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VGK Developing Poor Habit Late In Close Games

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In the end, the NHL is a results-oriented business, so the only thing that matters is winning. That being said, the way you win can often be just as strong a predictor of future success as the result itself.

Recently, the Golden Knights have done a lot of winning, but they’ve also begun to develop a bit of a nasty habit.

It’s another game where we had the puck on our stick a couple of times when they had their goalie out and we weren’t able to finish the game. -Cassidy

When the Lightning tied the game with 27 seconds to go, it marked the fourth time in the last 17 games in which the Golden Knights have conceded a game-tying goal in the final 70 seconds of the game. On top of that Tampa’s two goals with their own net empty added to the tally of six goals Vegas has allowed against six skaters since January 24th.

Also, the Golden Knights blew 3rd leads to both New Jersey and Carolina at home and nearly allowed Montreal to recover from a three-goal hole before this road trip began.

It’s tough. We want the two points but you can’t really worry too much about (giving up the lead). You just have to worry about the next shift. I think we answered very well but it’s always tough especially when it happens as late as it did tonight. -William Karlsson

The worst part about all of this is that they are all happening in different ways, but as Cassidy alluded to, each and every time there has been a moment when the Golden Knights have the puck on their sticks and haven’t been able to make a play.

It comes down to details and execution, and recently Vegas just hasn’t reached the standard necessary to close out games in the NHL.

In the first 38 games, the Golden Knights did not allow a single goal when playing against six skaters. With two more in Tampa, Vegas now sits tied for 3rd place over the course of the entire season allowing seven.

Even though VGK have rescued many of the points that potentially could have been lost in overtime, it’s something that must be worked out before the postseason because a single mistake in a playoff series could be fatal.


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  1. Jake


    Inept power play +

    Bleeding out at the end of games +

    4th and 5th string goalies +

    A Team Captain on LTIR –

    Isn’t a recipe for playoff success.

    In many ways, to their credit, Vegas has been overcoming the odds for quite some time.

  2. THE hockey God

    The bad ice really affects LVGK

    • knights fan in minny

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  3. Alex

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    • knights fan in minny

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      • Alex

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        • knights fan in minny

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  4. knights fan in minny

    it will be a battle tonight quickie will have to be sharp

  5. Richie-Rich

    This team has over performed to my pleasant surprise. The chemistry is building and you can begin to see the formation of an identity. At times they have been simply awful with the puck on their sticks and the passing and decision making horrendous, yet they continue to lead the conference. It’s really rather bizarre, but we will take it!

    It’s not just one skater either, the yips have hit different players each game at the worst possible moment, and then somehow they figure out how to get back in it. The only game they were completely out of it was several weeks ago against Colorado when they were completely dominated for 60 minutes in every single aspect of hockey. That’s not bad for a team whose roster has been a whirlwind of chaos from the front office as well as the merry go round goaltending.

    Well, Carolina is up next. Win this one baby! Just win it, even an ugly win will be welcome. I predicted 6 points on this road trip and it would be a shame to have to beat both STL and PHI back-to-back on the road.

    Just starting to believe that this team might be able to go deeper into the playoffs than originally thought. The remaining games will tell the story with SEA back-to-back at the end of the year as likely season defining.

  6. Simply put you can’t afford to give up the lead and expect to win every game especially late in the third period. Their inability to put the puck in the empty net is unbelievable. If I didn’t know better, it is almost like they want the challenge and excitement that it brings as they repeatedly do it. If I am not mistaken, they have even made it more difficult for themselves by landing up in the penalty box facing 4 on 6 with dire results. When it comes down to these situations it almost appears they are not quite sure what to do or who is to do it. They need to get this straighten out really quick if they expect to go beyond the first round. STOP shooting yourselves in the foot, life will be much easier. No question as a team they have faced some adversity with injuries etc. but stop adding to the problem. Play 60 minutes like they are capable of, and they won’t have to worry about 10 more and/or a shootout.

  7. A side note from the Tampa Bay game – it was really special to see how they stood up for one another and showed they are not as soft as some people believe. They had good teachers with Marron and Corey who as many point out are rather dirty players, not sure those same people would feel that way if they played for Vegas. No question they play on the edge. If a brawl once in a while brings them all on the same page and develops the chemistry to win so, be it.

    • TS

      Those 2 players would have zero place here in Vegas. Those 2 goons would be bad news on ANY team.NO ONE would support it. Reaves was sent packing soon after PDB was hired, so did Reaves get canned because of the Shark animosity? I think so. PDB decided to clean our house, and Reaves was the 1st to go.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    the last game lapse was on the REFS, Perry should have gotten five minute match penalty with intent to injure.

    if they played on VGK, they would get the same goon treatment Reaves got. Run out of town.

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