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VGK Set To Advance Next Postseason Against Weak Pacific

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Throughout team history, Vegas averages 102 points over an 82 game season. This season, 102 points would’ve earned Vegas a third place finish in the Pacific Division and a seven game series against Edmonton. There’s a strong case that a healthy Golden Knights roster would’ve given the Oilers a run for their money.

There are no excuses and we need to have a good start and go from there, but this is part of playoff hockey and you’re going to go through adversity. There are no easy games and no easy series, so we’re going to be prepared to go .-Ryan Nugent Hopkins, EDM forward

So far, only the Central Division has had a team eliminated. In a few days, it’s possible two of three Pacific Division teams are sent home packing as well. Sure, Calgary is up a game but Dallas hasn’t been an easy opponent. In the other western series, the Oilers have fallen right into the trap of the underdog Kings. It’s premature but none of the three Pacific teams are looking like favorites to win the Stanley Cup.

Let’s say the Golden Knights are healthy enough next season to make the playoffs. If they top off at 102 points they would likely be the second or third team coming out of the Pacific. In that case, Vegas would be guaranteed to face off against a divisional rival. Chances are the familiar faces will be in play in 2022-23. Which statistically favors the Golden Knights.

It’s not just about scoring. There’s a lot more to the game than that.-Daryl Sutter, CGY coach

Since 2017-18, Vegas has a total of 464 points. The Golden Knights have earned more than a third from inside their division. Excluding the now Central Division Coyotes, the Golden Knights have tallied 176 Pacific Division points in 119 games. That’s a hearty .676 winning % against the teams Vegas faces most and in the opening rounds of the playoffs.

Golden Knights fans have now watched how predictable the Pacific division has been for half a decade. LA in and Vegas out was the only real surprise over that period. The landscape will likely stay the same next season.

When the oddsmakers set the lines for next season’s divisional leaders the Golden Knights are likely to be the favorite. Other teams have areas to address as well. Calgary will have to make some big decisions, so will Edmonton, San Jose and Vancouver. LA’s quick climb to the postseason will be interesting if it keeps up, especially if a healthy Vegas team is rolling. In year six no matter what changes have been made the Golden Knights will have a chance to fight for the division and form a path to another conference final. It’s that easy, depending on offseason changes.


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  1. “Depends on what happens this off season.”

    Exactly. VGK has gone from being an uber-aggressive fore checking team to a team with more top-end talent, but older, slower and less physical and with Cap issues. The management team needs to decide if veterans still have good years left or are injuries going to make them over paid anchors dragging the roster down.

    Knights need to get younger, faster and rediscover an identity they have misplaced the last couple of seasons.

  2. Herby

    If they do not make the necessary changes off the ice, why should there be any change on the ice? They are on a steady decline since 3 years and this decline will continue. Figures do not lie.

    VGK are no team anymore. They have a bunch of so called aging stars that do not really have chemistry. And the addition of Eichel will make them even worse. He eats up way too much cap space for what he brings. Yes, he can bring some scoring but his defense skills are way below average and on top of this he is a fair weather player.

    When it gets difficult he disappears. As seen this season.

  3. This sounds extremely familiar. Where have we heard this before? The Vegas Golden Knights are stacked with talent (statistically) and the Pacific Division is weak. Playoffs?

    No problem.

    Well, I daresay that the Flames, Kings, Oilers, Canucks, & the Ducks are teams that have all improved while the Golden Knights have regressed. The Golden Knights front office and coaching is a complete mess and there are more questions than answers as the team moves forward to try and get CAP compliant and solve its goaltending dilemma.

    I’m sorry, but unless there is some major shift in leadership, the Golden Knights are going to miss the playoffs again next year. The fact that Foley has lost confidence and is going to take a more active role is a huge red flag that doesn’t bode well for decision making.

    Foley missed an opportunity to get things moving in the right direction by deciding to keep KM/GM and DeBoering and his coaching staff.

    No playoffs in Season 6.
    Sorry fans.


    I want TUCH back!!!! The guy is a beast!

  5. knights fan in minny

    easier said then done

  6. ulf

    This article could have been the last line.
    “Depending on off-season changes.”

    Vegas has to drop $8-10m in player salary and have very few quality low-cost options to competitively fill out the roster.
    Calgary and Edmonton will be even better next year; Calgary has to re-sign or replace Gaudreau but they’ve been doing this mostly without Sean Monahan who costs a lot of money (he’s been mainly 4th line all year, and still on the cap). They will have the space to do something.
    Edmonton finally has a lot of heavy weight off the books next year, some good young players and may even get Kane back.
    I’d put money on those teams being better consistently than Vegas going into next year…LA will improve and is coming fast but needs another year or so to be a real threat.
    If VGK don’t win in the next 2 seasons or so, it’s rebuild time. Or should I say build time.

  7. Bobby

    It’s gonna be a long summer…. ugh……

  8. knights fan in minny

    roy whitecloud and logan playing today for team canuck puck drop in minutes on nhl network

  9. knights fan in minny

    logan getting the start

  10. where the Buffalo roam

    clueless fans ripping Eichel when he played with a broken thumb, and hurried back from major neck surgery, while guys like Stone, Pacioretty, and Smith were no-shows.

    the goldbricking and poor stretch run on the Knights had more to do with the lack of leadership already there.

    • Lack of leadership, identity, chemistry, personality and motivation – all of it is on the players, the coach and the front office.

    • One day you may learn what you are talking about. But, you do try .

    • Daryl

      Exactly how did Eichel rush back from neck surgery? They said from the start he would be out for a specified period of time and that’s how long he was out for. And that broken thum is just another excuse, players play with broken fingers all the time.

      I’m not one who ripped Eichel or said anything negative about him, but let’s not make excuses for how he or anyone else had played.

      Now, I completely agree with the other part of the post. Where was the leadership from the other players AND the coaches???

  11. Tim

    Jason your predicting second or third in our division. In know particular order I believe Calgary, Edmonton, L.A., Vancouver, then comes the Knights followed by Anaheim,San Jose, and Seattle. There’s no way we can make the post season with this team there to old, to slow, can’t put the puck in the net, have the worse home record, no PP, and have no idea on our goaltending situation. Sprinkle in a coach that doesn’t adapt and tell me were playoff bound. If you’ve been watching the playoffs you see ex-Knights on almost every team I’ll bet there glad to be out of this mess.

    • Haula had a nice goal and Nosek has an assist. Boston looking good with their ex-Knights on the ice in the playoffs.

  12. Arnold Rothstein

    what is this World Hockey Championship that LT is playing in?

    Can someone fill me in, is there a game today ?

    the , well you know the rest

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