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The Golden Knights wrapped up their road trip with an emotional game in Boston. Vegas came out motivated to preform for their head coach Bruce Cassidy in his first matchup against his old team. Paul Cotter scored 1:36 into the game, giving his team and coach an early lead. Minutes later Jonathan Marchessault fired in his 10th goal of 2022-23.

Again, Cotter immediately got back to work in the middle frame. This time it only took 0:51 to pick up his second of the game and extend VGK’s lead to 3-0. Boston made a push in the second half of the period and cut Vegas’ advantage to 3-2 after two periods played.

Boston evened the score early with a PP goal 3:08 into the final period. Both teams would have several chances but couldn’t break the tie. The heavyweight bout would need overtime and eventually a shootout to settle the score. Reilly Smith ended the game with a five hole winner.

The Golden Knights record improves to (19-7-1) defeating the Bruins 4-3 in shootouts. After a successful Eastern Conference road trip, Vegas will head home for a three game set against the Rangers, Flyers and Bruins. Wednesday’s game vs. New York is scheduled for 7P PT.

(Tweets/Analysis by Gold Medalist Connor Fields)




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  1. Pistol Pete

    Without Eichel and Petro, that is meaningful.

    Cotter first two goal game and as 1LW. Move Stephenson down to 3C for more depth? Nah kind of doubt it.

    LT many keys saves 40/43 = .930

  2. the hockey God

    no no 7
    no no9
    no no7
    no no9

    who needs them ?

  3. vgk21

    Great victory tonight !!

    LT was fantastic, and welcome back Cotter again. the HSK boys came through again. and Smitty ended it.

    the whole team gave a great effort with 2 key players missing against a topnotch Bruins team.

    what a game.

    • Pistol Pete

      Definitely could use Eichel and Petro beginning this upcoming home stand and I don’t think many picked the Knights to take down the Bruins without them.

  4. Jimmy V

    This the weakest commentary on such an important game I have ever read from SinBin

  5. Emmanuel

    LT was the unsung hero…..thats a lot of shots and perfect in SO!

  6. TS

    Way to hang in there, VGK! After giving up 3, the guys didn’t fold, didn’t give up… SWEET victory for Cassidy! It’s great to see the team come through in a tough game like this…confidence- builder, to be sure!

  7. Pistol Pete

    Most troublesome trend so far this season is giving up 2+ to 0 leads which cost us two wins. Fortunately we have managed to hang in through the majority of these. Solvable issue presumably.

  8. Jailbird

    Agree, we just can’t hold leads, but, we keep fighting. A great win, glad for coach!

  9. Knights fan in minnie

    Missed the game…the dial up internet in the entire trailer park was out due to squirrel munching on the lines.

  10. Tim

    We have definitely been a great road team this year sorry I can’t say that about our home games. Back home to face the Rangers , Flyers, and Bruins hopefully we take 2 out of 3. Petro’s personal leave hopefully doesn’t have anything to do with sickness to a member of his family. I wouldn’t think marital problems would keep you from playing. I just hope Eichel and he come back sooner then later.

  11. Roberto

    Enjoyed the guest hosts running SB Twitter while Ken enjoyed some international football. Thanks to all of them.

  12. Knights fan in minnie

    I hate communist kickball

  13. Not quite sure why it continues to be the case when Vegas builds up a lead and just can’t live with prosperity. Yes, there are plenty of answers but that doesn’t address the cause. Treating the symptoms and not the root cause is only a bandage but I guess that is better than nothing. Actually, it is pretty amazing what they have done lately in the first few minutes of a period but can’t sustain it. It was a great game for the guys and certain it made for an enjoyable plane ride home. I know this will cause a few remarks, but it does beg the question given 19 million was unavailable just how necessary that investment was. Both very good players at times but 19 mill worth??????

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ HD
      2-0 is one of the toughest leads to hold in hockey, then 3-0.

      it is known

      • THg: No kidding – So, what does that answer – nothing like the rest of the BS you post. Noticed you avoided the 19-mill question!!!! And VIC no one said it wasn’t a great performance it was strictly an observation which many more than I question. They will have another chance Sunday night to show it again. Hope for similar results – they don’t make it easy on themselves having to come back.

        • Alex

          THG is one of the dumbest of the dumb posers

          • knights fan in minny

            alex is one of the biggest shit heads on the planet

          • knights fan in minny

            that’s real sad coming from the biggest shit head poser named the loser piece of shit malt liquor drinking ass clown alex the little bitch boy

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ blitz
          I believed I answered the question above, before you posted. I will re post here since you obviously missed it.

          “no no 7
          no no9
          no no7
          no no9

          who needs them ?”

  14. knights fan in minny

    good game to watch cotter worked his butt off on his first goal logan was good i really like miranovs game put hague in the stands give this kid a shot you have to stay out of the box against the 2 power play

  15. Vic

    No problem pointing out negatives, but this was a super effort by the VGK against a team peaking in Nov/Dec, healthy and beating everyone. This was a grade A performance without key pieces. It doesn’t get better than the effort of three of the lines, and the D. Boston’s plan was clear…dump it in behind the net, bang the VGK D men around, and set things up…but they still lost. Not sure how often the VGK can play at that sort of high energy level, but it was a fun one.

  16. Arnold Rothstein

    statistics show 1) after long east coast road trip and 2) after beating
    a great team- expect a let down on home ice.

    Arnold “the Brain” Rothstein.

    PS no relation to Bobby ‘the Brain’ Heenan !!

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