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Vegas’ First Real Problem; And It’s Not A Trademark

From the very beginning Las Vegas was going to be under a microscope. Every wrong move would be picked apart like an owl pellet in 7th grade biology class. Just like that owl pellet (which I later found out was poop… after I ate lunch) curious minds only remember the gems they find inside of it. Sure they’ll come across some undigested owl food like fur, feathers, and teeth, but it’s rat skull they’re really looking for.

George McPhee and his dream team staff. Fur. The incredible number of ticket deposits sold before the team ever existed. Feathers. The fact that 5,000 people showed up to be told an adjective that will proceed the word Knights. Teeth.

But a failed video and a denied trademark. Rat Skulls!

Those skulls are all the world cares about. They are the lasting impression, and the lasting impression for the Vegas Golden Knights can pretty easily be summed up in one word: Joke.

All in all, this organization’s been a great success. They’ve got a killer front office, they’re selling gear like nobody’s business, and the buzz in town was palpable on both June 22nd and five months later on November 22nd when they unveiled the name.

But it’s those damn skulls that are dominating the headlines, social media, and the water cooler talk at the office.

VideoGate, a little trademark dispute, those aren’t real problems. Public perception, that’s a real problem, and it’s the first one the Vegas organization will have to face. It’s the test those 7th graders had to take when they were done picking apart their owl excrement. You better have learned something, or else you my 13-year-old friend are left with nothing but a poop covered rat skull.

Vegas’ test is to turn this around, cause otherwise, that perception will quickly turn into reality.

And it’s pretty sh**ty.



Vegas Golden Knights Trademark Denied


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  1. Jeff

    The over reactions about the name and video are really disturbing to me. This is a complicated process and hiccups are bound to happen. What is going to happen with all these over reactors when the team is on its first major losing streak? That is what worries me more than anything.

    BTW I am pretty sure that the NHL was well aware of the name and was just as involved with the naming as Foley was. So many fingers could sure be pointed at the NHL as well.

    • I’m not even ready to point fingers. You know? It’s just so confusing what it all actually means. All I know is they better learn from this owl poop.

    • Mickey B

      Completely agree. The video gaffe is and has been WAY overblown. Anything can fail in a live production. Move on everyone.

      I’m also starting to realize that the league is truly the one to blame for this trademark nonsense. If everything isn’t finalized, then wait until it is, right? Am I missing something?

  2. Brandon

    This franchise is starting to become an embarrassment for the city on a national level. Comment sections, twitter, youtube comments, etc is always a brutal place and should always be taken with a grain of salt. At the same time I feel that this franchise just keeps adding more fuel to the fire. The most important thing at the end of the day will be what happens on the ice. However if you keep making mistakes like they are, people may stop caring about the on the ice product. Next month will be a make it or break it month for this team, the Raiders decision will change the hierarchy of sports in this city. If the Raiders are gearing up for a Superbowl run and the Golden Knights are fighting for their name in court, this franchise will be doomed before a game is even played.

  3. Michael

    It is worth remembering that the actual hockey people at the franchise have not had an opportunity to affect the public perception yet, as there has been no draft and no games. If the hockey side of things is well run, these various items of bad press will become a footnote, especially as they don’t really relate to the issue of on-ice success. However, if the team is badly run on the ice too, all bets are off.

    Personally, I will be loyal through any losing streak – I have never supported a team that has won any championship, so my loyalties are not glory-based. I see the actual games as a different issue completely to the naming process, which to me has been a negative one owing to Foley paying lip service to the local community while not engaging with it in any way when it came to the name.

    That all being said, water under the bridge will change how we perceive everything. Right now we are still news-starved fans overall, as we have no games to unleash our passion at. If we are leaving T-Mobile this time next year buzzing after the Knights beat the Kings 4-3 in overtime, this will all seem a distant memory…

  4. Phisig150

    Locals for the most part don’t care for the name for several reasons (although some are more forgiving than others). The name unveil outside of the the turnout was pretty embarrassing and did look like amateur hour no matter how you wanna spin it. Inexcusable in a town like ours. The Army you were supposed to be honoring feels like they were citcumvented. And now after waiting far too long to reveal the name to begin with they couldn’t make sure the trademark was 100% locked??

    Thank god the logos are bad ass. I still have faith that this team on ice will be a winner quicker than many think but in the branding and marketing department there’s much room for improvement

  5. Mishe

    As an aside, I just want to point out that an owl pellet is not poop – it’s closer to vomit.

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