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The Golden Knights took a short trip from Alberta to British Columbia for a road matchup against the Canucks. Vancouver thought they had taken the first lead of the game but coach Bruce Cassidy challenged the goal and the officials ruled in his favor. The game was scoreless after the opening twenty minutes.

Vancouver officially took the lead midway through the middle frame waking up Vegas’ offense. Jack Eichel flung the puck on net and Mark Stone deflected in the game-tying goal. Less than a minute left, William Carrier scored the go ahead goal assisted again by Eichel. The Golden Knights carried a 2-1 advantage into the 2nd intermission.

The Canucks came out red hot in the final frame, scoring three straight goals in the opening 6:11 of the period. However, Vegas stormed back. Trailing 4-2, Carrier got his team within one, scoring his second of the game and Reilly Smith jammed in the equalizer. The Golden Knights believed they had taken the lead but Mark Stone’s goal was waived off. Minutes later Alex Pietrangelo scored cleanly for the game winning goal.

The Golden Knights record improves to (15-4-1) defeating the Canucks 5-4 in Vancouver. Vegas will next face the Ottawa Senators Wednesday night from the Fortress. Puck drop is scheduled for 7P PT. (Recap by Jason)

(Analysis/Tweets by Kevin Janison)


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Not so sure about LT on this one as I have not watched the game. We should note the Canucks did us a favor by whupping the Kings 4-1 on Friday and had an extra day off. At least we can say we overcame a team that was rested and had momentum. Plus their two top scorers who have a lot of points both scored. There is no such thing as a gimme in this league.

    • Pistol Pete

      Two were defections and the other two were not soft. Another good performance by LT.

      • Henderson Knights

        no, Hague and Whitecloud were the problem in this one. Hague put one in off his own glove, and he also on several occasions got pushed around in front of his own net, and he was minus 3 last night. He needs to sit for a couple of games and reassess his recent poor play. He was playing well earlier in the season, but lately he has gotten too passive, too soft in his net front coverage…….. and lately some poor positional play by both him and Whitecloud, running around, and caught out of position.

  2. Mark

    Exciting game. The Knights hustled all night, they just worked their asses off big time. Eichel was awesome tonight, the guy can just flat out play and Petro and Stone were terrific and Carrier is just as game as they come. It was a fun game and now back home.

  3. TS

    What a crazy 3rd period!! NEVER GIVE UP!! Fantastic comeback!!

    • Pistol Pete

      Is three goals against in the third answered by three to win a VGK first? Cassidy has the guys getting in front of the net presence and more than one at a time.

      • TS

        Pp, I have seen MORE close net attacks by the team this season than I saw the past several under PDB! With PDB, players stayed too far outside , pushing the puck along the boards & behind the net, even shooting from the Neutral Zone, for crying out loud! It was maddening! Cassidy has changed that, and ( surprise!)the guys are SCORING GOALS!!
        Conclusion: ya gotta WORK the NET for goals, NOT just ” pass- the -puck” and ” hail- Mary’s ” from the Neutral Zone!

  4. Pistol Pete

    Canucks came into this game with the 4th ranked PP. Go figure.

    As for the VGK special teams I like how Cassidy appears to be increasing skill diversity by giving players looks on the special teams. For example I have seen Eichel on the PK recently and tonight Cassidy had Howden out there and him and Eichel had a 2 on 1 short-handed look. Carrier was on a PP. Player confidence building moves by Cassidy.

    • Tim

      Pistol Pete. I agree moving guys in and out on the PK gives them a sense of worth and that there doing there job and getting rewarded. Any sport besides talent has to have team camaraderie a belief in your coach and teammates. We have 3 winnable games at home this week lets not blow it.

  5. Emmanuel

    They should try Carrier on the 1 st line and move Stephenson and Roy to the 3 rd line with Kessel, Voila 3;great lines and a grinding 4 th line. Amadio and Howden are not cutting it on the top 9,

    • Mark

      Food for thought. The thing about Carrier is his blinding speed, he just so fast, like comparable to Stephenson but more physical. He definitely an inspiration because he never quits, just plays like he’s about to be cut.

      • TS

        Mark, he has been, maybe, the most under- rated, overlooked player on the team, up until this season. He’s a warrior. Rarely injured, always gives 150% every shift. Tough as pucks!

    • THE hockey GOD

      Carrier is strictly a bottom six match up player. Amadio hasn’t played in last two games. Roy is hurt, let’s see how he looks when he comes back. Howden is Ok, he’s snake bitten like Kolesar. He gets at least one, some times, two high quality scoring chances in each game. Somehow can’t put puck in net. Kessel and Cotter are slow dancing out there. Cotter appears to be a bit “small” and out muscled too frequently off the puck. Maybe he can build up some more puck strength over the season, which would be difficult when playing. IF Kessel wasn’t a cog on PP with experience on moving the puck, the coach would probably bench him. Looking for him to start putting puck in net more and getting on scoreboard with more points. No. 15, no. 8, no 43 had around 8 minutes of ice time, not meeting the coach’s goal of at least ten minutes. I do like how no 15 and no43 have some chemistry, from playing together in AHL , when paired. But is it not happening as much as it should.

      • Pistol Pete

        Look for Roy to center the third and keep Howden as C on the 4th. Cassidy can hopefully look solve Howden’s finishing as he may be doing with Carrier.

        • Pistol Pete

          Howden is just 24 turning 25 in March. Cassidy speaks well of him. Tall, heavy, fast, a former first rounder. If Carrier can improve his scoring Howden can. An opportunity for Cassidy.

  6. Jailbird

    Great comeback in a wild 3rd. The boys played hard and didnt give up!

  7. Pistol Pete

    We might be seeing the “Cassidy Effect” with Carrier.

  8. Pistol Pete

    Jack Eichel VGK career:

    24 G/25 A (54 games-49 pts) +18

    Would you rather be EDM paying McDavid $12.5m to maybe not make the playoffs or the VGK paying Eichel $10m to probably make the playoffs?

    • PP – teams win players contribute. They are both great hockey players and l can say without any reservation given a choice of the two if VGK’s had that choice McDavid would be in vegas.

    • VGK Fan

      McDavid: 37 playoff games
      Jack: 0 playoff games

      I’ll take the guy making 12.5 who is the best player in hockey. Jack is having a great season and fun to watch and I’m loving having him on the team but there is only one Connor McDavid!

      • Emmanuel

        Is he the best player in hockey? Top 16 definately, top 5 almost certainly, but best? Those assist totals are padded….ive always felt the Canadian players are overrated and everyone else underrated which is no surprise as management and top hockey journalists are Canadian.

  9. THE hockey GOD

    where’s Kenny ?
    Who’s running the show ?

  10. THE hockey GOD

    Canucks with their “I’m a lumberjack, and I am Ok, I work all night, I play all day ” sweaters. Which are second best look in league after the FLORIDA PANTHERS debuted their great retro ? aquamarine sweater with a palm tree in foreground. VGK can hire these Florida designers. as their home puke yellow jerseys just aren’t cutting it. Look like a bunch of pineapples on skates.

    Nice lucky win for VGK as bounce back from high in Oiler game. Hague no. 14 had a terrible game, he fell down on first goal, or was face planted. Goalie missed the puck on pass in front of his crease making his stick useless and the lumberjacks crashed the net. On goal no. 2 for lumberjacks no 14 was out in middle of no where, and goalie left out to dry. On lumberjack goal no. 3 it went off no. 14, give him the goal! Unfortunately for other team, looked like he screened LT too. On goal no. 4 LT gave them a big fat rebound. No. 14 wasn’t on ice ? If that was RL in this game, the LT haters would be back in force. Coach cut back the third defensive pair on ice time dramatically in this game as all others had 20 minutes, and they had less than 15 minutes. They need to more consistent.

    No. 7 was star no. 1 star, Stone , eichel and carrier had good games !

    I am sure the coach would say the d zone play needs to improve and they need to give more help to goalie as they scored four goals on 29 shots for 862 save percentage. Opposing teams crashing the net too frequently. The tandem goalie save percentages are trending downward in last few games.


  11. knights fan in minny

    what a wacky third period i did not think they would comeback in this one the vegas bench boss did not look very happy all night mr hustle hard working carrier had another good one the rumor in canuck land is they want to trade hovart dont no why a 50 point guy every year for the last 5 years he would look good centering the invisible vegas third line

  12. Richie-Rich

    The season is an audition for the Stanley Cup. If you ask a player if the record means anything they will be honest and tell you that it is meaningless when it comes to defining a team’s preparation and readiness to compete for the Cup.
    The team is winning and last night was another game that helped to build team chemistry and identity. We are about 1/4 of the way through the regular season and as a fan we couldn’t be more happy of the performance.
    I didn’t think the VGK would make the playoffs before the season started. Obviously, they have erased that doubt. The next question is whether they are actually a Cup contender or just another playoff team?
    Well, they have erased my doubts about them making the playoffs. Building a Cup contender takes time or luck (year 1). The year 1 team had instant chemistry up and down the lineup. They were discarded as players and mocked as contenders. That was their chemistry. It was pure magical.
    This “Golden Age” edition also has a bit of that edge, of being discounted and underrated. However, unlike the reckless abandon of tilting the ice in year 1, Cassidy has a much more strategic defensive system. Despite the average power play and penalty kill stats you can see the improvement over the DeBoer-ing system.
    Toughness and the fact that this team is still forming an identity are reasons why I remain skeptical about their potential to win a Cup this year. When a 5’6″ player (#81 Marchy) is the first to protect a player being bullied, that’s something to be concerned about. I still think that this team needs one or two roster pieces. The tag team 3rd line hasn’t been producing as much as the 4th.
    I would like to see them try Kessel, Cotter and Carrier and give that line some more ice time.
    If you are in this group, any group really, and can’t stand to see anything negative posted about the team, that’s too bad. You won’t find any fan page that doesn’t talk about both the good and the bad.

  13. Roberto

    Impressive how Eichel has changed the team’s offensive dynamic, with his ability to hold the puck and keep the action close to the net. His work is resulting in a ton of primary or secondary assists, and also just smart play making that doesn’t end up on the scoresheet, but ends up on the scoreboard.

    Back to the Fortress on Wednesday for Hockey Fights Cancer night. Of all of the sports world’s charity/community focus initiatives, what the NHL does is the best of them all. Considering how hard the league (not VGK) works at shooting itself in the foot, that’s really saying something.

    • Pistol Pete

      Agree. Eichel holding the puck is a difference maker. We’re seeing he’s as much a setup guy and puck distributor as a goal scorer. He does not have quite the scoring touch of McDavid whose ability to penetrate and make shooting decisions close in are unmatched but his stride and strength help make up for it. Jack should be able to get into the point a game club (500 game minimum). In the end if he’s .4 pts/game under McDavid it won’t be much of a differentiator. What will matter in the end
      is teamwork and defending. Winning in the postseason.

  14. vgk21

    Great comeback win. Jack and Petro are really leading by example.

    Now, let’s get a home winning streak going, and let’s have no more letdowns in protecting leads early in the 3rd period.

  15. PP – teams win players contribute. They are both great hockey players and l can say without any reservation given a choice of the two if VGK’s had that choice McDavid would be in vegas.

    • Pistol Pete

      Given the salary cap and keeping the rest of the roster as is there would be no room for another $2.5m that is McDavid but I agree VGK would be better off with him than Eichel, although what team would not be better off with McDavid than their prospective point a game guy?

      Speaking of the salary cap, not sure how they find any space come the trade deadline other than shedding all of Brossoit’s cap hit. Ken has indicated he’s warming up to the idea of Patrick Kane. Guess he could be rented for what remains of his 2022-23 salary? Suppose it’s possible.

      • Pistol Pete

        Looks like at the trade deadline the salary remaining is 22.58%.

        Patrick Kane at the trade deadline:

        $10,500,000 X .2258 = $2.371m

        Very doable.

        He just turned 34. An upgraded Kessel.

  16. Tim

    A win is a win not pretty but an exciting third period. I know Hill and Thompson are doing good am I the only one that cringes when a puck is directed at them. I just don’t have the confidence they’ll stop it especially when we get to the playoffs.For now kudos to them for being a big part of our success.

  17. Pistol Pete

    Pavel Dorofeyev remains out. Morozov finally scored.

    Brendan Brisson HSK:
    2022-23: 3 G/3 A (15 games) = .4 pts/game
    Career AHL: 6 G/8 A (22 games) = .64 pts/game

    Quinton back in the AHL from the Kings:
    2022-23: 2 G/0 A (5 games) = .4 pts/game
    Career AHL: 14 G/14 A (48 games) = .58 pts/game

    Not saying Brisson is Byfield (Byfield is taller much heavier and at least as good a skater) but both need more development, Brisson even more as he’s a year behind.

    30 year-old Sakari Manninen HSK:
    2 G/7 A (14 games) = .64 pts/game

    • Pistol Pete

      I forgot Byfield injured his ankle in the 2021-22 Kings preseason which slowed his development. Still catching up apparently.

      • Pistol Pete

        Last year he did play 40 LAK games (5 G/5 A). Sent him back down after 8 games this season (3 A/-1).

        Be interesting to see how Brisson does is the point. He’s not the 6’5” 223 lb. Byfield but stil.

  18. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    The Golden Knights third line of Kessel, Cotter and Leschyshyn has taken only 2 shifts in the third period.

    Phil Kessel has played a total of 38 seconds.

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