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Vegas Junior Golden Knights Jersey Concept

While most are focused on what the jerseys for the Vegas Golden Knights are going to look like when they are unveiled on June 21st at the NHL Expansion Draft/Awards Show, one SinBin reader has a slightly different aim.

Jeff Kruger (not related to potential Golden Knight, Marcus Kruger) has his eyes set on the sweaters of the Vegas Junior Golden Knights. Jeff took the time out to create some mock ups for the former Nevada Storm, now the VJGK.

I’ve exploited the red color, and it’s shape (from the front) resembles the pauldron/breastplate from a suit of armor. The athletic mesh (in steel grey) for under the sleeves and side panels of the sweater vaguely hints at chainmail armor. VGK’s alternative logo has pointy edges, similar to the Storm’s triangle, so it’s front and center. -Jeff Kruger

Honestly, I kind of like them for the big Golden Knights. The numbers scream junior hockey and the use of the Vegas sign for the captain patches is a nice touch.

Jeff was also conscious of the current gear many players may already have, keeping the black helmet, pants, and gloves to match the new jersey.


**Thanks again to Jeff Kruger for sending in this design. You can find more of Jeff’s work at**


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  1. todd little

    i think those look really good for a junior team.

  2. PhiSig 150

    Those are awesome. I love anything with the sword star. I could see kids loving the color scheme. My only critique would be to lose the Knights logos on the shoulders.

  3. HFchav

    I love the Knights logo on the shoulders and the alternative logo on the front!

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