Remember back on September 2nd when @LVWantsHockey gave us a tour of Las Vegas Arena via Periscope. Well, they are doing it again, and I am pumped.

The second Periscope tour will occur on October 7th at 6PM.

A member of the Vegas Wants Hockey team will do a live broadcast as he/she walks through the under construction stadium and will answer question from crazy people fans like us.

The more I learn about this stadium, the more anxious I get to finally step foot in it. They recently announced that George Strait will be one of the first performers at the new arena when it opens in April. Even though I don’t know a single George Strait song, I’m seriously considering buying tickets just to get in the building and look around.

Make sure you are on Twitter, are following @LVWantsHockey, and have the Periscope app downloaded.

We’ll see you there (virtually), and we apologize in advance for asking incessantly if they can show us the SkyDeck.