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Vegas Taking Advantage Of Early Schedule

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Give the Ducks credit because last night’s 1-0 victory over the Golden Knights was a rare occurrence. Through 11 games it’s clear, the NHL (and a COVID pause) presented Vegas with a golden opportunity to start off strong.

The Golden Knights have largely preyed on weaker opponents. Their overall opponents’ combined record is 23-21-9. If you subtract the single game with St. Louis, the record drops to a sluggish 16-17-7.

The 5-4 win over Anaheim on Tuesday earned Vegas their 17th point of the season. Ten of those points, or 70% were earned by beating the same two bad teams.

vs. Anaheim & LA
VGK (5-1-0) 10 Points
VGK Goal Differential 21-13
VGK 3.5 Goals Scored Per
VGK 2.1 Goals Allowed Per

There’s also the home-ice factor. Of course, without fans, that is surely muted at least a little bit, but the rigors of traveling in the COVID landscape offer some challenges to the road teams.

The Golden Knights have traveled just one time the entire season and they suffered one of their two losses on that trip. In the two road games, they scored just three total goals.

At 8-2-1, Vegas has succeeded by dominating periods, getting hot goaltending and playing a lighter schedule. It’s not a knock on the Golden Knights, take em where you can get em. They play in a below-average division and as long as they clinch a playoff berth, it doesn’t matter who they beat or where they beat them. It was important for Vegas to jump out and build a cushion in the standings against easier competition and they’ve done just that.

Despite last night’s 1-0 loss to Anaheim, history tends to repeats itself when a Southern Californian team faces Vegas. Going back to the inaugural 2017-18, the Golden Knights have a combined total of 42 points in 31 games against the Ducks and Kings. Vegas has earned points in 22 of 31 games. It’s been a lopsided affair to say the least.

Vegas vs. Anaheim & LA History

vs. Ducks
16 Games Played
13-3 Record
26 Of A Possible 32 Points
55-29 Goal Differential
.843 Win%

vs. Kings
15 Games Played
7-6-2 Record (4-0 in Postseason)
16 Of A Possible 30 Points
42-46 Goal Differential
.533 Win%

Vegas will play Anaheim and LA 10 more times this season. Historical data projects the Golden Knights will earn around 13 points in their remaining games against the Ducks and Kings. If the forecast is accurate, Vegas will collect a whopping 23 of 32 points against the SoCal duo.

It’s possible the Golden Knights can build their path to the postseason from these two opponents alone. That success sets Vegas up nicely even if they happen to fall to better competition.



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  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Valid point Jason. I was telling my wife the other day, how out of balance this early schedule has been. Meaning majority of games at home and vs teams thought of as unlikely playoff contenders. This will even out soon here and that’s when the Knights will show or not, how good they really are. Will be very interesting.

  2. Mike StG

    Jason, that’s not really the case. Look at the 2 main rivals (STL, COL) and who they’ve played. Essentially the same teams Vegas has, except they’ve both played the two worst teams more times than VGK has. Also, STL lost 3 of 4 to ARI, we won 3 of 4. It appears the teams in 4th-6th place now will likely gain ground as the top 3 start to play & beat each other. So, getting games to OT will help, at least one point.

    • Daryl

      Do you know the history between STL and ARI? Sure teams just have another’s number (don’t know if that’s the case). I also don’t know how many stars Sat out some of those games. I know we’ve missed Petra a couple games but thus far he hasn’t made a positive affect in a game yet

      You might be right I just don’t know the details of those other teams.

  3. Daryl

    I believe I said the exact same thing just not with stats to back it up… and some eyewitness to happy with me

  4. Tim

    Well we’ll find out soon enough San Jose Saturday and then 4 straight with Colorado. I still say Anaheim and Arizona with two top ten goalies are never an easy out. Like we found out last year we barely beat Vancouver and Dallas totally shut us down why two good goalie performances. My belief is there’s no easy wins in our league less San Jose and L.A. Martin Jones is not very good and Jonathan Quick father time is catching up but still capable of beating us on a given night.

    • Daryl

      You notice how almost every team we ay the comment about the other goalie being so good??? I’m not saying those goalies aren’t good but there is a reason those teams are at the bottom of the standings… And maybe, just maybe those goalies look so good against VGK is because of VGK

  5. Smoke

    I didn’t like Reilly Smith after the game making excuses that it is hard to beat a team 4 times in a row and that they got one more lucky bounce than we did….. He should have said our offense was terrible and we are in trouble if we pay these guys this much money to not score and beat a poor team.

  6. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    You’re going to have a lackluster effort, on occasion, when you are playing a team so many times, and have beaten so many times. It’s just human nature. With back to back coming up this weekend, they tried to get by with less than their best and still win the game. No over analysis needed here. Also, agree with comment that any NHL team can beat ANY OTHER, at any time! Just common sense, happens all the time. We’ll see what happens now with new meat to play!

    • Daryl

      I agree teams will have bad games and not the best efforts but to say thats the case because they have played to the team multiple times is a poor excuse. But then again, maybe that’s why they looked so bad last year in the playoffs…. having to play the same team over and over again

  7. Tim

    I think fans should be happy with what we are and that’s probably a top 10 team it could be worse we could be Buffalo. I’d say Carolina, Dallas, Tampa, Colorado, St.Louis, Toronto, Washington, Boston, Philly, and The Knights are the cream of the crop. For us to win the West will have to beat Colorado, and Tampa, and maybe St.Louis not an easy path. I’d advise everyone just to enjoy the team and let the cards fall where they may. Thinking this team is Stanley Cup bound is a little premature. My take on the Gold Helmets is if you’ve lived in Vegas a long time then you know we were called Glider Gulch so Gold helmets fit the bill.

  8. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Well lets correct again. I didn’t just say, playing multiple times, I said ALSO a team they have beaten MANY times. Plus, you can’t compare playoff games vs regular season games. Whole different animal! Thank you for allowing me to correct your misread.

    • Daryl

      More excuses….. And my comment about playoff games was somewhat of a joke exec though the way they played in those games, especially the goalie, it looked like it could have applied itself then also

  9. DOC (A REAL Fan)

    Finally, after more than a year, the Knights & sharks play today (sat.). I’m confident all real Knights fans are ready to root our boys on against our hated rivals. Go get em boys!!!!


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