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Vegas Golden Knights Mock License Plates

Decals are cool, stickers are nice, magnets are solid, but real fans take the extra step and have a personalized team specific novelty license plate. We’re not talking about a license plate holder, those are sweet too, but we are talking a legit license plate.

Ever since the team became a reality I’ve been dreaming of changing out my boring three number, three letter Nevada plate into something amazing. So, I got on the horn and told our resident graphic designer, Isaac Palestino, to come up with some concepts. Basically, do NDOT’s job so we can speed the process along.

There are currently 30 styles of plates available in Nevada. The only sports related ones are UNR and UNLV. UNR’s sucks, UNLV’s is a little better.

The Vegas Centennial plate (which tons of people have) is God awful. Reno’s Parks and Rec one isn’t bad.

If you ever see someone with this plate you know they are a fantastic person and stellar parent, but you can guarantee they drive ridiculously slowly.

Ok enough. Let’s get to the good stuff. Isaac designed six plates for us. Here they are.


So which one do you want on your car… and what would your’s say if you could have any customization?

**Most specialty Nevada plates are $62 a year for the plate and an extra $30 if you want it customized.**


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  1. NedRyerson57

    As a lifelong Kings fan, here is my current license plate.

  2. D Morrissey

    First one for sure.

    It would say BOLDN.

    A mix of bold and golden

    Or it would say, Kings Blow. If it fits.

  3. Warren Shapiro

    Hey! Golden Knight Fans : Here’s a future plate that you might see Las Vegas:

    I 1 CUP

    Translation: I one THE STANLEY CUP.

    So fans stick with the team it will happen when you least expect it. It happened to my team NY ISLANDERS 4 times.

  4. Michael

    First one, or either of the bottom two.

    On a secondary note, SinBin are going to really earn their keep these next six months, as apart from the minor league affiliate announcement and practice arena updates, I have a feeling it is going to be mighty slow on the news front. Articles like this, and the assessment of possible players are nice ways to get us all through this lull until the fun really starts!

    • We will always find something to talk about. I promise you that. We’ve made it 16 months now putting up at least one article a day (except Sunday). No reason to stop now.

      • Michael

        I know you will, Ken! I think all of us readers will always remember SinBin existed before the team did – and was the first site to report the team as secured. It is strange to think that just 10 months from now, you will be blogging match reports and player assessments from the first month of the 2017 season!

  5. Jeff

    I already have GLDNGTS on my plates. I know it looks like golden nuggets but I have the Knights decal on my back window so it helps.

  6. Stephanie Skitzis

    My plate would say GOAL or SCORE

  7. I like the last plate with FOLEY’s name on it.

    My customization would be BLDNGLD

    • NedRyerson57

      My current CA plate is H8DUX. I guess I’ll have to consider changing it to H8NGHTS. Ha. See you in Oct.

  8. Hi,

    I live in Switzerland. I’m collector of license plate and fan of ice-hockey.

    How it’s possible to have these 6 different Nevada Golden Knights plates in my collection?
    Any idea? If so, contact me by email:

    • Sorry man, these are just concepts that we created to give people an idea of what they might look like. The Nevada DMV is working on making the real ones as we speak. Supposed to be available next year some time.

      • Brandon Welbourne

        I’d LOVE to have the last one, but with black-to-white background like the Centennial plate, and a bigger logo. No wording. Just the Logo. It should dominate the space. And larger NEVADA lettering like the Centenial plate, but in VGK font, gold letters with black outline. In my opinion, that would be the top selling plate in the state.

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