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Vegas Recognizes What They’re Dealing With

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Tonight the Golden Knights will face an electric Florida Panthers team that won’t have trouble scoring. In their last ten games, the Panthers have 40 combined goals scored. Vegas on the other hand, has a total of 25. It well could be another one of those nights. We’re all hoping it’s not.

This is not how Vegas operates. Vegas isn’t fond about making excuses. Maybe management would look at it and say ‘we got thirty million dollars worth of players that are wearing suits.’ I don’t know if the owner looks at it that way. -Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts Podcast

Of course, fans would rather the Golden Knights compete for a Stanley Cup this postseason but it seems like a hopeless dream at this point. Vegas has been devastated with injuries and there’s no doubting that. The Golden Knights’ goal of reaching the Stanley Cup Finals may have unfortunately been upended by the injury bug. It’s an excuse, but some would argue it’s a darn good excuse.

Look at how much money you’ve got in injured reserve or long term injured reserve. Between all of those guys you’re over $30 million dollars out of the lineup. -Elliotte Friedman on 32 Thoughts Podcast

Most injuries are uncontrollable and an unfortunate element of professional sports. Sadly, some teams cannot make up for impactful players getting hurt and missing significant amounts of time. It’s unlikely the Golden Knights will never be fully healthy this season. Even if the club makes a remarkable run to the finals it won’t be enough time for each injury to completely heal. Don’t get me wrong, if Mark Stone and Alec Martinez are available in the playoffs they will dress. They may not be 100% healthy but they will play their tuchuses off.

Realistically, it probably wouldn’t be enough to eliminate Calgary, Colorado, or Tampa Bay in a seven-game series. So, what’s wrong with planning ahead?

The question is, what are the front office and ownership going to say? Is this simply a manner of ‘we’ve got guys out and we have to wait until they come back.’ Or are they going to say ‘that’s irrelevant, we don’t care that there’s guys out of the lineup. We have to play better.’ That’s where you start to wonder what does that mean exactly. -Elliotte Friedman on 32 Thoughts Podcast

Without telling us, the front office may have come to terms with this season. It’s tough to overcome lengthy injuries to Stone, Martinez, Robin Lehner, Max Pacioretty, and more. Like all of us, the organization is aware the current Golden Knights lineup is not a Cup contender. At least for this season.

I think they’ve pretty patient here because I do think they’ve recognized what they’re dealing with. If you were going to look at an organization and say ‘they might throw a real curveball at us here,’ like a shocker that we’re not seeing, Vegas would be one of those teams.- Friedman, 32 Thoughts Podcast

Best guess is Golden Knights management and ownership turn the page and come back with the same coaches and core of players next season. Nolan Patrick wasn’t an upgrade down the middle and Evgenii Dadonov hasn’t fixed the power play. Jack Eichel does both. It’s possible the front office quickly realized the 2021-22 version wasn’t the deepest team in franchise history and they needed a major upgrade on the top line. That era will begin in October.

This is the ruthless pursuit of the Stanley Cup. Someone can help us, great we’ll throw someone else over the side of the boat to bring you in. I don’t think for a second that ownership looks at this is and says ‘yeah, this is why we’re losing.’ I think ownership probably looks at this and says ‘why are we losing?’ -Marek on 32 Thoughts Podcast

The trade deadline is on Monday and it’s unknown as to what Vegas is thinking. Is it possible they believe enough in their team to buy? Or take advantage of a sinking ship and sell for profits. The third option is to stand pat.
There’s a case for each one. What’s your choice?


Goalie Interference – Episode 21




  1. Danny Gallivan

    oh, and look at the schedule folks.

    Dallas at Mtl
    Edm home vs Buffalo
    Van home vs Detroit
    VGK home vs Florida

    who has the toughest opponent?
    easily by far the VGK do

    thus, it is not a stretch to say that the VGK will be further out of the picture after tonight’s games.

    it’s over folks. they should be sellers this weekend and over the summer.

    but , absolutely fire PDB and Spott.
    take their stupid 1-3-1 trap and pitiful PP and stick it up their sun don’t shine.

    and retool with big, young, aggressive guys who will battle in front of either net, and will get greasy goals, not fancy passes.

    • JockEnvy

      Tonight will be telling for what and who needs to go at the deadline or the summer. If they can’t get up to face a top tier opponent with their back against the wall, this team will look very different by the time we drop the puck this fall.

  2. knights fan in minny

    i think the squad gets waxed tonight

  3. THE hockey GOD

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  4. THE hockey GOD

    Jason has put a string of really good articles together. kudos.

    And of course , out of the woodwork the woodpeckers will be chirping it’s all this or that or other guy’s fault.

  5. Henderson One

    Patches is injury prone and on the downside of his career, Stone may have a career ending injury and Martinez’s career may be over. Total rebuild around Eichel required. PBD and FO needs to be relieved as they have put us in this position. As soon as season over begin with a new management and coaching team to rebuild this franchise. Foley’s dream of a Stanley Cup is over as he stood by and watched Rome burn.

    • THE hockey GOD

      FO , or no one, but GOD, put players in position ‘to be injured”. That is pure whack o mole projection of epic scale. Mole, like in whacked, like in fucked up, not even close to consumption. Which gauc a mole. is. Out in left field mole. Whacked, jacked, cracked and slapped into outer space, Jack a mole.

      Personally I prefer the “holy mole” that Fred left in bowl, in which Julio’s goat ate by mistake when he. Well. The rest goes something like this.

      Home alone with his ‘holy moley,’ in walks Julio’s pet goat Chico to partake of the bowl, after which Fred witnesses a robbery taking place next Where he sees nothing, and knows nothing.

      • Henderson One

        You may feel comfortable with PDB but many of us aren’t. His history is not one of improving the performance of teams over the years but of destroying teams.

        • JockEnvy

          Nailed it!

        • Blitz

          –I am not comfortable with Peter any where near me.

          –I knew the moment Peter was inserted into the Knights disease would follow.

          –My Shark friends warned me that Peter will fuck everything and then leave.

          –I think Peter is too soft. If he would get harder we would score more often.

          Anybody else want in on this? C’mon now. How about this ‘Does every Peter have a Spott?’

        • mcart

          another sign that the team has quit on the coach is the “he is out longer than expected on injury list” syndrome.

          Now, it’s more like “where can I hide until this nightmare is over” response from the players.

        • THE hockey GOD

          jack a mole

  6. THE hockey GOD

    another loss projected for tonight as it is likely hague is out; team is trying to give AHLers nHL experience. I put in parenthesis their normal playing lines in my experience, taking into account some players playing out of position. (5) means they are not performing at NHL level nor close to it. AHL means they belong in , well AHL. As you can see by ratings we only have two legit first liners, no second liners on forward, one on D, and team full of complete misfits in regard to their stations on the ice based upon past month’s worth of performance. They have no number 2 or number 3 lines, their number one line is barely functional. Their defensive pairs are jumble up mess. Their goal tender is struggling under water.

    Need a miracle to turn this around. Getting two players back Howden and Janmark, losing two players to AHL no. 15 and no. 46

    Marchessault(3) —Eichel (1) —Karlsson(3)
    Carrier(4) —Stephenson(2) —Roy(4)



    bench LT (AHL)
    March 17, 2022
    THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    At this point all signs point to Robin Lehner’s latest injury being a significant one.

    I hesitate to put a timeline on it, because of the uncertainty, but it’s very possible he misses the rest of the regular season.

    >>>my opinion . If FO thinks they have a post season position in mind, they will make a move for a goalie before trade deadline and over pay. IF not, they will wait until off season when the trade deadline high ‘buying’ prices are off the table. Either way it looks like RL is damaged goods, and likely done as VGK.

  7. knights fan in minny

    i blame them ugly gold helmets saw stormy today on nhl network

  8. You guys are stupid Vegas is the deepest team in the NHL and have already started their massive comeback. They will win the cup once Lehner is healthy. They will win tonight.

    • knights fan in minny

      are you the imposter you sure have a big mouth calling all of us stupid

  9. LVsc

    VGK signed veteran minor leaguer dman Derrick Pouliot of the HSK to an nhl contract

    big whoop de doo

    • Blitz

      I actually like Pouliot and thought he was decent in preseason. More stable/polished than the other HSK dmen. I used to watch him in minors so I had more interest than most people here to watch him. In juniors he was a force. I really thought he would become a good middle pairing NHL dman, but just another player whose skills didn’t translate to the NHL. Not really sure what this contract means. Is he going to come up and make up for more injuries?

  10. James Scouten

    There’s a difference between an explanation and an excuse.

    Injuries are an explanation.

  11. LVsc

    Dallas won and moved ahead of the Vgk in points.

    and Edm is ahead of Buffalo 2-0 already

  12. Galdom

    There’s no need to scoreboard watch. It’s already over. They are not going to all of a sudden win 80% of their games with a severely depleted lineup with some of the worst goaltenders (Brossoit and Thompson) I’ve ever seen in my life.

  13. Barney

    Should have kept fleury.

    Too bad mcCriminal and deboring had a hissy fit after the major that wasn’t

  14. I’m watching the Florida game, Eichel just got hurt, can anyone stay healthy for more than 1/2 game ? WTF !!!!!!!!!!!

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