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The Golden Knights got off to a great start against the Red Wings in Detroit. Star center Jack Eichel tapped in a one-time pass from linemate Chandler Stephenson 1:04 into the game. Vegas held the Red Wings scoreless and skated into the 1st intermission with a 1-0 edge.

Jonathan Marchessault doubled VGK’s lead early in the 2nd period, scoring his first goal of the road trip on a Golden Knights power play. Detroit got within one with a PP goal of their own, but the Golden Knights weren’t finished in the middle frame. After committing a hooking penalty, Phil Kessel exited the box and scored his 5th goal of the season on a breakaway. The visiting Golden Knights held a 3-1 lead after 40 minutes.

Late in the third the Red Wings decided to pull their goaltender and Reilly Smith took note. Smith took a long-distance shot from the neutral zone to ice the game for Vegas. The Golden Knights picked up their second win on the road trip but more importantly, the team lost Eichel to an undisclosed injury in the final period. VGK Coach Bruce Cassidy didn’t have much of an update on Eichel after the game and said the center was being evaluated.

The Golden Knights record improves to (18-7-1) with their 4-1 victory in Detroit. Vegas will wrap up their road trip on Monday in Boston to take on Cassidy’s former team. Puck drop against the Bruins is scheduled for 4P PT. (Recap by Jason)

(In game tweets by Gary Kondler and Kondler & Associates)






  1. Pistol Pete

    Like his 11 games last season Miromanov performed well. Rangy and heavy enough at 6’4” 200 lb. + he’s an excellent skater with excellent offensive upside-@ HSK 53 pts (17 G/36 A) strong for an AHL D. I still think trading Hague for Alex Formenton was on the table-imo Miromanov has more overall upside than Hague-nearly as rangy and a way better skater. This is probably the end of as Hutton as 7th D.

    Hope Jack is okay.

    Kessel’s 5th on pace for 16.

    Find it hard to believe Bruins and Devils will not see a slog as the VGK has. The best teams all have runs where passing is less crisp, puck management is off, not winning enough puck battles, defending is down, and so on. It’s inevitable.

    Monday should be great. Bruins might be VGK’s worst lifetime record and have won just once in Boston.

    • Bobby

      Great points. Need a healthy #9 for the rest of the season, regardless if he plays tomorrow or not.

  2. knights fan in minny

    good game good win hill was strong sweet snipe from phil the thrill monday will be a tough one the bruins are rolling

    • Alex

      Another product of the public school system here – third grade was likely the best 3 years of this trailer park moron’s life. He simply cannot put a sentence together!

      • knights fan in minny

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        • Alex

          Please ask TS to help you with capital letters, punctuation, syntax and grammar. She is good at all that.

          • knights fan in minny

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        • Obvious

          The concept of distance learning lost on the Minnie mouse idiot

    • Obvious

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      • knights fan in minny

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      • knights fan in minny

        is that all you have mcphat obvious the vegas gm doing a good job

  3. TS

    Hey, a sustained, 60 minute effort!! No 2nd period letdown! Despite Petro’s absence, the D was sharp. Mcnabb was great. Hague played well, too. Hill was not challenged like LT was last game, and his big body got the job done. Hope Eichel is okay..
    I didn’t see exactly how he got hurt. Kessel is no slow- poke( i was wrong about him)– his lightning- quick post-penalty entry and HOT GOAL was perfection!! Nothing like a sneak play to put an exclamation on the game!!
    BRAVO, VGK!!

  4. Jailbird

    Nice win for the boys. The Bruins are 14-0 at home, so Monday nite could be tuff. Coach Cs first time against his old team. Maybe the Knights rise up and play well for him!

  5. THE hockey GOD

    the D stepped up
    Miramanov had a good game, a lot better than the last few he had- which were not that great. AFter having a great first two games, his play tailed off significantly in the rest, and subsequently he was sent back to AHL. Right now he seems to be a better option than EF HUTTON. But the he may not match up well with teams with bigger forwards. He looked sort of clueless at times letting wings forward get behind him.

    no. 9 is hurt. More Below.

    No 8 (kessel) and no 43 (Cotter) finally put on their skates and had good games.

    No. 9 reminds me of horse, named Bucket head, wearing that full head shield. M Players hate that shield. One TV announcer noted that Eichel “couldn’t see, he had to go to the bench. His shield was in thick fog” (during a break in action. The shield sometimes leads to other injuries. It appears Eichel has a lower body injury. Now back in the day there was a racing stable that had a keen, promising, colt and they decided to name it Super Chicken (after the cartoon character), but the trainer would have none of it “I am not training a horse with that name!”. So they changed the name to Super Diamond. The horse was a stakes winner. Then about ten years later a horse racing stable had a horse and they decided to name it Bucket Head. The trainer said “I am not training that horse with that name!” So the owners decided to get another trainer. The horse turned out to be a low level trainer, nms. Not much stock.

    But the laugh of the night came from Red Wing’s TV color analyst (who repeatedly praised the TVG for their ‘shut down style of play” and ‘this is a very good team”. And he should know he has seen them all. But the laugh was when he knowingly trashed the ” woke ‘ NHL. “This is NHL fault, not the referees fault. They are only following orders”. And his comparison was basically saying that NHL has ruined the game turning it into a pansy ,patty cake, girly game. “Just let them play hockey, to many ticky tack calls by the refs”. I fell out of my lazy boy laughing so hard. These old time players get it. They see how panty hose wearing Bettman is ruining the game. And it’s shame.

    Sez’ me


    PS and public service announcement – very woke and sick / perverted HBO has the penultimate episode of season two, the White Lotus. (I have no idea why I watch this program )

    PPS Seattle lost so VGK gained two points on them, but Kraken have two games in hand.

    • THE hockey GOD

      typo should read VGK not TVG !! Doh, i am watching the horse racing channel now ! ?

    • Alex

      This idiot has been hitting the Boones Farm hard of late. I used to think he just didn’t understand hockey (which is 85% of VGK fans) with his “bad ice” nonsense. But this last post shows clearly that he is a horrible drunk too. That’s probably 75% of VGK fans too…

    • TS

      Thg, yup, Miramanov was impactful. Martinez, too..D men did their jobs.
      I expected a much more physical game from the Wings. Their size/ physicality were talked about by announcers, but very little checking/hits. It was a pretty tame game.

      • THE hockey GOD

        funny thing TS, Mickey Redmond the red wings long time color analyst said the VGK d men were huge and blocking everything wings threw at them

        • TS

          Thg, HMMMMM…interesting. I never thought of our D-core as ” huge”. We seem kinda average compared to other teams, esp the teams east and north of us. Just my take…

          • TS

            Perhaps the analyst was implying that we ” played huge”???.. which we definitely DID..

          • THE hockey GOD

            Mickey Redmond was in between benches at ice level, he specifically commented on size of D men, mentioned no. 2,no3, no 27 and even mentioned new guy saying they were all well over six feet tall.

  6. Obvious

    Bad ice moron still swinging away

  7. Knights fan in minnie

    Bad ice is clearly in play on this account of VGK defense size

  8. THE hockey GOD

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    diversify the commonly most mis used woke word

    • Alex

      Proof that as suspected, hockey isn’t the only thing this idiot with the bad ice nonsense knows nothing about

      • knights fan in minny

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      • knights fan in minny

        hey asshole what have you shared about hockey on here

        • TS

          Kfim, you nailed the RIGHT question…WHAT has HE contributed to the hockey discussions? All the other stuff is just provocation on his part.

  9. Jailbird

    Big bad Bruins tonight. How about a 3-2 Knights win tonight? Huh, huh? (IF Jack plays).

  10. Blitz

    Watching Eichel’s reaction and how he headed to the locker room, last game, I don’t see that as anything but a long term injury (OR maybe he just had to poop). LOL! I am guessing Cassidy is playing his best Deboer with the game time decision bit. No Petro and most likely no Eichel or an injured Eichel against a home juggernaut, my money is on BOS tonight at -180. I will gladly take a loss in cash for a win, but I got to play the percentages.

  11. Blitz

    Also what is up with Pietrangelo? I know he is out with personal problems, but really what does that mean? I do believe *everyone* is entitled to their privacy if something truly is a personal issue, but that doesn’t mean i am not super curious what is keeping him out. The dude is a big cap hit that isn’t being filled by Hutton, Miro, or even the other D guys. Just be nice to understand the nature of away time. If it was a bottom line player I probably wouldn’t care as much.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Blitz
      I believe his wife had a baby. I don’t think he was even on the trip.

      • Blitz

        I’ve not heard that. I would imagine, if that were the case, they would just say he didn’t make this trip cause of the baby event yada yada, and that is acceptable in mosts peoples eyes, but all they say is “personal reasons”. So that makes me question then, what does that mean. If personal, I don’t really have the right to know, but doesn’t mean I am not curious. I really just want to make something up. It’s vegas, so it probably has something to do with a dead hooker and a cocaine bender OR maybe money owed to the wrong people. LOL

  12. vgk21

    Great victory tonight !!

    LT was fantastic, and welcome back Cotter again. the HSK boys came through again. and Smitty ended it.

    the whole team gave a great effort with 2 key players missing against a topnotch Bruins team.

    what a game.

    • TS

      Vgk, improbable W, after giving up the 3 goal lead. But, the guys didn’t fold, didn’t give up. Great return for Cassidy, and handing Boston their 1st home loss this season was SWEET!!

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