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VGK Needs A Statement Season From Mark Stone

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

According to Golden Knights captain Mark Stone, he is expected to be fully recovered by training camp. It’ll be important for Stone to produce early on but the long-term should be the goal for Vegas.

We’re a veteran group so it’ll be nice to get the bodies healed and ready to go for the start of the season. Kind of prove that we’re good as we think we are. Got a little taste of humble pie this season and wasn’t fun to be a part of. -Mark Stone on Sirius NHL radio

With their most dangerous weapon gone, Stone will need to create offense in meaningful spots. Let’s face it, a $9.5M winger has to score on an empty net with the season on the line.

As we watched last season, failing to deliver in the clutch and a bevy of injured players were the main reasons why Vegas missed the playoffs. This season the goal shouldn’t just be to qualify for the playoffs but to be healthy when they get there as well. Vegas will need Stone’s presence throughout the season but mainly in the chase to 16 postseason wins.

Stone’s Last 9 Games in 2021-22
2 Points (1 Goal, 1 Assist)
0.22 Points Per Game
18 shots on net
202 Shifts
18:57 Average Time Of Ice

12-3 Playoff Record When Stone Scores
6 goals vs San Jose (SJS wins 4-3)
2 Goals vs Chicago (VGK wins 4-1)
2 Goals vs Dallas (DAL wins 4-1)
4 Goals vs Minnesota (VGK wins 4-3)
1 Goal vs Colorado (VGK wins 4-2)
0 Goals vs Montreal (MTL wins 4-2)

Now, that Vegas’ front office jettisoned two natural goal scorers, Stone will need to pick up the slack. He’s not a sniper but fans have seen him score in bunches including in the playoffs. New coach Bruce Cassidy will undoubtedly rely on #61 for more offense this season. Building chemistry with center Jack Eichel should solve some of the team’s scoring issues.

For Vegas to succeed in 2022-23 their captain will obviously have to stay healthy. However, if Stone does miss time his teammates should be able to stay the course. Having a fully healed and productive team by April is all that matters to Golden Knights.

Everybody in that dressing room has to take a good hard look in the mirror and get back to the way things were done in the past and get back to our roots a little bit. We got to get back to being that hard working team out working our opponents. That’s when we’re allow our skill to take over. -Stone on Sirius NHL radio

There are several lengthy contracts on the Golden Knights roster and Stone’s is one of them. Has he lived up to his $9.5 AAV so far? It’s difficult to say. He’s registered 165 points in 175 games with Vegas but he’s also come up short postseason. Playoff points and ultimately wins are what highly-paid players are judged by. (Same goes for Jack Eichel.)

For Vegas’ desires to come true Stone will need to have a statement-type regular season and Cup-chasing leadership at the same time. It’ll be fun who watch see and Stone fool defensemen and create team offense. Just as long as they don’t miss any empty netters.


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  1. knights fan in minny

    and the golden boy jack

  2. THE hockey GOD

    I was driving by the T mobile rink last week and I said to my self “Self, for a rink that is almost half a decade old the luster has sure come off that building”. It looked dull, weather worn, beaten, and not so shiny. Could it possible be due to the “oil cancer in the air”? ! !?? !!

    Stone is damaged goods, the Golden Years is better nick name for the team. And maybe they should replace the pre game knight with a eighty year old on use propped up by a Medline Easy Care Two-Button Folding Walker With 5″ Wheels in front and braces in the back ?!

    PA announcer Bruce Cusick ” And here comes this years edition of the LAS VEGAS GOLDEN YEARS wearing their yellow petunia pushing home sweaters”

    • knights fan in minny

      did you eat paint chips as a kid

      • THE hockey GOD

        no, did you ?

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        • knights fan in minny

          that’s because i don’t post babbling bullshit like you do

          • THE hockey GOD

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    • Original 6 ✅


      • knights fan in minny

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      • THE hockey GOD

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        • knights fan in minny

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          • THE hockey GOD

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            You lose yet again.

  3. Henderson One

    Unfortunately Stone has shown that he has a throat problem when it counts the most, in the playoffs. He needs to demonstrate that when he is needed most he can score.

  4. Rob S.

    Who’s your top line LW, Fat?

    I can’t wait for Keegan freaking Kolesar to take his turn at LW with Eichel and the ghost of Mark Stone’s back. /sarc The entire bloody division has improved with the exception of the VGK, who is noticeably worse. (Yeah, giving away 50+ goals will be easy to replace on a team that has trouble scoring. When does this Future Considerations kid arrive? Pfffft!)

    McClowns delenda est!

  5. Jason – you asked the question is Stone worth the 9.5M he is getting, I think it is very obvious, while you skirted the question the answer is NO, he is not, the same goes for a number of shiny toys the team has accumulated. Lehner, Petro, Eichel etc etc etc. You can’t buy a winning attitude necessary to raise the cup, regardless how they try and believe possible. This team is weaker now than it ever has been from day one scoring wise, so fans better get used to it. If they are looking for excitement, they better temper their thinking. Yes, the season hasn’t started – give it time???? not sure what that will accomplish- and all that but be prepared it is not a pretty picture.

  6. John W

    Jason/Ken – I haven’t heard you comment on a possible free agent deal for Phil Kessel. Seems like he could be a possibility in the 4-5 million range. Goal scorer and Iron Man. 3rd line, or maybe the top six. Am I missing something? Obviously we would have to fit him under the cap.


    As far as this subject – DUH! Of course we need a big year from our captain. As far as the shots being taken at Stone in this string, other than the Montreal series, he has averaged almost a point a game with VGK, and he (and his line) basically shut down the McKinnon line to win the Colorado series. Also scored an OT game winner in game 5.

    Let’s reserve judgment till at least the pre-season, but I am sure that won’t stop the Hockey Goddess. (Damaged Goods! Damaged Goods!)

    • Blitz

      Fat ,slow, old, terrible at defense, and his production fell off a cliff last year. He certainly has at least 3 out of the 5 characteristics the VGK like.

      If they paid Kessel any thing above 1.2 million I would say hell no.

    • JV

      I don’t think they can even fit Kessel or Stasny into the mismanaged cap. Those constant 250k to 1 million dollar overpays add up. Maybe you can fit in players like Sam Gagner, Keith Yandle, Chiasson, Galchenyuk, etc. Reality is this is what you’re looking at barring more trades. Wish we could have gotten Bjorkstrand for a 3rd and 4th round pick and not been in such a hurry to overpay Smith.

  7. knights fan in minny

    the hockey dunce’s favorite player lehner needs to have a statement season

    • THE hockey GOD

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      • knights fan in minny

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  8. THE hockey GOD

    Flames GM Brad Treliving feels the offer made by Florida in exchange for Matthew Tkachuk easily the best available.
    Given that the Panthers agreed to trade Jonathan Huberdeau and MacKenzie Weegar as part of the package to get Tkachuk, that’s not hard to believe. “We feel … this is by a long shot the very best deal available to us,” Treliving said. “Speculation in the media was incorrect in terms of the number of teams, the teams themselves. To me, it wasn’t close in terms of what was available to us in the marketplace. Once you talk about Jonathan and MacKenzie, once those names became things we thought were real, we pursued that path. We think it gives us the best return on dealing a player of Matthew’s stature. Dealing a 24-year-old player like Matthew…we didn’t choose this path. We felt at the end of the day we were able to deal with it the best possible way given the circumstances.” Treliving did also give credit to Tkachuk for being clear on what his intentions were. That allowed the Flames to be proactive and not only trade him, but deal him to a team Tkachuk wanted to play for long term. As part of the trade, Tkachuk agreed to an eight-year, $76 million contract, which was doubtlessly a major factor in the Flames being able to get so much from Florida. Huberdeau and Weegar meanwhile still need to be re-signed by the Flames or they’ll become UFAs in the summer of 2023. If Calgary isn’t able to re-sign them though, they will have the option to trade them before the deadline.

    SOURCE: Calgary Herald

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  9. Original 6 ✅

    well to the blog that Thg posted on that trade it happens to be the first time in Calgary history that they did a sign & trade. Tkachuk literally signed that contract with calgary. then the trade was made to panthers. so thank u Thg for bringing it to my attention.

    • knights fan in minny

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    • THE hockey GOD

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      • knights fan in minny

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      • knights fan in minny

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  11. Tim

    You want insanity check this out before I start with a hockey post. Before my post there were 37 posts and THG had 14 and mine had 14. So together they had 28 of the 37 posts babbling on about who gives a shit. Do you both think your something special because I assure you your not.
    Back to hockey. I do like the idea of Stansty and Kessell they may be old but there professionals and would much rather see them then Kolesar, Howden, Amidio etc. I think it would make for an interesting team. I know they can figure the cap out.

  12. Original 6✅

    yes i do & since i’m Sicilian i didn’t have to refer to your 3 rd rule LOL

    • THE hockey GOD

      O6 so what happens when TWO Sicilians argue with death on the line ?? hmmm, maybe needs an amendment of some sort?)
      (glad you like my rules )

      have a nice day

  13. Original 6

    i am a fan how kids that skate like the wind and pair m up with a 4 th line. instead of 2 older guys at end of career! there cheap young and are skating hard every shift cuz there thankful to be in the NHL . i’ve seen no names kids make impact and get experience and better ! there’s so many but i’ll give u one that we all no Whitecloud. walk on. give a kid a chance if he don’t work u can send him down & bring up another

    • THE hockey GOD

      O6 i am hoping to at least TWO “whitecloud” like break outs make the roster at some point this season. The Golden Years need it.

      • THE hockey GOD

        this is what I am talking about !!

        Jesse Granger
        No player stood out at development camp more than Kaedan Korczak.

        What does his dominant week, combined with trading away Dylan Coghlan, mean for Korczak’s role with the Golden Knights?

  14. Emmanuel

    Why are two of the best posters on this website constantly arguing? At least argue about hockey……

    • knights fan in minny

      because the hockey dunce wants to be the king of the site i could care less

      • Emmanuel

        It would be far more interesting to see you two debate the issues in a civil manner. Beats knightsonice any day though.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Emmanuel, all Kfim ? Does is stalk me, he has been warned to stop. The FBI has IP addresses, over 80 counts of stalking. What is happening here is illegal.

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      • Ken

        Hey KIM & THG… why don’t you two internet mouths just meet in person and settle your differences. All this B S on here means nothing!

  15. Check out on you tube “The Disheartening Downfall of the Vegas Golden Knights”. Sums up really well where we stand at this time. Sad situation – from the penthouse to the shithouse in five short years believing you can give away the future for the present and in some cases for nothing in return.

    • Emmanuel

      Cap space is an asset. Yes I would have liked some picks on some of those trades but the main objective was a salary dump.

    • THE hockey GOD

      HD isn’t the death of VGY, las vegas golden years, a bit pre mature at this point in time ?

      The season is light years away from starting. Check back in December, ok ?

    • Julie

      Hey HD – maybe we are just in a black hole and when we least expect it, we will see these kids make history again at VGK. 🙂

      Anything is possible, right?

      • Hi Julie – how goes it hope this finds you well and apparently optimistic about the future. I truly hope it turns out brighter than it would appear to be the case at the moment. I along with others on this site are of the opinion the team is weaker now than when they first started. I am sure many don’t agree and of course that is certainly their prerogative. It is sad to trade away the future for the present then discard the present for nothing in some cases. Like you said anything is possible.

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