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Vegas Golden Knights Jersey Concepts: Second Edition

The wait to finally see the Vegas Golden Knights jerseys is killing us too, so we decided to take another stab at what they may look like when we’ll see them at the Expansion Draft on June 21st (yes, June 21st. That’s the plan, tell everyone so they stop asking me).

We already know the homes are a “storm grey” with black and gold trim with red and white accents, and the aways are white with black, gold trim and a little dose of red as well. But our fearless leader gave out a bit more info on them recently.

Well we’ve got our jersey designed. It’s now going into production. We’re probably going to not release our jersey until the day of the expansion draft. The NHL is having an event in New York where they’re showing all the new jerseys. We believe we’re going to defer from that and we will release our jersey the day of he expansion draft on national television. It’s the black, gold and gray colors with some red accents. The red accent represents the red rocks and the gold represents the gold producing state. We have the storm gray that we’ve released on some of our t-shirts and sweatshirts and so that represents ‘strength’ and ‘sticking to the program.’ The black really represents ‘dedication and fortitude.’ We have a whole talking point on our jersey and what each color represents and what it means and what the logo means. We’re excited, but there’s so much to do. –The Creator to Puck Daddy on March 28th, 2017

There’s also the wrap on the team store which we think may have dropped us a hint.

So, here they are, Isaac Palestino’s shot at the Vegas Golden Knights jerseys.

NOTE: These are NOT official pictures of the jerseys from the organization. No one at has seen the jerseys to this point.

So, what do you think?


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  1. Phisig150

    Oh God Foley is going to literally put chain mail on the uniforms isn’t he. I hope someone talked him out of it. Not a fan of the chain mail at all. Really liked the first road uni. The incoporation of the grey in the shoulders is nice. I like the numbers more on the ones that had outlines of another color made them pop a bit more. Solid designs but the chain mail killed it for me.

    • RJ

      Please let’s just have regular, nice jerseys. Let’s not do chain mail or something dumb like that, it reeks of minor league. Or worse 90s.

    • AGray

      The funny thing is he’ll make up some foolishness about people in Vegas and whatever foolish element makes it onto the jersey. Like he didn’t just show up 18 months ago and has a clue about the city. I’m sure he wouldn’t never even know where Summerlin was if the practice facility wasn’t going to be there.

  2. Michael Shevlane

    I like these! The home and away should be on the top corners of the website with Reid Duke’s name to replace McDavid and Crosby!

  3. Joe

    The Las Vegas Ducks…Design is way too close to Anaheim’s unis…

  4. pfh64

    Not crazy about the red on the white, but the grey, outstanding.

  5. Jamie

    The ones with the shoulder caps, and double colours in the # & namebar is the way to go.
    Please make it a solid colour, no armoured, textured look!
    Keep it traditional, and clean.

    • Phisig150

      I’m affraid Addidas is going do something stupid that makes me not want to buya jersey but I’m not target audience I guess. Maybe a 12 year old would really go for the chain mail crap. I hate all the dumb shit they do with the Oregon unis but the kids seem to love them. Much rather have something simple but classic like Detroit or Montreal.

  6. A.J.

    Going back a few months, I’m pretty sure Foley explicitly mentioned that the jersey WILL have some sort of chain mail graphic or texture on it. I think he mentioned it when he started releasing the official colors in an interview. I could be wrong, but I’m almost positive that you can expect to see it for the first set of uniforms.

    • He definitely said that on multiple occasions a while back. However, he hasn’t said much of it recently, so I wonder if the designers at Adidas talked him out of it. My money is still on there will be some sort of chain mail involved in some way.

  7. Don’t like the red trim use the silver blue from there logo

  8. Blade

    Dang, that chain mail looks nice! Hope these a similar to the real ones! #VGK

  9. Niel

    Kit? It’s called a uniform. Welcome to the NHL, Las Vegas.

  10. charley

    stupid jersey. worst that i have ever seen. Take it off the website. Please.

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