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VGK Drops To 2nd In Mid-Summer Power Rankings

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It’s difficult to take any NHL power rankings seriously in early August. However, it didn’t stop Sportsnet from dropping their newest power rankings this week. Surprisingly enough, the current Stanley Cup winners were ranked second behind the 2022 NHL champions.

1. Colorado Avalanche:

The 2022 champs didn’t advance past Round 1 in 2023, but the Avs are poised to make noise again. Colorado knows captain Gabriel Landeskog is going to be on long-term injured all season, so it can stuff his $7-million salary there. Ryan Johansen and Ross Colton give a nice, new look to the centre crew and Jonathan Drouin is a fun bounce-back bet. Unlike last season, the Avs should be rested and hungry when the puck drops in October. –Ryan Dixon on

By no means was Sportsnet’s Ryan Dixon taking a swipe at the Golden Knights by anointing the Avalanche as the league’s best team going into next season. Let’s be honest, the past two NHL champs are not far away from each other. Both have an elite center, game-changing wingers, dynamic defensive units, and strong coaching. Would anyone be surprised if Colorado and Vegas faced off in the 2024 Western Conference Finals?

The Golden Knights will try to not stub their toe like the Avalanche did this past postseason by being eliminated in the opening round. Of course, four playoff series, a championship parade, and dozens of “Day with the Cup” parties may create a hangover but VGK’s overall talent should keep them in contention. Sportsnet agreed.

2. Vegas Golden Knights:

Recency bias? Maybe. But the Knights have largely kept the band together and Jack Eichel just had his coming out party in the 2023 playoffs. Mark Stone missed half the season last year and the Knights still managed to win the Pacific Division. This balanced squad is going to be right back challenging for the Cup. –Dixon on

With the exception of Reilly Smith’s departure to Pittsburgh, the core of Vegas’ Stanley Cup roster is fully intact. Jack Eichel, Mark Stone, William Karlsson, Jonathan Marchessault, and Alex Pietrangelo are all returning for a back-to-back attempt in 2024. Coach Bruce Cassidy will need repeat performances from all of his players, especially in net from Adin Hill, who was handsomely paid after his all-world postseason performance.

Expectations are high for Eichel and his linemates to lead the Golden Knights’ offense as they did in the playoffs. Pietrangelo will be relied upon to carry a heavy workload again and Stone will try and stay on the ice for as many regular season games as he can. As long as all of them are dressed for Game 1 of the 2024 NHL playoffs, Vegas will be considered a favorite to repeat, no matter where the out-of-town media has them ranked by April of next year.

For the record, Edmonton was listed third on Sportsnet’s power rankings. Considering how that econd round series played out, Vegas shouldn’t worry about dropping beneath them.

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  1. Jake

    Edmonton displayed little interest in defense, especially their stars.

    Hopefully that will repeat itself.

    Winning hurts

  2. Richie-Rich

    Struggling through the summer, trying to maintain readership.

    The favorites to win the Cup?
    Vegas Golden Knights

    The team is returning just about every player and will be reloaded.

    This expert analysis brought to you by:

    • Emmanuel

      Unfortunately favorites doesn’t mean “50% or more chance to win”…….it means “first among equals”. The team is clearly built for the playoffs, so if they get in….expect a deep run. Making the playoffs is not guaranteed. The league is VERY close to parity.

  3. TS

    #2 is a good spot to start the season…gives the guys something to fight for. Resting on the throne can make a team relax, let off the gas some, get complacent. Go ahead, challenge our team!

  4. Jailbird

    Yea, it makes no difference where the talking heads rank us. The lower the better!

  5. Emmanuel

    Edmonton always seem to be the “edgy” pick. There’s no D on that team, ludicrous!
    Not to mention if one of the “Big 2” get hurt long term they will struggle to make the playoffs.

  6. former season ticket holder

    Colorado??! with god and god jr?? good grief…. we are their Kryptonite, GOLD Kryptonite!!!

  7. THE hockey GOD


    rrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrr

    WORK FOR??

    That’s right buddy You show that turd who’s boss

  8. Jailbird

    I need to say this. We should gard against just assuming making the playoffs. It will be a dog fight and there is such a thing as a “Stanley Cup hangover”. But I think what gives us a good outlook at making the playoffs is the maturity we have on this team. So I don’t assume but I do expect. If that makes sense!

  9. THE hockey GOD

  10. Tim

    If we didn’t win the Cup who knows where they may have ranked us knowing the leagues hate for our success. What I like about our team is were slowly getting younger and next to go will be 36 year old Alex Martinez and his 5.25 million dollar contract, This B Pachal is an option at 6’2″ 205 with some experience last year and 23 years old. Not knowing the status of Lehner if he’s out then Martinez 5.25 million could be used to bring another younger player into the fold. When you think about it if they trade Martinez our only over 30 players would be Marshy, Stone, and Petro with Karlsson on the cusp. No rebuild here just a reload slowly to stay in competition which again will continue to piss off the hockey world.

  11. Bobby

    “A Hockey Haiku” Bruins fire Cassidy, Bruins lose first round, Cassidy at Cape Cod with Cup.

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