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Vegas Golden Knights Offseason Primer

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Unfortunately, as the Stanley Cup Final rolls on, the Golden Knights have officially begun the offseason. With the 2021 season running into July due to the late start, this is as jam-packed an offseason as we’ve ever seen in the NHL. Here’s a primer of what’s coming up, when, and where the Golden Knights stand.

Free Agency

Typically on July 1st, free agency opens this summer on July 28th at 9 AM Pacific Time.

The Golden Knights currently have 42 players under contract with 18 of them on the NHL roster. Here is a list of those players with the number of years left on their contract in parentheses.

*Restricted free agent upon expiry (VGK remain rights)

NHL: Mark Stone (6), Max Pacioretty (2), William Karlsson (6), Jonathan Marchessault (3), Reilly Smith (1), Alex Tuch (5), Chandler Stephenson (3), Ryan Reaves (1), William Carrier (3), Nic Roy (1*), Keegan Kolesar (1*)
Minors: Jack Dugan (1*), Pavel Dorofeyev (2*), Cody Glass (1*), Peyton Krebs (3*), Mason Primeau (3*), Maxim Marushev (2*), Jonas Rondbjerg (1*), Marcus Kallionkieli (3*), Jake Leschyshyn (1*), Lucas Elvenes (1*), Ben Jones (1*), Paul Cotter (2*)

NHL: Alex Pietrangelo (6), Shea Theodore (4), Brayden McNabb (1), Nick Holden (1), Nic Hague (1*), Zach Whitecloud (1*)
Minors: Layton Ahac (3*), Peter Diliberatore (2*), Daniil Miromanov (1*), Connor Corcoran (2*), Lukas Cormier (3*), Zack Hayes (2*), Kaedan Korczak (3*), Brayden Pachal (1*), Jake Bischoff (1)

NHL: Marc-Andre Fleury (1), Robin Lehner (4)
Minors: Jiri Patera (2*), Logan Thompson (1*), Dylan Ferguson (1*)

The Golden Knights have just one restricted free agent. That is Dylan Coghlan. Coghlan played 29 NHL games this past season which means he is not eligible for a larger qualifying offer. The Golden Knights may extend him a one-year, two-way offer worth $750,000. Coghlan does not have arbitration rights this year.

This leaves seven players who played NHL games for the Golden Knights as unrestricted free agents this summer. They are Tomas Nosek, Mattias Janmark, Dylan Sikura, Patrick Brown, Tomas Jurco, Alec Martinez, and Oscar Dansk. The Golden Knights hold each of these players’ rights until July 28th at which point they become free to sign with any team.

Vegas also has seven players from the AHL roster who are set to become unrestricted free agents. They are Tyrell Goulbourne, Danny O’Regan, Reid Duke, Gage Quinney, Carl Dahlstrom, Nick DeSimone, and Jimmy Schuldt.

Expansion Draft

The Golden Knights are exempt from the Expansion Draft for the Seattle Kraken happening from July 17th to July 20th. Selections will be announced on July 21st at 5:00 PM.

Being exempt does not mean the Expansion Draft will not have ramifications on the Golden Knights, nor does it mean they cannot participate in trades before or after.

All rosters lock for the three days during the Expansion Draft. It is unclear whether or not the Golden Knights are allowed to re-sign their own players during this time, but it is clear that no trades can be completed with any team during that three-day window.

Trades are definitely expected to happen immediately before the Expansion Draft, with Seattle during the Expansion Draft announcement (July 21), and after as the Kraken sort through their 30 new players. The Golden Knights made 15 trades in and around their Expansion Draft, Seattle can be expected to do something similar.

Remember, teams can exceed the salary cap by 10% during the offseason. So, the Golden Knights will have plenty of space to add players without having to immediately subtract.

Every player on the Golden Knights is exempt from the Expansion Draft, but the following players remain exempt even if they are to be traded to another franchise.

Jack Dugan, Pavel Dorofeyev, Peyton Krebs, Peter Diliberatore, Cody Glass, Connor Corcoran, Lukas Cormier, Jonas Rondbjerg, Jiri Patera, Kaedan Korczak, Marcus Kallionkieli, Jake Leschyshyn, Lucas Elvenes, Brayden Pachal, Paul Cotter, Ben Jones, and Dylan Ferguson

NHL Entry Draft

The Entry Draft, or rookie draft, is scheduled for July 23rd and 24th. The Golden Knights finished 29th in the NHL this season. With the addition of Seattle, that means their 1st round selection will be slotted in at #30. Here are the rest of their picks as currently slated.

Round 1 – #30
Round 2 – #36 (from NJD in exchange for Nikita Gusev)
Round 3 – None
Round 4 – #114 (from WPG in exchange for Cody Eakin)
Round 5 – #155 (from CAR in exchange for Erik Haula)
Round 6 – #190
Round 7 – #222

2021-22 Season

The tentative start date for next season is October 12th, 2021. It is planned to be a full 82-game season with a normal schedule.

Seattle is taking the place of Arizona in the Pacific Division.

Training Camps are slated to open on September 22nd.




2021 Free Agency Targets


  1. I definitely want Martinez back, he’s game and clutch, he’s a keeper. I think he’s ready, he’s a big-time talent- Krebs ! Irrespective of what others think here, he’s belongs now, not 3 years from now. He’s a man now at 20, he’s got nothing left to prove at The AHL level. I would love to see Janmark back too, he produced. Those 3 are really important !!

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    I have two tickets available for the big July 10th concert.

    Sec 202, row 5, seats 9&10 ($200 total) cash or pay pal only.
    (They can be transferred from my phone, if you have a valid Ticketmaster account)

    Let me know if interested!

    • Daryl

      Would love to go but can’t make it… I wouldn’t think you would have much trouble selling them

  3. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Good writeup Ken, this is what you do best.

    Trade: Fleury, Theo, Smith

    Don’t keep: Janmark, Sirkura, Jurco, Dansk.

    Re sign Martinez!

    • the hockey God

      i would keep smith and move 81 because you get more value for 81. but knowing the FO they will want to keep the original and perennial playoff choke, i mean , misfit line together

      • sb

        Add by subtracting? How about adding by trading/buy outs Reaves, Fleury, Holden. Don’t resign Nosek. That’s $10 million new money for someone like Eichel. Or swap Fleury for Malkin, each on final year contracts. Fleury does farewell tour and resigns two years with VGK in 2022 as back up.

    • Daryl

      I would keep Smith…. Rest I agree with

    • James

      I like a lot of your responses but of course the cap space is the issue. I don’t think we can win with just Lehner, Fleury has to stay. Do you remember when Karlsson was the best player, now he is paid to make fancy passes which a cheaper Haula or janmark can do. I don’t think we need Reaves, glass, or nosek anymore. Theo is a better forward than a defenseman. Let’s keep Smith, Marchessault (even if he makes stupid penalties).

  4. Richard Santomauro

    The Season 5, 2021-2022 roster looks like this for me.

    Dress 20
    Line 1- Stone, Stephenson, Patches
    Line 2- Smith, Karlsson, Marchy
    Line 3- Tuch, Roy, Janmark
    Line 4- Carrier, Glass or Krebs, Nosek

    D1- Petro/Martinez
    D2- Hague/Theodore
    D3- Whitecloud/Schuldt

    Starting Goalie: Fleury
    Backup Goalie: Thompson

    Scratch 3 (23 total on roster)
    Krebs or Glass

    * If we can find the right trade offer we go for another top Center if possible. Hayes and Dahlstrom are also two sizable defense men who should get some exposure.

    The DeBoer era is over for me, but I realize he isn’t going anywhere.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Appreciate your opinion Richard, but don’t see where that lineup does us much good.

      Gotta move some “pieces” to improve where we need to.

      Fleury much more tradeable ….. Lehner is not.

      • Tim

        Doc I agree Richard basically has the same team as this year just a year older. It didn’t work this year and I don’t think it will work next year.

        • Richard Santomauro

          Yes, its basically the same team with a few tweaks. I did state that the hope is that Lehner and some other trades might buy a high end center for a 2 or 3 year deal. The problem with this is that a high end center will want 5, 6 or more years.

          I have a slightly different mindset than most in that I blame the Coach, and not the players for this years exit. This team was not well prepared to play Minnesota or Colorado. By the time they did get through them the top lines were completely exhausted whereas Montreal had a week long rest between the 2nd round and the semis.

          If you look at Tampa’s power play it has a lot of options with a lot of movement and nearly every power play shot is a one timer. I am 100% convinced that the current roster can be better on the power play. The lack of PPG’s throughout the playoffs was as big a factor as any, plus it contributed to more games in every round.

          Oh, let me just add that we need a mucker or two so that THg will smile on this post.

      • Fluery is needed, don’t be like every other organization in Vegas and pop on players and coaches. Flurry is needed and so is Robin.

    • sb

      Who’s going to take Lehner and that $5 mil contract?

      • Richard Santomauro

        We’re going to have to eat some of that if he is dealt, no doubt about it. Likely a stable full of Silver Knights as well.

        Overall a shit piss poor decision by the FO to bring Lehner in. A total panic move by McPhee & McKinnon.

        • Al Bundy of Hockey

          If I remember correctly, they brought him in when Fleury lost his mojo after his dad died.

  5. the hockey God

    since glass can’t be moved, when traded, there is more reason to do so !

    • sb

      I seriously doubt any team will take Glass in a trade.

    • Brad

      let’s see we lost to Montreal based upon lack of leader ship
      leader ship is defined as the captain
      I would make a blockbuster trade and trade the most underperforming overrated playoff performer ..stone
      we need help in the middle we have zero depth a
      Stevenson although is a great player he is not the quality to bring the cup The Golden Knights were the worst face-off team in the playoffs
      they got destroyed by Montreal tColorado and Minnesota trade

      the stoneless ball less Mark stone 6 shots in 6 games!! TRADE HIM!!

      opens up huge cap space
      also agree the gk got OUTCOACHED against Montreal
      the basic V TRAP they were playing is not difficult to overcome

      before Stone and Pacioretty. better TEAM.. oh what could’ve been with Nick Suzuki for years to come


      • Al Bundy of Hockey

        Suzuki is excellent…no doubt. I’m not as hard as you are on Stone. His brutal playoffs if dissected looks like this. 8 points in the 13 games leading up to Montreal…decent against the other teams shut down lines and D which leads to Smith / Karl / March increased success. Loses his centermen (agree with you on Stephenson overall), then comes up against a trap that NEEDS to be solved by the coach. Combine that with having Kolesar / Tuch on his line which is absolutely on the coach. He did not fail due to lack of effort, heart or “stones”. He failed because of the brutal coaching.

        I don’t know the answer to this, so here goes. Why wasn’t Stone, Glass, Pach re-united? The line had above average success prior to Deboers AND they were an excellent PP unit that you don’t have shuffle lines for. Suzuki has had amazing success because the coaching staff believes in him so he gets more opportunity even with mistakes. Glass was on his way until Deboers took over. His hockey IQ is super high which is needed to play with guys like Stone and Pach.

  6. Tim

    Here’s an out of the box trade. Leon Draisitl to the Knights for Tuch, Theadore, our first round pick this year #29 and the New Jersey pick #34. Leon is under contract through 2025 at 8.5 million doesn’t that sound better then 10 million injured Jack Eichel. I’d rather keep Tuch if we could talk them into someone else or next years first draft pick.

    • Chasen

      Only problem with that is Leon is going nowhere it’s a pipe dream, Eichel has a legit chance of being traded, 10mill is not bad for a star the only thing with him is having to see those medical records on that neck before anything advances. Eichel checks many boxes for the knights, Speed, great PP play ability, sound defensively, great puck skills, great shot… personally wish his FO percentage was a bit higher but that can improve

    • Richard Santomauro

      Tuch still has a great career in front of him. He’s got a lot of speed and has had some terrific goals. I am a no on this one. I would rather Marchy than Tuch.

      • Tim

        Richard of coarse I’d rather trade Marchy instead of Tuch but to get Draisitl you might have to. Well Draisitl is may pick of all except McKinnion or McDavid. Knights like to go big well this is big.

        • Richard Santomauro

          I am probably the only one who believes the current roster with a few tweaks will be okay next year. That’s the problem with the fan base. Just take a look at the major changes made to this roster over the past 3 years! How can any team gel when 30% of the roster is getting flushed every other year?

          The dumbest moves were bringing in PDB and Lehner. We lost some very good talent the past several years.

          If we cannot bring in a high end center then I would be just fine with picks for Lehner, or Fleury for that matter.

          • Tim

            Richard our last 2 years against Dallas and Montreal our forwards couldn’t score squat how are a few weeks going to get us over the top. Look at the fire power Tampa has and then look at ours it’s a no contest.

        • Mike StG

          Tim, a trade is a transaction between two parties. Draisaitl is just your fantasy. There is NO WAY the Oilers will trade him. Stop talking about it. So they sign Nuge and then trade Leon? Don’t be ridiculous.

        • You guys kill me, this isn’t fanasty hockey, teams get better the more they play together. Bring new talent ,but that’s at a cost that you will regert, Alex, Tuch, , Stone, Reeves and Yes Fluery are all essentials to VGK. How about fixing the weakness and sticking together.

          • Daryl

            You can’t fix something without the necessary parts to fix it.

          • Richard Santomauro

            I am with Patti. Take a look at this team. It’s been nothing but turbulence and chaos on the roster for 3 years in a row. The FO has treated players like meat with not even enough respect to tell them they were traded to their faces before deactivating their FOBs.

            Stone, Patches, Stephenson, Petro, all players that were expected to produce a helluva lot more than they did. Petro showed up towards the end of the Colorado series and played well against Montreal but it wasn’t lights out fantastic.

            The problem isn’t with these players. It’s the FO and the Head Coach.

            McPhee hasn’t been successful ANYWHERE. The Canucks? NO, Capitals? NO!, Islanders? NO!

            Kelly McKinnon? He want a championship for the Brandon Wheat Kings Junior Hockey League! That’s right JUNIOR HOCKEY GENERAL MANAGER.

            Pete DeBoer? Don’t get me started.

            Mr. Foley – Gerard Gallant took a bunch of 3rd liners and coached them to play 60 minutes of all out hockey in year 1. After the infamous “not-a-major” disaster McPhee and McKinnon panicked. Neither of these guys have won ANYTHING. What’s worse is they brought in a Head Coach that has also won NOTHING.

            This FO now has us strapped with a huge goalie contract, aging first liners and hardly any cap space.

            But there is still time to get it right. Either McPhee or McKinnon needs to go along with Pete DeBoer. If it was McKinnon’s decision to bring him in that bye bye McKinnon.

            The good news is that this is all still salvageable. The only major issue is how to deal with the huge mistake of bringing in Robin Lehner.

            Let’s get down to 1 General Manager

            Let’s get a Head Coach who can adapt and develop a power play

            Let’s have some stability on this roster and really take a look at some of the emerging stars we still have. We let Suzuki get away, it should have been Cody.

      • sb

        Tuch stays in Vegas period. He is the most dynamic $4.75 million dollar forward in the NHL. Five more years on that incredibly favorable contract. That was like putting up a buck and winning a $1 mil lottery.

        • Tim

          sb we all like Tuch and hopefully we never trade him but to get a quality player like Draisitl there not stupid you need to give something.

        • Agree, Tuch is a major talent, he can dominate a game, he stays !!

          • Daryl

            If we can get Tuch some help, I think he can be very dominate for the line he is playing on

          • Al Bundy of Hockey

            I have a different opinion about Tuch, extremely talented, size, speed, stickhandling etc. I think he would command tremendous value in a trade. My knock on Tuch is with all that individual talent, I think I’ve seen him make a tape to tape pass less than 10 times in 2ys. Hockey is the ultimate team game and moving the puck is far more valuable than skating it by yourself. The trade value far outweighs what he brings to the table if you’re building a championship team.

        • Richard Santomauro

          Stats are helpful. Tuch actually has more points than Smith, but 2 more games. Tuch is 7th on the team in points.

          He skates extremely well, but the knock on him is that he should be scoring more points, which is why he is on the 3rd line and not the 2nd.

          Smith is a much better puck handler than Tuch. If Tuch could improve that part of his game he’d be a top line winger for sure.

          • Al Bundy of Hockey

            Smith had an off year. That line declined with Deboers. It’s not about stickhandling, it’s about moving the puck. Pass to someone, skate to open ice, get it back. Watch a couple games and tell me how many times Tuch moved the puck. It’s extremely rare. 1 man show. This isn’t basketball. He has played with everyone including Pach and Stone with no INCREASED success. Due to his extreme talent level, there will always be flashes , shiny lures that everyone loves.

    • dirty dan

      not happening. lol

  7. Chasen

    Fleury will be gone we all know that, value went up since the trophy and more importantly only 1yr left on contract, which teams are willing to take on (although everyone knows Vasi was robbed). Next either Marsh or Pac will be moved (more likely Marsh) it won’t be Smith due to the fact he is a two way player. Primary trade targets will be Eichel or Laine they’ll try for Eichel first. If others beat the knights to a trade then it turns to free agency where your looking at Hall who they have tried to get before, a very long shot if Ovi hits free agency, only factor for knights because of the McPhee connection, RNH just resigned with Oilers so he’s not an option although he wouldn’t be the difference maker anyway, Landeskog is expected to resign with COL so not a whole lot of options but there are some knights just have to be aggressive like always cause can’t run it back with same core and expect a different result… the definition of insanity. It’s proven they are missing an elite scoring option and or top line Centre both of wither will help drastically on the PP and competing for the cup.

    • Help me understand – why would you want Eichel with the potential issues that come along with him – FO already laid an egg with a health problem individual who they are stuck with for 4 more yrs at 5 mill a year. What makes you believe Fleury will be gone “we all know that “do you have some inside scoop from an anonymous source or is that just wishful thinking on your part?

      • the hockey God

        i think he’s just saying now is time to move MAF because of his value on winning the trophy, more like a sell high move than any of other reasons you put forth.

      • Chasen Haas

        It’s almost a foregone conclusion at this point, they have a goalie in his prime who has over the last 3 seasons been arguably at top 5 G only 2 seasons removed from being a trophy finalist, in fact of the last 3 seasons MAF has only been better this current season in which Lehner was injured and has now recovered from… stats don’t lie. Also importantly Lehner is on a very team friendly contract for a G at just 5mill thus you save an extra 2 with MAFs trade. Lastly he has 1yr remaining which means very easy to trade because the team acquiring isn’t taking much of a risk because they only have to be committed to MAF for 1 year to see if it works, last year just to get rid of MAF and his awful contract teams were demanding a 2nd/1st rounder along with him just to take him off our hands. This year in turn the FO will accept whatever picks come their way to simply have cap space, it won’t be for a player it will be for a pick or 2

    • the hockey God

      agree with most, except i’d pass on Eichel, the others are a bit of stretch because teams will want more than offered.

      • Chasen Haas

        Not saying I’d go for Eichel I’m saying that’s the direction it’s looking… the options I laid out are among some possible outcomes, I don’t have a preference all I know for sure is there will be a move or 2 of significant quality because the league knows we can’t get it done with this core and the front office does too.

        • Fluery could have a better contract, extend it he is amazing. and we need him.

          • Daryl

            Having two goalies taking up this much of the Cap is ridiculous. There are needs this team has and they can’t fix those needs with 2 goalies. And no, more practice together is not the solution

          • Richard Santomauro

            If I am Foley I fire both McKinnon and DeBoer, then I direct McPhee to get what he can for Lehner. Those are the very first steps to save this team from future ruin.

    • Daryl

      I don’t quite understand your ( ) point… Vas had 5 more wins than MAF with a lot better team. Vas gave up 93 GA while MAF only gave up 73. Vas SV% 9.25, MAF was 9.28. Vas had 2.21 GAA and MAF had 1.98. Vas had 5 shutouts, MAF at 6. Sorry, don’t see how anyone was robbed!

      As for the other, MAF still has a year left. Is VGK going to buy him out? It might be hard to trade him so he just might be around for another season. As for Ovi, he isn’t going anywhere. If he hadn’t won the Cup, then maybe but at this point, he’ll pretty much retire a Caps. I don’t really like the Eichel deal simply b/c of injuries. Does VGK really want to spend that much money on another player that is prone to injuries? I wouldn’t.

      I agree there isn’t much out there but you never know with some of these bottom teams. With the right deal, there could be a surprise somewhere. Obviously VGK will need to work some magic to open up some cap space, but it is possible

    • Richard Santomauro

      No, we don’t “all know that”. I think Foley put the stop on any Fleury movement last year. Now the VGK has a dilemma on their hands. What can they get for Lehner, and how much of his salary will they have to eat?

      • Chasen

        Lol what Lehner is even easier to trade a top G in his prime only 5mill a year, in all likelihood when MAF is traded this off-season we will have to eat some of that 7mill, you are just clearly a MAF fan based on all your comments in this article which is fine but ignorant when I’m fact over the last 3 seasons Robin had been the superior G, Stats don’t lie and 2 of those years he was on not so great teams Isles and Blackhawks and was a trophy finalist with the isles, Robin is the definition of a steal

        • Daryl

          Stats don’t tell the whole story either. There is a reason that Lehner hasn’t been able to hold down a job. You can blame fear of his mental issues but that’s only part of the problem. It’s been noted from previous teams he wasn’t the best teammate. We don’t know if he completely has his me tal issues in check evident by his Comme ts about isolation and that he reads hate mail. And when you talk about stats, who those stats are against play a role. This year, he beat a total of 1 team with a winning record.

          I’m not saying he is a bad goalie, I believe the opposite. I think he is a good goalie but he comes with questions. I don’t k ow if I would call him a steal at $5min

  8. Mike StG

    I think it’s notable that Walsh said Fleury would like to extend his contract and is willing to do so at a reduced amount. Luongo played into his 40’s as did Brodeur, and Roy I believe. I think Walsh also said something about Fleury wanting to bring the cup to Vegas before he retires. There’s a decent possibility he could hold up physically for another 4 or 5 years. Maybe Vegas would be better off trading Lehner and extending Fleury, who could then mentor Thompson and reduce his workload gradually. If he’s serious about the salary reduction maybe they’d be looking at $3-4M range. That would make about $7M available.

    • Daryl

      I agree that keeping MAF would be the better option but it might be harder to trade Lehner. MAF can’t reduce his salary until after next season and at that point Thompson might/should be ready for the NHL. VGK would still have Lehner on roster which I think hurts VGK in the long run. This situation could become very difficult for VGK to figure out

    • Blitz

      I’m diggin the extension for less money idea. I was thinking about that a couple of days ago. That “could” be a win/win for Flower (retires in vegas) and VGK and really the fans too, whom Fleury is the favorite. I think Lehner is an average to good *backup* and not a starter and because of thatI do think he will be hard to trade, but what makes me laugh is how you all agree he will be hard to trade. Collectively, the same people talking about how great he is and how he is every bit as good as fleury etc (“look at the stats”, “look at the stats”) are staying he has no trade value. We don’t need alot of “value” here. We need him off the books. A draft pick or a minion, or a “future consideration” is fine. Can we not get that? Do you all (and I am not speaking directly to any one) think that 5 mil is too much for another team to pay Lehner?

      Anyway I got off topic, Flower at a lower cost would be an excellent situation, if a possibility. I don’t know anything about NHL pay structure and what goes against the cap, but seems like you could go less salary on the books, but load up the back end bonuses to make up for it. Make the playoffs get a mil, make the semi’s, the cup etc. Odds that VGK make the playoffs is pretty good.

      • Mike StG

        Blitz – on your question about Lehner. 5M/4 yrs is very average for a good starter, which is what Lehner is (contrary to all the critics on these posts). He’s been consistently rated in the last year anywhere from #8 to #15 in goalie rankings by media. Cap hit is in the average range for good starters (4.5 – 6M).

        Vegas gave up a 2nd round pick to get him, and they might not get that high a pick back. But it could end up a hockey trade where we land a decent roster player in return (and maybe a pick). Example might be something like a trade with Nashville for Jarnkrok + maybe a mid-round 2022-3 pick. Rinne is likely retiring and Saros-Lehner could be a good 1A-1B. Lehner has 4 yrs left, Jarnkrok only one until UFA (hence the added pick from NAS). Personally, I’d take that deal if it were just Jarnkrok and no pick.

        • Blitz

          Mike, good post, good details. My eyes don’t see Lehner as a starter, but I have always assumed he is better than my non-hockey expert opinion. Although, I think a guy could break his tv watching Lehner lay on the ground and not get up after making a play and the puck still loose. Regardless, not the intent of my question etc. You don’t think there would be a problem getting him traded according to skill/money/value and I love hearing that. I do think there are some red flags that other teams may not want to take on, so there is that and that might affect trade value back to us. Jarnkrok and no pick, I would take that deal too.

  9. Mike StG

    TFP Top 30 Summer trade list has Phil the Thrill (Kessel) possibly linked to Vegas. Hmm, that might work. Put him on L4 since he’s RW since Vegas is stacked on the right (he could actually play anywhere up & down the lineup), but pair him opposite Patch on the PP with Stone in the bumper. Has a great shot, always a breakaway threat. Reports that AZ may carry half his cap so the net cap hit could be around 3.4M. And only 1 yr left on his deal. Interesting idea…

    • sb

      Phil? Absolute defensive liability everytime he steps on the ice. Never backchecked a day in his career. Only goes North. Doesn’t understand South. VGK don’t need another scoring winger. VGK desperately need a playmaking Center to set up wingers. That’s the problem on Line 1 and the PP. No playmaker …… no set up guy. Solve the problem at hand. AND hire Adam Oates as the PP coach, like today.

      • Mike StG

        They’re not getting an elite center this offseason no matter what. So improve what you can. VGK doesn’t have finishers other than Patch. Phil is a finisher. Having him and Patch on opposite wings on the PP would be deadly. You could bring in a center like Haula as well. Haula brings net front. Phil has the shot. Together they might run around $6M. If you don’t like Phil’s lack of defense then play him 8-10 mins/game 5v5 like Reaves. He’d play on L4 (in place of Reaves) and on PPs.

        • Richard Santomauro

          I am looking forward to seeing some of the Silver Knights play at T-Mobile next year:


          There are at least 3 or 4 future Knights in that group.

        • Daryl

          I really like Phil and was surprised when he left the Pens. He isn’t going to solve VGK problem on 5-0n-5 or the PP but he will definitely help on the PP and he has options on 5-on-5. I wouldn’t be apposed to it

    • Patch is amazing and we need him … Why do all you guys just want to deal and trade…unbelieveable, coach and fix the problems, team timing and constituent winning.

      • Mike StG

        Patti – my suggestion isn’t to trade Patch. It’s to add Kessel and put him on the opposite side on the PP. That would give them 2 guys with great shots on each side, with Stone in the middle distributing. Tampa Bay’s PP is deadly precisely because they have Stamkos and Kucherov on the wings and Point in the middle. Currently the only real threat from the wing on the PP is Patch, so it allows the opposing team to key on him.

        • Richard Santomauro

          And Stephenson fits in where?

          • Mike StG

            Richard – Stone-Patch-Kessel is 3 of 5 on the PP1 unit. Plus one Dman and Stevie. Or you could put Stevie on PP2 and Tuch on PP1.

        • Richard Santomauro

          I like the Wennberg idea posted by Ken a few minutes ago instead.

          • Mike StG

            Richard – I don’t mind Wennberg but he only showed something one year. He was a bust in Columbus. I’d prefer Jarnkrok for C. And I think you could add both Kessel and a middle 6 center. How about Jarnkrok for Lehner? They’d make a nice 1A-1B tandem for Preds, who will likely lose Rinne to retirement.

          • Mike StG

            Saros-Lehner 1A/1B tandem…

      • Al Bundy of Hockey

        Patti, you nailed it. VGK had the horses. It’s the coaching that killed the team. VGK was beat by a team with less talent, a better system and players that bought into the system. You could trade for Jesus himself, the coach is lost.

  10. A Fan

    Buffalo needs a goalie. Lehner’s stats are good. $5M/4 yrs isn’t a terrible contract for someone considered a quality goalie. Sam Reinhart would be a great addition to VGK. He can play center. Give Buffalo Glass also while he still has some value. If we keep Glass and he has another uneventful year, his value will tank. Cap on this deal would come out even or slightly in our favor. We really need a couple of other moves as well as we need to resign Martinez.

    • Mike StG

      Fan, Doubt Sabres would take Lehner back. He was in Buffalo when he had his most serious personal issues. That’s why he ended up on NYI. Plus, they’d likely be on his 8-team no-trade list.

      • sb

        Buffalo wouldn’t touch him. They got enough problems there. Don’t need one more. And Lehner certainly wouldn’t go back there again.

      • A Fan

        I forgot that he had a 8 team no trade in his contract. So much for that thought.

  11. Agree, Tuch is a major talent, he can dominate a game, he stays !!

  12. MAF wants to stay in Vegas. IMHO, he’s a far better GK than RL. He says he’s willing to negotiate his contract in order to do so.

    Here’s how we do that:
    1) Buy out MAF’s contract, $3M CAP next year, $2M CAP the following year, instead of $7M for next year only.
    2) Offer him $1M for 21, $2M for 22, $3M for 23, UFA24 (new AAC +$2M)
    We have just saved $2M per year against the CAP.

    Keep Martinez, Janmark, Brown, O’Regan, Duke, Coghlan.
    Let the rest of the UFA’s go.

    • Mike StG

      BRad, nice idea but I don’t believe it’s allowable. If you buyout a contract the player is prohibited from playing for that team for one year. So if they buy out Fleury he couldn’t play for Vegas next season and would either have to sit for a year or play somewhere else in 2021.

    • B-Rad-Lee

      Here’s the “new” team:
      Buyout Fleury (frees up $3M/$2M) and resign for $2M for 3 years (he’ll jump at the chance); re-sign Janmark, Martinez, Nosek; trade Reaves to LIR (Gallant will want him)

  13. Jbkr

    VGK scoring was just fine earlier in the year with the forwards while Petro was still learning DBs system and turning pucks over on defense. Then he became god’s gift to forwards and began rushing the puck up ice to the neutral zone, then back-passing to another d-man, receiving it back and becoming the main shooting forward. Sure, he eventually took over the brunt of the scoring, but all the while sacrificing the contributions and teamwork of the regular forwards like Patches and Marchy. But DB got his system, Petro got his goals, and the rest of the VGK’s system got completely disrupted. Not what I want to see repeated over and over next season.

  14. Blitz

    My thoughts:

    Hell no on Eichel. You already sold half your soul for Pietranglo. Unless you want to be a bottom of the Pacific div in a couple of years stay clear and fix more needs, not just one single need.

    The top seven players (top 2 lines + tuch) on VGK are the team and have been for 2 seasons. They are why you went to the semi’s. If they are together next year, you will repeat that. I don’t think you need an expensive Eichel star, lose Smith/March/Patch/etc, to make the team better. You need to improve the bottom 2 lines.

    Line 3 – Specifically you need to actually give Tuch a line. He has never had a consistent good line around him. Roy doesn’t do it for me. Janmark I think could be part of that with a better center, but even then maybe we can do better??

    Line 4 – what is this line currently? A defensive line? A kill some time while top 2 lines rest line? Maybe that, but probably a checking line at best. Seems useless other than some grinding of the other team. There are no PP players currently on this line and only Nosek (gone, in my opinion) who plays the PK. How about a complete rebuild of this line? I was really jealous of MTL 4th line. Perry is a d-bag major, but damn he was dangerous all series and played on the PP etc. Make this 4th line something. Sure its fun to watch Reaves fight and I love the fight game, but hell he doesn’t even do that but 2-3 times a year. Now he just talks and spits (which is really weird). Exit kneeler stage left. Let’s get new players here, maybe that is a HSK player or maybe that is an old ass hat like Perry. Do something.

    Anyway, build up your bottom lines and let your top lines keep shining. Also on final thought. Exterminate (firing is not good enough) your PP coach. If you even try to keep some PP principals from this season I am going to become a f-ing Kraken fan.

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