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Vegas Needs Mark Stone’s Greatness To Continue Tonight

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Golden Knights captain Mark Stone has been as advertised against the Minnesota Wild. He leads the team in goals, points, average minutes by a forward and has shown his true leadership this postseason. However, it’s still not enough.

In order for the Golden Knights to advance past Minnesota, Stone will need to continue supplying Vegas with offense. With his linemate Max Pacioretty out it adds stress on the 29-year-old captain to come through night in and night out in the playoffs. And unfortunately when Stone can’t produce offense the team doesn’t fare well.

Starting with Stone’s first postseason as a Golden Knight in 2018, the winger has tallied 34 points in 32 playoff games. His average points per game is 1.06, up from 0.77 before the 2021 postseason began. However, the bulk of Stone’s postseason points come in Game’s 1-4. His production drops 50% in the last three contests of a seven-game series.

Stone Postseason Points Per Game w/ VGK

Games 1-4: 20 Games, 24 Points = 1.20 PPG
Games 5-7: 9 Games, 5 Points = 0.60 PPG

Vegas’ leader shouldn’t have to take on all of the responsibility but when he doesn’t score in one of the last three games the Golden Knights record is 1-6. That’s a problem.

This trend goes back to the regular season. Vegas heavily relied upon Pacioretty and Stone’s nightly offense to scoop up two points. When the two top liners came up dry, often so did their team. That can’t happen tonight or going forward in the playoffs.

In Game 5, Stone registered a goal in a losing effort. Even when he’s producing a point per game his club has come out on the losing end. Ultimately, most of the pressure falls on Stone to create more offense when Pacioretty is unavailable and Alex Pietrangelo continues to underachieve. Against Minnesota, the captain has made up for the absence of other’s production.

My guess is Stone will be active tonight and hard to keep off the scoresheet.


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  1. THE hockey GOD

    David Schoen Ice hockey stick and puck
    · 1h
    Marc-Andre Fleury and Robin Lehner left morning skate at the same time. Thinking face #VegasBorn

    • Julie

      Hockey G, you were a coach before, right? Would you switch the goalies now or split their time in Game 6? Do you think PDB is doing a head-fake with this since we know he likes to keep juicy decisions to himself as long as he can sometimes?

      • THE hockey GOD

        i would say 80/20 push button pete goes with the guy who brought him to the dance this far, unless he’s hurt. That would be Fleury.

        If he falters, I wouldn’t be surprised he replaces him. I expect Fleury to play well if he puts him in there tonight.

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    They’re BOTH going to be in goal! COOL!

  3. Tim

    No doubt the Mark Stone trade was the best trade ever for the Knights this kid can play. I wish I could say that for some of our other high priced players.

    • Julie

      I admit, I didn’t see Stone’s value right away. This year, I definitely do.

  4. Daryl

    Just as important as Stone will be, VGK will need MAF to play like he is superman.

  5. Frank

    No superman. He just needs to be his usual steady self. The first period last game kinda got away from him. On a normal night he stops one perhaps two of those goals from going in. Point well taken is that we cant get down multiple goals in the first period against the Wild.

  6. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Split their time in game six? Yea, that’s defiantly the solution. Oh brother!

    • Julie

      Are you ever helpful? I asked a hockey coach what/if on the goalies leaving at the same time given the circumstances of today’s game. Not a proposed solution. Reading is fundamental. Try it instead of the cigars. Take your time.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        I have coached and played my fair share of hockey, O.W. Now, you criticize comments I make and you must expect the same in return.

        We can continue this forever or back off. Up to you!

        • Julie

          I recall a very specific post not too long ago from you about how you weren’t going to respond to negative comments, yet you will start talking smack referencing something someone says indirectly. Then you get upset when you get called on it. Even before that, you were quite vocal about ignoring my posts because I am a woman. Yet here you are. We go through this every 6 weeks or so.

          But you say you were a coach? Do tell! I know you want the last word.

          • Julie – your wasting your time to even acknowledge DOC and to address the hockey g with a capital g only.helps giving.him a bigger head. He is under that disillusion already. Do you know for sure that either or both those guys were coaches if so of what? It’s almost as bad as having all the inside info or on good authority which turns out to be false. Funny they are talking about the vegas goaltending situation on nhl at this very moment.

          • DOC (Go Knights Go)

            If you would actually READ my posts you would know I SAID negative comments about the Knights

            This is defending myself O.W. !

            So now I asked for us to back off, but you say no. This is fine.

            Trying to ignore or not respond to your posts, has nothing to do with you being an Oracle Woman. It’s about you being an idiot, that is irrelevant! Just so that is clear. (and it seems, my posts are very important to you, as you just can’t stay away from mentioning them)>

            An indirectly? Exactly what YOU did when I addressed that Theresa! It was indirectly as well.

            So, stick with your “group” and leave me out of it, or I will continue to defend myself and expose you for what you are!

            Thank you!

        • DOC (Go Knights Go) If you coached hockey before it either means that; you used to be in much better shape upstairs, or those hockey teams must have really stunk. You seem to make issues with just about every other person on the site.

        • Daryl

          Forever won’t be too long

  7. They also need the rest of the team to step up and play hard .Not keep depending on just on person and Flower to win the game like they have been If Panda is in goal tonight they can’t make him the one to save them either, It takes everyone to win this game ” GO KNIGHTS GO ” .

  8. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Hey Ken … A crazy question:

    Do you have a brother or close relative who is an actor?

    I am currently watching the series “The Last Kingdom” (netflix).

    An actor playing King Alfred could be your twin. For amusement, check it out! 🙂

  9. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Ok, this IS a hockey site so…………..

    Will root on whomever is in net tonight, as I know all real Knights fans will!

    Wild will be flying, if we aren’t, it will be tuff!

    This will be interesting to see how we respond to Mondays game!

  10. Mike StG

    Jason – I don’t know why you continue to repeat the narrative that Petro “continues to underachieve” in offensive output. He is contributing offense at the same rate he always has throughout his career. Here are his numbers:

    Career PPG (reg szn) – 0.59
    2021 VGK PPG (reg szn) – 0.56
    Career PPG (playoffs) – 0.55
    2021 VGJ PPG (playoffs) – 0.40 *
    * in 5 games he has 2 pts = .40. If he had 3 pts in those 5 games it would be .60/PPG. The sample size for this post-szn is too small to support your claim.

    I don’t know if you expected him to be a PPG Dman like EK65 in his prime. But he has never been that. He’s an all around elite Dman, not just an offensive Dman. Maybe you should be pointing the finger at Shea, whose offensive game is his main asset and whose scoring has disappeared in the playoffs – 0 pts in 5 games.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Mike StG, one good thing I can say about no. 7, and I try to find positives even though
      I have to bite my tongue sometimes. IS that he isn’t getting face planted as much
      as his replacement in last years finals. Overall I guess my expectations are high like everyone else’s. I have my finger crossed.

      The ODDS god say he’s over due, well over due.

      Maybe we roll no. 14 and he comes through tonight. Come on 14 DADDY NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF SHOES !!

      PS I hear they have Bischoff on the black aces too as back up, maybe we’ll see that other rookie with rocket from point that got into a few games and played D and F at some point in time.

      • Mike StG

        Hg, I’m not enthralled by Petro thus far, but he’s been improving as he seems to be getting in sync with the rest of the team. I’m starting to feel like maybe they would’ve been better off keeping Nate if they could’ve landed Devon Toews. When the Avs traded for Toews I was pretty shocked and dismayed. He’s a great defenseman. He might just be the piece they needed to win the cup.

        I like Hague and Coghlan, but I wish Shea and Hague would cut down on shots from the point. Every time they wind up to shoot from the blue line my blood pressure spikes 80 points hoping it’s not blocked (like about 50% are) only to become an odd man rush the other way.
        Like to close this out tonight!

        Bad news about McNabb. Hope it turns out to be a false positive. Hate the thought of playing the last 2 games without him.

    • Daryl

      Every stat you posted he is below his average so the Comme ts about him underachieving are valid. He’s also had a few horrible turnovers and if it were for an out of this world save by MAF, the To would be goals

      • Mike StG

        Okay, if you want to nitpick and be ridiculous. Give me a break! .59 vs .56 PPG – in a season of 100 games that’s
        3 points. Jason wasn’t nitpicking, he was saying he’s not producing as expected. To say .03 is underperforming is just being asinine. And in a 5 game sample having 2 pts and not 3 is also ridiculous as a criticism. As I said, why not point out that Shea has 0 points in 5 games. This crapping all over Petro constantly is just uncalled for. And as my response to Hg said, I’m not saying he’s playing all that fantastic. It seems like unless he’s playing like Hedman he’s overpaid and a useless tool.

        • Daryl

          Why is it uncalled for? He’s getting $8.8m and his stats are lower, and just got lower. But its so more than just stats, he’s had badly untimed TOs, he’s soft and losing board battles, he’s made some horrible passes, he’s turned the puck over on plays that aren’t actually considered turnovers, it’s not going down to block shots, it’s not tying up sticks, it’s not clearing the crease.

          The point is, he hasn’t lived up to his ridiculous contract, so yeah he deserves all the criticism he has received

          As for Theo, I agree with you on that as well, but what is his salary?

  11. Mike StG

    I’ve been wondering if Max is able to play but they’re holding him out to get as healthy as possible for Round 2. And maybe they’ll only play him if he is really needed to get past the Wild. So far they’ve survived without him and lead the series. Just a thought, given that last year injuries affected him through the entire post szn. A healthy Max might’ve made a difference against the Stars.

  12. Julie

    Hey, HD, point taken. :). I appreciate the reality check. I saw a response to a woman in the previous article and it was uncalled for but typical. I took it directly to the source again. It’s all good on my end.

    I’m looking forward to the game and I hope we get a Pacioretty surprise tonight or soon anyway.


    what did I ever do to you ?? NOTHING.

    Julie asked me a prudent question and I politely responded. She asked for my OPINION and I gave it.

    I don’t see her asking for YOUR opinion. I could say something crude and rude, like butt out mr butinski. But would good would that do.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But trolling like you do is incomprehensible since I don’t attack you.

    THE HOCKEY GOD, that is my moniker , try to get it right next time .

    PS now I see the VID has taken no. 3 out of this game and maybe the series, that is terrible.

  14. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    Hg vs HD !

    Go get ya some boys!

  15. What is so funny about year is that “The Curse” doesn’t even need to be in place… Having the 2 dumbest top D men that waste 15 Million in salary is all you need to go nowhere in the playoffs!!!
    How can anyone with any hockey IQ believe that this team can go anywhere with the 2 dumbest clowns as your top D men… They are by far the most over paid and over rated yahoo’s in the league!!! I would take 6 gutsy Alec Martinez’ and any of our young guys who are way smarter and better than 7 and 27… WTF???
    Pieceofshittangelo and Theonoclue just plain and simply SUCK!!!


  16. Mike StG

    Daryl, now you say his “stats are lower” and his contract is ridiculous. You’re being an idiot, but that’s your choice. His points are within 3% of his career totals so that reveals your bias. If a player has 100 pts in a season and the next year has 97 pts you’re going to say his performance has declined?? That’s just insincere and cynical. Ridiculous contract? No, $11M would be a ridiculous contract. He is the 5th highest paid defenseman, but he’s an elite right shot D who was a UFA in the most recent offseason. His salary as a percentage of cap is only 10th highest in the league. And there are 9 other Ds who make $8M or more.

    I can’t believe that for his salary you expect the second coming of Jesus. And absolute perfection. He doesn’t sit on the blue line like Shea and take stupid shots constantly that end up blocked and going the other way on an odd man rush, like the one that ended up as the first Wild goal tonite. I couldn’t believe how ppl were blaming Petro for that stupid shot attempt by Shea.

    According to JFresh, this szn Shea was the 2nd worst Dman defensively by Wins Above Replacement in the NHL. Only Ristolainen (BUF) was worse. Vegas’s scoring problems are directly linked to Shea’s taking too many low danger shots from the point. And just too many shots per game. The fact that tonite he had 4 times as many shot attempts as the entire Stone line says it all.

    If Patch doesn’t play Friday and this pattern continues it will be the Wild moving on to Round 2.

    • Daryl

      OK, I’m being an idiot for saying his $8.8m ntc nmc contact is bad??? What d sadly does that make you if your don’t? If you want to be a retarded moron I guess that’s your choice too.

      As I said, which you completely ignored, it’s more than just stats… which by the way just went down even more. Let’s not forget about his turnover in the previous game. How many odd man rushes had he caused by jumping up in the offensive zone at horrible times? Theo contact is nothing similar to Petro… But keep defending him, he’ll eventually score a goal to give your something to brash about

      • Mike StG

        Daryl, whatever. Let’s just agree to disagree. You think elite defensemen don’t make mistakes? And, how do you think he sustained the injury that kept him out for 15 games? Blocking a shot. The guy has almost no preseason training with the team and a new system that plays fast and completely different system than what he did for 10 yrs, no PS games, gets Covid and an injury that resulted in him playing half of a shortened season. And all everyone can do is crap on him and blame him for VGK’s losses. They lost because they can’t score without Max on L1 and MIN keying on Stone as a result. They lost last night because Shea took an unwise shot from the blue line as Petro was pinching in, it was blocked and that led to a 2 on 1 and the GWG.

        Just stop all the blaming of Petro as the main reason for the losses. He’s not Jesus Christ. He’s one guy on a roster of 18. I do think that pairing Shea with him to score late in the game is unwise. Shea played 25 mins and Marty only13 mins. I think Marty provides better defensive and offensive support with Petro. There is no reason for Shea playing twice the minutes unless Marty was injured.

        Again, I wasn’t excited when they signed Petro and think they might have been better off keeping Nate, but with all the young Dmen ready to make the jump to the NHL I can see why they did it. I was concerned that losing Stastny & Nate created holes in the lineup and it was basically putting their eggs in the Glass & Petro basket. Worked okay for reg season, but playoffs have exposed those flaws.

        • Daryl

          At no point have I ever blamed Petra for a loss. His turnover was a key play that led to a loss. His ill-advised pinch and a blocked shot by Theo led to a 2 on 1 goal. He also screen MAF on a joke of a block attempt that led to a goal. Again, not all those goals are all in his shoulder but he played a major part of it. As far as the system goes, PDB emphasizes his Dmen pinching, very similar to his old club. Yes they are different but with a lot of similarities. Jen mark had no problems adjusting to VGK and his system really was different.

          For the money and contact he got he should be doing better, and again it’s more than just the stats

  17. They both stink! You can put every goal last night directly on both of them… The 1st is a bad pinch by Theodore for no reason whete of course he gets nothing… Not even a body, the 2nd is a feable attempt at a block by pieceofshittrangelo that screens Fleury’s view of everything low the man with the puck is doing, and the3rd is both of them… Theodore missing another pinch as the highest man on the ice without the puck and #7 as the last man back pursuing the puck at the blue line in a low danger area as the last man back and of course not getting anything but air and leaving yet another clear break away…
    They both are useless offensively and defensively and at 15 Million in salary a year combined will cement a first or second round departure from the playoffs for years to come. To play them together and stick with them both running the power play is just suicide…
    What you don’t even figure into your discussion is how bad our power play is, and these 2 clowns get all the time with the advantage and never produce… Martinez has produced more with his replacement time for Patch on the one timer… He should QB the power play… Makes way better decisions and has a shot that would be respected from the top… The other 2 clowns don’t anticipate, wander out of position, can’t keep the puck in the zone, and obviously add nothing to the power play… The results prove it out yet we continue to do the same thing… Which is on the coaches!!! Who suck as well lol

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