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Vegas Wraps Up 2023 With Strong Outing Against Pacific Contender

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With two minutes to go in last night’s 3-2 victory over the LA Kings, the Golden Knights were forced to fight off a lengthy 5-on-6. LA had their chances but the reigning champions battled in front of the net, forced ineffective shots, and swept pucks out of harm’s way.

The shot we gave up for the 5-on-6 goal we’re going to give up all day long. That’s the goalie’s shot. We wanted to protect the middle. They hit a few seams but again that’s outside the middle. Would we have rather give up nothing? Yes, but we wanted to give up stuff from the outside. I wasn’t worried because it wasn’t a mad scramble in front. If a puck did come in there and there were a lot of bodies we’d have more than them. -Bruce Cassidy

Golden Knights coach Bruce Cassidy was pleased after the divisional win and brushed off the late attack by the visitors. The Stanley Cup champions executed the model game plan by limiting LA’s opportunities and cashing in on their handful of chances.

Thursday’s victory elevated Vegas back into a 1st place tie but marked only their second divisional win in regulation since November 14th.

Vegas’ second goal against LA came early in the period off the stick of Michael Amadio. The forward drastically changed the direction of the game. The Kings were forced to switch into chase mode earlier than they would have preferred. According to calculations, Amadio’s sixth of the season basically secured the game for Vegas.

Amadio’s club is 5-0-1 this season when he finds the back of the net and 10-0-1 going back to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Just trying to build off last year. Come in with a good attitude. Keep playing and doing simple things. -Michael Amadio

Last night the reigning champions played like they had during their successful playoff run. The Golden Knights scored the opening goal, received contributions from multiple lines, forced poor shots from their opponents, and sealed off in front of the net. It was precisely how Vegas needed to play against LA last night and potentially in the postseason.

Buckle up for 2024.




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  1. Tim

    I wouldn’t worry to much about first place in the west we are the best team and it’s ours to lose. Vancouver is playing over there weight class and L.A. is still a couple of steps behind us. Has anyone else read about Martinez being on the trade block? I saw it on news break a couple[le of days ago but with all this fake news going around who knows how much truth their is to it. I personally believe we should trade him his 5.25 cap hit could bring in a nice forward. When Theadore and Korczak come back we can live without Martinez even though he is a warrior. Seattle should be fun if it doesn’t rain which happens most of the time. Were going to be on the road a lot is January hot we get our shit together getting our brains beat out by the likes of Anaheim, Buffalo and other bottom feeders doesn’t sit well with me. I just always believe in the Al Davis motto ( Just Win Baby ) and 10-10-4 in our last 24 games is not getting the job done.

  2. We are the best team but I’m still worried about first place..while home ice in hockey is not an end all like it is in the other sports… it’s best to have any and all advantages that come with it…plus the first round game is easier ‘on paper…yea yea you have to beat them all but why expend all that energy attempting to beat the oilers or kings in the first round when we could be facing a Minnesota team instead?

  3. Vic

    Happy with the outcome, and know the focus will be on how to ready for the second season. Third period by the Kings points to the ongoing issue of the VGK losing faceoffs, and the inability to even touch the puck for minutes at a time. Coach will correct that or else. Also, Hague has an excellent shot but the other teams don’t allow him to be set up for a shot (good scouting).

  4. ThG

    good thing VGK don’t play LAK again on this schedule !

    Meanwhile VGK prepares for a game on bad ice, should be interesting if one side of the bad ice favors one team or another

    meanwhile genocide JOE is just one dumpster fire after another after another after another; worst POS WH resident. Worse than the previous worse. Worse than that racist kenyan, worse than that peanut farmer, and worse than the pedophile and sexual pervert who once said “I never had sex with dat woman”, and ‘is” doesn’t mean “is”. Liberalism is sure a mental disorder – Michael Savage a great conservative.

    • TS

      Thg, STFU, already! You were asked to STIFLE til the New Year— are you blind, deaf and dumb, or just an A-Hole?? All of the above!!

      • Anand

        TS, please be nice. You are no better by calling people names.

        • TS

          He has called me vile names again and again,..A- hole is being kind, after what I’ve been attacked with..

          • Anand

            TS. Fair enough lol. I understand. I just want him to send more Melissa Pastor Scott stuff.

            I might be in love.

          • TS

            Anand, that is TOO funny!! Thanks for keeping it light!!

          • ThG

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      • knights fan in minny

        temper temper

    • Jerry L King

      People don’t come to this site to read your political rants. Take them elsewhere.

      • TS

        Jerry, absolutely right!! Sickening that he keeps ramming it down our throats here on this Hockey Site. He knows damn well it’s highly offensive, but he ENJOYS doing it!! SICK.

  5. ThG

    weekly sermon

    • anand

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      • knights fan in minny

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        • Anand

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          • knights fan in minny

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          • ThG

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    • Gaetano

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      • TS

        Sickening, isn’t it?? What kind of human being does this, and ENJOYS offending s o many?

  6. anand

    I want to apologize to anyone that was offended by my post but I can’t help myself. Melissa Pastor Scott is a fantasy to me and it really is just a harmless obsession. It we didn’t have these desires then I guess babies wouldn’t be born. It’s not just her dirty porn past but the innocence that she displays today.

    Happy New Year to all the VGK fellow fans and I hope that you all enjoy the Winter Classic on Monday against Seattle.

  7. Jose

    I am offended Anand but I do accept your apology. Pastor Melissa Scott is a strong, intelligent woman in which I have much respect for. I believe that her story is a demonstration of the power of faith and redemption. I do believe that one day she will come clean about her past, but perhaps her followers are just not ready for that yet.

  8. Jose

    I am offended Anand but I do accept your apology. Pastor Melissa Scott is a strong, intelligent woman in which I have much respect for. I believe that her story is a demonstration of the power of faith and redemption. I do believe that one day she will come clean about her past, but perhaps her followers are just not ready for that yet.

  9. Sorvino

    Is Vancouver scaring anybody? Their third line is …….

    Dakota Joshua – Teddy Blueger – Conor Garland

    Occasionally, Sam Lafferty will play on the third line as well.

    Have you seen the kind of numbers that these four players are putting up in bottom six rolls. They are displaying VGK type of depth.

    Quinn Hughes and Filip Hronek are about as good as you can get as a top pair defence and they just picked up Nikita Zadorov in a trade to bolster the defence even more.

    Then you got Thatcher Demko in goal and we all know about him.

  10. Anand

    Looks like Ben Hutton is going to be out for a while. Listed as week to week. Next man up is Brayden Pachal.

    William Carrier will be a game time decision on Monday.

  11. Maybe can finally see whitecloud on the second unit PP!!

  12. Satan

    Satans predictions for the new year…….

    A very good year for the Vegas Golden Knights, very good but not outstanding.

    A lukewarm year for the economy, things looking up.

    A bad year for Bill Clinton but terrible month of January in particular.

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