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Vegas Golden Knights Unveil Alternate 3rd Jersey

The wait is finally over for the 3rd jersey. After months of hints, the Golden Knights dropped their newest jersey to be worn this season.

The jersey is officially designated as the Golden Knights’ 3rd jersey with the grey remaining as their primary home jersey.

The vision started in 2017, our first season. Bill (Foley) had the idea that as the Golden Knights we needed a gold jersey to compliment our grey and our white jerseys. The whole process took a little over two years from start to finish. -Brian Killingsworth, VGK Chief Marketing Officer

It’s the first metallic gold jersey in sports. -Killingsworth

The signature element of this particular jersey is the newly developed metallic gold body fabric. Under the lights it will dazzle fans as it shimmers, sparkles, and marks a key innovation from Adidas that meshes perfectly with the Golden Knights brand. -Dan Near, Senior Director, Adidas Hockey


Henrik Lundqvist To Vegas?




  1. Tim O

    We waited for that???? I guess the alternate logo is still subjugated to shoulders and ball caps.

    What an epic let down.

  2. Vasyl

    Shut the fuck up you stupid fuck. Get a fuckin life and stop commenting on random pages ya goof.

  3. Jonathan Marchessault

    Learn to design. Stop wasting my time.

  4. Mike D

    Since it was “innovation from Adidas,” I take it we won’t be seeing a Fanatics version, am I right?

    • Mike D

      Nevermind, looks like they already have the Fanatics breakaway version online.

  5. imagine paying $200 to wear this monstrosity. i remember they came out with these jerseys for auction (i think it was nevada day) where it was white and had the star and swords logo in the center chest. those were bad ass. we should have made that our 3rd. not this crap. or at least make the gold a bit more rustic looking. this is ridiculous

  6. Tim

    The wait is over but like most posters have commented how they raved about what it would look like it is a little bit of a letdown. I guess the metallic was the clincher for Bill Foley.

  7. sclabuji

    So, this is the Indonesian “Authentic” jersey. What will the real Adidas Canada jersey look like? The difference in the other game jerseys is noticeable.

  8. sc777

    It seriously looks like the same exact pattern as the home jersey with the colors redistributed. This took two years of development? How?

    The NV Day Jersey last year was nice. The Chinese New Year kit was great. What the hell is this?

  9. Tim

    Maybe a black sweater with gold may have looked better I’m not a designer but this third sweater is underwhelming.

    • Tim

      Why I thought black as a dominate color with gold was because of Bill Foley. He went to West Point and as a assume you all know they were called the Black Knights on the Hudson. Mister Inside Doc Blanchard Mister Outside Glen Davis. I think I’m dating myself on this one.

  10. Nathan

    The white strip on the arms ruins it. I agree on some of the other warm up ones too – the Day of the Dead one was incredible.

  11. joe4stage

    As a Season Ticket Holder, I received a very interesting email from my account rep today that this new Gold jersey is not the same complementary jersey as what STH will receive for the 20/21 season.

    So there will be 4 different jerseys?

  12. Love it. Y’all are so negative

  13. Skeeter Thompson

    These are fine. The white arm stripes drop it from a B+ to a B-. The best VGK jerseys ever are the old black Knight Line/DrumBots jerseys with the shadowing of the primary jersey in gold. (The logo from the STH box from last year.) I’d love to see that in the future — maybe that can be our Stadium Series jersey in a few years. I’m not burned up about a red jersey, but I do love our alternate/2nd logo.

  14. Chicago Vegas fan

    It’s a 3rd (rate) Jersey what did you expect? Of the 30 teams how many have a( cool) one?aChicago

    • Tim

      Chicago Fan no doubt the Blackhawk sweater is by far the best looking in the NHL. Hands down

  15. Ditto, Marsh, “Thats a PowerPlay Goal”
    Scoreboard Marsh 1 – Haters 0

  16. scoobydoozi

    Wow, what a bunch of whiners over a God damn jersey. Opinions are like assholes. That is because everyone has one. You do not know what a really good looking jersey looks like anyway. Ken likes it. I like it. They made the right call on the design.

    • Daryl

      HE has spoken. They must be a great looking jersey because YOU say thy are. The rest of us just don’t know what we are talking about

  17. Lets not work 2 years finding goal scoring. We need help coaching the little changes did not WORK.

  18. LBadger

    What a fricken stick in the mud, HDbiker. Some people need something to cheer them up, and the 3rd jersey is a welcome sight. Take your prozac.

    • If that’s all you need to cheer you up your in worse shape than you thought. Tell me you don’t actually believe a 3rd jersey is going to make them a better hockey team? It’s a promotional gimmick to part you from your hard earned money that’s all it is. Like I said they have bigger concerns than a 3rd jersey which need to be addressed.

      • LBadger

        I don’t remember ANYONE saying the jersey will make them a better team. You are delusional. It WILL make them a better looking team. I will wear it to away games so that opposing team can see the throng of VGK fans in the house…which you can’t see with the home jersey.
        Knights management is working on holes inn the roster. Give it time….be patient…breath.

        • Delusional – you must obviously be referring to yourself. And you think they will be a better looking team – you just confirmed the above with that remark.
          You probably believe PDB is the answer to winning the Cup – dream on.

  19. I love it
    Will buy one on monday

  20. Leonard molnar

    Love the signing r Leonard more

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