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Vegas Hockey Fan Fest Coming To Toshiba Plaza

Frozen Fury is more than just a pair of games inside T-Mobile Arena this year. Toshiba Plaza is set to be decked out with Las Vegas hockey flare. The team is calling it Vegas Hockey Fan Fest and it’s set to take place on Saturday, October 8th.

The crown jewel to the event will be a Q&A with General Manager George McPhee and The Creator himself. That’ll start at 5PM on the 8th. It’s your chance to make me look like an idiot for not asking better questions at the press conference back in July. Really shouldn’t be that difficult.

They’ll also have DJ’s pumping out some sick beats (is that a cool way to say it?), Hockey Sauce, and more. The VegasIsHockey website mentioned faceprinting, but one has to wonder what exactly they’ll be painting on peoples’ faces seeing as they don’t have a name, logo, or colors. Logo reveal on your 3-year-old!?!

Finally, special guests Randy Burridge, Darcy Loewen, Rod Buskas, and Darren Banks will be on hand to answer some questions as well.

It will be interesting to see what the team has in store as this truly is their first opportunity to put on a show for Las Vegas fans. The T-Mobile Open House was very low key and shouldn’t really be considered indicative of the preferred style of a Vegas hockey event. This one however, will be. We should learn a lot about what type of game atmosphere they’ll be going for, and be sure, we’re ready to judge.

See ya October 8th. I’ll be there whipping up on all Hockey Sauce comers.


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  1. RJ

    Time to just start calling ourselves Las Vegas HC? If the team name is bad enough we can just keep on using it.

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