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Vegas Versus The Mighty Eastern Conference

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

All season long the eyes of the hockey world have been on the Eastern Conference. Based on performance and deep lineups the odds suggest an Eastern Conference team will be named the 2023 Stanley Cup champion. Through 67 games, the Golden Knights are making analysts, computer models, insiders, and pundits rethink their position.

On Saturday, Vegas casually shut out the high-powered Carolina Hurricanes to record the team’s 20th victory against the Eastern Conference. Tomorrow night in Philadelphia they can add to that total.

VGK vs the Eastern Conference (30 Games)

  • .700 Points Percentage
  • 3.45 Goals Scored Per Game
  • 2.70 Goals Allowed Per Game
  • Shutout CAR, 1 Goal Allowed vs TOR
  • Jack Eichel vs East: 26 Points (13G, 13A)

Left on the schedule from the East are the Philadelphia Flyers and the Columbus Blue Jackets. Vegas will likely be a sizable favorite in both games. In 30 eastern matchups the Golden Knights would have a total of of 44 cross-conference credits. That’s 47% of Vegas’ 88 total points. Talk about flipping the script.

The message the Golden Knights sent to the East this season has been loud and it’s been heard.

They’re a good team. They hunker down in front and we knew that coming in. That got us behind the eight ball. In the 2nd period we weren’t very good, but we didn’t give up much. Just one bad bounce and it was a breakaway. Then we were down two. We had a good 3rd. We pushed, we just couldn’t get one by them. -Rod Brind’Amour, Hurricanes coach

Not only did the Golden Knights blank the Hurricanes, they also held the Toronto Maple Leafs to one goal back in October. On top off sweeping the Canes and Leafs, Vegas did the same to the Canadiens, Capitals, Lightning, and Senators in their two-game sets.

Vegas has fared well in tight games against the Eastern Conference as well. The Golden Knights defeated Philadelphia, Tampa, Toronto, and Washington in overtime and Boston, Columbus, and New Jersey in shootouts. Overall, the Golden Knights made use of every opportunity they had against franchises in the East.

The big question will be, can their success vs the East continue if they reach the Stanley Cup Final? It’s likely that one of those teams the Golden Knights frustrated in the regular season would be the opponent. It’s far too early to begin handicapping the championship round but Vegas should feel comfortable in any matchup. Especially, if Vegas’ best players perform as they did in cross-conference battles this season.

The Golden Knights have proven to the East that they’re a serious threat but unfortunately, Vegas has to get through the Western Conference first.




VGK Must Boost Analytics To Avoid Inevitable Regression


  1. THE hockey God

    The ice in the eastern conference is better – there was a study on it

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  2. Jailbird

    As I have said many times, when they play with desire they can beat everyone! PS – You two are made for each other. Fun to watch, ha!

    • knights fan in minny

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  4. Jailbird

    I have no battle with Jose, I agreed with him! Also, I don’t let those stupid comments from the supposed impostors bother me. The are meaningless . When sticking to hockey, all is well, the political BS is just for attention getting. Who cares!

    • THE hockey GOD

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  5. It would sure be refreshing if all this bantering back and forth took place some where else. Yes l know l can ignore it but it takes up a lot of useless time. It would be one thing it was about hockey and the Knights but it gets off track real fast. I have to believe those involved have better things to do with their time. Concerning the Knights let’s not get ahead of ourselves just keep concentrating on next game one at a time and see what happens

    • Sorvino

      HD Biker. It’s a little bit easier said than done. We all know this is a forum for NHL hockey and specifically Vegas golden knights discussion. But THE hockey GOD will never stop bringing politics up. I like the hockey God, but it is annoying. Ignoring it doesn’t work because 80% of the time nobody responds, and he still keeps talking about politics anyways. Eventually you get sick of it and then you respond. But that doesn’t work either.

      There is literally absolutely no way to stop THE hockey GOD from bringing up politics, whether you wish to engage in the conversation or completely ignore it or agree with him or disagree with him or blah blah blah, there is literally nothing you can do that will stop him from bringing up politics.

      Whether there is bantering back-and-forth on none. It will never stop because the hockey God keeps bringing it up even though this is not a political site.

      So I think you just have to live with it. Once you read through the first couple of sentences and know that what he is posting has nothing new to do with hockey then just stop right there and don’t bother reading the next 8 to 10 paragraphs.

      I run a small construction business doing renovations in the downtown core. I bet you nobody on here cares and nobody wants to hear me talk about it because it has nothing to do with hockey. So I promise I won’t ever talk about it.

      • THE hockey GOD

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      • TS

        Well said, Sorvino. Thg and I butted heads for MONTHS over the injection of Politics here; but, perhaps begrudgingly, we agreed to disagree ( as long as I don’t respond to the Politics), and we are OK. It can be maddening, yes. But, he contributes thoughtful stuff on HOCKEY. The man wears many hats!

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  6. knights fan in minny

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    • THE hockey GOD

      Jimmy Garoppolo to sign with Raiders
      Posted by Myles Simmons on March 13, 2023, 2:01 PM EDT

      never liked Carr (or Raiders, and I live here !
      last Raider team I liked
      had Fred B as wide out, Daryl L, George Blanda, the Snake as QB (Kenny and Pete Rose used to sign autographs at Ceasar’s Forum shopping mall), Hubbard and Banaszack as running backs. After they moved to LA, their fan base turned to trash. And most of that trash now comes to Vegas. When I lived in SoCal locals
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  7. knights fan in minny

    i think pavel deserves another game he was terrific.

  8. Jose

    I agree knights fan in minny, Patera did a good job, also agree with jailbird that this team can beat anybody.

  9. TS

    I’ve felt that the team plays UP to the tougher teams, and DOWN to the lower- ranked teams. May be a pattern in the league and sports in general, it just seems more frequent for the VGK. Maybe because our division has been less than competitive overall, Vgk lets down their guard and plays lazy hockey , as we play Division teams often.
    My eye test tells me the East definitely can be a beast to play against..
    tough, veteran, BIG mature players, and when THEY hit a player, you can feel it from your seat! I literally WINCE! Maroon CANNOT be natural..does the league test for Steroids?

    • Sorvino

      Maroon and the TB play a tough brand of hockey. That is for sure.

      • TS

        Sorvino, Maroon scares ME when we play TB! I wonder how many players he’ll try to take out! Hate playing them. . .

  10. knights fan in minny

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  11. Pistol Pete

    I checked and found I began my 106 pts projection as requiring a 16-8-2 finish. This was thus for the remaining 26 games. It seemed aggressive at the time, 106 pts, perhaps due to the demanding March schedule which has gotten off to a good start, however the projection required only a .615 win % probably under the season to date win % at the time of the projection. In any case, the 106 pts projection now requires 9-6-0 to be fulfilled, a win % of .600, less than the aforementioned .615.

    If they win tomorrow I’ll get a little aggressive and raise the bar to 108 pts which will require 9-5-0 (.643 win %).

    Btw, I do understand my win % which is simply regulation wins divided by games played is not an official NHL stat (and it assigns no value to an OTL). NHL uses points % which is points earned divided by maximum possible points earned. So when I claim above the .615 win % required to fulfill the 106 pts with 26 games remaining was under the win % season to date, I am making an assumption I did not attempt to verify but it seems a reasonable assumption just the same.

  12. knights fan in minny

    106 points that would put all the nay sayers in their place.

  13. Tim

    I see these outrageous posts by the loonies the main
    reason I don’t post much. ( Stone Fuckin Crazy )

    • knights fan in minny

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  14. STONEd boy

    Just imagine how the knights are gonna look with Stone, Carrier, And Roy back in their spots, not to mention being 4-5 goalies deep. I know usually in the playoffs they stick with one guy but I think they should all transition through the series’. It for sure would keep the teams we play on their toes. Sucks hockey is almost over but the best time of the year is coming up PLAYOFFS!!

  15. Jailbird

    Tim, ya got to just try and ignor their BS and concentrate on hockey ! Stone fuckin crazy, might not be far off! Ha

  16. Obvious

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  17. Rashaad

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    I think we all in big trouble if Keegin Kolesor is hurt.

    • knights fan in minny

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      • THE CURSE

        Rushed… With all due respect to you and Keegan, with all the injuries VGK has you are concerned with his one???

  18. Pistol Pete

    Fwiw ESPN has Vegas on a 108 pts pace and Dallas 107. At this point my 106 pts call is looking good but still have to go 9-6-0. As I mentioned above should Vegas beat Philly I’ll raise the bar to 108 (9-5-0). This team has done excellent with Stone out plus now other injuries. Good hockey team. C’mon Pavel Dorofeyev with three starting forwards out, grab ahold of this opportunity and don’t let go. Work your butt off!!!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      scoring a goal off your noggin’ is not a trendy thing in NHL these days, St. Louis is not a v ery good measure.

      let’s see if he can hold out against better teams

      • the Hockey God

        his d play wasn’t too good, out of position a lot, needs better d play

        • Alex

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          • knights fan in minny

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    • knights fan in minny

      tell the fake ass poster to stop being a dumbass he started all of this

  22. Jailbird

    Knights need to step it up a little more tonight and put the Flyers away . We are slowly expanding our lead a bit, so we sure don’t need to stumble against a bad team. Quick in net I suppose. Go get them boys!

  23. Rashaad

    knights fan in minny. I don’t care that you live in some piece of shit trailer. Makes no difference to me. I still think we are all equal. LETS GO KNIGHTS

    • knights fan in minny

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    Yeah… That pass to Karlson wasn’t that good either. Show many goals did you score on the NHL??? Idiot


    Yeah… That pass to Karlson wasn’t that good either. how many goals did you score in the NHL??? Idiot


    That pass to Karlson wasn’t that good either. how many goals did you score in the NHL??? Idiot


    That pass to Karlson wasn’t that good either. how many goals did you score in the NHL???
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    Pass to Karlson wasn’t that good either… how many goals did you score in the NHL???
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  29. Rashaad

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  31. Jose

    The hockey god

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