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VGK Earns High Respect In Latest NHL Power Rankings

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In exactly one month from yesterday the NHL playoffs will begin. Barring any major collapses, the Golden Knights will be one of the Western Conference’s most dangerous participants. However, some continue to doubt Vegas as a serious Stanley Cup contender. For example, MoneyPuck’s Power Rankings list the Golden Knights as the league’s 16th best team.

Over the years the Golden Knights front office built a team well-suited for the postseason. Six players have customized championship rings, and 12 others have playoff experience. Experience makes a different in the NHL’s second season. While MoneyPuck’s computer model doubts Vegas’ chances, several other Power Rankings are much more favorable to the 31st franchise. Here are the latest rankings from hockey outlets across the league.

Sportsnet – VGK #2 

As you’d expect with a team dubbed the ‘Golden Misfits’ in their early expansion days, there is no shortage of guys who beat the odds in Vegas. All three members of the original ‘Misfit Line’ — William Karlsson between Reilly Smith and undrafted Jonathan Marchessault — are still there and have been joined by a captain, in Mark Stone, who was a sixth-round selection with questionable skating; Chandler Stephenson, a third-rounder who immediately became a top-six centre after Vegas fleeced Washington for his services; and undrafted goalie Logan Thompson, who was in the thick of the Calder Trophy race before getting hurt this season.- Ryan Dixon, Sportsnet

The Canadian avenue clearly respects the Golden Knights lineup enough to have them one spot below the high-powered Boston Bruins and higher than two teams with better records. It’s possible Sportsnet sees an easier postseason path for Vegas, or that their newly formed lineup is deep enough for a Cup run. Would Sportsnet rank Vegas higher than Boston if Mark Stone were healthy in time for the playoffs? That’s a bit of a stretch.

The Hockey News – VGK #3

The Knights are on a tear with four straight wins and seven of their past eight. They still haven’t really missed a beat despite being on their fourth starter in Jonathan Quick, who’s 4-0-0 with the Knights. As it stands, the Knights and Kings will face each other in the second round of the playoffs if they advance.- Jason Chen, THN

THN posted their latest Power Rankings before the Golden Knights last contest, but it would be difficult to drop Vegas more than two or three spots. Jonathan Quick’s success with Vegas has given the Pacific Division leader more security in net after injuries to virtually every Golden Knights goaltender. – VGK #4

If healthy, Alec Martinez is a key, underappreciated piece for the Golden Knights. The veteran defenseman won the Stanley Cup twice with the Los Angeles Kings (2012, 2014). He leads the NHL in blocked shots with 208, 35 more than Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba. He averages 1:36 of ice time on the penalty kill, third on the Golden Knights. But unfortunately, that style takes a toll, and he has a history of injuries. What makes him valuable also creates a risk that Vegas could lose him from the lineup.- Nicholas J. Cotsonika, columnist

The league’s official site is incredibly high on the Golden Knights, ranking them as the highest Western Conference team on their list. Only the record-breaking Bruins, Hurricanes and Devils are ahead of the Golden Knights according to NHL columnist Nick Cotsonika. There’s an argument that Vegas is slightly overrated by, especially after being throttled by Calgary 7-2 on Thursday night. However, as legendary MLB manager Connie Mack famously said; “You can’t win them all.”


By scoring four goals and eight points in his first nine games, Ivan Barbashev has helped the Golden Knights find a temporary solution to the hole left by captain Mark Stone. Losing Stone left the Golden Knights without one of the premier two-way forwards in the league. It appears Barbashev, a pending UFA, could be the one who bridges that gap. And if so, it is going to make his offseason a rather interesting one.-Ryan Clark, ESPN hockey reporter

The Worldwide Leader is quite impressed with the acquisitions the Golden Knights made around the trade deadline. In nine games, Ivan Barbashev has fit in well in Bruce Cassidy’s system and built quick chemistry with his new teammates. If Barbashev can continue his production in the 2023 playoffs, ESPN could be on to something. While he’s not Mark Stone, the 27-year-old is doing his best to fill the captain’s unmatchable role.

Seattle Times – VGK #4, LA #5, DAK #6, MIN #8, EDM #9, COL #10, SEA #12 

Even the Seattle Times have the Golden Knights ranked in their top four. Considering the Times covers another Pacific Division team, it would be easy for them to inflate the Kraken’s position in the league. However, because the paper is well-versed with the Pacific it’s possible their rankings are generally accurate. Also, ranking seven teams from the West in their top 12 suggests their strong knowledge of the conference.

As we do when any power ranking gets updated, you have to take them with a grain of salt. It’s fair to rank the Golden Knights anywhere from 2nd to 16th. Computer scales like MoneyPuck have their factors such as expected goals and goaltender efficiency, while Sportsnet and ESPN are basing their opinions on the results. Either way is acceptable but only one can be right. We will find out which is more accurate starting on April 17th.


Golden Knights Struggles Against The Pacific Continue




  1. Sorvino

    Ken, what would you personally rank them. I have them around 7th to 9th. If, in three weeks, the goaltending situation was stabilized, the special teams looked better, and we knew that Mark Stone would be returning for game one of the playoffs, Then I would have them higher, and where most prognosticators have them.

  2. Vic

    Bingo Sorvino

  3. Richie-Rich

    What do I know? I had VGK finishing in 4th or 5th place in the Pacific Division. Since the break they’ve only been beaten badly 2X, by COL and CGY. Otherwise, they have been competitive in every single game. But, you can point to Cassidy’s defensive scheme as their strength. I rank them as extremely poor when trying to transition under pressure. Other than dumping and chasing the puck, the VGK have been unable to consistently break the defensive blue line with any strategic play making.

    BOS, FLA, COL, CAR and TBL should all be ranked higher than VGK overall. If you were to just look at defense then VGK could be top 3.

    This is an offense by committee. Despite what some might think, Eichel is not an elite forward. He’s very very good, but not elite. He’s not delivering elite numbers for the salary he is getting. But, he does add value to the team.

    I don’t see the VGK going deep into the postseason. It is more likely they will be one and done, or be beaten in the 2nd round. This team has outperformed for sure. I love the coaching, the defense, the goaltending, and the play of Barbashev, Cotter and Carrier are welcome surprises. Dorofeyev has to deliver a bit more before I start believing. Getting a goal off of his face mask? That’s the hockey gods smiling down on him.

    I do like Quick, but will be happy to see Thompson and Hill back as regulars.

    • TS

      Rr, astute observations. I agree. As an unrealistic optimist, I think we’ll go further in playoffs, barring further injury surprises. Attitude is good right now. Definitely need Hill and LT soon.

      • Rashaad

        TS, Laurent Brossoit and Logan Thompson. We’re in practice yesterday, so looks like some good news is coming.

    • 200X85

      That is one of the best comments posted. Agree with everything.

  4. Sorvino

    I agree with 80% of what Richie Rich said but I think I’m slightly more optimistic. Defence wins championships and theirs is top notch. I think what we see is more of the same in their history, which is win one or two rounds, and then get eliminated because the power-play can’t produce and the clutch scoring is nonexistent.

    However, I have to say that recently they are getting some secondary scoring, which is proving me wrong, which is great.

    As I said a couple of weeks ago in a post, I don’t see this as a Stanley cup team. But I love them.

  5. Rashaad

    Everyone wrong. Vegas Knights will win the Stanley Cup.

    • TS

      RASHAAD, I’m afraid Boston has OTHER plans. And the surreal win% to back em up. Above and beyond all others, I think. I just hope for a competitive Final…

    • knights fan in minny

      they have a good shot at making the cup final the blueline 6 would have to continue there. very good play buckle up the next few weeks will be fun

  6. Tyler Durden

    MoneyPuck uses stats, the other rankings are opinion based

  7. Jose

    Mr. Durden, money puck has Calgary with the 8th best odds and they are not even in a playoff spot. It kind of discounts everything else they say. I’ve watched Carolina play three times this year and twice was against Vegas and the other time was against Toronto and they looked like one of the worst teams in the league. Obviously, they are not bad because of their record but I can’t see a team that did nothing at the trade deadline, has lost Andre Svechnikov for the year due to injury, has a coach that basically quit Winnipeg last year because he said he wasn’t up to the job and they’re goaltending sucks.

    How does moneypuck have Carolina as the odds on favourite to win the cup.

  8. knights fan in minny

    canes losing svechnikov is a huge loss they still have plenty of talent they can score good in net and a mobile blueline

  9. Jailbird

    Can the Knights win the cup? Of course they can! Will they, probably not. But, I think they will at very least, make some noise in the playoffs and go further than some think! For some reason I also think that Boston won’t win it either. I continue to look at TB as the best in the east, come playoff time. In the west you have to fear the defending champs, the AVs.

    • Bobby

      Agreed, I think the President’s trophy curse will continue . Nothing to lose, for the other teams.

    • TS

      Jb, could Boston tank in the playoffs? IDK, their record is sure intimidating! They have so much MOJO..confidence to come back to win ANY game vs ANY team. The Beast in the East, I think. We’ll see! I want to see a competive final, no matter WHO plays!

  10. Bobby

    NHL Network’s latest darling the Avs, taking a break from the Devils… Good to see Sportsnet Canada stepping up to the plate for VGK…

  11. Jeff

    Haven’t looked at all the rankings, but the Kings may have something to say about who wins the Cup. Since getting blown out by Buffalo in December, the Kings have been the second best team in the league only behind Boston. If the Kings had started the season they way they have played since that Buffalo game, they would be at 110 points rn.
    Then at the trade deadline they improved even more. From worst save% to best save%
    They are going to be tough
    Rankings, for God only knows why, always seem to love Edmonton. At least now most of them are starting to realize they overrated them. It will be interesting to see what they do

  12. While all this ranking stuff may please the gamblers I seriously question if it means much about determining the ultimate winner of the CUP. As strange as this may read to many on this site Vegas has a great opportunity and as good of a chance at raising the Cup as any other team IF the Vegas “A” team shows up nightly. It would be interesting to see previous rankings to see if the number 1 landed up raising the CUP. I would bet that is seldom or ever the case. SO ranking means little to nothing once the playoff start. Do I believe Vegas will accomplish that, not terrible optimistic but stranger things have happened. It would sure make things interesting. They don’t have a chance if they can’t get their PP to function as is should or they can’t carry the puck into the o zone rather than chip and chase all the time. Those are correctable issues, obviously not easy as they haven’t to this point but time has a way or fixing things.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i agree, stats and opinions tell you where you BEEN, not where you are going.

      the CUP runs through the bEASt in the EAST.

      The proof is in the puddin.

      Carrier was signing his John Hancock at mall today.

      Just another filler article.

      Just saw Babylon, another bust of hollywierd “movie”, only good thing about it is the musical score.

  13. Jailbird

    As all experienced hockey fans know, the playoffs are a completely different animal. Emotion and desire should be at its peak. I think the Knights can improve the PP some. I think their PK is pretty good. My biggest fear is their physicality . Can we hang for a series with the bigger tougher teams we will play? I hope so, but worry about this aspect!

    • THE hockey GOD

      VGK injury prone, is not conducive to hard hitting in Stanley Cup playoffs.
      Refs have tendency to swallow the whistle.
      VGK forwards have only begun to hit and check in last couple of weeks. They
      were devoid of hitting for first 3/4s of season.

      Maybe the bring up the big Jamiacan kid from minors ??

      Cotter can’t fight, he got roasted by punk half his size,and his jersey got torn. He is prone to not keeping his head up and gets slaughtered out there. It’ looks like he turnd the corner and all of a sudden he gets mugged like someone taking wrong turn into a BLM or antifa protest !

      PS anyone who voted for Biden is a pathetic loser. Just look at what he’s doing bringing down this nation. More failed banks, the very foundation of our economy. First energy sector, now financial sector. They are following socialistic playbook to remain in power.

      • jb

        Somebody is blissfully unaware which party works hard to regulate banks and which party lifts regulations every single chance they get.

    • TS

      Jb, my concern as well. Sure, we can win a game or two in a series, but can we do it 4 out of 7 vs those veteran teams? Can we sustain it , and not falter? That’s that ” intimidation factor” the Big teams bring to the game, and I, for one, worry about it. We ARE playing tougher lately, so ….

  14. THE hockey GOD

    “politics and this board is about hockey”= part of a real angry post (Jose, the most mis informed poster on internet , pay attention and you will see that this poster is angry. Something that you are clearly clueless about. You can not discern between angry and factual posts. Deal with it, seek therapy)

    Well hockey is politics and it’s been that way since at least the 1960s when USA played the Soviet Union. Continued into the 1970s with Summit Series, team CANADA, and series with Russian REd ARmy versus Flyers in 1974. And again in 1980 Olympics.

    Translation of snowflake whiner above “this board is about hockey not politics”>>>
    they/ she are saying they only want to hear and subscribe to THEIR version of NHL politics and when they hear the other side of equation ; and what that really means then they have a melt down. When they hear the truth of the matter they cry out “ANGRY PoSTER”, “FASCIST” , they play the evil race card, and throw down one insult after another after another. That is the nature of left, spin , twist, ignore the facts. That is who they are, because they can not defend or counter the facts.

    The fact remains Today’s Bettman’s NHL is mired in POLITICS. Either these people know that is fact, or they ignore it, or like DOC who didn’t even realize he was a liberal they don’t realize that they have been brainwashed.

    The NHL inundates you with their special “Days” like perversity day, butt fuck day, day for sodomites, day for baby killers, day for ABCers (fill in the letters), day for neo fascists, day for gender benders, this race day, that race day, etc. And it goes on and on. Oh they call it fancy names days, use multi color (stolen from Noah and Bible), print up fancy jerseys (which the unknowing pay for with proceeds going to their sick and twisted wOKe agenda. And they gift wrap it with more twisted words like inclusive, or diversity. IT is just another way that the woke agenda pulls and hooks you in. It’s all politics.

    And for those who complain I say you are hypocrites of the highest order. When the facts are shown to you plain and simple, you get angry, you lash out.
    HYPOCRITES. You can’t handle the truth. The anti GOD, Anti AMERICAN, anti Humanity agenda evil agenda is exposed, and the democratic party, via like of Soros (among others) is driving it.

    You have been enlightened, let the whiners and losers who voted for this crap rot in hell as judgement day will soon be upon them.

    So it is written,
    so it shall be done.

    Sez me

    • TS

      Ummmm.thg, aren’t you talking about YOURSELF here?? Now THAT is RICH!! WHAT A CLOWN!

      • THE hockey GOD

        clearly your reading comprehension skills are lacking

        I am making a general statement about lib tard clowns, Only clowns here

        are people who fall this this woke shit, are you a brain washed woke shit cultist?

        You tell me. You know it.

        I don’t, since you are one triggered, and angry. I have no reason to assume otherwise.

        Admit it, we all know it’s true. Admitting the error of your ways is the first stage to recovery, enlightenment, and path to righteous way.

        REpent your evil ways, and the TRUTH shall set you free !

        • Benito

          Hockey God Guy, , can you help me? You have helped make me realize the error of my ways. I don’t want to kill any more babies, I killed three of them this morning. Annoying little creatures. Is it too late for me? Is judgement day going to happen before or after the playoffs? You were a little vague on when this judgement day thing will happen. It looked very scary in Terminator 2. Will a robot that looks exactly like Arnold Schwarzenegger help us?

          Please do not go back on your words as you are a soldier of God. I have admitted the error of my ways and this is the first stage to recovery, enlightenment, and path to righteous way according to you. I’m so confused and conflicted. Do I need to drink bleach or just tell other people to do that? Should I be fucking porn stars out of wedlock?

          Lol lol lol lol lol lol

          First time posting here. Who is this fucking nut bar?

          • TS

            BENITO, TOO FUNNY! I got a REAL laugh from.your post! Carry on!

          • THE hockey GOD

            mockery is not the path way to enlightment
            and key to ever lasting eternal life

            unless your goal is to go straight to hell

            and live in eternal damnation


            five minute major misconduct penalty for you
            get in the box , NOW !

        • TS

          Thg, you just gave me the ” Chuckle of the Day”!! I’ll put my horns away, and repent while I watch the game!! HILARIOUS!!

  15. THE hockey GOD

    so for anyone who still believes there isn’t politics in hockey


    James Reimer explains why he’s boycotting warmup skate before Pride Night (aka gender bender nite, aka sodomite nite, aka BF nite) San Jose Sharks goalie James Reimer reads a statement on why he’s deciding to boycott the team’s warmup skate before the game on Saturday due to his Christian beliefs.

    Deal with it you evil fucks out there.

    • TS


      • THE hockey GOD

        only one triggered here is you, by the fact of your bold cap

        seek the path
        the way is open
        to all believers

  16. Jose

    Must win is so often overused in sports. Some of us may think this afternoon’s game against Columbus is a must win, but not really since we are going to qualify for the playoffs anyways but I sure do think it is somewhat important. Columbus is awful and 1-6 in their past 7 games. Don’t want to throw away too very gettable points. Why didn’t “gettable” get corrected by spellcheck. Is that actually a word?

    • THE hockey GOD

      um no it is not a must win, no need to go down this rat hole.

      (most unsophisticated fan base in history of fan bases fall for this must win stuff)

  17. JV

    Not a must win, but it would be good to stay in 1st. Rather have a chance to face a non- divisional WC than play Oilers or Kraken on 1st round of playoffs since we aren’t too good against Pacific this season.

    And The Hockey News has been awful since McKenzie left. Used to be the go-to for hockey news pre-internet days.

  18. knights fan in minny

    game day the squad should hang a 6 spot on the lowly jackets

    • TS

      Kfin, GOOD guess, there– we DID score a few, didn’t we?
      BTW: thanks to you & Rashaad–
      3 stars to you both!

  19. Jailbird

    If we want to win the pac/wc, then yes we need to WIN ! Especially against the bad teams. Just no excuses today. Dominate and get the two points …. Period!

    • Rashaad

      Jailbird, the standings are so tight that it’s impossible to know who our matchup is going to be. Finishing first in the Pacific insures home ice advantage, but that hasn’t seemed to be much of an advantage this year. It’s possible we can get an easier matchup if we finished third in the pacific rather than winning the Pacific. The wildcard team could possibly be Colorado.

      • TS

        Rashard, good thoughts..agree on home ice, may be better to start 1st round away…

  20. Rashaad

    Mr. Ken Boehlke, thank you kindly for providing an update on Mark Stone. You probably had to hold a gun to Bruce Cassidy’s head. Thank you sir.

    • TS

      Rashaad, I am grateful to see ” detente” is working!*(for some of us, anyway)! PEACE!!

  21. Jose

    Good morning or good afternoon to all of my friends posting here whether you are from the East Coast or West Coast or anywhere in between. Today is a wonderful day and tomorrow will probably be even better. A win over the Blue Jackets today can help make that happen.

  22. Sorvino

    Thanks buddy, Jose must be the happiest person here today. I think I speak for everyone here that we just want this regular season to be over now and start the playoffs tomorrow. Happy Sunday y’all

  23. knights fan in minny

    time to thump the lowly jackets

    • TS

      Rangers thumped the Waddlers,I mean Penguins yesterday! Good for Gallant!

      • knights fan in minny

        love it the wadders reavo with another tally today on a terror

  24. thank you for the article

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