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Vegas Unfazed By Delusional Oilers Hype

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Edmonton Oilers’ historic streak came to a close on Tuesday in a typical, and most predictable fashion, by losing to the Golden Knights. The same team that ended Edmonton’s playoff dreams and sent them into an offseason and then early season, spiral spoiled their chance at becoming NHL immortals.

Since December 21st, the two Pacific contenders were heading in different directions. In that timeframe, the Golden Knights lost first-place to the Vancouver Canucks and the Oilers leapfrogged several teams in the division. However, all of that came to a halting crash on Tuesday after the better team came out on top.

It’s always a tough game in this building, we were expecting that. Disappointing, but we move on. It’s been a while since we’ve done that, and you forget sometimes how bad you hate losing. It’s a good reminder. -Connor McDavid, EDM captain

For the umpteenth time, Vegas proved to be more well-rounded. Just like in the 2023 postseason, the reigning champions are better coached, defend and protect the net better, and have an overall better lineup than the Oilers. Sure, there are no players in VGK’s lineup that match skills with Edmonton’s Connor McDavid or Leon Draiaitl but the comparison ends there. While the Golden Knights possess a Stanley Cup-winning roster, the Oilers are a two-man motor that perennially over-exhausts.

We’re back in the hunt, and we’re not content by any means. I think we worked hard to get ourselves into this position, but we lost tonight to a team in our division that we played a lot over the last couple years. It’s gonna leave a bad taste in our mouths. -Darnell Nurse, EDM defenseman

This summer I hammered the Oiler’s inflated confidence heading into the 2023-24 season. Some of it may have come from the exaggerated expectations by dozens of Canadian hockey analysts but Edmonton’s optimism was completely shattered 12 games in. Now that Edmonton has bounced back and is projected to qualify for the playoffs, their sole focus should be directed toward Vegas. To win the Western Conference, the Oilers will most likely have to face the Golden Knights. Going off past history, Vegas will likely prevail on the big stage in under seven games. Tuesday’s poorly designated ESPN+ matchup was just a sample.

Edmonton defenseman Darnell Nurse had a realistic reaction to their first loss in 46 days. On the other hand, Nurse’s captain hasn’t accepted that the Golden Knights are the more complete team. Likely, for a second straight season.

There’s a lot of things we’ve got to do, there’s a lot of things they’ve got to do to get to that situation. Obviously, we’d love to play Vegas in a playoff series again. Makes for great hockey. -McDavid

When asked who the Oilers current rivals were, McDavid veered away from his notorious robotic responses. A geographical rival is one thing but choosing the LA Kings over the reigning champions is puzzling and almost impossible to take seriously.

Good question. For me, it’s Calgary, then L.A., right now. I’d say those two. -McDavid

Has McDavid turned into the most delusional superstar in sports?


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  1. Jakob

    Just like the rest of their fanbase: delusional. I sat next to one guy who was shouting at Adin Hill the whole game “You’re just a backup! We should be running up the score on you, Bum!” Look at all the comments on all the videos regarding the end of their streak. They live in Lala land.

  2. Vegas Knight

    Lol.. did you watch the game ? The Oilers dominated. If it wasn’t for Hill we lose that game 5-2. I don’t like the Oilers at all, but be fair. It’s you’re who’s delusional if you think we were the better team on Tuesday.

    • Bob Sanders

      Dominated??? Yeah I don’t think so…. It seemed very even to me. They might have had a couple more good looks than us for sure. But we WERE the better team. Hence the win…

  3. JB

    Because of LTs road troubles, I would like to see Hilly back in net tonight. Probably not, so if it is LT he needs to get his road problem behind him! Can’t afford a let down tonight.

  4. Exactly.. have to come to play tonight.. coyotes are no pushover any more but it’s time to start gearing up for the stretch run..and we have a favorable schedule with some rest in between games… finally!!!!.. how ludicrous that after tonight’s game we will have played 6 more games than the oilers!!

  5. Canadian guy

    I think you need to be very careful in what you say, It may come back to haunt you, I am very much Knight’s fan but you’re not respecting your opponents. We were outplayed and survived because of Hill. That’s a dangerous situation when it comes to playoffs and going up against superior firepower. Just a harsh reality.

    • Mark

      Their just not as deep as the Knights are, it’s just a fact. I said it once, I will say it again, the only Cup the Oilers will hold is the one holding their nut sacks in place, it’s that simple. Their Dolly Parton with skates on, way, way, way too top heavy, I’m talking 42 double J’s.

  6. NP

    What an arrogant article. It reads like a 12 year old wrote it. But thanks for fueling the fire.

  7. Emmanuel

    Most spot on sinbin header ever!

    The oil had been picked by Canuck media as the Cup
    Favorites even though they play defense like the French Army.

  8. Richard L.

    From McDavid’s point of view, his comments about their top rivals are probably correct. Of course Calgary has always been a rival for them due to proximity while they have played the Kings in multiple series over the past few years. If you even go back further, the Wayne Gretzky trade may have something to do with the Kings rivalry. Just because the VGK and Oilers played a recent series, important at it was, it doesn’t mean they are arch rivals. In time it may be but for now, it’s just 2 teams in the same division trying to win.

  9. Josh

    This is a bad article. Comes across more like one of those garbage “Fansided” community posts, rather than a professional article for a site that while focused on VGK, has never been sycophantic in quite the way this post is. I hope this is a one time deviation from a pretty high quality threshold.

  10. Jake

    Edmonton – Limp in the Bright Lights!

    Good stats for a couple of players, though. They seem to be more “all star” type players however, not playoff players.

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