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Recap:  The Golden Knights and Dallas Stars met up for a rematch of the 2023 Western Conference Finals. Both clubs had early chances but came out empty-handed after the opening 20 minutes.

The offense came alive in the middle frame. First, the Stars snapped the scoreless tie 5:52 into the period. Seven minutes later VGK defenseman Kaedan Korczak evened the score with his first career NHL goal.

Vegas began the final period on a two-man advantage but Dallas was able to kill it off and preserve the 1-1 lock. Minutes later the Stars took the lead off an offensive zone faceoff shot. The Golden Knights heavily pressured the Stars in the final five minutes allowing William Karlsson to tie the game off a deflection. Each team had chances in overtime but the game was decided in a shootout. Shea Theodore and Jonathan Marchessault beat Dallas’ goaltender to remain undefeated.

The Golden Knights record improves to 4-0-0 defeating the Stars 3-2 in overtime. Vegas will fly north to Winnipeg for a game with another team they eliminated in the postseason. Puck drop against the Jets is scheduled for 5 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It was a very cagey game involving two teams playing simple safe hockey. Both forechecks gave the other team trouble while most of the goals came off shots from a long way away. It also was a lot more physical than we’re used to seeing in early-season games. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars at T-Mobile Arena.

  • A step up in competition
  • Shootout celebration breakdown (maybe, I haven’t watched the videos yet)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Kaedan Korczak
** William Carrier
* William Karlsson


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  1. TS

    Love the Shootouts! Now on to cold country…

    • Jose

      Hi TS. I am personally not a fan of the shootouts but I would definitely prefer them over a tie game. I would love to see the 3 on 3 overtime extended from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

      I’m glad you did enjoy it and I think most people do and that is why the shootouts definitely belong in the sport.

      • TS

        Thanks, Jose. Multiple OT’S are too long– baseball extra innings can go on for HOURS. Ties are a waste of a good game. Gotta have a Winner, and the Shootout solves that real quick– plus it’s a HOOT to watch!!

  2. THE hockey GOD

    shoot outs have no place in game.

    meanwhile the word is on fire, and marchie is still a hot head.

  3. Jailbird

    Felt like a playoff game. Our boys just never give up. Big early season win!

  4. Tim

    Keep in mind were playing two rookie D-men and they seem to be holding their own.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “holding their own” except for missed assignment leading to STars goal.

      VGK out gunned in fighting penalties, Marflower, Mayfield? Tyson needs to train them in fighting/boxing lessons. They suck. Hague got plastered, and Hutton didn’t do much better. FAce washing is not fighting. Ugh!

      meanwhile the biden train wreck continues. The GOP look like idiots, what a mess.

      • Tim

        I usually don’t comment with this posters life to short for his nonsense but this is the exception. Comment was made that Kaedan Korczak guilty of letting the goal through but in 60 minutes giving up 2 goals to a good team and after 4 games giving up 5 goals as a team and Korczap being part of that it’s hard to find fault. As Stone said last year were not the Harlem Globetrotters and Dallas isn’t the Washington Generals. Pachal and Korczak our 9th and 10th D-Men most teams would give there left nut for that kind of depth but of coarse our resident asshole has to play the blame game.

        • Richie-Rich

          Blame it on the soft ice! LOL. Let’s get that debate going again! You’re right Tim. Korczak is a surprise, a huge surprise. He played great last night. We held one of the top 5 teams in the Western Conference to 2 goals with Petro, Martinez and Whitecloud injured.

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ rich rich
            it looked more like sticky ice to me.

        • THE hockey GOD

          “of coarse our resident asshole has to play the blame game.”:
          stop being so difficult on yourself, when you make a stupid comment
          you will be called out on it.

  5. Richie-Rich

    Wow, so many things to unpack about this game.

    1- Dallas is by far the best team VGK has faced this season.
    2- Despite the above, Amadio missed a wide open goal that I could have driven a school bus through!
    3- 5 on 3 fail.
    4- I though for a second that Hutton got knocked out cold. The only reason he didn’t go down was he was being held up.
    5- Hague’s a tough guy but he lost that fight on the judge’s cards
    6- My #1 star of this game was the pipes behind Hill. His remark after the game, “that’s the first time I won a shootout without making a single save”!

    Unlike last year, I didn’t see a collapse. I saw a team that matched up well against Dallas. It wasn’t a pretty win, but the goals by Korczak, Wild Bill and the GWG by Marchy were beauties to watch.

    Bottom line?
    4-0 Baby!


  6. knights fan in minny

    a tough grind it out win is the squad becoming the broad street bullies lots of glove dropping so far

  7. Jailbird

    Nothing negative about this win at all. Shut up the whiners that we hadn’t played anybody. You don’t always have to win a fight for it to mean something positive. We are 4-0 and have earned every bit of that!

  8. Foley Toffoli

    the fact that the involved players on the Vgk went over to the penalty box and thanked the fighters directly was clear evidence of the positive effect the fights had in bringing the team together.

    and the final result, a big comeback win, says very clearly that Vegas won the final scorecard of the fights, 3-2, where it really counts.

    • THE hockey GOD


      even the star fighters were giving our “fighters” kudos !!

      You know we are in trouble when they do that !

  9. Pistol Pete

    By scratching Dorofeyev Cassidy is giving Cotter a do-or-die opportunity. I will settle for being maybe 20% as right about Dorofeyev as I was about Eichel. Reader’s choice when it comes to quantifying that!

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