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Vegas Needs Better Shots Not 40 Or More Of Them

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Last night Vegas took a season-high 53 shots on net last night, their 11th game with 40 or more shots. It sounds like a positive achievement but in reality, it’s bitten them in the rear on most occasions. After last night the Golden Knights are 4-6-1 this season when taking 40+ shots on goal in a game. It may seem like a minor detail, but it’s a trend that’s severely hurt them in the past especially when it counted the most.

I thought we put in the right amount of work to deserve two points tonight. This league shows you, you don’t always get what you deserve but I thought we worked hard enough to earn two points tonight.-Pete DeBoer, VGK coach

Vegas’ coach gave the proper response to a fortunate, uneventful win. DeBoer’s team stole two points from a non-conference opponent and it really doesn’t matter to him matter how it happened. Putting aside Shea Theodore’s game winning two-step beauty, the game was largely disappointing and looking beyond the victory, it was another dull performance from Vegas this month.

VGK In 2022: (2-4-2)

01/02 vs. WPG: 5-4 OT Loss
01/04 vs. NSH: 3-2 Loss
01/06 vs. NYR: 5-1 Win
01/08 vs. CHI: 2-1 Loss
01/11 vs. TOR: 4-3 SO Loss
01/17 vs. PIT: 5-3 Loss
01/20 vs. MTL: 4-3 OT Win

Since the New Year, the Golden Knights are 2-3-2 and have allowed 3.29 goals per game. Of course, there have been injuries and COVID interruptions, but realistically the organization could use a light roster as an excuse for almost every game this season.

It’s been a challenge. We don’t know from one day to the next what our lineup is going to look like. It’s the injuries for us on top of the COVID that has been really hard to manage. We’ve kept our fingers crossed hoping we can come out of this at some point. We just haven’t. –George McPhee on TSN 590

Throughout this seven-game snooze, the Golden Knights are averaging just under 39 shots per game and earned only six out of a possible 14 points. At home.

What’s more concerning about the 40+ trend is its ineffectiveness in the playoffs. Since the 2020 postseason bubble, the Golden Knights have taken 40 or more shots on 11 different occasions. They are sadly 2-9 in those playoff games. It might work for other teams but a heavy shot volume strategy isn’t working for the Golden Knights. Especially in the postseason.

I think we’ve been struggling in those games when we have a lot of shots on goal and we don’t find a way to win games. -Jonathan Marchessault

It’s silly to say, but this might be the right time for a road trip. Of course, a four-game trek through the Southeast won’t be pleasant but it may force Vegas to play more aggressively and with some urgency. It’s possible Pacioretty returns to the lineup which would be a welcomed addition on a treacherous road trip. We’ve seen this team outperform on East Coast trips in the past and it’s possible they can steal a few victories from some quality opponents.

And for the sake of this silly trend that I obsess over, I’m expecting Vegas to average 46 shots a night and sweep through the Sunshine State.



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  1. I don’t think the number of shots in last nights game was a factor, or the quality of them. Many were high danger. The Montreal goalie played lights out hockey with a .929 save percentage and made Sponge Bob look like shit with his paltry .888 on 27 shots.

    Credit the Montreal goalie.

    I think, if you go back to last year this comment is relevant because VGK wasn’t going to the net and there was little if any traffic in front of the goal last year. You see a quite different approach this year with many more high danger shots on goal from my perspective.

    • George L.

      We always seem to bring the “lights out” and “standing on their head” out of other goalies.

      I hereby declare The VGK the greatest asset to the Goalies Union!!

      When do our goalies join the Union?

      • Very good post George and you’re right. Sponge Bob doesn’t have a single shut out this season and every time the other team is in our zone fans are all puckered up holding our breath. Ice it ice it ice it……. Every shot is high danger when it comes to Sponge Bob.

    • Montembeault numbers–not exactly great his last two starts notwithstanding.

      2021-2022: 2W/6L–GA 3.73–SV% .904
      Career: 11W/14L–GA 3.41–SV% .897

      I’m with you on your Lehner concerns–still recognize though that he may recover and play well. In the interim I welcome rotating Thompson in. I’m sure the FO will do what they can if in fact it’s viable. I thought he was pretty decent vs. NSH allowing just two not including the undefendable tip-in.

  2. Galdom

    Richie Rich, You really think the approach has been that different? I’m going to have to watch a little bit more closely next game. I feel like William Carrier is the only guy going to the net.

    • Carrier for sure, but Patrick, Marchy, Smith, Theodore, Dadanov, and others are all going to the net a lot more this season than last when the routine was one timers by defensemen from the blue line.

    • Even Kolesar is crashing the net, he’s either the worst shooter or has the worst luck of any power forward in the league.

      yeah yeah, takes long for power forwards to develop…….blah blah blah

      • THE hockey GOD

        “it takes power forwards a longer time to develop in NHL”


        • Bob m

          Koelsar could really improve his offense IF he were to elevate his shots.. practice with a board placed across the net.
          He definitely has improved the rest of his game

  3. Galdom

    Lehner struggling is the best thing to ever happen to Kolesar.

  4. trade

    2 things not mentioned in the article.

    1st, the high number of shots often happens because the team is TRAILING in the game, and tries to catch up by shooting from everywhere.

    2nd, and most relevant, the high number of shots by Vgk is often a symptom of their playing perimeter fancy hockey….iow, they don’t crash the net enough for more goals on fewer shots. They would rather make a fancy pass than get in the goalie’s face. the only way this team will overcome the playoff scoring problems, is to crash the net far more often and get more greasy goals. If a little guy like Joe Pavelski can do it, then certainly guys like Stone and Pacioretty can also.

    • THE hockey GOD

      You got that right trade and jason

      Most of their shots hit the hab goalie right in his crest, hardly had to move at all

      • THE hockey GOD

        High danger chances? Don’t know who was tabulating that number, just because a shot is in a certain zone does not make them high danger. There are ‘high’ danger, and then there are high danger. Is goalie forced to move ? Is there a d man between the goalie and shooter? Is shooter on his strong side, or weak side ? Too many factors in the equation.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    I remember the Habs announcer/experts in 70s lamenting “man we got 40 shots on their goalie and only scored three goals”. The soviets had 17 and scored three goals. It’s not the high danger, or number of shots. The team with puck control, team defense, and finishers that force goalie to move get job done.

    • Alex

      What a joke this idiot is! Dumbest of the dumb in a fan base filled with morons

      • knights fan in minny

        zip those big old nog lips you piece of shit hey loser you have another day of thuggin planned

        • THE hockey GOD

          hey knight, the cave troll got out again ?

          need a better lock !!

          • Alex

            Bad ice idiot again! Dude, you are the dumbest, most bogus self important ahole on here…Clark Gillis? What an ahole you are! Very ordinary player from a time when the NHL was very weak…

          • knights fan in minny

            maybe a rope

  6. Tim

    I’ve always said it’s quality of shots not quantity. I’ve always said it’s playing hard for 60 minutes. I’ve always said the game starts with the goalie. I’m a baseball guy but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the game. If we had more guys consistently scoring goals the game would look a lot different but we don’t. Patch and Marshy being our only two legitimate scorers and Patch being out most of the year it’s been a problem. Smith and Karlsson are good complimentary players but there scoring is way down. Theadore, Petro, and Martinez give us a threat but McNabb, Whitecloud, Hague, and Coghlan along with Huton don’t give us much offense. Stone a great passer and puck stealer but doesn’t shoot enough, Stephenson playing well. Roy, Kolesar, Carrier, Dadonov, and Jammark don’t fill up the net although they hustle. Again Adamio, Howden, and Patrick give us very little offense although they hustle. Just not enough goal scores and maybe Jack Eichel will help and motivate some of these other guys. But lets say that all works out we still have our goalie problem.

    • Tim – until they “fix” the goalie problem it won’t matter. You and I know Eichel isn’t going to fix the problem – he may score a few but so what is the leak at the other end isn’t corrected it’s of little value. Think about the few guys who occasionally crash the net it sure is not the big buck guys which tells you something.

      • Tim

        hdbiker, So true

      • Pistol Pete

        hdbiker7851, for one to speculate Eichel is “not going to fix the problem” is folly. First is defining what “the problem” is—problems today may not be ones tomorrow. Second, we have not seen Eichel in a VGK jersey. We know he can score, we know he’s a playmaker enabling line mates to score. He may average adding a point a game which if happens will have a material impact on the game W/L column, statistically. I suggest we wait to find out vs. speculating.

        • THE hockey GOD

          p pete the problems are
          1- too small viewing screens
          2- out of date eye glass prescriptions
          3- too much imbibing of alcohol during viewing of the event impacting
          both vision and brain functions.
          4- weak eyes or visionary problems
          5- some or all of the above.

          • knights fan in minny

            Now that Gilles took a dirt nap, I bet his autograph tripled in value to $1.50

        • sb

          Eichel is gonna be just fine. The ‘shade’ thrown at Eichel is really all about trading MAF. Some guys just can’t go on living without him. Jack Eichel is an outstanding player and he’ll be even better in Vegas.

        • PPete – until the drain is closed on the back end it won’t matter how many go in on the front end. Do you have a magic wand to keep the goals out, if so why wait to wave it. You have no idea what Eichel is going to do in a knight jersey unless of course your are clairvoyant, which l doubt. Remember the walrus was an “elite” prize and even you can see that hasn’t turned out well. I sincerely hope Eichel is all you believe he might be ,time will tell. In the meantime let’s concentrate on today problems as they haven’t been corrected at this point.

  7. Tim

    Ya know getting back to logic which I’ve seen a lot of lately in post here’s my thought is this. Two years ago Anton Khudobin was out of his mind against us he could be picked up for a song would it be worth it? I don’t know but it’s better then doing nothing. If he busts nothing lost if he regains his form he could help.

    • Galdom

      Sorry. Khudobin is signed for this year and next. Joonas Korpisalo is on a expiring contract. Brayden Holtby has played very well this year and is on an expiring contract making only 2 million.

    • It is good to see that fans are not clueless. We look at the history of a player and in the case of Robin Lehner he’s failed the test. Here are the facts….

      1. An .872 save percentage since December 1st, that is a declining performance not improvement.
      2. Zero shutouts this season.
      3. Team must score 4 or more goals against top tier teams (and Montreal) in order to have any chance of victory with Lehner in net.
      4. Lehner has never found a home in his career. His off ice and on ice performance are definitely factors.
      5. He was given more than a fair chance to prove himself and by mid-January he’s failed to produce.

      I am not sure what the answer is, but he isn’t it.

      I have moved on. This team will make the playoffs regardless of who is in goal due to the weak division. Hopefully the FO sees it too.

      • Pistol Pete

        R-R, so you are moving on from RL, writing him off it one will? A bit surprised you are doing that just ahead of this big road trip “test”. Last time Robin went of the road he won three straight GA 2.00–SV% .924. I know you are an ardent VGK fan and will be more than happy to eat crow if Lehner delivers. I mean, I have doubts too, just feel it’s prudent to hand tough with RL at this point.

        • Yes, I am moving on from Robin Lehner. I said in preseason I would give him to mid-January to prove himself. He has actually regressed since December 1st. That combined with the fact that he has never stuck anywhere is enough for me.

          Of course, my opinion doesn’t mean squat.

          Could he redeem himself this week? Let’s just say he would have to win all 3 of his starts in convincing fashion, no leaky goals, consistent glove and shut down goal tending.

          No, that’s not happening!

      • sb

        FO sees the problem. Don’t think not. FO is always looking at the weak spot and does a pretty fair job making corrections. Lehner knows this himself. He said he realizes Vegas Mgt. moves players who don’t perform. Lehner knows full well his performance is the weak spot on the team. He also knows if he doesn’t get back to at least .915, he’s a goner.

        • So, here is the deal, Lehner will face 3 top tier teams this week. Does he get a pass if he gets absolutely destroyed in net or should (yes we should) we expect a performance that by some miracle will save his job? IF he can win 2 out of the 3 games convincingly I think he gets another chance to see if he can right his ship. If not, time to deal by the trade deadline.

        • Sb – send the above post to THg. He thinks the walrus is fine despite the walrus himself feels otherwise.

  8. Galdom

    Holy shit you hate Lehner. Anton Khudobin is signed for three years and has among the worst numbers in the league.

  9. THE hockey GOD

    i think we should go five hole more

  10. Vic

    RIP Clark Gillies. Devastating loss.

  11. Galdom

    Combined home record for Tampa, Florida, Washington and Carolina.


  12. Ducks crush Lightning at home 5-1. Vasilevskiy allows 4 on 34 shots (.882 SV%).

  13. Need I remind everyone again this organization is only in it’s fifth year of operations, has made the conference finals three of the first four and is still a good team. When folks pay good money for tickets they feel they have the right to nit pick and heckle (not that everyone does)–I get that.

    • Galdom

      Yes. Up here in Toronto this sad sack organization has not passed the first round in 20 years. If they win one single playoff round this year they will hold a parade.

      It’s good to have high expectations for the VGK and be critical and passionate about the team. As a fan base we want to keep the front office accountable and set a high standard. But for some to act like we’ve been hard done by the front office is a little ridiculous. With the same set of expansion rules the Seattle Kraken lost their 24th game today. Vegas lost 24 games total in their inaugural season

      • Pistol Pete

        Kraken just have not built the same organization that Foley, Craven and McPhee did. The foundation is in place for the future. I agree about keeping the FO accountable to maintain a high standard, in this case one already achieved.

        • sb

          The front office is outstanding. They live in a cap world …… there are restraints. Mgt can’t fix every little weak spot overnight. Have faith in these three guys. Look at Seattle. These three have pulled off a miracle in just over 4 years. These guys know what they’re doing. There are no overnight answers in the cap world. VGK’s are the second best team since 2017. Not bad for an expansion club.

          • Come on man. Fake News. The VGK is ranked 12th or 13th in the league right now for good reason. Years past they were 1, 2 or 3 consistently.

            By ALL measures the team is in decline when stacked up against the top 10 teams.

            And that is on the FO.

    • PPete – when all else fails you resort to the same old thing – organization is only five years old – so what they set the standard of expectation year one – yes Vegas has done well I am sure anyone looking at this site recognizes that however, they have made some moves that haven’t exactly pushed them over the hump and in some regards have gone the other direction. They have placed themselves cap wise in a very difficult situation, where given the opportunity to make some addition improvement will be in a tuff spot. Just an observation, like yours only being 5 years old. I am sure you also recognize T=Mobile is far from capacity which was the case initially.

  14. I do think VGK goaltending has been something of an issue—one of several.

  15. Pistol Pete

    For those who missed my post to Richie-Rich above, on his last extended road trip, Lehner went 3-0 (GA 2.00–SV% .924) including vs. BOS and NYR. I’m going to continue hanging with him heading into next week’s big “test”.

  16. Pistol Pete

    It will interesting to see how DeBoer does the goalie for the WSH/CAR back-to-back. CAR is presumably the even tougher matchup prompting one to surmise the backup will start WSH providing it’s Brossoit or Thompson. I am hoping for Thompson (needs to be out of COVID).

    • THE hockey GOD

      Brossiot is listed as being out long term, on injury site. Did he make the trip ?

  17. Alex


    • knights fan in minny

      who told you to say this your to dumb to think of that on your own simpleton

  18. Alex

    Dumbest fans in sports on display yet again here…THEY PICKED THE WRONG GOALIE

  19. Pistol Pete

    My tweet of encouragement to Robin Lehner reminding him how well he played the last extended road trip.

    • Alex

      What a giant pussy you are! My tweet to him was “you suck you voices in your head, no other team wanted you POS”

      Dumbest fan base in sports history

      • knights fan in minny

        i bet you used a stolen phone to make that tweet your boy george was a thug

        • Alex

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          • knights fan in minny

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          • the hockey YAHWEY

            take your race baiting elsewhere


  20. Galdom

    Good work

  21. THE hockey GOD

    man games lost this season to day, from man games lost nhl site
    1- montreal leading slightly under 350- which explains their season to date
    2- buffalo (31 pts) / philly (34) slightly over 250
    3vegas 250 (50 points)
    4- edm 245 (38)/ van 245(40)
    5= TBL 239 (59 points)
    further way down the list in mid bottom one third,
    below 150 we have pit/ wash/ rangers.

    VGK is doing a lot better than expected with third most injured team in the league.

  22. THE hockey GOD

    Clark “Jethro” Gillies was a Canadian professional ice hockey player. He played for the New York Islanders and Buffalo Sabres of the National Hockey League between 1974 and 1988. Gilles served as captain of the Islanders from 1977 to 1979, and won the Stanley Cup four years in a row with them, from 1980 to 1983.

    welcome to hockey heaven, where there are no haters.

  23. Arnold Rothstein

    Boys in boiler room looking at upcoming schedule project
    and zeroing in on the Florida game as one most likely for VGK
    to win due to the fact that Florida will be coming back from long road trip to west coast (note tough game against VAN recently). Going West to East, cross country travel is a statistical outlier. Will the odds reflect that ?

    Looking up , and asking the odds gods for some guidance.

    Don’t lay the odds, play the odds.

    Jimmy the Greek always laid the odds in dice game.

  24. Alex

    Dumbest fan base in sports history…THEY KEPT THE WRONG GOALIE

  25. Galdom

    I wish there was more transparency regarding injuries

    • THE hockey GOD

      if you watch the games closely you can pretty much decipher where and how a player got injured

  26. Alex


    But for your bad ice nonsense, this remark would be your dumbest yet! Hey can you “see” the voices that POS Lehner hears in his head?

  27. knights fan in minny

    tuch 9 points 9 games

  28. Alex

    Tuch sucks! We need Reaves back.


    Part of the dumbest fan base in sports history.


  29. knights fan in minny

    krebs has 2 goals today i bet vlad is celebrating

  30. Alex


    Part of dumbest fan base in sports


  31. Alex

    Kerbs sucks. Will still be a minus player.

    I also despise vagina. I am a huge fan of penis. Penis of every color.

  32. Galdom

    I still hope there’s a way we can circumvent the cap. This year is our best shot at it. I don’t want to be a team that completely goes for it and then sucks for several years after. In the next couple of years Stone and Pacioretty are going to start to regress while Suzuki, Tuch and maybe Krebs will be top six forwards.

  33. Alex

    I am gay. So what!

  34. Alex

    I’m gay. It felt good to say that. I’m going to try to not be a jackass. Today I turn over a new leaf. No more pretending I am George, TS or The Hockey God. I don’t even like hockey

    • knights fan in minny

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    • knights fan in minny

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    • THE hockey GOD

      I feel so much better now! Im a homo too!

    • That statement is such a relief for us ALL, Alex!! I personally object to all the racist comments. NOT appropriate on ANY forum. But your OWN repeated hate- filled posts are just as offensive. If you don’t like hockey of this site, you are wise to go elsewhere.. this site is NOT a good fit for you..I agree with you!( for once)

      • the REAL TS…REALLY

        I also want to confess that I am an inactive lesbian, due to vaginal odor so pervasive the 15 cats I live with won’t come near me…I also posted enough personal information on this site to allow my name, address, tiny pathetic pension data from Transparent Nevada, my loser brother’s info in another state, and my rancid on line photos to all be viewed. And I know nothing about hockey, either, just like 90% of the other losers who post here

        • And here I was, trying to give you a PASS. A WAY OUT. BUT YOU KEEP DIGGING YOUR HOLE DEEPER…Thanks for your offensive, CRASS post!!

          • Alex

            Are you so dumb as to not realize that there are multiple people posting as others?

            Seriously, how stupid are you?


  35. Alex

    I’m going to stop right now. Go R.L. 90

    Sorry TS and THG

  36. Alex

    I’m sorry everyone. Im kind of a loser and I have no friends.

  37. Alex

    I’m sorry. I can’t stop. The personal stuff that I let you in on is true. But fuck you World. I really do you have no friends.

  38. Alex


    Calling me a liar, this remark would be your dumbest yet!

  39. Pistol Pete

    You’re right TIm—Krebs scores two vs. PHI—way to go Peyton—first two NHL goals. 2 G/1 A/-10 (16 games).

    Tuch has 8 pts (3 G/5 A) in 8 games +3. Did not play last game (injured or COVID?). He is injury prone, his biggest downside.

    • Pistol Pete

      Tuch correction (not injured or COVID):

      I was wrong he did play today vs. PHI and recorded 2 A which had not yet updated in his pts.

      3 G/7 A/+4 (9 games)

      Excellent start with BUF. Met him briefly in Starbucks—nice guy—good man.

  40. Galdom

    I love Alex Tuch. I always thought he should be even better considering his skill set and size. he’ll have to get past that injury prone red flag.

    I watched two periods today of that game. Peyton Krebs looked very good. Unlike Cody Glass who would get his goals on power play, Krebs was creating chances all game five on five. Just 20 years old. Take a look at his draft and who is taken after him in that first round and even the six or seven picks before him. It’s still too early and none of those guys are really finding their way yet. You have to give up something good to get something good and Vegas and Buffalo both knew of his untapped potential. Who knows what the finished product will look like and how he will get bigger stronger and improve his defensive play.

    • sb

      I’d throw in Krebs for an Eichel trade every day of the week. Krebs will never breathe the same air as Eichel, not one day in his career. A plus player vs (what will be) a career minus player – just like Suzuki.

    • knights fan in minny

      i have a feeling tuch could be back in vegas someday sounds far fetched if sabres keep losing he might want out someday

  41. Galdom

    I think when you’re a forward drafted in the first round you want to try to become that player that you were in junior or college which is a top six forward. Krebs has time to develop into that but if it doesn’t happen for you by the time you are 23 you have to make a decision on whether to be a high scoring AHL player or bottom six NHL forward that can contribute in other ways like the penalty killing and defensive roles. At 23 years old Nolan Patrick does not look like he will be in the top six and not sure if he’s interested and working on other parts of his game to contribute in the bottom six. I literally see nothing from him.

    • sb

      Right. Unfortunately Patrick is merely out for a skate. Like Glass, lost, zero impact. Seldom hear the announcer call his name. Howden was the better find of the two.

  42. Tim

    This site Really Really got off topic today. I can’t believe the posts if this is how people think about other people some of you are in for a long miserable life. My mother always told me as a kid if you can’t say anything nice about someone don’t say anything. I guess your mom’s never taught you that lesson. If you think your being funny or rattling someones chain your wrong your just showing how ignorant you are. Enough said!!!

    • knights fan in minny

      one moron has ruined it calling vegas hockey fans dumb he deserves everything he gets

      • THE hockey GOD

        They really are dumb fans…I mean, who could possibly think that Lehner was the right goalie to keep? The only thing dumber is thinking bad ice is a real thing

        • knights fan in minny

          the liar piece of shit is back using THG moniker whats wrong loser couldnt you find a bullet for your gun or a tall tree coward

    • Galdom

      True Tim. This is an awesome blog with him in it. It would be so much better if he would just go away but he won’t. Oh well, nothing is perfect. We can still discuss our VGK.

      • THE hockey GOD

        I think Alex is pretty funny…then again I think MAF sucks

        • knights fan in minny

          you think your fooling people did you find a rope and that tall tree maybe you can wander on the highway

        • knights fan in minny

          THG would never say your funny dip shit

          • The REAL TS….REALLY

            Is is “you’re “ or “your”? I’m learning!

            Go Las Vegas Golden Knights! I don’t believe in shortening the name for brevity – I always go with their official name!

    • Ditto, Tim!! I have been “alex’ s” favorite target for months. He attacks me because he feels I ” deserve it” somehow. No one deserves hateful comments, especially on a public forum where our OPINIONS are posted and discussed in civility and respect. The harassment has been pretty disheartening– all I have ever done is offer my opinion, right or wrong.
      I appreciate your candor.

  43. Alex

    Instead of criticizing me maybe you should try to understand how hard it is to live in this world as a Japanese gay man. Maybe you should try to get to know me before you judge me.

    • knights fan in minny

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    • Alex

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  44. Galdom

    There are bad teams in the league but they are legitimate teams playing in the best hockey league in the world. I wonder if all of those fan bases will panic and think it’s Armageddon

    Ottawa 2
    Washington 0 2nd

    Arizona 3
    Rangers 2 3rd

    New Jersey 4
    Carolina 3 2nd

    Colorado 1
    Montreal 0 2nd

  45. Alex

    KFIM…… I am giving you one last chance to be my friend. I tried earlier and you rejected me.

  46. knights fan in minny

    I accept your request. This has gone long enough.

  47. Alex

    It’s been a long day. I went from thinking of harming myself to a reawakening. I won’t give up on KFIM. Jesus loves him and I love him. I will be taking a sabbatical for a few days to do some personal projects but I will be back. His racist views are disturbing but my focus will be on fixing him. It doesn’t matter if you are a black man or a Japanese gay man like myself or a white man living in a trailer in Minnesota. We can all coexist. God bless!

  48. Galdom

    SPOILER ALERT. This is what’s going to happen for the rest of the season. In case you don’t want to know and just let it play out in real time do not read this.

    Here is my crystal ball prediction for this 4 game road trip. Dylan Ferguson makes his NHL debut on Monday against Washington and Robin Lehner plays the next three games.

    We get 3 points on this trip but gradually play better and get healthier as the trip goes on.

    Washington 6
    Vegas 4

    Carolina 5
    Vegas 2

    Florida 4
    Vegas 3 OT

    Vegas 3
    Tampa 1

    The fan base remains in a state of panic but optimism begins to grow as Las Vegas starts rattling off wins.

    They win 8 of their next 10 games after that against Buffalo, Edmonton, Calgary, Colorado (twice), San Jose (twice), Arizona and San Jose.

    Optimism starts to creep back into this spoiled fan base which has never gone through any kind of controversy. Jack Eichel begins to ramp up his intensity at practice for a mid March return.

    The team elects to trade Evgeni Dadonov and Mattais Janmark for virtually no return and keep Reilly Smith.

    In their final 41 games the VGK amass 58 points. (27-10-4). They finish with 108 points just shy of the franchise high 109. They reenter the conversation as one of the top five teams in the NHL. Robin Lehner provides competent goaltending the rest of the way in front of a much better defensive team. He doesn’t steal games but he doesn’t lose his games.

    They play the first wildcard team is Colorado is the number one seed in the West.

    Vegas dispatches Nashville in six games and sweeps one of Calgary, Edmonton, Anaheim or Los Angeles in the second round.

    And now the real fun begins in the semifinals. Will it be Colorado or does Colorado get knocked out because of their goaltending and have to endure one more year of heartache. Maybe we play St. Louis or Minnesota.

    • knights fan in minny

      thats quite the vision

    • THE hockey GOD

      the odds of VGK winning Stanley Cup vary between 1 in 650 and 1 in 800, and you have clowns posting here that it’s RL fault the won’t win (when MAF was here, and they didn’t win whose fault was it?). 1 in 650 are very long shot odds. Anything can happen between now and SC FINALS. People say the funniest thing, when the odds are on their side of the fence. This team has been hurt by injuries and lost man games more than any other team in league. The stats posted elsewhere prove that.

      When, and if , everyone is healthy we’ll see the real team out there. If not, then FO saddled this franchise with a train that is too old and has too many broken parts that can not be replaced. That is not on any one player.

      I expect VGK to go route of TBL, which was been a proven recipe. I don’t think VGK is good enough to win SC because there are BETTER TEAMS in the EAST. This is not a reflection of any one player on VGK team. But ANY thing can happens in the second season as it is a marathon, not a sprint to finish line.

      Now we will see the whiners come out in full force, and cave trolls who put their training skates on backwards and still fall face planting themselves in the forum. Ignore the trolls. They are clueless hate filled losers.

      • Alex

        Truly the dumbest fan base in sports history…THEY KEPT THE WRONG GOALIE – that’s it…not bad ice, not cap issues – LEHNER IS HORRIBLE – NOT ONE OTHER TEAM WANTED HIM

        stick to jacking off over Clark Gilles dirtnap, you moron

  49. Galdom

    Just an opinion that should not supersede anybody else’s. A friend of mine in sales was taught a long time ago to never talk about two things when trying to make a sale, politics and religion. That was 20 years ago and I think that would still apply today. I would add race and sexual orientation to that as well. I respect freedom of speech but there are other forums that one can use other then this one. Think about it. If nobody brought up religion, politics, race or sexual orientation there would not be any fights here.

    I’ve heard some stupid things here like if you like a certain player then you must be a democrat. WTF!!! If I am debating with someone whether Eichel should play with Stone or if Logan Thompson should play some games I don’t care or think it matters if I am debating a republican, democrat, atheist, gay, straight, black, white or asian person. Who cares!!

    • Yessss!! If more posters would call this CRAP out, the CRAP would crawl away and find a site for HATERS! I have been harassed non- stop for months. The hater/ troller says I deserve it. He hates women, certainly. Must hate ANYONE with a different opinion. Which is what this site is: a HOCKEY OPINION SITE. Thanks for telling it like it is. Hockey and politics DO NOT COMPUTE. Ditto RACISM AND SEXISM.

      • THE hockey GOD

        You actually thing engaging these people who post on unrelated topics causes them to post less???

        He might be right about one thing – we have the dumbest fans in sports

  50. Galdom

    The NHL has always been pretty terrible at promoting their sport and stars. One thing I really hate is the secrecy around injuries. I hope as gambling becomes more prevalent teams will be forced to disclose more accurately what a players injury status is. Maybe they don’t have to tell us the exact injury but a more accurate timeline would be nice.

    It’s ridiculous that as of up to a week ago we’re thinking Pacioretty could be out anywhere from one to three months and then a few days later we’re told he could play on this road trip.

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