but the solution is not to destroy the future of the franchise.

    • Gladom,

      I really enjoyed reading your comments, however when you said the following below

      “I have posted my cap compliant roster many times on this forum and it’s not that difficult in my opinion. You only have to clear about 9-10 million. Letting Janmark (2 million) and Smith (5 million) go and moving a mid round draft pick to get rid of one year of Laurent Brossoit (2.325 million) accomplished this.”

      The above is simply not accurate see the link

      Vegas currently has 17 players signed and is only $200,000 under the cap. Removing, Smith and Janmark salary gives no additional relief as they are not
      included in the 17 players signed. If they remove 5 million from Dadonov that would give them 5.2 million to sign 5 players to get to 21 man roster.

      There is a true cap problem with this team and all the teams around the league know this. Another problem Roy, averaged .5 points a game this past season and he is going to want 3 million, there is no way he is coming back there is no money to pay him.

      See the link below and check out who is #21 on the list it kind supports Kens comments.

    • the Hockey God

      hey Gally, buddy

      it’s Jason’s article. Other than that I think they are pretty much standing pat.

    • Mike StG


      One problem with your roster solution is that it isn’t that simple. You can send $10M out that way but someone needs to play in their spot. So probably at a minimum that is $3M in replacement costs for those 3 players. Now you’re down to $7M saved and have to move someone else. Add to that Nic Roy is likely to get at least another $1-1.5M, and your savings is down to only $5.5-6M. They’re in a tough spot.

      To get cap compliant they’ll probably need to launch $13-14M in total to make room for RFA increases and replacements.

  11. Tim

    For a change lets use some logic building our team from this day forward. Ken’s right as we all know we over pay and thence sell at bargain prices not the best way to build a winner, First lets hire a coach let him watch video and determine who he wants to build this team around. Common sense would be to start with the keepers Eichel, Marshy, Petro, Stone, Theadore, there the no brainers. Now I’d work on the third and fourth line and the second and third blue line. The way I see it is we need two forwards and a center for either our first line or second line. So we need to dump a shit full of players to grab those two forwards and center and stay under the cap. We have a long list of mediocre players to choice from. I’d say the top four that should leave and let us pick up some real talent would be , Patch, Martinez, Dadonov, Karlsson would free up 24 million dollars to pick up those forwards and center we need.

  12. Galdom

    And how do you get these “real talent” players?

    Are you trading the long list of mediocre players for the “real talent” players?

    If I were a GM why would I want to give up a good player for a mediocre player.

    Tim, we are almost on the same page. I think the team is not very good and you think they are even worse than that at least based on your past comments on where they would finish in the division.

    That’s why I want to maximize the return on those players that you want to move. Pacioretty’s value is as low as can be after an injury plague season. I would rather move him when he has higher value. That would be at the trade deadline if he was healthy and had 25 goals. We just traded our first round pick for Eichel. I’m not trading a bunch of other draft picks to get rid of players. The future would be screwed. In fact, if you want to acquire what you call “real talent” you would need actual assets that teams would white which includes draft picks.

    • Tim

      Galdom thats the point the ones I mentioned no one wants so that means we keep them for another year just for the hell of it. It’s not a good feeling knowing most of the hockey world doesn’t want your players. Fleury was our first giveaway with more to follow.

  13. Richie-Rich

    I think we have to say goodbye to Dadanov, Martinez, Patrick, Brossoit, Janmark and probably Smith.

    • Hague and Roy may also be cap casualties.

      It’s sad that magement has put themselves in this hole. They continue to over spend and have no money to sign player’s.

  14. Richie-Rich

    The only way Smith stays is if he takes a home town discount if he wants to play here. Could the head coach decision be a factor? Who knows?

    • the Hockey God

      R R I think Smith goes to play with his brother, in NEW YORK, if I am not mistaken.

    • Daryl

      We are haters because we don’t conform to HIS thoughts… uts that simple

      Just like SMH who says if we don’t like RL then we don’t know anything about hockey. Well, I guess there are a lot of teams out there who don’t know anything about hockey because VGK was the only team willing to give him a long term contract

    • Daryl

      Why would he take a home town deal when we’ve all seen what’s happened to others who have taken that same deal trying to stay in VGK

  15. the Hockey God

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    Marathon Man
    The Stunt Man
    The Man with Two Brains (Steve Martin)
    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

    PICK ONE ! (I am sure I left one out )

  16. knights fan in minny

    did you fall and hit your head before you posted this babble

  17. Daryl

    Before you get rid of any player, you hire a coach and see who fits his system first.

  18. Blitz

    You get rid of Lehner period. Smash all the stats you want, it doesn’t matter. For every Lehner nut hugger, there are 2-3 fans who hate him. The FO totally fucked this team up and now everything better be about recovery. Lehner is and will continue to represent the “disfunction” of this franchise no matter how he plays. You cut him loose and bank on literally the only positive storyline you have going right now and that is LT. If they keep RL we will be having this same bullshit discussion for another season.

    • the Hockey God

      LT play in Worlds proves he is not ready for no. 1 goalie spot.

      FO is puppet to the grape stomper and his mandate for BooM or BUST. Obvious that the plan went BUST. I am sure if FO was working for owners , like KRAKEN, the results would be entirely different.

      • knights fan in minny

        a couple of games at the worlds big deal its not the nhl

  19. FVK

    Trade Petro while you can

  20. Tim

    Another Tim has popped up I don’t want to be confused with him and I’m sure he doesn’t want to be confused with me. Now back to hockey.
    All the stats and all the knowledge some people claim to have doesn’t mean shit it’s the eye test that counts. I’m been connected by sports my whole life and the sport doesn’t matter you can tell in a hurry who has the it factor. You tell me who has the it factor on the Knights the only one I can see is Marshy the others are want a be’s, Stone great passer and poke check I’ll give him that but goal scoring forget it. The Hockey point system is also a joke to me a nice pass that converts to a goal I consider an assist. When your the third man on an assist and get a point that’s a joke. I’m sure that system was put in place or scoring would look putrid but it’s so phony. One of my favorites is Petro and Theadore with there 80 foot shots that rarely go in now that’s not a touch but pure luck if it does sorry doesn’t impress me as a hockey stud just a lucky fuck. Sooner or later after 5 years there going to figure out you have to be in front of the net fighting for rebounds and overwhelming the defense with your will to control the puck. We don’t have the payers with the balls maybe Martinez and McNabb after that forget it. So put your stats where the sun don’t shine and watch the game and see who’s a player or want a be trust me there’s a lot of them. As for management as I’ve said before one over pay dumb move after another now there trying to fix there mistakes with no return. Now that’s how you run a team or is that how you run a team in the ground you tell me.

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