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NHL Releases Protection Lists; Expansion Draft Officially Underway

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  1. Craigers

    Loving the coverage guys. Couldn’t be more excited to be watching along with you!

    Best of wishes for a great week ahead!

  2. shimmy fromowitz

    lets go!!!!

  3. R.J.

    Onward Knights!

  4. Bill Agnew

    Ken, do you think Fleury has value with a 5.75 cap hit? If he does not why should McPhee draft him .

    • Willy702

      If they are not taking Neal, Vatanen or Ryan because of deals they are making, then whose jersey with a name will sell other than Fleury? I kind of think they could do better not picking him since they aren’t going to be competitive anyways, but it appears very unlikely he’s not on VGK.

      • Phisig150

        They don’t appear to care about marketing or stars. Maybe they can sell jerseys with names like Morals, Values, and Character on the backs.

  5. Jeff Kruger

    Is it possible that the “countdown to the expansion draft” ticker is finally down to 2 days! OMG so exciting. Can’t wait to see what GMGM has up his sleeve. Las Vegas is truly HOCKEY TOWN this week… Stay cool, Ken!

    • It’s crazy. The ticker that’s been up since June of last year actually hit 0. I switched it to the reveal now. Then we will change it to Opening Night, once we get that date officially. It’s all happening so fast.

  6. Ron Murphy

    May be more excited about jersey reveal than draft as the jersey will stay and maybe 1/3rd of the expansion players will be picked to ship elsewhere

  7. Jason Pothier

    Guys quick info on some questions asked… MAF and Neal according to Burnside are done deals. MAF will be here when he’s announced Weds. Neal is a player that will add immediate offense and take some of that cap hit required.

    • Phisig150

      As in we’ll be keeping both done deals?

      • James

        @Jason Pothier
        I just heard the McPhee presser. … I think Matt Dumba is the mystery player who we turned down a “substantial offer” for – Would you trade a 22-year-old good puck-moving right handed defenseman for a lottery ticket? Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.

        I am all in favour of building through the draft, but I’m quite enamored with some of the unprotected young players. I would have loved to have kept Josh Manson.

      • James

        ‘As in we’ll be keeping both done deals?’

        I would not consider buying a James Neal jersey. Good chance he’s dealt to a contender at the trade deadline.

    • James

      @Jason Pothier
      ‘Neal is a player that will add immediate offense and take some of that cap hit required.’

      As far as ‘big ticket’ items are concerned, I would also look at Marc Methot and Tobias Enström with the intention of trading them.

  8. AK_born86

    Very excited to get this thing going!!!

  9. Willy702

    This is looking like a really bad team coming year one. Great prospects for the future but horrendous start like most expansion teams. As bad as they are set up now assuming many of the best players picked are trade bait, don’t see a point in signing free agents now either. Get ready for a 50 point season ugh

    • James

      It looks better than I thought it would. I hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t be shocked if we finish as high as 21st. Stranger things have happened. I think we could finish above Vancouver and Arizona in the pacific.

      How would you compare this team on paper to the 2015–16 Toronto Maple Leafs? The 2015–16 Toronto Maple Leafs had a 69 point season, but were coached by Mike Babcock. The 2014–15 Buffalo Sabres were tanking and had a 54 point season. The 2016–17 Colorado Avalanche were historically bad.

      • Willy702

        If they took and kept at least five of the best players available to them I would say 25th was possible. But that’s not how it’s playing out. Those decisions to take picks or prospects at least two years from really contributing instead of going after potential building blocks who could help win today makes it clear the GMGM strategy is not to win. Even guys like Neal, Methot and Fleury don’t seem likely to be in town too long. Don’t get me wrong the future looks fantastic, but despite all this talk of how this was different and this team could be competitive from day one it’s pretty clear the decision was made to not take advantage of it.

  10. Craigers

    Decent delay on NBCSN…. You’ll see things well before we do.

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