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Vegas Golden Knights Jerseys Unveiled

It’s a moment Golden Knights fans have been waiting for since the moment they were told the team name. Finally, at an Adidas event at Intrigue at the Wynn, the Golden Knights revealed their jerseys for the 2017-18 season.

Here are our observations followed by a bunch of photos and a few videos.


  • The jersey looks a lot better in person than it does on the pictures.
  • The design inside of the crest and the “rivets” are unique and certainly add to the logo on the jersey. Hopefully they keep them off the logo though.
  • The alternate logo on the shoulders looks spectacular.
  • The red color pops off the jersey much more when you see it with the pants and socks. On just the sweater portion, the red really gets lost.
  • The inside of the collar with the Vegas word mark is nice.
  • The collar is also two colors. It is black along the back and grey as it comes to the NHL logo in the front.
  • The NHL logo is very shiny, maybe too shiny.
  • The team gloves on the mannequin were white with gold accents. The Creator told me he doesn’t love the white gloves, that he wanted them to be  all gold. An Adidas representative who works very closely with the jerseys said the gold patten cannot be replicated on gloves because it will fall apart. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when October rolls around.
  • As for the helmet, it is black. There was a ton of chatter about it being gold, but it was seemingly vetoed by Adidas and/or the league. The Creator seemed a little disappointed when I asked him about it, but did say he likes the look of the black. Another issue is that it’s hard to replicate gold across multiple helmet manufacturers. There are up to around four different helmets players use and matching the gold to the jersey would have been “nearly impossible” as the rep told me.
  • Remember the idea of the jerseys being a “suit of armor” and having a”chainmail” pattern. That was there in one of the original concepts, but it went away rather quickly. According to Adidas, there hasn’t been chainmail in the design for quite some time.


**Shout out to a couple of our favorite people. Mark and Michelle**


This is the actual unveil of the jersey with host comedian Russell Peters.

This was a video shown right before they unveiled the jerseys.

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  1. Hockey fan

    Meh. That word fits perfectly here.

  2. A Fan

    As excited as I am about the team, unless they look a lot better in person than the photos and on TV as Ken mentioned, I’m not a big fan. I’ll hopefully see it on Friday if it’s in the Armory and maybe it will look better to me then. Mr. Foley said there would be a ‘pop’ and I just don’t see it, sorry. Go Knights!

    • A Fan

      I noticed on TV that during the jersey unveil, Russel Peters yelled out ‘the LAS Vegas Golden Knights.’ That must have went over well with Foley. lol

      • Joe

        A Fan, yeah, I noticed that too and couldn’t help but laugh. It is possibly because it so FN unnatural to call a city by a slang reference for its official name that it was done out of habit by Peters. Oh wait, that’s right, calling it Vegas, and making VEGAS as gigantic as fn possible on everything that they sell, with golden knights looking like it is an asterisk, is that connection to us LAS Vegas residents. I keep forgetting . . . .but then again I am just really confused too since Foley continually to refer to our town as LAS Vegas. Keeping his stories straight doesn’t seem to be his strong suit.

        When he said LAS Vegas, I am sure that Ken was probably screaming at him (in his inner voice) to “JUST GET OVER IT”.

        • A Fan

          I hear ya Joe. I notice that Russell Peters was no where to be seen or heard during the Awards show, I wonder if that was because of his LAS comment?

          I noticed on the NHL network, they showed the season openers for the Pacific League. 8 teams, 7 had one word names, Ducks, Sharks, etc. Ours looked kind of odd with 2 words, Golden Knights. Hopefully it’s just a matter of time before the ‘Golden’ disappears and ‘Las’ is added. It will happen at some point. Go Knights!

    • A Fan

      The ‘pop’ that Mr. Foley said the team colors would have, well I can see it now. The T-Mobile arena is filled with jersey wearing fans and well, I think I see all those black/gray jerseys out there sitting in those blacks seats. Right, they are out there…aren’t they? #SeaOfBlack

  3. James

    @Ken Boehlke
    Is there anything on the pants? So…I’m guessing theres no secondary logo as speculated?

    • The secondary logo speculation mostly came from some graphics. Those were made by a different company, they took a complete guess. I believe the gold has the same patten, but that’s it.

  4. James

    @Ken Boehlke
    ‘Was told the design in the VGK crest was inspired by the Sweden World Cup jerseys. Said they loved the look of those, so put it in these.’

    Dusty Rhodes polka dots on the logo …

    Not sure how I feel about this… It feels like a last minute alteration request

  5. Ron Murphy

    One picture you don’t want with the “rugged” ideal of a Knight is either white or gold gloves…looks like a butler….can’t really tell but prefer a more dull, cotton jersey look as compared to a shiny, silky look..socks and pants look like windbreaker material

  6. James

    @Ron Murphy
    ‘One picture you don’t want with the “rugged” ideal of a Knight is either white or gold gloves…looks like a butler….can’t really tell but prefer a more dull, cotton jersey look as compared to a shiny, silky look..socks and pants look like windbreaker material’

    I haven’t watched hockey on TV since birth. It can sometimes be hard tracking the puck. I wonder if the white gloves will help or hinder the viewing experience? I was wondering if the players will blend in more with the white ice? The counter-argument would be white jerseys.

    On the other hand it might be easier to see the black puck during a hand pass or a hand to block a shot. Corey Crawford wears black pads as a form of camouflage making it harder to track the puck.

    The California Golden Seals (or Oakland Seals) are remembered for wearing white skates… I thought we would be remembered for gold helmets. I think Millennials will like the white gloves. The traditionalists on the other hand not so much.

    • Jeff Kruger

      Scuff marks were always a problem with light colored uniform components. Washington Caps white breezers looked less stellar (yellowed) with age and repeated cleanings. Same with old LA Kings gold pants.

      What kind of fabric are the gloves made of? I guess leather gloves are not favored any longer due to weight, etc. But those look weird. Matte finish.

      The gold sleeve fabric looks crinkly. Are the spinach leaves embossed/debossed?

      And after all the nonsense about the specific color red (a la red rock?), there is so little present on the sweater. At least the waist hem is flat. Hated the scalloped bottom of the Reebok crotch bib.

      Certainly unique. And very shiny. Ice Sheen jersey from the 90s was similar.
      I feel that some of the subtle touches simply won’t translate via TV viewing.
      But here we are. YOUR VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS! Finally. Cheers!

  7. Slack

    Can’t say that I love them. I’d grade the jersey by itself a B-, the entire uniform a C-.
    On the jersey itself, using grey for the home is cool. I would have reduced the thickness of the red stripe by at least 50%, maybe more and added it top and bottom of the gold. The gold stripe at the bottom looks weird to me not to mention ending the jersey with black then going to black pants doesn’t work. For those reasons, I would have gotten rid of the gold stripe around the waist and made what is black into gold, the same thickness of the arm stripe. Finally, I would have added the “modern” laces at the neckline (similar to the new Calgary) and either made the color of the laces black or maybe even red.
    Now for the rest of the uniform. Number one, the white gloves have to go. Ugly. If they have to use them, then only with the road whites, but even then my vote is no. The black pants need an accent of some sort and the socks would look way better mirroring my Thin red, gold, thin red striping from the sleeves. Like I said, overall they don’t suck but could have been better. The good news is, this is the modern NHL and my call is they will tweek these in only a few years.

  8. Crispy

    The jerseys suck. We’re not the Vegas Steel Gray Knights… It has seemed to me that since the very beginning Foley has been set on being the Black Knights, even if he doesn’t get to use the name. I feel like this is what it’s like to watch a billionaire through a tantrum…

  9. Brand

    You’re all so negative! Relish in this exciting time for Knights’ fandom! I grew up a Canucks fan, and I always had a soft spot for the red-yellow-black-white jerseys of old… The Golden Knights colors bring this back, but with more texture, contrast and calculated-highlighting! I love them, and I think it’s a truly unique, fresh new look in the league.

    Keep in mind that jersey designs come and go with the wind (the Canucks used to change them every time we drafted a new Swede), so don’t hate on the team too harshly; they’ll be altering the look and feel over their long and hopefully Cup-filled franchise history.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a Home-grey + socks! Go Knights Go!

    Love — A Canadian Who Truly Appreciates Vegas For What It Is… Sin/Hockey City

    • A Fan

      Brand, maybe your Canucks would like to have these jerseys…trade?

  10. Joe

    YOUR Vegas Germans . . . . . . .OH MY!

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