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Vegas Golden Knights vs Chicago Blackhawks – Round 1 Schedule

The NHL has released to schedule for the Round 1 matchup between the Golden Knights and Blackhawks.

Game 1: Tuesday, August 11 – 7:30 PM – ATTSN
Game 2: Thursday, August 13 – 2:30 PM – ATTSN
Game 3: Saturday, August 15  – 5:00 PM – NBC
Game 4: Sunday, August 16  – 3:30 PM – ATTSN
*Game 5: Tuesday, August 18 – TBD
*Game 6: Thursday, August 20 – TBD
*Game 7: Saturday, August 22 – TBD

*if neccessary

All games are expected to air on AT&T Sportsnet unless the game is on regular NBC.

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  1. Back to back… Cool

  2. Mike StG

    So maybe on Sunday we get Lehner vs Subban? 🙂

  3. Fans or No Fans? Assuming the NHL is not going to the 2 metre capacity of the arenas yet.

  4. Thanks to Bill Foley for paying ransom and getting Patch back
    Now i think we match up better
    against hawks. VGK in 6

  5. Doktor Hockey

    Like those earlier start times.

  6. Tim

    Doesn’t anyone think it’s strange that Patch has been in Edmonton since last Monday and management couldn’t release that. Every day in Sin Bin columns people have asked about Patch and his status no news he’s close and all along he’s been in Edmonton. Why management couldn’t release a bread crumb like that is beyond me. As much as we care about the team they obviously really have no interest in connecting with us.

  7. Agree totally this is the way teams lose loyal fans over time. You think Max will be asked alot interesting to hear his answer.

    • Tim

      Marsh your right I’ve been in Vegas since 1965 and know there is no loyalty. UNLV football has been here since 1968 never caught on and I’m sure no college has had more coaching changes then UNLV. Basketball before Tark wasn’t good the TARK ERA from 1974-1990 was much watched TV then it died and today very few people I know even care. The Knights always dicking us around will come back to bite them in the ass someday.

  8. All schedules have been listed as eastern standard time regardless where played. I assume you are quoting pacific for those maybe new to your site. Just a thought add time zone – not a critism just a suggestion.

  9. Doktor Hockey

    Most of the NHL keeps things under wraps. That’s the culture of the league. Teams are not going to release anything they are not forced to. As long as the team wins and plays hard, they won’t lose the huge fan base. At the end of the day, week, month, year … all the fans care about are the players and winning! Most could care less about the politics & secrecy , even if it is frustrating at times.

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