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Vegas Golden Knights Jersey Concepts

**Check out our newest Golden Knights jersey concepts here**

So we’ve got our name, we’ve got two logos, and we know the color scheme. Now it’s time to put pen to paper, or really PNGs to PSDs, and take a shot at what the jerseys might look like when they finally unveil them sometime next year (we’re still hearing Expansion or Entry Draft, but that could easily change).

Our guy Isaac is hard at work on another really awesome project which we will share with you soon, so we enlisted superstar former Florida Panthers Pregame/Postgame host, Drew Goldfarb to help us out.

Here are a couple quotes we had Drew work off of in designing these concepts.

Thumbing through a book that displays the jersey color schemes for home and away, Foley pointed out the changes that had been undertaken even since September, including a band of red on both the jerseys and socks that was initially white. That was the brainchild of McPhee. -Scott Burnside,

Officials said the Knights’ home jersey will be primarily steel gray with black and gold trim, along with white and red accents. The road uniform will be white with black, gold, gray and red. In the NHL, the home uniform is dark and the road jersey is white. -Steve Carp, LVRJ

(The home jerseys main color will be) grey, kind of a storm steel grey is the primary color supplemented by gold red and black. -The Creator, Interview with SportsNet Radio

We are working with two logos and a word mark, but there’s certainly a chance a third logo is unveiled and placed on the alternate jersey.

NOTE: These are NOT official pictures of the jerseys from the organization. No one at has seen the jerseys to this point.

So, here we go…





golden-knights-alt-concept-a2 golden-knights-alt-concept-a vegas-golden-knights-concept-alt3

The first two are about as close as we can come to what we’ve seen described. The final three are just us playing around with colors and logos, there’s not any quotable data to back those ones up.

Still going to be a while, but hey, at least you’ve got an idea of what we’re thinking.

Oh, and by the way, The Creator mentioned “a different kind of helmet.” So feel free to let your mind run wild on what the heck that could possible mean.

**Stick tap to Drew Goldfarb for all his hard work designing these.**


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  1. cody

    Recall one of the Adidas vids or a press release saying the new team will be “playing for the name across their chests.” Also I think the general trend is in jersey design is away from shoulder yokes, idk.

  2. James

    The primarily steel gray looks better than I thought. I recall Gary Bettman saying there will be textures on the jerseys. I think it will look more like the Team North America jerseys. Adidas three stripes on the jersey?

    ‘Oh, and by the way, The Creator mentioned “a different kind of helmet.” So feel free to let your mind run wild on what the heck that could possible mean.’

    Notre Dame gold helmets or Tampa Bay Buccaneers pewter helmets?

  3. not too bad at all. Hello Drew, didn’t know you had graphic skills.

    I feel the red band will be more prominent than what is shown here, but this is probably pretty close to what they will end up looking like.

    • Thanks, Todd! My degree was in Media Production, so I like to think I’m trained to do all things for a broadcast (video work, editing, and, obviously, hosting/anchoring). [/end shameless plug]

      Glad you like the designs! They could put the red band on TOP of the gold stripes to make it more prominent, but I tried to keep the striping from looking too much like the old Anaheim Ducks layout. I also think that keeping it limited makes it pop and lets the gold provide more of the shining and bright contrast (I do think they’ll go with the reflective gold, not unlike what the Pittsburgh Penguins had on their jerseys during their “Vegas Gold” era).

  4. James


    Army officials to review hockey team’s use of Golden Knights

    Bettencourt said the group learned of the NHL team’s name through media accounts Wednesday.

    “We’re reviewing the situation and figuring out what the way ahead would be,” she said.

    Bettencourt said the Army parachute team got the name because of its gold-winning performances in skydiving competitions around the world.

    “We understand that one of the Las Vegas team owners has Army connections, and will likely understand our interest in this announcement is meant to protect the proud history of the Army’s Golden Knights and their vital role in telling the Army story and connecting America with their Army,” Bettencourt said.

    • I’ve got a Foley quote on this. Coming tomorrow.

      • James

        @Ken Boehlke
        I look forward to it.

        Foley did confirm another report that said the team needed to get the OK from Clarkson College and the University of Central Florida to use the Golden Knights nickname that both schools also use.

        “Actually, we didn’t have to do anything,” Foley said. “The NHL handled it for us. They had their lawyers talk to Clarkson and Central Florida, and both schools were great about it. They didn’t ask for any money or anything in return.”

        Seems like Foley hasn’t done anything legally wrong, but it appears the Army parachute team aren’t too thrilled.

        • Good lookin’ out. That quote will also be in the article.

        • Tom

          I would see why they talked to Clarkson and Central Florida, but not Army? Hmm, perhaps it eas kinda like when we were kids and we asked mom if we could do something but not dad because we already knew dad would say no? I’m just sayin…why didn’t they ask Army? Maybe because they knew they’d say no. They already did once.

  5. Phisig150

    Not a huge fan of the name but I love the logo and the great potential for jerseys you guys have come up with. I understand his love of all things Army but I’m still surprised he went with a medieval theme with the Kings sure to be our primary rival. I hate the fact that Knights are subservient to Kings. I hope Golden gets dropped sooner than later but with the awesome logos I can pretend the team name is just the Knights or better yet the Las Vegas Battle Born.

  6. Phisig150

    Home and away are great. Gold not so much. The red alternate is probably my favorite. Love the Vegas Sword Star. Hoping they at least put it on a hat.

  7. cody

    Foley owns the trademark, not much Army can do.

  8. None

    these would look SOOO much more legitimate if the numbers and shoulder yoke logos were actually cut off instead of letting them “bleed over”. it just undermines it so much and really screams of “ehhh we just threw this one here and this there and sure.. here you go!”

    all in all though, i like the direction of these.

    • Was really just to show what goes where more than trying to show a legitimate jersey. We could do it, but shoulder patches are basically invisible from the view we show the jerseys at.

  9. Tom

    I don’t understand why the Golden Knights jersey is going to be steel gray. Don’t get me wrong, I love the color gray, it’s actually my favorite color. But shouldn’t the “Golden” Knights be Golden? Maybe if the helmets are gold that would help. I kinda wish we could distance ourselves from looking too much like L.A. I mean, they practically stole the shape of this shield that the logo is centered on. I like the main logo, but honestly I’d rather see them rock the secondary logo as the main logo just to distance ourselves from L.A. Too similar imo.

  10. Phisig150

    I found a black shirt with the Vegas sword star logo at a sport store at the Galleria. I wouldn’t mind it as our road jersey with the Vegas sign on the shoulders. Really liking the idea of a red jersey. Why does the road jersey have to be white? For one person out there that still has a black and white tv? Lakers do gold and forum blue Why can’t we be have a color jersey on the road?

  11. Charles Gascon

    I love the first two jerseys.

    Not sure why, but I feel like the red line shouldn’t exist though, doesn’t fit with other colors in my opinion.

    I also like the red jersey, but it reminds me too much of the buffalo sabres somehow. So I’d rather see this logo on shoulders.

  12. razor

    hope that use them when they play

  13. I like the first 3 . The red reminds me of The Florida Panthers uniform they just got rid of before this season . The gold one , no thanks !

  14. dannyduke

    the first 2 would be a great set… especially with those colours and no team in the NHL ever used grey as their main colour.

    Everything else IMO is just meh… I mean nothing we never seen before in concepts and lack of originality…

  15. Cool person

    Nice looking I wish it was the game worn jersey next season

  16. Phil

    I like the red one and the black. I believe with the expansion draft they can really get some decent players

  17. Love the content. Keep up the good work.

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