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VGK Drop New Glow-In-The-Dark Reverse Retro Jerseys

There’s now a fifth jersey in the Golden Knights collection. Adidas revealed the new edition of their Reverse Retro jerseys today.

This sweater “imagines what a Golden Knights third jersey might have looked like in 1995.” The font and numbering are inspired by vintage hotel signage on the Strip. Oh, and just to make sure you get the full Vegas ostentatiousness: There are hidden glow-in-the-dark stars incorporated in the crest that can be seen in the dark and under a black light. –Greg Wyshynski on

The lettering borrows its font from the Excalibur hotel while the glow-in-the-dark aspect mimics the famous Stardusk stars.

The Golden Knights are expected to wear these jerseys eight times this season.

Jerseys are not available for purchase until November. (We’ll tweet out a SportsTown link when they are).


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  1. Henderson One

    All about the Benjamins!!!$$$

  2. A former season ticket holder

    Fugly to a tee

  3. Blitz

    Heck of a schedule coming up. It will be interesting to see how Vegas stacks up against more good teams. Teams that are good but also much different than Calgary. Calgary was NOT a good match up. A really heavy, beat you up team. Lucic looks like what I imagine my prison rapist cellmate would look like should I end up there. And for that reason alone I will walk the straight and narrow the rest of my days. Anyway, Vegas doesn’t have the grit AT ALL to hang with Calgary.

    So how does Vegas do against a super skilled fast Avs team? I always thought Peters team’s matched the Avs well. Even last year with a depleted team they were able to complete and make a game of it. Was that player make up or Peter’s system? We will see.

    First up is the jets. Good team, but beatable I hope. Good game for Hill and save LT for the Avs and Leafs. Personally I think they should sit Whitecloud and bring in Hutton for a game. Not at all because of Hutton, but more that Whitecloud has had big issues 3 of the 4 games. IMO not a good start to the season. Needs a little fire put under him plus keep your bench guy’s in game shape. With the age of some players the bench guys are going to need to stay sharp.

  4. Addidas sucks!
    No luminescent jerseys in women’s cuts.

  5. Louis J Holzer

    Want to buy glow in dark jersey how do I go about buying it

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