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VGK Fans Eyeing Home Ice Gentlemen’s Sweep

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After four Stanley Cup Finals games, the current situation couldn’t have set up any better for Vegas Golden Knights fans. Their favorite hockey team is 60 minutes away from hoisting the city’s first Stanley Cup trophy. Along with the Las Vegas Aces, the Golden Knights have a chance on Tuesday to deliver the second professional sports championship in city and state history.

Funny enough, Stanley Cup champions tend to end a series on the road. The Golden Knights can buck that trend a win in Game 5. Since 2000, 10 teams were presented the 124-year-old trophy on home ice, and only three over the past 10 seasons. That rare occurrence can happen for a fourth time in front of passionate home fans on Tuesday.

SCF Winning Team – Home/Road Clinching Game Since 2013

  • 2022: COL – Road
  • 2021: TB – Home
  • 2020: TB – Neutral
  • 2019: STL – Road
  • 2018: WAS – Road
  • 2017: PIT – Road
  • 2016: PIT – Road
  • 2015: CHI – Home
  • 2014: LA – Home
  • 2013: CHI – Road

Tampa Bay snapped the five-year road stretch in 2021 when they defeated the visiting Montreal Canadiens in five games. The Golden Knights could match the Lightning’s approach tomorrow night from T-Mobile Arena.

Our fans deserve this, but there’s no guarantees. It’s weird, maybe it’s set up, maybe this is the way it was meant to be. And that’s how it’s going to play out. But two teams still got to play the games. The game’s decided in the trenches and hopefully we can give our fans that gift. -Jon Cooper, TB coach, June 2021

The Bolts bench boss tip-toed around the topic before Game 5 in 2021. Back in 2015, Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews added his desire to win in front of home fans. Toews’ dynasty won three Stanley Cup trophies but only one at home. It would be special if Vegas took a different path and began their dynasty with a series-clinching win in front of Golden Knights fans.

It’s not just for the fans in the arena. This is Las Vegas, fans will congregate and have a night to remember. Toshiba Plaza should be wild, city-wide watch parties will be loud, and home-dwelling diehards will likely break every HOA noise violation in Clark County.

We wanted it for each other, for the city. Winning a championship like this in your own city in some ways transcends the sport. Everyone wants to be a part of it. –Jonathan Toews, Blackhawks captain, June 2015

What’s the phrase? Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Well, it’s very fitting right now. But considering the odds and the situation, it’s hard not to look ahead.

Because what could be ahead for Las Vegas would truly be epic.


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  1. Kristopher Isom


  2. Richie-Rich

    5-6 goal differential. Victory in game 5! The boys will be at their best for this contest. They do not want to go back to the slums of Miami and have bottles and popcorn thrown at them.

    • Hans

      This brings to mind the comment the reporter made. “I can’t wait to go back to Florida with classy fans”. Very classy indeed

      • David Thew

        Yep, the Panther fans made the Stars fans look like Saints. After the pandemic, people have lost their collective minds. Forgot common decency, manners, reason. Saddest part of it all, is that they feel entitled to behave this way? Like LeBron James, they are just poor losers.

  3. TS


  4. Former season ticket holder

    Goosebumps…. giant goosebumps

    • TS

      I was gonna say that, too, GOOSEBUMPS. SURREAL, ISN’T IT? IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING??????

      • David Thew

        Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and jinx us. Save the celebrating for after the game, should we win.

        • TS

          David,I don’t believe in jinxes . I believe in the Power of PositiveThinking!! Gotta think like a winner to BE a winner!

          • David Thew

            TS, think about it; how many times have we heard a announcer saying, “Number 6 hasn’t missed a field goal in over 30 tries. He is Mr. Automatic!” Than “BAM”, he misses it on a crucial kick. Jinxed.

        • TS

          David, you are PULLIN MY LEG!!..
          And pretty funny, too!
          Jinxed or hoodwinked??

          • David Thew

            I’m a firm believer in karma just as I am in jinx’s.

          • TS

            Hey, I believe in karma!! And……our Karma is WAY better than the Cats’. Those Cats will get their ” reward” for their BAD Karma when we send them home empty- handed in game 5!!

  5. TS

    Footnote: TRIED to go to today’s practice, I was told that ALL passes were gone by 8am! For an 11am.practice! Hundreds showed up early, I was told, for 300 passes.

    • David Thew

      I would have loved to gone to it, but I’ve been home for 2 days. Flu. Was running a high temp.

  6. David Thew

    Take care of business at the Fortress. End this thing in 5. Send the Panthets packing.

  7. TS

    Jason, I love your comment about ” home- dwellers”! You better BELIEVE the valley will hear us all SCREAMING in the neighborhoods!! HELL YEAH!!

  8. TS

    Just read this: Petro will NOT face a suspension for his post- game penalty. No word on the 2 Panthers w/ misconduct penalties…

    • kevin

      Tkafuck got his supplemental discipline already from Kolesar

      • TS

        Kevin, YES HE DID!! And it’s gonna hurt awhile! ” ya get what ya give”!

      • TS

        Monday word was he did NOT practice. Guess it HURTS when he “accidentally” meets Kolesar. Imagine that.

  9. Jailbird

    Watching the NHL network the last couple days, they are still spending about 80% of their time on Florida . It’s amazing. The Toronto fan base is saying all kinds of crap about the Knights. We need to end this tomorrow and shut these assholes up!

    • David Thew

      The Nuggets, just like my Golden Knights (I am a Colorado transplant. Been in Vegas 26 1/2 years), have gotten NO RESPECT! Time to watch these sportscaster our on their BS. Whenever they try to backpedal their statements after Denver takes it all the way, fans need to copy and paste prior statements and call them out for the bandwagon hacks they really are.

    • Stephanie

      The media is entrenched in the east coast. They’ll stay up an hr later for the central ,but they are clueless about the pacific.And for yrs the east had tough teams .I think there’s not as big of a differential anymore

    • JB – we agree – even during the games the bulk of the conversation has been about how great Florida is – it will kill them to have to say WAS if they are men enough to spit it out.

  10. Not Quite

    Toews’ Blackhawks were not a dynasty, no matter Gary Bettman or anybody else tries to spin it.

    • Stephanie

      They were for a decade but no they weren’t the Wings or the oilers or Montreal

  11. Jailbird

    You are right DT, I wish I had the energy to do just that. But I’m an old man, sooooo. Ha. Not giving respect to any team that makes the finals is just wrong. The best thing to do is just win the thing. I think the Knights and Nuggets will do that!

    • David Thew

      Well, we are ALL getting old, I’m sad to say. But we aren’t dead yet, soooo, might as well have some fun on the way out… Nuggets took care of business. Knights will do the same.

  12. Donald J Trump

    these are posters here, getting way to over confident and giddy


  13. Anand

    Word Up Donald J Trump
    Fo real!

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    Come sit on the lap of I-C-E
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    Knights 6
    Florida 2
    Series over

    • TS


      • David Thew

        Because he is mindless troll, wannabe gangsta’, who thinks songs about killing cops, belittling women, glorifying drive-by shooting, is cool. He’s a classless punk.

      • Anand

        I will stop. I just wanted to honour N.W.A.

        Thank you for voicing your displeasure.

  14. David Thew

    They all will be eating crow pie after tomorrow night’s game. Knights keep getting taken for granted. Oh, and a quick shout out to the NBA CHAMPIONS DENVER NUGGETS! They, like the Knights, got no respect. They just shut the critics the hell up!

    • TS

      Congrats to The Nuggets! LeBron’s miracles on the court just weren’t enough. Well- deserved championship!

    • TS

      David, are you trying to JINX the game??? Say it ain’t so!!! Lol..
      I’m a nervous gal right now, I’m sure we all are that way…

  15. David Thew

    LeBron was the series before when Denver swept them. This was against another Miami team. Seems sports teams in Miami are having a rough ending of their seasons.

  16. Jailbird

    Good morning Las Vegas! Tonight the Knights can complete the journey from: Fantasy ( yr one), to reality ( yr six). Can anyone say we will absolutely win tonight. I guess not. But, how can we not. The setup is just too perfect. I just know the boys will play their guts out tonight. That’s all we can expect. I’m nervous and excited.

    • David Thew

      We can’t predict the future, JB, but we can think positive thoughts and stand loud and proud for our VGK.

    • TS

      I cannot sit still. Let’s get this game started, already!!

  17. Anand

    I will stop. I just wanted to honour N.W.A.

    Thank you TS for voicing your displeasure.

  18. Tim

    Watch parties all over town for us poor folk who can’t afford 2,500 dollars for a ticket with the best seat costing 46,000. dollars if you can believe that. The town is pumped were almost to the top of the mountain. Thank you Bill Foley for believing in Vegas as a hockey destination when the rest of the hockey world didn’t. Let’s get out early and take them to the wood shed and put an explanation mark on the season.

    • TS

      HELL YES!! (My own dad had a few run- ins in his dad’s woodshed growing up. Oldest of 8, he got the switch for EVERYONE!) GO KNIGHTS!!!

  19. JoeInHendo

    Here we go VGK fans! Those of us that have been posting here for years (though I’ve missed the last few months) and scratch our heads over crazy and often insulting posts from “the hockey god” and his alias usernames, are on the cusp of watching our Knights hoist the Stanley Cup! From missing the playoffs last year for the first time, to one win away from being NHL Champs, this season has been the ultimate mouthwash to rid ourselves of that terrible DeBoer taste. It’s awesome having a real Coach again.

    • David Thew

      I am fairly new on the blog. Been a Knights fan from day 1. Even went to a few games. Yeah, I see some bad posts. The worst of the bunch is Anand. A wannabe gangsta’ who trolls the site, trying to shock people with his mindless, worthless, tasteless, classless, song lyrics.

    • TS

      Absolutely, Joe!! Don’t be deterred from adding to sinbin. We need rational voices here! THE CUP AWAITS!!!!

  20. Jailbird

    Let’s talk Con-Smyth trophey for a moment. It’s awarded to a player from the winning team. Let’s suppose that will be the Knights. I see three players leading for that in this order. Marchy. – Hill. – Jack. I think it could be close and if tonight’s game is the clincher , then an outstanding game by one of these could decide the winner. What ya’ll say? Ken/Jason do you have any thoughts on this as well?

    • David Thew

      I think Marchy is #1. Hill is #2. Stone is #3. To come back from the back surgery and play so well, as well as, motivate his team, shows great leadership.

    • TS

      Jb: MARCHY. He has earned it with CLUTCH play throughout these Playoffs. The most fierce competitor on the team, fears no one, always gives 200%. Playoffs have been his best play of the year…

  21. David Thew

    Because he’s a major tool. He thinks because it’s a song, that words have no meaning or impact. Well, it has a negative impact. Anybody who praises songs that glorify gangbanging, trash talking women, threatening and belittling police, is a glorified whack job. He is a troll. His bs has no purpose on a blog about hockey. NONE!

    • Anand

      Everyone should be listening to jailbird who says to ignore people who make comments that they don’t like. I wanted to leave and never post again but now that David Thew is giving me the attention that I was seeking. I feel that maybe I should stay. I will think about it.

  22. Arnold Rothstein

    the fan base and bettors are way over confident,

    This can go either way, over and VGK or under and Florida (with big odds).

    I am taking the big odds and Florida.

    ARnold the Brain

    hasn’t had the picks in last few, I am 50/50 on this one.

    • Anand

      Arnold. Respect your opinion.

      I believe that the Golden Knights are so battle tested over the past six years with their multiple playoff runs that they realize what is at stake. Most people would see this as big as having three chances to close this out but I think Vegas well trounce Florida tonight and remove any doubt if it even exists.

  23. Anand

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    A special thank you to the moderator of this site who is respecting my freedom of speech.

    Golden Knights will win tonight!
    It’s over!

  24. Tim

    This Anand has to be the resurrection of The Hockey God no one else is that stupid. You think you rid yourself of a cancer and presto he’s back under another name lucky us. There are some strange people out there and Anand goes to the top of the list.

    • David Thew

      Yeah, a true tool. He is a punk hiding in his moms basement, pretending he is a gangsta ‘. A real piece of work.

    • THE hockey GOD

      sorry hater tim

      ThG doesn’t do rap crap

  25. knights fan in minny

    annaed the dumb ass loser

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