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VGK Burying Opponents In Opening Minutes Of Periods

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Last night, before the Maple Leafs could look up they were under a heavy Golden Knights attack. Vegas may have defeated Toronto 3-1 in three periods but it only took the home team 13 minutes to bury the Leafs. It’s possible the high-powered Maple Leafs were slow to start because of travel, or simply the Golden Knights were too hard to handle.

VGK Early Period Pressure
1st Period: (0:00 – 03:41) 8 – 0 Shots, PP Goal
2nd Period: (0:00 – 03:10) 5 – 0 in Shots
3rd Period: (0:00 – 0:42) 4 – 0 in Shots, Goal

In the opening four minutes of all three periods, the Golden Knights outshot the Maple Leafs 16-0. Vegas took the first eight shots resulting in a power play goal by Nic Roy, 3:51 into the game. Oddly enough, it forced Maple Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe to huddle up and desperately try and wake up his team. It seemed to help until the opening minutes of 2nd and 3rd periods.

Coach Bruce Cassidy’s club began each period with urgency which tilted the ice. Those opening minutes set the tone and ultimately rewarded the Golden Knights a two-goal victory. Cassidy has spoken about tasting immediate success, not only in the young season but in each game as well. His team has done that in four out of their five victories.

It was good to get a good start tonight. It’s always better to play with a lead. It’s something Butch has been harping on us, making this a tough place to come in .-Jack Eichel on 10/20/22

Against Winnipeg, Jack Eichel and his teammates had two on the board in the opening six minutes and four goals in fifteen. The Jets made a late push but the pressure Vegas applied early in the first period was the difference.

Same outcome when Golden Knights defeated the Kraken up in Seattle. Keegan Kolesar shocked Seattle when scored on Vegas’ first shift. A few minutes later, Jonathan Marchessault essentially sealed the deal.

VGK Early Period Goals
vs. Toronto: (1) 1st Period goal; 3:41, (1) 3rd Period goal; 0:42
vs. Winnipeg: (4) 1st Period goals; 04:23, 06:11, 10:07, 15:17
@ Seattle: (2) 1st Period goals; 0:12, 03:07
@ LA: (1) 2nd Period goal; 01:41, (2) 3rd Period goals; 01:27, 04:02

Clearly getting a quick edge has benefited the 2022-23 Golden Knights. Cassidy initially spoke of being more aggressive and prepared from the jump and his players have positively responded.

We had our legs, I thought we were playing the right way. So some things went our way but all in all, I did like our energy. -Bruce Cassidy on 10/20/22

Either early success in a game or a season, the Golden Knights haven’t wasted time picking up assists, goals, wins, and points. In the end, a playoff berth could depend on early pressure.






  1. A former season ticket holder

    If only we could get Carrier some shooting help with his speed and power he could score a lot more goals… he stood out in his first VGK game blowing by the defenceman..but didnt score then….

    • THE hockey GOD

      he’s taking lessons from Kolesar ?

      “power forwards take time to develop in NHL”


  2. THE hockey GOD

    “VGK Burying Opponents In Opening Minutes Of Periods” they didn’t in two of their games this year.


  3. Arnold Rothstein

    The odds gods favor a reverse dead cat bounce in tonight’s back to back away game.

    ARNOLD the BRAIN Rothstein

  4. Tim

    This is nothing new for me. I’ve advocated going for the throat in every game. Through the years the naysayers say oh no you’ll burnout which I always did and still do think is bullshit. You want to hammer every opponent pu the fear of god in them something like The Hockey God tries to do to us sometimes. My friend that was a joke don’t take it seriously. I want points in every game if your to tired next man up it’s that simple. Ken loves to add our latest points to his heading good Ken just keep ringing them up.

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