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Vegas Golden Knights/T-Mobile Arena Transportation And Parking FAQ

Tonight marks the first time the Golden Knights will play a game at T-Mobile Arena on the Vegas Strip. So, to help you from wanting to hurt someone before you get into the arena, we’re here with a transportation and parking FAQ to answer all your questions and take the guesswork out of getting to the game.

What are the official parking options with the Golden Knights?

Parking is available at the garages at New York New York, Aria, Excalibur, and MGM Grand. If you purchase a parking pass prior to the game, the price is $20 (NYNY/Aria) or $15 (Excalibur/MGM). If you wait until the day of the game, parking is unavailable at NYNY and Aria, and it’s $25 at Excalibur and $20 at MGM Grand. To purchase parking prior to a game go here.

Where are these garages?

The NYNY and MGM Grand garages are the standard ones always used for the casino. The Aria garage is located directly off Frank Sinatra Boulevard (it is NOT the same garage as the one with the entrance on Las Vegas Boulevard). The Excalibur garage is the new one just south of Tropicana Avenue. Click this for a map.

So I prepaid, how should I get into each garage?

For all three except MGM Grand, take Frank Sinatra. The entrance to Aria is north of T-Mobile Arena, the entrance to NYNY is directly south of the arena, and the entrance to Excalibur is south of Tropicana. Nonetheless, if you have already paid for parking, you should hit Frank Sinatra at some point.

Planning on paying when I get down there, what should I know?

First off, you should know that you are doing it wrong. Stop what you are doing right now and try to buy prepaid parking, the experience will be much better, believe me. But, let’s say the option isn’t there, there is parking available at Excalibur ($25) and MGM Grand ($20). Space is limited, and these garages will likely fill up close to puck drop to be sure to arrive early and have a backup plan prepared.

Let’s say I’m cheap, and I don’t want to pay for parking, what should I do?

The nearest free garages/parking lots are at Tropicana Casino and Hooters Casino. However, both are very small lots and are usually close to full anyway. It’s possible you’ll get a spot, but I wouldn’t rely on that option. There’s also Planet Hollywood, which is free for Nevada residents with a drivers license, but that’s quite the walk.

The better option is to park off-site and catch one of the buses. There are a bunch of places doing it, but we aren’t here to waste your time (plus we’re super biased), so we’ll just give you the best option. That’s McMullan’s Pub across from The Orleans. Park at the pub, purchase something to eat or drink, and you’ve got a spot on the bus to and from the game. First though, if you plan on doing this, RSVP to

Other locations doing something similar include Naked City Pizza and Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant.

I’ve got the M-Life Credit Card, I’m kind of a big deal. Doesn’t my fancy white card get me free parking at MGM properties?

Yes, sort of. The garages mentioned above are off limits on game nights as they’ll technically be at capacity for standard parking. So, you’ll have to park at Aria (the regular garage off Las Vegas Boulevard), Bellagio, Luxor, or Mandalay Bay. Like always, it’s first come first serve at all of them, even with your fancy Pearl status. Once again, get there early, and have a backup plan.

I’ve been to plenty of events at T-Mobile, why y’all freaking out about parking, it’s never been an issue before?

Oh you naive mythical question-asking person. In the history of T-Mobile Arena, there has never been an event that will attract locals like Golden Knights games will.   The number of tourists expected to walk to VGK games is significantly lower than the people expecting to park. This means more cars needing to park, and much more traffic. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, get there early, don’t be that guy.


I’m a millennial, tell me about Uber and Lyft!

This isn’t even a question. Come on, it’s not frequently asked statements. Jeez. Nonetheless, it’s going to be very simple, though you’ll probably have to alert your driver of the policies cause you’ll likely know better than they will. The dedicated Rideshare pickup location for T-Mobile Arena is underneath Tropicana Avenue on Frank Sinatra Boulevard. Here’s a map of exactly where it is. Ask to be dropped off there too, it’ll keep you out of the traffic from all the sober people trying to park.


That should pretty much do it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email, I don’t want to see any tweets from SinBinners that say “I was stuck in my car at puck drop.” Don’t be late, there’s a simple solution for everything. Viva VGK!


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  1. A Fan

    One question I still have and VGK haven’t answered yet is the season ticket prepaid parking passes say on them to print it and leave it on your car’s dashboard ‘at all times.’ I, like a lot of people will download a PDF to use on my phone. What happens if no piece of paper is sitting on our car dashboards while parking on specific floors for the game, towed, ticketed or no worries?

    • Puckeroo

      I mean… It says to print. So print? I printed the season’s worth. Have them in my glove box stapled. Simple.

      • I asked, they said once you are in, you are in. So as long as they accept it off your phone, you’ll be just fine. I’d recommend printing it though cause often times there are troubles with scanning off the phone. (It eventually works, but it’s a pain in the ass.)

  2. Julian Carracino

    I went yesterday with my daughter.I have the season pass.Real easy to park and easy to leave and we left at end.There were hardly any cars in Aria garage on floor 5.One beef I have with tmoblie gets some ice cream at concessions for kids please:)

  3. Jeff

    “I’ve got the M-Life Credit Card, I’m kind of a big deal. Doesn’t my fancy white card get me free parking at MGM properties?”

    I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

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