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VGK Must Learn To “Get Out Of A Bad Stretch Quicker”

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One of the hallmarks of the Golden Knights’ run to the Stanley Cup was resiliency. From bouncing back from losses to correcting mistakes to keeping games within touching distance nothing was able to throw the team off the road of achieving their goal.

That continued this year to start the season as the first 12 games of the season were a clinic in keeping games close and grinding out victories. No opponent could string together goals which kept every game close and eventually Vegas’ talent won out.

Recently though, the same cannot be said about the Golden Knights. There’s no better example of it than the previous game in Boston. Vegas arguably were the better team for 40 minutes in a game on the road against an excellent opponent, but a dismal 20 minutes that saw the score snowball was too much to overcome.

We’ve got to get out of a bad stretch quicker. We give up a goal, we’ve got to get back to work. Can the coach call a timeout every time that happens? Yes, but is your team going to grow if you do that? I don’t know. So there’s a little bit of that that’s incumbent on the players. If something bad happens, park it, and let’s go. -Bruce Cassidy

It wasn’t just in Boston either. The Golden Knights have given up consecutive goals 14 times in the last eight games. It’s no surprise the record over that stretch for Vegas is a concerning 2-5-1.

The problem has gone beyond simply giving up back-to-back goals in a game. In addition, it has taken an intermission to get the Golden Knights back on track. Against Boston, they gave up three before striking back after the 1st period break. At home against Toronto, it was four before they figured it out after intermission. And they needed intermission resets against Carolina, Nashville, and Minnesota as well.

Cassidy thinks the tide may be turning on this issue though.

We did do that at the end of the 2nd period yesterday (in Boston). We had a horrible power play, they scored, 4-2, and Michael Amadio responds a minute later. So that’s a good sign for the team that there is resilience within our group still. -Cassidy

Responding to adversity is going to be crucial for the Golden Knights the rest of the way in the regular season and into the playoffs. There have been plenty of recent examples of what happens if they don’t. Now it’s time to start showing examples of what it looks like when they do.


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  1. The hockey God

    change the title to “get out of the emergency ward quicker”

    calling doctor howard
    doctor fine
    doctor howard


    • Roger Wilson

      Another embarrassing loss against a non playoff team. I cannot understand what is going on with this team. They’re going to wind up in 4th place before another week goes by with loss after loss. They’re the defending champions for Pete’s sake. These guys are better than this but I’m one fan about to give up . Come on folks this is ridiculous!

  2. Emmanuel

    Im not hearing much about the Coyotes selling. We should take a close look at whats on sale in Arizona.

    • Emmanuel I’ve always liked Nick Shmaltz for his consistency but he is probably too expensive.

    • If tonight was any example Vegas should be seller – you don’t have to look far to figure out who they are – assuming of course you can find anyone interested in buying.

  3. Emmanuel

    Rumor is VGK looking at Anthony Mantha.

  4. DeezNutz

    Injury prone team that has trouble scoring goals while fully healthy.

    • knights fan in minny

      the only thing injury prone is the crap that comes from your lips boy nutz

  5. JB

    This game tonight is embarrising! Just turning over the puck time after time. The Dguys playing awful.

    • Earl the Replanted Transplant

      Not just the D, horrible puck management, sloppy play, and what appears to be a losing attitude in how they have been playing. Sure the VGK have had a lot of injuries, but that is no excuse considering how they have played in games against the Oilers and Leafs. There is inconsistent play from veterans who need to step up because the HSK guys will be inconsistent. I have a feeling that some players will be gone in a little over a week. The team needs a shake-up.

  6. Jim


    Let the trades (plural) begin.

    This team without Jack and Stone is a mediocre mess.

    Theodore on PP did exactly as described in a post just a few days ago.

    “Theodore is a good assist man 5 on 5, but he sucks at the point on the PP. He is slow and hesitant and indecisive in moving the puck, and because of that the opponents have time to readjust into the passing and shooting lanes, and the VGK PP then hands the opponent breakaways and grade A scoring chances while shorthanded.”

    nailed it.

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