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VGK Records In Unusual Situations

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights have played 264 regular season games in franchise history. That includes two full 82 game seasons, last year’s 71 game COVID shortened season, and the 29 this season. The majority of those are night games that are aired on ATT Sportsnet with the Golden Knights wearing grey jerseys at home and white jerseys on the road.

But, sometimes there are abnormal situations, like yesterday. The Golden Knights played a nationally televised game, on the road, in an early timeslot yesterday, and came out a bit flat.

A few tweeters mentioned they thought the Golden Knights struggled when the game is aired on NBC or NBCSN and they also believed early road games are a challenge as well. So, I looked it up, and they were right on both accounts.

National TV
2021: 3-3-0 (4 left)
2019-20: 2-2-0
2018-19: 3-5-1
2017-18: 2-2-1
TOTAL: 10-12-2

Early Road Games (Before 4:00 PM PST)
2021: 0-2-0
2019-20: 0-2-0
2018-19: 3-6-1
2017-18: 4-0-1
TOTAL:  7-10-2

In fact, the Golden Knights have lost five straight early road games and haven’t won one since December of 2018.

Another hot topic this season has been jersey and helmet colors. After three seasons of grey and white jerseys and helmets, the Golden Knights unveiled gold jerseys, gold helmets, and red Reverse Retro jerseys. They’ve been pretty darn good in everything but the helmets.

Jersey Color 
Grey: 76-31-11
White: 70-55-12
Gold: 6-0-0
Red: 2-1-0

Helmet Color
Grey Helmets: 83-30-11
White Helmets: 70-55-12
Gold Helmets: 1-2-0

Something we haven’t seen this season are the white jerseys at home. That was a staple in the first three seasons and one that didn’t go too well for the home team.

White Jerseys at Home
2021: 0-0-0
2019-20: 0-1-0
2018-19: 1-2-1
2017-18: 2-1-0
TOTAL:  3-4-1

So, there you have it. Unless it’s new jerseys, the Golden Knights stink when things go off the beaten path. Luckily, in the 264 game history of the team, more than 200 of them have been “normal” which has led to an astounding overall record of 154-87-23.






  1. jim B

    If you added playoff games to the national broadcast stat, it would be a lot worse.

  2. Tim

    Ken, on another topic could you explain Long Term Injured Reserve and my confusion on this is the following. Petro has a salary of 8.8 million if he stays on LTIR we can pick someone up at equal or less value until he comes back I get that.
    Now where I’m confused is if he’s not ready until the playoffs then somehow were allowed to go over the cap and his return won’t make us comply to the 82.5 million cap. If that’s true the way our young defense has played have him sit out until the playoffs and trade for an offensive weapon. Please explain so a poor old country boy can understand.

    • Brian

      Sorry, I know I’m not Ken, but thought I’d answer.

      If the team keeps Pietro out on LTIR while he is healthy, the league views it as intentionally circumventing the cap. Could cause penalties including loss of picks, money, and other at discretion of the league. NHL could also prevent a trade if it believes that keeping Pietro out is just to circumvent the cap.

      • Tim

        Brian that’s not my question nothing about cheating. He has a broken arm if he’s not ready legitimately by the playoffs. How does that work?

  3. THE hockey GOD

    What really stinks is having to listen to the stupid color commentary which in the past have actually been ex NHL players. Recently LSDnbc has inserted unqualified “color” commentators who are only there it appears to meet a government quota standard. The demise of sport is clearly seen by these socialist , neo natzi, type changes. The do nothing to increase the quality of the game. How about hiring someone who is actually qualified to the do job in first place. The offer nothing but “capt. obvious” comments or “indulge’ the listener with useless facts.

    The best color commentators are players from the teams they actually played for. These guys are really “homers” and make if fun to listen to the game. Examples include anyone from Montreal Canadians, Darren Pang – blues, mickey redmond of red wings, and phil esposito was GREAT in the booth.

    now we have a bunch of posers , wanna bees and quota makers. Would one expect anything different gauging who is running the country now (coup by neonutzi election stealers). What next national guard in TV booths?

  4. Miri

    Fun article. But you forgot to include the record of the team when the goalie is wearing different colored goalie pads. Don’t know what the overall record is, but for a while at least it seems like MAF’s gold pads seem to add a magic touch.

    If you don’t mind taking this one step further, I’d be curious to know if there are any assessments out there about the effect of black goalie pads combined with black gloves on goals allowed. I recently watched a Penguins game on which someone suggested that black pads combined with black gloves could be an asset to a goalie. The logic cited made sense. So now I’m wondering if the stats back this up

  5. This Grandmom has “teasingly” told those in my covid-19 bubble for seasons, we’ve been jinxed by NBC & NBCSN. I am not going to even bring up the GOLD helmets right before the game!!! Geez, I love this team so much. It’s 6They play together as if they have been with each other for years!!!

  6. I’m a week out of surgery, so excuse… “It’s 6”

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