In the last episode of Puck Daddy’s Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast (must listen radio) the guys answered emails as they normally do. One email question that stood out was “What player wearing #91 is the best the NHL?”

You first think, Hmm well that’s easy Steven Stamkos is #91, he’s the best. Then you remember oh shnikes, John Tavares wears #91 maybe he’s the best. Oh but wait, Tyler Seguin also dons #91… Wow what a question! And after all the stress of trying to rank these superstars you remember one more. Vladimir Tarasenko. Good luck ranking those four.

Let’s face it players that wear #91 are studs. Okay not all of them, sorry Oleg Saprykin. However most are successful, and it made me realize that Las Vegas needs a #91. It’s not your traditional superstar number, but nothing about Las Vegas is traditional. Automatically having a #91 on the team could fear opposing goaltenders. Plus it’s only eight away from Gretzky’s number which no one can wear.

Yeah sure I might be stretching, but #91 isn’t a new number, the great Sergei Fedorov wore it during his Hall of Fame career, as did Alex Daigle, Scotty Gomez, Kris Draper and Brad Richards. Any of those #91’s would work too.

I know I’m in Camelot here but fantasize with me for one more second. If Las Vegas does have a #91 on their team, maybe that means that The Creator made a deal. A blockbuster move to get Las Vegas Captain #91 Steven Stamkos… Just call me Mother Goose.

BTW for me it goes: 1. Stamkos 2. Seguin 3. Tarasenko 4. Tavares