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VGK Playing A Lot Of Overtime Games

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Last night the Golden Knights completed their 29th game of the season. Due to a bit of a late game lapse they ended up being forced into overtime for the 10th time this season.

Only one team in the league, Toronto with 11, has played more OT games than the Golden Knights to this point. Montreal, Seattle, and the New York Islanders have also all played 10 while the league average is just 5.4 OT games each.

The question becomes, is this a good or bad sign for the outlook on the 2023-24 Vegas Golden Knights?

Vegas’ history shows them to be a fairly normal team when it comes to overtime games. In four of their first six full seasons they were within one game of the league average. However, last year was not one of those four. The season in which the Golden Knights went on to become Stanley Cup Chapions, they played 22 overtime games in the regular season which tied for the 4th most in the league.

SeasonVGK OT GPLeague AverageVGK Rank

Under Bruce Cassidy the Golden Knights have been more prone to overtime games than prior to his arrival. Cassidy’s Boston teams followed a similar path with more than the league average in three of his final four seasons at the helm.

Vegas’ 22 OT games last year was the most by any Stanley Cup Champion since the Golden Knights entered the league.

Regular Season OT GPLeague AveragePlayoff OT GP% of Playoff Games
22-23 Golden Knights2218.9522.7
21-22 Avalanche1718.0630.0
20-21 Lightning1012.6417.4
19-20 Lightning1416.1832.0
18-19 Blues1817.5415.4
17-18 Capitals1819.1520.1

There does not seem to be much correlation between a team playing close games in the regular season to one that does in the playoffs. Vegas saw 27% of their games last season go beyond regulation but only went to OT in 23% in the playoffs.

Here’s the rundown of every teams history of overtime games since 2017-18.

Unless I’m missing something, there doesn’t seem to be much correlation between number of OT games and either regular season or postseason success. So, back to not worrying about it, because I was for a second there.



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  1. Alex

    Having a minor league goalie in Thompson and an even lower minor leaguer as the back up doesn’t help…

    • John W

      So, Thompsons GAA is currently 5th in the league at 2.29%, with Aiden Hill number 1 at 1.87%.

      So, using your logic, that means that 28 other teams are using “Minor League” goaltenders?

      BTW, the group behind Thompson includes Hellybuck, Demko, Markstrom and other top NHL netminders.

      To quote AJ Soprano – “When you talk, you expose your ignorance”.

      • alex

        Try actually watching a game and seeing the soft goals and outrageous rebounds Thompson is responsible for…

        • knights fan in minny

          shut the fuck up you piece of shit loser

        • knights fan in minny

          d-men are there to clear those rebounds this is not thug ball your favorite sport you dumb piece of shit loser

          • alex

            Punctuation For Dummies available wherever you get your podcasts.

        • ThG

          try watching other teams ‘ goalies and see how bad THEY are in comparison !

          here comes your parole officer, better move to another location.

        • Alex – it’s time to raise the bar concerning your stupid remarks that encourages others to stoop to your level, You, may find that you will get more attention posting intelligent comments. Not sure you can bring yourself to that way of thinking, but you may experience amazing results. Give it a try and hopefully those who respond to your stupidly in kind will follow suit. Look at the bright side what’s the worst thing that could happen.

          • Alex

            I am willing to stick to hockey… But others toss religion and politics in…I never start that, but I won’t take that lying down.

          • knights fan in minny

            his only hockey comments.are logan sucks he knows nothing he is a dumb ass loser

      • Tim

        John I wouldn’t waste much energy on what Alex brings to the table he’s just here to play games.

    • knights fan in minny

      having a minor league brain which you have makes you the dumbest.loser in vegas

      • Alex – seems if you could stand the other BS and not respond in kind maybe – nothing to do with lying down – just ignore it maybe everyone will keep this site all about hockey. Probably worth a shot – nothing to loose and hopefully a win all the way around. Just a thought. One stupid remark accomplishes nothing and just perpetuates a stupid response. No one wins and everyone looks stupid.

        • TS

          Hdbiker, it has been tried again and again. This God on sinbin has been the site Disrupter since before the Pandemic. Many have tried to get him to STOP BASHING FANS HERE! Not only is he a POMPOUS ASS, but he attacks ANYONE WHO DARE CHALLENGE HIS HATE! He has driven countless fans away from Sinbin with his HATE. Do people tolerate him.because you AGREE with him?? IS it only his TARGETS who feel his WRATH?? I was ready to contact an attorney after he started with the NAZI , BABY- KILLER PEDOPHILE Accusations against me. I’ m a retired teacher, and he attacked all TEACHERS, including me,not doing the UNSPEAKABLE to CHILDREN, for Christ sake!! Yet you ask A-L-E-X to ” Play Nice??”
          Why not collectively ask THG to PLAY NICE?? He’s the Disrupter here!

          • ThG

            sounds like you are, creepy stalker, haven’t posted anything about hockey in days waa waa waa cry Karen, hater. More lies and bull shit, take your shit elsewhere, it stinks here.

    • Richard Evans

      It is amazing how much Alex can lower the IQ of everyone on the Internet simply by breathing…

    • Emmanuel

      Hasek, Sawchuk & Dryden were pretty awful too….the worst….

    • knights fan in minny

      first in the league with most points you hav no clue what your talking about stick to b ball and your racist idol lebron

  2. JV

    Out of those OT games, it would be interesting to know how many times VGK blew a 3rd period lead or came back to tie it up.

  3. Richard Evans

    The problem with analyzing these numbers is the small sample size. With 82 games in the regular season the standard deviation is 9.09% – which means the 22 OT games of the ’22 VGK could be considered statistically unremarkable from anywhere from 13-31 OT games…

    This is a situation where statistics could never tell you the story unless you see a pattern of maybe five years or more. Even three full seasons would only give you a statistical expected margin of error of 5.25% – ie that same ’22 VGK outcome would make anything from 17-27 to not be statistically significant.

    Fun to talk about, but no real answers will be available in the numbers no matter how you twist them.

    • pistol pete

      SD is the sq rt of variance, correct? So how is variance on the occurrence of OT games calculated?

    • ThG

      Richard, what you are saying is it is not a representative sample. Need more data points. But then again, stats tell you where you HAVE BEEN, not where you are going. Pretty useless in my opinion. If stats were correct in any shape or form VGK would not have gone to SC in year one, or won the SC last year.

  4. Richard Evans

    Ooops – before anyone says anything I applied the margin of error wrong. Silly me. The percentage of error to those ’22 VGK would range from 17.3% to 36.3% or anywhere from the number of OT games from 14.2-29.8.

    Still not anything that can be analyzed with any confidence.

  5. Jim

    Logan Thompson= 2.29 .919
    career= 2.58 .916
    plus one Stanley Cup……….cap hit $766,667

    Sergei Bobrovsky= 2.42 .913
    career= 2.60 .915
    no cups….Vgk beat him in 5 games, and his stats were 4.70 gaa and .844 save%

    cap hit 10 MILLION $$$

    looks like Logan’s run is #1

  6. ThG

    spending so much energy at this point in season, will eventually take it’s toll either in injuries or in stamina later on in season; just ask the bruins from last year. Players are human beings, not machines.

  7. Jim

    the back to back games, iow 2 games in 2 nights, should be bargained out by the nhlpa. there are too many of those…there should be at least one night off between games.

    • ThG

      nice suggestion, another one would be to expand the roster size to allow
      for more players to play in back to back games, and giving other players a rest. Three players on roster on bench is hardly enough.

    • Emmanuel

      Just expanding the season by a week would help, or slashing 2 games off the schedule, but that would cost each team about a million….

      Also it means the 4th line is overused, fans pay to see the stars.

      • ThG

        I would prefer they switch the schedule to an earlier start and not play hockey in 90 degree weather in middle of baseball season.

        I would also like to see the rink size expanded to allow for more skilled play. Right now the skaters are bigger and faster than they have ever been before. But that is another discussion.

  8. Jim – better check how you would make that work given 82 games, 32 teams and a limited length of season. These guys are professionals, yes Thg not machines, but obviously in good shape otherwise they couldn’t handle the season. Injuries occur, lousy performances happen on occasion but for the most part things work out pretty well. Also consider in many cases the facilities they play in have other venues as well so anytime additional teams are added it only complicates the situation.

  9. ThG

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    • TS

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      • ThG

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        • TS

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          • ThG

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        • TS


  10. TS

    IDK, I think these OT games may be a sign the team is a little lax in closing out games
    They might let their guard down when leading down the stretch in games… then opponents sneak back into it.

  11. JB

    This back and forth with alex and minny are so childish. One saying ridiculous things about our players, the other responding with racial slurs. Why?

    • knights fan in minny

      come on jb he does it on purpose to stir things up

    • Theresa Soles

      Agreed. This is offensive. Alex has his reasons for pushing back against the constant RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL BS. I feel exactly the same, and I will NOT sit back and be ATTACKED by the God. Alex understands, he’s a pretty informed guy, despite the back- and – forth here. But, honestly, using the racial slurs is out of bounds, really offensive. I’m offended, and it doesn’t even apply to me.
      This entire problem starts with the God and his daily RANTS and ATTACKS. The God is the disrupter, Alex is responding to it. As I do, when the God offends. But Racial slurs are offensive. Period. Gotta stop.

  12. alex

    It’s because one is a prankster and the other is a vile racist illiterate scumbag

  13. Pistol Pete

    Flames are coming here back-to-back after a very tough loss in Colorado. They score four in the second to go up 5-3 after two. Avs score three unanswered in the 3rd to win in regulation. Ouch.

  14. ThG

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    • Alex

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      On a hockey note, Thompson is decent but not good enough…he’s a minor leaguer who of course can make saves but gives up lots of soft goals and lots of mid slot rebounds

      • ThG

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        . There’s plenty of evidence the election was stolen. Six swing states had to repeal 2020 election rules that favored massive ballot stuffing, illegal voter registrations, etc etc. There were 155 million registered voters two weeks before the election, and that is number that historically included millions of people that typical, although registered, don’t vote. Yet over 180 million ballots were counted. The courts never heard any of the evidence. They did not allow discovery. Anyone believing Biden really won is brain washed. Over 80% of GOP knows there was cheating.

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        • alex

          Point proven! What a nut you are! Zero stolen election evidence …ask Rudy…ask Sidney…HAHAHAHAHA….ask a few judges APPOINTED by Trunp.

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          • ThG

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            LT was all star last year

            go stalk someone else, psycho creep loser.

          • knights fan in minny

            not before mush head mumbles joey alex

        • TS

          Why don’t YOU follow your OWN advice, thg, and take your POLITICAL TRASH TO ANOTHER SITE!!

        • TS

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          • ThG

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      • knights fan in minny

        all goalies let in soft goals stick to thugball

      • TS

        Alex, very astute and reasoned post! I applaud you for that!

        • knights fan in minny

          the guy that used to rip you apart your applauding him

          • TS

            He isn’t ripping me now, minny. We understand why this site is toxic. Alex actually posted a relevant thought, and I applaud him,you, or anyone who at least ATTEMPTS some decorum here. Maybe if you tried so.e as well, you two would stop battling.

          • ThG

            no one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to post your idiotic spittle, if this site is so toxic then don’t post or read people posts. It’s a simple concept , but simple stuff seems to escape the minds of liberals. WHo in my decades of experience on this planet, are by far the most stupid people on the planet. What did Bob Hope call them ? Oh yeah, mindless zombies. CA land of fruit and nut cakes.

      • knights fan in minny

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      • knights fan in minny

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  15. ThG

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  16. Pistol Pete

    I am not going to lay it all out but assuming the cap goes to $88m I have come up with a plan to acquire Nylander and keep Marchy. I have a $3m cushion and only two players don’t get extended.

    • Pistol Pete

      Actually about $2m cushion not $3m. 14 forwards/7 D/2 G.

      • knights fan in minny

        pp what do you think about sam rienhart free agent for next year only making 6 mill he would get a bump i believe he is in the top ten scoring this year

    • knights fan in minny

      leafs will not let nylander walk.without getting a good return

  17. ThG

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    • Pistol Pete

      I would say all well-informed observers of the conflict be they Democrat or Republican agree with Colonel Kemp. Bipartisan agreement, no?

      I think the world has sort of weighed in in favor of Israel reducing the collateral damage to the Gazan civilian population though that is an insurmountable challenge due to Hamas inserting itself into the population. The world has had to speak up about the suffering of Gazans while knowing it’s unavoidable. Hamas forced the Gazans to elect them to power. It’s a crying shame.

      • Thg


        I hear you, unfortunately that is not the case at all.

        I guess you missed all the protests in the streets, university officials hub bub, etc.

        (tell that to havard, penn, and other university teachers indoctrinated our children !

        I guess you missed that they got called before Congress in past few days.

        There are all liberals, and members of Democratic party , btw.

        • Pistol Pete

          But you are stereotyping. Many of the “liberals” as you term them are firmly in Israel’s camp myself included.

          • ThG

            I am not stereotyping, I am calling out the facts that happened , did you miss all the protests? Did you miss all the universities spilling out anti Israeli hate? Did you mess all the hate crime in the blue zones in USA. I would hardly call that a vast majority. There are large swathes of Liberal democrat voters in state of Michigan who recently not to vote for Biden in next election. So many that the swing state may actually switch over and give their electoral votes to the GOP.

  18. ThG

    “I am willing to stick to hockey… But others toss religion and politics in…I never start that, but I won’t take that lying down.”

    says the hypocrite, and other hypocrites on this board, who posted political garbage on this site when VGK visited Biden at White House.

    Get lost loser liar, your double standard and hypocrisy has been exposed. You are always lying. Down or standing.

    “I respond to it”

    Translation: you harass and stalk people who don’t address their posts to you. Ok got it, Thanks for clearly up that you all are sicko, stalker, creeps. Get therapy. Lots of it. You need it.

  19. ThG

    some people on this board think that “psycho, sicko, stalker, pervert, stalker, lib tard, moe, putz, harasser” is racist talk. But then again, anything to a delusional lib tard is racist. Because that is all they have, they play the “race card” without thought. Because they have no brains. When in realty they are the true haters and racists, the policies put forth by the party, the democrat pedophile party encourages it and puts down one race over another. Just look at all the blue zones run by the dumbocrats.

    • Pistol Pete

      But somebody can just throw that back at you and claim delusional conservatard (not what I am doing) and what would be the point of that? The idea is to come up with bipartisan solutions not sling mud nonstop. How about balancing the budget to begin with? That can only happen by both raising taxes (but not on the middle class and below) and by cutting spending. Want to talk? I am pretty passionate about this, in fact I began to compose a letter on eliminating deficit spending intended for every member of both Houses.

      • ThG

        I post links and real facts, so they are not delusional. These other folks, who shall remain nameless, post with big caps, yelling and screaming without anything to back them up. Ranting Karens, brainless twits.

        • Darren

          You got exposed by those people with the whore turned fake preacher! They are CLEARLY the same person – that made me laugh so hard!

          • ThG

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        • Darren

          Buddy, they have the exact same date of birth, place of birth and parents last name. And the same ex husband – come on, don’t be so stupid!

      • TS

        Pp, EXCELLENT points!! Cudis to PP, the Peacemaker!

        • ThG

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          • TS

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    • TS

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    • TS

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      • ThG

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      • Alex

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        See that Thompson soft goal tonight?

        • TS

          Alex, I did. Another one in 2nd period. You’re so right..thg uis a bully, and woman- hater. Bet his MOMMY humiliated him on a daily basis, and he grew up with the Mommie Dearest Syndrome. Takes it out on STRANGERS now. I PITY the man- child.

  20. JB

    Knights catch a break with flames coming in after a tuff loss last night. We need to take advantage and get up early. Can’t blow a chance to roll up wins these next three games!

  21. knights fan in minny

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  22. knights fan in minny

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      • ThG

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        Clinton gave Chinese money, and didn’t get Osama Bin Laden when
        he had him dead to right
        obama let all the muslims into USA and gave Iranians millions.
        Biden has been a train wreck from day 1.

        Democrats suck the big one.

      • Darren

        Dude, get a GED please! You can’t string a sentence together !

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