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VGK Have Been Through Enough To Curb Any Doubt Of Dealing With Series Deficit

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

If there’s one thing the 2021 Golden Knights are used to it’s rapid change. Whether it be pandemic-related or hockey-related, this team has been through some crazy ups and downs 34 days into this playoff run.

For the first time this postseason Vegas is experiencing a blown series lead. They’ve turned around two series deficits to take leads in a series and they’ve seen a 3-1 lead turn into a Game 7, but never before in 2021 have they been ahead in the series only to go behind in the same one.

But to think the Golden Knights will do anything but handle this with composure would be ludicrous based on the postseason they’ve been through so far.

16 games into this playoff run, the Golden Knights have experienced 16 leads and 15 deficits. They’ve seen the lead change inside of a game on eight different occasions, including six times they were behind in a game and took the lead. They’ve scored eight game tying goals while also allowing eight of their own. And maybe the most important stat of all to prove this team will not panic down a game in a series is that the Golden Knights have been behind in an unbelievable 13 of the 16 playoff games.

I don’t think there’s any emotional damage (chuckling). I think that’s a pretty harsh way of putting it. We were down 0-2 to Colorado and got smoked 7-1 in the first game and brutally dominated for 20 minutes and then really deserved to win the game and lose that one. -Mark Stone

They haven’t been exactly here before, down 2-1 after losing a Game 3, but it feels like they have been. In truth, it feels like they’ve been in every situation imaginable to this point and it hasn’t all worked out perfectly, but they are still here.

Vegas have scored 16 go-ahead goals in the postseason. Add that to their eight game-tying goals and that’s 24 different times in which there have been massive emotional positive swing goals. On the other side, they’ve allowed the go-ahead goal  15 times and allowed the tying goal another eight. So, in total, there have been 47 different times inside of 16 games in which the score has shifted from a leader to tied or vise versa.

To this point, the Golden Knights have always had an answer.

Jonathan Marchessault’s game-tying goal in Game 2 against Minnesota. Alex Tuch’s go-ahead one in the same game. The three goal comeback in Game 3. Game 7’s unlikely heroes. Marchessault and Pacioretty in Game 3 against Colorado. Stone in overtime of Game 5. And the list goes on and on and on.

Big goals and big wins are anything but foreign to the Golden Knights in these playoffs.

Now it’s time for someone, or everyone, to step forward once again and pick up the goalie that is a huge reason why they are here in the first place.

Any time a team trails in a series facing a road game next there’s reason for some doubt to seep in. But with the Golden Knights, doubt should be the last thing on the mind for this bunch that has literally been there and done that.




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  1. George L.

    Great article and good reminder.

  2. Mike Froyd

    Regarding the center situation, is there no faith in trying out Glass? His original spot is a center and he has experience playing with these guys. Isn’t it an upgrade in skills if you swapped out Reeves with Glass?

    • Elliot

      AVS defense was as soft as puppy shit you caint compare them with the Canadiens.

      • Howard

        Elliot = right, because Habs dcore is way bigger and stronger. This is evident by VGK 2nd line and just about every other forward getting completely smoked out there physically. Avs dcore too offensive minded and are SMALL, so Marshy and 2nd line able to stay on the puck and generate chances low. Once again, Deboer is not making the adjustments because his system has a flaw – trap teams like Habs, DALLAS LAST YEAR, want you to play like Deboer teaches.

        Marshy and Smith are getting absolutely toasted and blown off the puck constantly, Stone has been ok, while Patches getting obliterated – credit to Habs for that.

        Even with this, VGK has controlled the 5 on 5 play for the most part. However, TAKING MORE SHOTS ON GOAL does not translate to MORE GOALS.

        However, Habs have no real attack, they’re counter punchers like VGK. The way to beat this is for VGK to move puck SIDE TO SIDE cross ice passing. They have done this a few times with success, but sadly they’re forwards seem stuck in the same problem they had last year in the bubble = OVER THINKING SHOTS RATHER THAN JUST SHOOTING HIGH!

        When I see VGK trying to skate into Habs trap at neutral zone, I just want to puke – very poor approach. When I see VGK waste possessions with low % long blueline shots, I want to puke – this gives Habs the counter punch they look for to generate offense.

        Theodore and rest of VGK dcore key here for me. They have speed advantage that Holden is hamstringing a bit. Deboer should consider inserting Hague back in.

        I’ve got more to say, but I don’t see the point – team has to realize it, not some fan like me 🙂

    • Mike Froyd

      Sorry for veering off topic with the center talk. With regards to VGK, I have complete confidence that they can turn this series around. I think they’ve controlled most of the play in the series with the difference being Montreal converting their breakaway opportunities and VGK not. Start converting some of those and Vegas turns the tables in a big way.

    • Richard Santomauro

      I would like to see Glass in lieu of Reaves if only for the better skating, puck handling and speed.

      • Mike StG

        I wouldn’t mind seeing Glass replace Reaves on L4. Couldn’t do worse 5v5 and he is very good on PP. could be what they need to improve that, and PP improvement alone is worth goals.



  3. Richard Santomauro

    Let’s just reset for a minute, OKAY? Calm the F*Ck down.

    VGK dominated in this game and would have won, should have won. You won’t see a Hall of Fame Goalie make a mistake like that in your lifetime again.

    It is what it is.

    The Golden Knights dominated in every aspect of game 3 except for the outcome which was a complete FLUKE.

    So, please. Stop the drama. VGK is still the favorite in this series.


    • Daryl

      I agree with everything you said except for the goalie mishap. I’ve seen just about every HoF goalie make epic mistakes like the one MAF made.

      I said VGK would win in 5,now I’m backing out to 6

      • Richard Santomauro

        Agree, whether it is in game 6 or 7. MTL does not have the team to beat VGK without pure luck. Even if VGK loses the next one, they have the better team and I expect they will win the series.

      • Mike StG

        Yeah, Mike Smith does has those kind of catastrophic mishaps at least 3 or 4 times every season.

  4. Tim

    Yes we should be up 2-1 but were not so game 4 seems to be important I hope the team realizes that. Montreal is on a roll and to just think your the big bad Knights and there going to roll over would be a big mistake. I thought we’d jump all over them but they came to play there not intimidated and we’ll see how game 4 goes. Anything can happen in hockey and the Knights find a way to keep it interesting.

  5. Richard Santomauro

    So, was there a high stick on Marchy or was it a puck to the face? I still haven’t heard one way or the other.

    • Mike StG

      They showed slow-mo replay. Definitely a high stick and missed call by the refs. He clobbered Perry, as they call it in Battleship – a direct hit. 🙂

  6. Bill

    This is a team that lost 32 of 56 in the regular season. There is no reason to believe we are not capable of winning 3 of 4 from them. To be honest the fact that it is gonna at least be 6 is a bad sign for the golden knights.

    • Tyler Durden

      Playoffs are NOT like the regular season. MTL is 9-1 in the last 10 in the playoffs.

      • Daryl

        Playoffs are all about the hot team. We should know this after beating COL. I still think VGK wins in 6 but being the better team usually doesn’t mean a whole lot come playoff time

    • Intresting a team with under 50% wins in regular season in the semi finals for the Cup. That’s almost as good as a contract with the knights who pay more than they need to and get subpar results in return. Guess it goes to show nothing is impossible if you think along those lines. Montreal won’t win but they are out to prove its possible with winning attitide.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    The VGK are looking more and more like a tired team. They seem to be slow walking out there. While montreal breezed through their two series and appears to be fresher team.

    Tired teams do all the things mentioned above. On top of that they make mental mistakes. Like the flubbed goal and very slow, poor line change in OT that led to game winner.

    Anderson of MTL said after the game that VGK played like a tired team. It may be time for PDB to reach into his bag of tricks and bring up some fresh players. I don’t see the logic in having a player on roster that sits in final period. I would bring in at least three fresh starters. One on defense and two up front. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sit Fleury, he said in prior series his legs were getting tired. Although he didn’t have much action in last game, going behind the net and clearing pucks does wear you out. One team in the 80s used to counter this by placing a D man way back and help out the goalie.

    Another area that no one mentions, or skirts over, is lack of bearing down after jumping out in front. Nearly every game after VGK scores a goal the other team gets a quick one right back. That has to stop.

  8. Vic

    Once again, THG, you hit the mark. I feared beating CO was going to seem like winning the cup to some of our guys, but you would think the senior guys would handle that. However, the ‘tired’ team completely outplayed the Habs in most categories except goals, which makes the loss so difficult. When the gift goal happened, I was 93.7% sure the Habs would win in OT (same doom I felt in the ‘not a major’ game). Most VGK fans had trouble sleeping last night, and hopefully the team will suck it up as they are upset as well. As Ken says, the boys have been through this before, so let’s hope. Will our guys resemble the Jets or the VGK? They miss Chandler, but lines 1 and 2 need to step on it fast.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Nice to see you Vic, I saw so many people in store today with Knights gear. The main theme was shake it off and get after them.

  9. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    We HAVE to win a game on Montreal ice.

    It might be good, to do that tonight.

    (Providing we don’t have another, brain-fart f*ckup)!

  10. THE hockey GOD

    looks like Fleury is getting the night off

    • Clinton Comets Fan

      Say it isn’t so!!! Unless he’s injured we need MAF in there.

  11. Tim

    And here we go with a goalie controversy. I wonder if Fleury is tired which is understandable or is it because he laughed off his flub? Management may be livid and maybe the team has a fracture over this so we’ll see what happens tonight. I think this thing is slip, slip, slipping away. It reminds me of the movie Miracle where Russia pulled the number one goalie and we all know what happened then.

  12. Contact Tracer

    Robin Kneeler in net would (will) be an unmitigated disaster for vgk. Fleury is a hot goalie with one flub. DeClown can’t be that dumb can he?

  13. THE hockey GOD

    no FO is not livid, the time line during practice session does not support what you are saying.

    Lehner was in starter goalie’s net, and Fleury in back up net when he was doing he laugh off.

  14. Contact Tracer

    DeClown should be fired if VGK loses this game.

    • Richard Santomauro


      I agree. 0-11 now on the power play and no ability to adapt to what Montreal is doing to them.

      It’s looking very very grim right now. VGK is getting beat in just about every category.

      VGK needs to throw caution to the wind and put their speed into high gear.

      Take some chances.

  15. Contact Tracer

    Well I always give credit where credit is due. Robin Kneeler played one hell of a game!

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