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Vegas Golden Knights 3rd Jersey Concept

**These are NOT real 3rd jerseys for the Golden Knights.**

Around the league many teams have unveiled “3rd Jerseys” this season. There are throwbacks like the Ducks and Coyotes, brand new designs like the Avalanche and Jets, and some slightly off the wall ones like the Hurricanes and Devils. You can see all 15 of them here.

The Golden Knights will NOT be getting a 3rd jersey this season and odds are it’s not even in the cards for next year either. However, eventually Adidas, the NHL, and The Creator will want to pick up a couple extra bucks and a 3rd jersey will be unveiled. With a little inspiration from the Drumbots and the Season Ticket Holder Box, we decided to take a stab at a concept.

These concepts were designed by Drew Goldfarb, former pre/postgame host for the Florida Panthers who has adopted the Golden Knights as his new team of choice.

So, without further ado, here is the “Vegas Born Golden Knights 3rd Jersey Concept.”

As you can see the concept is a minimalist approach using the negative space “V” from the Golden Knights main logo. The words Vegas Born are emblazoned on the inside of the collar and the alternate logos got a new minimalist look as well. These jerseys would be paired with black pants, black socks, black gloves, and a black helmet.

And just for fun, we had to do a little customization on them.

I can tell you right now, if these were unveiled tomorrow, I’d be $250 poorer instantly. What do you think?

**Stick tap to Drew Goldfarb for all his hard work designing these.**




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  1. steve

    they suck. That’s the best you can do?

  2. Thomas West

    Not crazy about them. They look way too much like the Ducks home uniforms.

    • Albee

      I totally agree. That was the First thing I thought when I saw them. Too much Anaheim for my taste. They’re RIVALS!!!

      • Can someone please find me a picture of a Ducks jersey that looks anything like these? Outside of color scheme (which we can’t control) they are nothing alike.

      • Will

        How are Ducks our “RIVALS”? We haven’t played them in the playoffs. They two teams seem to have a mutual respect for each other on the ice. Are you getting this from the horse faced sideline reporter the Knights have? Oh, you 13 month old hockey fans crack me up.

        • Auggie austin

          A fan is a fan regardless of how long the team has been in existence. Stop insulting our taste. I agree don’t like it. I like the uniforms they have unique and different. Not like the other teams. If you put it out there can’t get all upset if we VEGAS people don’t like it.

      • Ur mom

        They’re not rivals just cause we’re In the same division

  3. Will

    These are awesome! I hope they go with something like this when it does come time to get our 3rd.

  4. Alyce

    Take my Money pls…. Thank you for sharing this and thank you for the hard work.

  5. DGL

    Ken – Thanks for the doing the game updates via Twitter. Had to take a time out in Ikea Yokohama to follow the third period against the Ducks, thanks and keep up the great work!!!

  6. Will P

    Love, love, love. As I keep dropping hints to the better half about getting me a jersey, I would go out and buy one of these myself the second they hit the rack.

  7. Kyle

    These are spectacular. The black really makes the gold pop. Love it.

  8. Vgk4life

    Terrible. I’d rather have a picture of Freddy Fender holding a broad sword, if that tells you anything.

  9. ABhatti27

    Anyway I can get the file for that negative space “V” logo. Trying to make a wallpaper

  10. Brandon Johnson

    That logo though…

  11. Ghl

    Metallic gold Jersey, red trim use the star logo on front of Jersey black outline on numbers and name,black helmets , gloves with gold trim or for the logo combine the two together so the crest logo will be the red star 2 swords with the helmet in the center of the star

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